Title: Nearly A Bodice Ripper

Author: pronker

Era: Waaaay AU, dream sequence, fever hallucination, anything but here.

Summary: Alien bodices are different.

A/N: Written as drabble for theforceDOTnet's Fanfic Writers' Desk image of a Pengauani, a Star Wars species.


Two moons shone off-kilter on the whitecaps just offshore like the headlights on an Acura that needed adjusting by a state-certified adjuster. "Is it always humid like this on your planet, toots?" Skipper inquired as he struggled to strip romance-inhibiting combat gear from the willing Pengauani. The nearest Earth equivalent was a Sam Browne belt, all buckles and snaps and hard-finished leather, a real hnsnzta to undo when you only had flippers. She'd torn off her goggles before lying back and panting cmoncmon. It seemed a lot of trouble to go through for a typical penguin dalliance of fifteen seconds.