Hello everyone, it's that Guy that you most likely DON'T know bringing to you what I hope will be a good pass time read for you guys and girls.

OK let me make some things clear before we begin

One, I know i'm not perfect and i'll make mistakes that's why i'll need some help from you guys and gals.

Two, i'm doing this for fun so I don't care if you hate the story.

Three, It would be much appreciated if you all could be patient with me as I try to improve my writing skills.

That's about it

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach or Power Rangers they belong to their respective creators.

On the faraway planet of Alandria, the evil Emperor Gruumm can be seen attacking the planet with his terror spacecraft, with stripping the planet of it's resources completed, Emperor Gruumm seeing the planet has useless to him destroys it.

"Good,ahahah," Gruumm coldly laughs as his ship flies off into space.


In the not so distant future, humans and aliens from other worlds have begun to live in peace with earth becoming a haven for most. However, while 99% have come to live in peace, there are one percent who don't. For this one percent, there is Space Patrol Delta, the new breed of police to bring them in.

Year 2015, Location ?

In a dark Abandoned laboratory a humanoid figure could be seen walking carefully through the lab only coming to a stop in front of a door labeled "Eclipse". The figure quickly opens the door only to find countless bodies lying lifeless.

The figure checks the pulse of a nearby body only to find nothing "no, don't tell me i was too late," the figure said only judging from its voice could one tell it was female, as she looked around for any from of movement, any form of life, there was non. As she turned around to get away from all death she sew movement and the brightest orange hair she had ever seen in all of her nine lives.

"found you...Ichigo".

Hello anyone that's reading this or not, this was a vary vary short preview of a story i'm planing on writing(well planing is the key word here) i'm still not satisfied with the data that I've got so far, I AM planing on crossing S.P.D with all of the other power rangers shows. also i could use some help with the characters dialogue no matter how hard i try i can't seem to get it right. Well that about all i needed to say so... bye.