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Darkness was everywhere no matter where he looked, it was there and it made him feel lonely to the point that he felt that he would go insane. How long had he been lying here in the darkness? How much time had past? Where was he? Those were the only thoughts going through his mind over and over again, was there one that could answer his questions… answer them damn it.

Why was it always them that were left alone, they didn't do anything wrong and yet they called them a monster and witch. He hated them, Right? Yeah hate that was the right word, but why did he hate them and who did he hate so badly?.

"Why am i so angry?" Ichigo asked softly, it was so dark and no matter how hard he tried he couldn't get up from the ground.

"A monster and a witch..." he felt a sudden rage hit him as soon as he said the word witch, she wasn't a witch, she was his family.

"I had a family." he couldn't remember them but he was sure that he was told by his caretaker at the Orphanage. He could make a blurred image of them in his mind but never could he make a vivid image of them, those people were his family "right?".

He just wanted today to end from him hearing everything extremely loud to passing out and ending up in this darkness with a hundred and one questions floating around in his head with no one to answer them.

"I have way too many questions right now," he sighed as he closed his eyes.

"Maybe I could help you with some of them," a British sounding child's voice called out from the darkness, it was very close he could tell by the sudden sounds of a heart beating in fact it sounded right above his head. But the thing that caught him off guard the most was how familiar the voice sound to him, so quickly opening his eyes he was greeted by the same darkness as before.

"Oh, let me help you with that," the voice above his head said before the snapping of 'her' fingers could be heard and then a light solely focused on his lying form appeared, it was funny how everything else was still dark but him and this little girl.

The girl has far has her could tell was around 10 years old, she had brown hair and her clothing consist of a Gothic themed dress with the top being black with purple and the bottom being a red skirt, she was holding a odd look doll with no hair and had big X's for eyes, looking at her face he noticed she was smiling at him for some reason.

"Much better," the little girl said as she breathed out and took a seat… on his stomach.

"Oi, what the hell you little brat?" Ichigo asked with a vein pulsing from his forehead, don't get him wrong he was glad someone else was here with him but who the hell just sits on top of somebody they just met.

"Well you asked for answers and I'm here to give them to you," the small girl said as she started to play with the odd looking doll.

"Ok then, where are we?" he asked right away.

"We're in your mind of course," she said it as a fact.

"What? Can you explain?" she said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Hmm, let's see when you reawakened some of your powers it was too much for your current body to handle so it forced itself into a temporary coma like state, by the time you wake up you body will most likely have adapted to the changes, so no need to worry." she said as she stopped playing with her doll and looked to him with the same smile as before.

"who are you and if this is my mind what are you doing here?" he asked this time his eyes narrowed but the little girl just ignored it, in fact she looked kind of sadden that he asked the question.

"My name is Morgana or as you use to call me Mora and I'm your sister in a manner of speaking" the now named Morgana said while peeking from one eye and the other one closed.

"Huh?" Ichigo now with a blank look in his eyes didn't know what to do, should he be happy that he found someone that he could call family or Suspicious of her telling a lie, for some reason or another a second part of him was almost screaming at him to believe her.

"You see Ichigo we were once one Existence or one being called the Vasto lorde," she said she could see the confusion on his face so she decide to make it easier for the both of them, from her sitting position she snapped he fingers once more this time a screen popped up showing black and white monsters of different size and shapes eating each other.

"These creatures are what's known to the underworld as Hollows they are what humans become when they die and lose their hearts to despair or regret and gets dragged to the underworld. I believe humans call them demons now." as she finished the screen switched to a run down house it looked out of date like something you'd see in the middle ages but the odd thing a it was that the house was surrounded by people with torches and swords they were all chanting the same thing, burn the monster and witch.

"Back them we were very special Children, well a bit too special for the people of that time." she laughed as she saw the people start to burn the house down with two children still inside, as far as Ichigo could tell one of the two children was a younger version of him.

At this point Ichigo was breathing hard, with flashes of him and his sister, yes his sister he knew that much now, their screams flashed through his head as he started to remember his time has a human coming to an early end.

"Morgana," he said almost in a whisper, as he placed his now freed hand on top of her head "stop the video..".

"But we were getting to the best part." she said but almost had a heart attack when she saw his eyes sclera slowly turning black, she hated when he looked at her with those eyes.

"Please." he said as he picked her up from her sitting position on top of him, seeing that he could now move around more freely than before he stood to his full height.

"Okay~" she smiled while looking up to the taller of the two. She knew he remembered now so her job was almost done… for now that is.

Looking at her now Ichigo could tell that she wasn't the real one, he could hear her heartbeat, and sense her for sure but his sister no matter how much he pleaded with her would never give up that fast when she was fired up or was being entertained.

"Oh, so you've noticed?" she said, still smiling up to him.

"You see brother, I'm just a perfect projection set here to make sure you remember who you really are, and also your real sister isn't even in this current timeline, she's of somewhere having Fun on her own without you." she took on a childish tone to the end while walking back into the darkness.

"Oh, she also say catch me if you can," he heard the voice laughing before fading away. Hopefully for good he didn't need his sister in his head.

"Mora, if you want me to find you so badly, then fine." he said closing his eyes as dark energy flowed out of his body and into the air, the sound of glass shattering could be heard as the dark energy completely took over the remaining light leaving everything to be taken over by the darkness.

As Ichigo opened his eyes he was greeted by the sleeping forms of both Kat and Charlie on each side of his hospital bed, how long was he out for and come to think of it how long did they stay by his side… now they made him feel bad for what he was about to do, so getting of the bed he picked both of them up and placed them on his bed and placed a sheet over their bodies. Seeing his work done he stepped away from the bed and raised his hand before snapping his finger opening up a black void called a Garganta back when he was just a fresh hollow this was what he used to go from the world of the humans to the demon world but right now he didn't need to go to the underworld, no right now he needed a way to go back in time and he didn't care when as long as his sister was there he would be fine, and the Garganta would be the only solution to his problem because not many hollows knew this but the thing with the Garganta was it is a that was used to travel through dimensions with the inside of the Garganta bending space and TIME so he figured that if he'd pump enough energy inside of it something would happen.

Taking one last look at the sleeping forms of the two women he let a sad smile show on his face as he stepped into his Garganta and start to rise his energy as it was closing Ichigo failed to notice one of Kat's ears twitch or when Charlie pushed her head deeper into the pillow.

Angel Grove, California

In an alleyway the sound of something being torn could be heard if anyone would walked the streets at night, a tear opened up inside you could see a sole person walking towards the exit with his hands in his pockets, he steps out of the dark void and having it snap shut behind him, he look around and found a newspaper on the floor of the alleyway he found himself in and it read.

"August 27, 1993, huh." he was lucky he didn't go back too far now he just had to find his sister kick her ass and bring her back with him… no matter who stood in his way.

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