Hey guys it's NeonNavy here. I'm going to be starting a new story. I hope you will enjoy it. I'm not very good at writing and I would love if someone would Beta this story or my other two stories as well...Pm if you want to beta one of them. I will try to upload quite often but I have school and the last tests before summer holiday... Enjoy:

"Hey" -Speaking

'I'm so tired' -Thinking

And so it began...-Reading texts, books….

"Hey human"- Animals, Sentient beings, godly beings and Tailed beasts talking

'Stop it'- Animals, Sentient beings, godly beings and Tailed beasts thinking

*1 month later*- Time skips

He has been around for a long time, since the beginning of the world. He has seen civilizations grow and fall. He has been disguised as women and men alike through out his long life... He has sired many children, but they didn't have his powers but they became famous people for example Winston Churchill, Genghis Khan, Oba Nobunaga and Nelson Mandela with many more... He is the ancient being that everyone fears. He is Naruto Uzumaki! Also know as the Ramen God (Named by himself) with many more aliases. We will follow him on his journey through hardships and trials...

This is The Power Of Love!

I hope you liked my little beginning. I'm sorry if it's so short but I was running out of Ideas for a prologue, so I made this. Don't worry, the story will start next chapter.