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Reading texts, books…

"Animals, Sentient beings, Chaos and the Primordial Deities, Tailed beasts talking and Enraged Women(No offense)"

'Animals, Sentient beings, Chaos and the Primordial Deities, Tailed beasts thinking and Enraged Women(No offense)'

*- Time skips*

*Jutsu and Techniques*

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Percy Jackson...I wish I did though..

Hope ya'll enjoy:

~~~Last time on TPOL~~~

"Can you lead us somewhere safe miss Artemis? Naruto asked. Artemis nodded tiredly and motioned with her hands

"Yes, follow me, man." Artemis was to tired and she didn't feel like arguing with him. The others followed Artemis and Naruto that was carrying Zoë bridal style. When they had left they missed they figure in the shadows.

'My love' the mysterious figure thought while sighing.

~~~This time on TPOL~~~

When they had arrived at Artemis hunter camp the hunters came rushing out of the tents, up from some chairs and from training to greet their mistress and the lieutenant because they had felt their mistresses energy signature. They surrounded the group of people while holding their bows drawn and aimed towards the group, mainly towards the crotches of the males. They told Naruto "Drop Zoë, man" a random hunter said with venomously while aiming towards Naruto. They were enjoying the fear of the males but when they saw the man carrying Zoë they became irritated because he was not scared of their threat, he was bored!

"No, I can not do that ladies" Naruto told them. "I have to get her to a medbay or what ever you have here"

"Why are you going to to do that man?" the hunter asked suspiciously. "You won't rape her or sexually assault her when she is on the bed unconscious?"

Naruto looked offended "No, I would never do that!"

"Ok, but we will have someone guard you while you are in our camp..." she said.

"Have one of you guard each person. He doesn't need any guards because he beat Atlas by himself and he healed Zoë from Landon's poison. He will be with me in my tent after he has gone and put Zoë in the infirmary" Artemis said with authority and with a firm voice, but showed also tiredness and a bit of annoyance. She had to begrudgingly respect him

"Yes mistress!" the hunters shouted

Naruto took Zoë to the infirmary and laid her carefully down on a bed. He stroke away some dark brown hair that had gone in her mouth and put a blanket over her well developed and athletic body that was clad in hunter clothes that was torn in some places. He looked in her beautiful black eyes and muttered "I hope you remember me"
He walked away quietly away from the bed she was in and began to try to find Artemis tent. He couldn't find it. He walked up to a hunter and asked politely "Can you please show me where Artemis tent? The hunter didn't really want to because he is a man but she had to or other wise she would face the wrath of Artemis and her punishments weren't pleasant or fun.

"Yes, it's there. It's the big tent, you can't miss it..." the hunter said

"Well apparently I did." Naruto said while smiling and rubbing the back of his head. He could hear the hunter chuckle a bit. He got surprised but didn't show it. He began walking towards Artemis tent and when he arrived at her tent he knocked on the wooden frame.

"Come in" Artemis called. He went in the tent and almost gasped, the beauty of the tent's interior was rivalled to almost no room he had ever seen/been in. Artemis was sitting on a silver chair with a silver cushion. The walls were black with a star theme and a big moon where the bed was. The bed had a wooden frame with some silver and the blankets and cushions had a star theme. The floor had black and silver mats. There was a lamp hanging from the roof. The roof had also a star theme

'Wow, I see someone likes silver' Naruto said with an anime sweat drop growing on the back of his head.

"What? Don't you like the interior of my tent?" Artemis asked with mock hurt.

"No, no it's beautiful. I like it a lot" Naruto said nervously(He is still a bit like canon Naruto but not quite as stupid)

'He didn't get it was a joke..?' Artemis thought. "Anyway, take a seat" she said while motioning towards a chair in front of her. He sat down on the chair in a position he felt was comfortable.

"Tell me who you are and why you came from the sky!" Artemis asked/commanded.

"Whoa, whoa there girl.." Naruto said while he was waving his hands in front of him that became more and more frantic by the second because Artemis was building up with the famous female rage and that's dangerous to even beings like him. "Calm down...Jeez, I'm sorry okay?!".

"Okay" Artemis said with a happy tone and a sweet, innocent smile…

"So why did you want to talk with me Lady Artemis?" Naruto asked with a curious look on his face, unconsciously tilting his head a bit like a puppy begging for food. Artemis nearly let out a giggle because he looked so cute but refrained from doing that because she has a reputation to keep.

"I was wondering who you are and why you decided to help us and save Zoë?" Artemis asked a bit forceful but who could blame her for what Orion did towards her and what happened after that.

"I have been watching over Zoë for quite a while and I decided to intervene before it was to late because even I can't brig dead people back to life without repercussions. That is the universal rules she made, after she had made all life and living things." Naruto said while shivering a bit while thinking about that blasted woman…

*Somewhere else*

A woman was seen eating a cake and suddenly she sneezed two times and dropped her cake on the ground. She pouted "Aww..Now it's spoiled...". Then she suddenly got a murderous aura and began cracking her knuckles while muttering "Who talked about my beautiful face?" "I will thank them and then kill them. Well not if it was my darling" she said swooning at the end of the sentence.

*With Naruto*

"So….Do you need anything else Lady Artemis?" Naruto said respectfully and a bit lazy.

"Nar….Never mind. No I do not" Artemis said whiles sighing because she knew that she couldn't make him not talk like a lazy bum, but at least he had some respect.

"Then I'll be heading my own way." Naruto said leaving the tent. He came out of the tent and began walking towards the group of demigods and felt like asking them some questions and have them answered.

He noticed that the were staring towards him in awe, confusion and in some cases, fear. He could practically smell the goat boy's fear from Artemis tent. When he made eye contact with the goat boy 'He pissed himself' Naruto thought with disgust.

"Hey, goat boy!" He shouted towards the goat boy…

"Y..yes?" came a weak response from the goat boy

"You may have to change trousers, or go back to diapers" Naruto said with an amused face and began to snicker a little bit which turned into a full blown laughter after seeing his reaction when looking down and smelling a bit. His friends backed quickly away from him.

"Yeah bro. I can smell it from here. Sorry to say Grover but you may have to go somewhere and fix your *ahm* new problem." A boy with black hair and sea green eyes said with sympathy in his eyes.

The newly named Grover ran towards a bush out of the others field of vision while glowing bright red, either with embarrassment or anger. He came back 10 minutes later. He still had his blush on his face, but it was fainter than before.

"I have some questions for you brats." Naruto said/demanded. The group of demigods glanced at each other and came to a silent agreement. The black haired boy stepped forward, it looked like he was their so called leader.

"That's okay with us, but you have to respect that we don't want to answer some of the questions you are going to ask" he said nervously.

"Maybe…." Naruto said with mischief shining in his eyes.
"But, before I ask the questions I want to know a bit more about you and your group"

"Sure" They said. Naruto sat down on the ground.

"I'll begin" Naruto said.
"My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I was born in Konoha. My likes are quite a lot. My dislikes are not as many as my likes. My hobbies are irrelevant and my dream/dreams is none of your business"
"Your turn, depressed black haired child." Naruto said.

The boy huffed. "My name is Percy Jackson, I was born in New York and I'm 14* I like blue food and candy, my friends and my mom, fighting monsters and my father Poseidon. I dislike monsters, the Titans, my step father, traitors Coughlukecough and rapists. My hobbies are being with my mother, hanging out with my friends, training and eating blue food. My dream/dreams is to have a family one day without war and live happily ever after." "And FYI, I'm not depressed..." The newly named Percy said.

Naruto chuckled. He turned to the next person.
"Your turn Piss-Boy" He said while pointing at the half-goat, half-human boy. "My name is Grover Underwood, I was born here and I'm 20. I like vegetables, metal cans, the forests and my friends. I dislike meat, saws, monsters, killers and forest killers. My hobbies are walking in the forest, talking with people and playing music. My dream is to live in a forest in tranquillity." Grover said embarrassed.

"Next" Naruto turned to the blonde girl in the group.

"My name is Annabeth Chase, I was born in New York and I'm 14 years old. I like architecture, ancient buildings and statues, my friends and my mother. I dislike my father, monsters, murderers, rapists and Stupid people. My hobbies are building miniature buildings, training, hanging with my friends and talk with my mother. My dream is to become Olympus's architect." Annabeth said with a matter of fact tone.

"Okay, whatever you say." Naruto said. (Did I miss someone?)

"Next" He turned to the black haired girl that reminded him of Zeus

"My name is Thalia Grace, was born in my house and I'm 22 years old mentally but 15 physically. I like freedom, fighting monsters, Artemis, a certain someone and my mother. I dislike-no HATE my father Que Thunder, rapists, Titan's, tree's and cheaters. My hobbies are being with my friends, training and killing monsters. My dream is to reunite a group of people" Thalia said harshly.


"Why did you want to know this?" Annabeth asked

"Because someone special did this to me when I was younger" Naruto told her while having a faraway look.

"Who is it?" Percy asked.
"No one you would know. Anyway I will take my leave for now" Naruto said.

"Wait, you have to come with us to camp half-blood!" Percy exclaimed.

"Hmm…. Maybe I will think about it" Naruto said with a thoughtful look on his face.

Annnnd Cut!

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