Sounds of things going up pneumatic tubes are heard clanging, until it stops. Ruby is heard breathing heavily, before gasping for breath. She is helped out of the tube by May and Penny. Weiss was angrily pulling Nora by her ear. Much to Hana's amusement, and she couldn't deny that Nora really asked for it.

"Ow, ow, ow! C'mon that was a once in a lifetime experience!" Nora wines before Weiss lets her go. Nora's right ear turned red "Ow".

Blake stepped out of another tube, her hair messy from the unorthodox method of travel "Good. Because I never wanna do that again".

"You and me both" Lena said while dusting herself of.

Blake fixes her unkempt hair and the group proceeds forward.

"Alright robo-girl, you're up. Which way?" May asked.

Penny uses her eyes to view the area ahead in a wireframe view she then points in various directions as she explains "We'll cross the bridge, then go left, straight, right, straight, left, up, up, right, straight, right, right, straight, left, left" Everyone looks stunned at Penny's direction before she adds "And my name... is Penny".

Ruby crosses her arms and smiling slyly at May "Heh".

May just rolled her eyes "Tsk...".

May activates her Semblance, hiding everyone from view. They are later seen in an elevator. They hear the elevator door open, and back away cautiously when they see a pair of Atlas Soldiers enter. The soldiers are oblivious to the group's presence due to May's Semblance.

The Male Soldier spoke "I don't think even the squad captain knows what's going on up there. They can't get close to that storm without getting shocked right out of the air".

The Female Soldier looked worried "It's creepy, all those Grimm just… waiting. Worse than if they'd attacked-".

"Hey, don't say that! You'll jinx us" The Male Soldier interrupted.

Penny motions for the group to follow her, and they discreetly squeeze past the soldiers, headed for the elevator door as the Female Soldier 2 spoke "I just hope the C.O. can get us some answers soon, or-".

On the way out, Nora flashes a mischievous grin and swipes her hand over the elevator controls, tapping the button for every floor. The pair of soldiers are now alone in the elevator.

The Male Soldier glances at the elevator controls, then does a double take "Huh?".

The doors to the elevator close again. The group makes its way down a wide corridor to a large locked door with 03 in large print on it. Penny stops by a nearby control panel and extends her index finger. The tip swivels out to reveal a connector plug, and Ruby's eyes grow wide.

"Cool" She said in awe.

Penny interfaces with the control panel, and the attached handprint scanner flashes green. A hologram display pops up, showing Pietro credentials.

"Welcome back, Doctor Polendina" The computer said before the door slides open and the group steps through.

"Alright, where to next, Penny?" May asked.

"Right through central command!" Penny answered.

A door to the right opens to reveal a bustling workplace filled with digital workstations, holographic maps, and Atlesian officials and clerks.

"Of course" Weiss said.

"That is a lot of guys" Hana said, stating the obvious.

"I can't maneuver us through all that" May said.

"Do not worry, Ruby is capable of traveling at an extreme velocity from one point to another by breaking herself down to her molecular components, thus negating her mass and then reassembling them at the destination, theoretically making it possible for her to transport all of us in the same way, as mass no longer matters" Penny explained.

Hana rubs her head "Ow... my brain".

Ruby looks dumbfounded "I, uh, what?".

"You can use your Semblance on all of us" Penny simplified.

Blake gestures at Ruby amused "Did... Penny just figure that out before you did?".

Ruby pouts at her "Blake, she knew you were a Faunus before I did!".

"Still can't believe you didn't figure it out sooner. You lived with Blake for weeks and never even once did you see her without her bow?" Hana asked.

"She never took it of!" Ruby said in comedic anger.

"Focus kids!" May ordered. They didn't have time for this.

Elsewhere in the complex, Ironwood meets with Watts. He enters the room, adjusting his mechanical left arm and straightening his tie.

"Apologies for the delay, today has been… busy. Have you made any progress?" He circles around a workstation to where Watts is working.

A revolving wireframe of Penny is displayed on one screen, and a recorded video feed of her standoff with Cinder plays on another. Lines of code scroll across the screen as he types.

"I'd hate for us to have to try motivating you… Again" The general claps his hands on Watts' shoulders in a threatening gesture, causing the latter's eyes to widen in surprise, pausing his work momentarily.

"Given what we're after, I've got all the motivation I need. Sadly it doesn't make taking down Pietro's science project any less cumbersome" Watts said.

Ironwood releases his grip on Watts' shoulders as he continues typing "Oh, I trust you can come up with something.

"Oh, the trust is palpable" Watts said sarcastically as four Atlesian soldiers standing in a firing stance, their guns leveled at him "By the way. For what reason do you need the robot to be re-programmed? Aren't you after the girl with the Maiden Power?".

Ironwood looked at him"It's quite simple really. I have no idea where young Oxton is, and searching for her blindly would take far to long".

"So you are using someone who already knows where she is to bring her back. And not only does she know where the maiden is, their friendship will make it more unlikely for the young huntress to use her full power to fight back, putting herself as a disadvantage. Surprisingly clever idea for someone like you, General. Polendina's machine sure is useful" Watts said before red security alert pops up on Watts' screen, and he pulls up a map of the military complex "Speaking of the man, are you aware that dear Dr. Polendina is gallivanting around your military compound?".

Ironwood leans down to inspect the screen. A window with text reading "DR. POLENDINA'S CREDENTIALS IN USE" can be seen.

"Unless, of course, someone else is using his credentials" Watts said.

The general lets out a frustrated growl.

Ironwood broadcasts an announcement throughout the complex "A security threat has been detected in the compound, status alert level 3: red. Lockdown initiated. Authorization granted to handle ANY threats with lethal force".

Red emergency lighting activates and sirens start to blare as the infiltrating group listens in dismay.

"You've got to be joking!" Weiss said

"How did they know we're here?" Lena asked.

"They must've detected us when we used Pietro's credentials" Hana said.

Penny's eyes glow as she inspects the system "The pneumatic tubes have all been closed off".

"We're trapped" Blake said in concern.

"We passed a hangar, I can hijack an airship and get us off this floating rock" May said.

"Wait, we can still succeed. We are so close" Penny said.

"Hmm…" Nora looks thoughtful, then snaps her fingers as if she has an idea.

An office worker carrying a cup of coffee walks by. May sticks out her foot and trips him. He loses his grip on his mug, and the coffee spills all over a workstation, causing it to spit sparks of electricity. Its operator's lap is also drenched, and he cries out in pain.

"Read the sign, Bill! Read the sign!" Another Operator yelled in anger as he points at a poster. A majority of the room's occupants turn to stare and shake their heads at Bill "Why don't you ever just pay attention?! You're in here late all the time, your coworkers-".

The scalded operator bursts out of the room, bellowing in pain, and leaves the door open behind him. As the workers continue to complain to Bill, Ruby uses her Semblance, taking Weiss, Blake, Nora, and Penny with her. They manage to sneak past undetected.

The Office guy is still complaining to Bill "You put salmon in the microwave!".

As his complaints are drowned out in the noise, Ruby releases her Semblance, striking a pose. Nora and Penny look at her in awe, Weiss smiles, while Blake holds onto the wall with a terrified look on her face, Hana tried not to throw up while Lena was catching her breath.

"Another thing I don't wanna do ever again" Blake said.

They make their way along a raised walkway in a cavernous and deserted chamber. At the end of the walkway is a heavily electrified door.

"Stand back, please" Penny instructed.

Lena, Hana Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Nora get ready to draw their weapons as Penny interfaces with a control panel, deactivating the electricity and opening the door. As the overhead lights come on, a secluded room filled with terminals is revealed. Ironwood's terminal sits at the back wall.

"Uh, where is everyone?" Ruby asked.

"This is a highly classified area" Penny answered. Making it clear not just anyone could come in here.

The girls make their way inside, and the door closes and electrifies itself again. Nora briefly stops to regard it before moving on. Penny sits in the office chair by Ironwood's terminal and braces herself, taking a deep breath before contacting her father.

"Hey dad? I'm ready" Penny's eyes turn yellow.

She starts speaking in Pietro's voice, and her movements are considerably more stiff and jerky "Ahem. This process is a… little complicated. So I'm remoting into Penny from Amity Colosseum".

"I…. see" Ruby said a little creeped out.

Penny begins her work on the terminal as Ruby watches on. The others idle by.

Blake swivels around a few times in an office chair "I hope the others are okay. I've never seen Yang and Ruby fight like this".

"Don't worry, they're sisters. Sometimes sisters just have very different ideas about what's right" Weiss said.

"She's right, me and Genji has disagreed several times. But we always worked through it... I just hope we can do it this time too" Hana said.

Blake looked down "That's another thing that's been bothering me. Genji is nothing like the man I fell in love with. I remember him being strong, wise, confidant and kind. But now? I barely even recognize him anymore. He is so distant now. When I told him me and Yang revealed Ironwood's plans to Robyn, he got so angry at me. He asked me if he could even trust me anymore... I thought we worked it out, but I can't shake the feeling he's still mad at me".

"Blake, I know Genji better than anyone. Yes he has indeed changed, but his love for you has not. So I highly doubt you are the reason he is behaving this way" Hana assured before she sighs "But the reasons are clear. He feels like a failure. So much happened and he was powerless to stop it. After everything that's happened he feels that he has no right to lead us anymore".

"But he shouldn't be like this!" Blake suddenly raised her voice a little, causing everyone to jump in surprise "We still need him! I still need him! We've been through so much together... Damn it we even had a child together! A child I was forced to leave behind and now there is a big chance I might never see him again! I need Genji now more than ever... why can't he understand that...?".

Everyone fell silent for several moments, before Hana sighed "Genji has lost sight of himself, that much is clear. But at least he's with the others, so he hasn't ran of this time".

Hana was honestly more worried about Lena than Genji. Lena had been very quiet, which is completely unlike her. Lena was always the most hopeful among them and most outgoing. But now, she was becoming more and more closed of. And of course Hana was still worried about Fareeha who had just up and left them.

"Yeah, they'll be fine. Jaune's a great leader, Oscar's grown a ton, Genji is still trying to help, and Yang is more than capable of protecting them all in a fight" Nora said.

Hana, Blake and Weiss wait for her to continue. When she doesn't, they both tilt their heads in puzzlement.

"Oh, and of course Ren is- um..." Nora's usual happy-go-lucky composure breaks, and she averts her eyes "I don't know what he is. Every time I think the two of us are making progress, he… We've been together our whole lives but I feel like I understand him less now than ever. And I don't know if that's his fault or mine".

"When you've been at someone's side for so long, after a while they become a part of you. But that's just it, they're only a part of you. Don't forget about the rest" Blake said.

Nora lets out a mirthless chuckle "I don't actually know who I am… without Ren. Pretty sad, huh?".

"Well, maybe take this opportunity to find out? Do something only Nora can do" Weiss suggested.

"Like what? Be strong and hit stuff?" Nora asked.

Weiss steps forward to comfort Nora, but some loud keystrokes distract them, and the girls join Ruby and Penny at Ironwood's terminal.

As Pietro speaks through Penny, Weiss turns to Ruby for an explanation, but she can only shrug in response "I just have to… There. Downloading the cloned imprint now. When Penny gets to Amity, we'll run the launch sequence. Amity's computer will try to connect to the general's terminal but get Penny instead".

Penny's eyes go back to green "And after the launch, I'll return to help you all with the evacuation".

Pietro coughs "About that, Penny. When Amity goes up, I think you should be on it with Lena, Maria and I".

Penny's cheerful expression is replaced by an anxious one. The rest of the girls trade conflicted looks "But they need me here. Right?".

"And why do I have to be there?" Lena asked, finally speaking up.

Ruby looked at her "Well, if you stay far out of Salem's reach, then she can't open the vault. She can't get to the relic. So...".

"Maybe it is for the best?" Weiss asked.

"I told you already! I don't need protection! I have the power to finally give us a fighting chance against Salem!" Lena said, she was getting angry.

Hana walked up to her "Lena, this is not the time for your rebellious nature! Yes you have the maiden power, but you aren't even close to knowing how to use them to their full potential. And you are a target for everyone now. Salem is waiting just outside the kingdom, Ironwood is actively hunting you and Cinder is still out there! It's to dangerous for you now!".

Lena glares at Hana, which made the shorter girl back away a bit. Lena then let's out an angry scream as she punches a pillar so hard it left a large dent in it. Everyone was silent in both worry and fear as Lena was taking deep breaths.

"Why don't any of you just come out and say it already...? I am nothing but a danger to everyone now... that's why you want to hide me away" Lena said, sounding ready to cry.

Ruby wanted to say something, but she knew that any comfort she can offer will not make Lena feel better. If anything it will just make her more upset.

Blake decided to speak "Um, we should probably head to the hangar".

Back at the room's entrance, Penny glumly deactivates the electrified door again "I guess we all have to do some things we would rather not".

To the girls' surprise, the doors open to reveal Harriet, Elm, Vine, and Marrow.

"Hello, kids. Time to come home now, Penny" Harriet said.

The infiltration team draws their weapons.

"So your first time losing to us wasn't enough?" Weiss asked.

"We were holding back!" Marrow said defensively.

"We have all said some things we regret, but please, hear me out. I know you thought you were doing the right thing when you left with the Maiden power, but Salem is here now. Things have changed" Vine slowly steps forward to reason with them. With the exception of Penny, all the girls stare him down resolutely.

"If General Ironwood plans to leave Mantle behind nothing has changed" Penny said.

Vine sighs "I thought you were supposed to protect the people, not hurt them".

"I would never hurt anyone" Penny argued.

"Well Winter's in critical condition, because of you" Elm said coldly.

"And you Lena Oxton, stole the power that should have been hers" Harriet added.

Penny tried to defend Lena "But taking the Maiden power was the only way to stop-".

"If you keep refusing to do the right thing, people in Atlas AND Mantle are going to die" Harriet said, loosing her patience.

"People are dying because you are refusing to help! You are supposed to protect people, but you are letting them die just because some madman told you so!" Hana shot back. The Ace Ops blindness was honestly baffelling.

"We are trying to save as many as we can. You could stop all of this, Lena. Just open the vault, hand over the relic, and you'll save Atlas" Marrow said, being far less hostile than his teammates.

Ruby tried to reason with them "But it won't save Atlas. Salem will find her way to the relic no matter where you go. Once Ironwood opens the vault, the relic is-".

"One more word, and I'm throwing you in jail right next to your uncle, runt" Harriet warned.

Lena's eyes turned in to a deadly glare as she took a step forward "Hurt her, and I will kill you!".

Everyone looked shocked by Lena's threat but Harriet did not back down "Your teammate was smart enough to turn herself in. You should do the same".

Lena got wide eyes "Fareeha? Where is she!?".

"She is safe. She made the right choice. She saw you for the lying traitors you are. You betrayed her trust to the point she would rather turn herself in than to stay with you. What further proof do you need that you are on the wrong side?" Elm asked, though her tone had mixed emotions.

"Shut the hell up!" Lena said as she took a step forward.

Harriet remotely activates the electrified door. Lena only has time to turn around before she is separated from her friends.

"Lena, no!" Ruby cried out.

"Get the door open, Penny!" Hana said urgently.

Penny tried to access the door controls but gasped "I can't! My access has been revoked!".

"Damn you Ironwood!" Hana said

Now alone, Lena turns back to face the Ace Ops.

"So you really want to do this? Fine!" Lena said as she readied her pistols.

Lena fired her weapons at the Ace Ops, but as expected it amounted to nothing. Harriet used her speed to close the distance and tired to attack Lena. But Lena used her own semblance to blink out of the way, showing Harriet she wasn't the only fast one here. Lena reappeared in the middle of the team, avoiding an attack from Elm, by blinking behind her and fired in to her back, causing some pain. Lena then had to avoid an attack from Marrow, and she kicked him in the back. However she wasn't quick enough to avoid Vine's extended aura which grabbed her and threw her down in to the floor. Lena recovers quickly, but Marrow throws his weapon at her, forcing her to jump over it. But when she lands, Harriet quickly speeds up to her and deliver a powerful punch to her face.

Lena leaps back shaking her head a little before looking back at the Ace Ops, all of which are advancing on her. Lena was at a massive disadvantage, but she was not backing down. She fired her weapons again, but Harriet was quickly on her again. She punched Lena in the jaw before before striking her accelerator, the device that powered Lena's weapons. Lena stumbled back and was about to fire again but noticed her accelerator was to damaged to provide any more power to her pistols, rendering her main weapons. Harriet smirked before using her semblance to speed blitz her from several directions before delivering a powerful kick which sent Lena flying towards Elm, who caught her in her arms and used her weapon to squeeze her.

Lena gasped as she felt the air being squeezed out of her. It was no use, she couldn't beat them alone... or at least, she couldn't beat them like this. With no other options, Lena knew there was only one way she could get out of this. Her eyes flared up with the Maiden power, unleashing a small cold storm, which forced Elm to let go, and the other Ace Ops to slide back. Vine grabs a nearby railing with his Semblance and Harriet and Elm land on their feet, but Marrow has to grab Elm's hammer to regain his footing.

They look at Lena held up her pistols, using her maiden abilities to power them up again "You wanted this fight, not me. So I am going to fight you with everything I have!".

On the other side of the door, Weiss attempts to use her Arma Gigas to break it, but the electricity running through it proves fatal for the summon.

"Four versus one? Cowards" Weiss said in anger.

"Lena is the Winter Maiden, I'm sure she can hold her own for a little bit" Ruby said, but was clearly worried about her girlfriend.

"But not forever! We need to get through, quickly!" Hana said in clear worry.

Back with the fight, Lena fired her pistols again. Powered by her Maiden ability, each shot was a small ice nail, which were possibly even more dangerous than the energy shots. Some of the Ace Ops had to block the shots, while the rest avoided them. Harriet once again used her speed, but Lena was not going to fall for it this time. So she force parts of the floor, causing Harriet to slip, allowing Lena to kick her hard enough to send her over the railing, and forcing Vine to help his teammate.

With two of the Ace Ops occupied, Lena fired more ice shots at Marrow, forcing him to block them. Lena then blinked closer before leaping through the air and delivered a quick kick to Elm's face. The kick hurt, but Elm managed to tank the blow before ramming her hammer in to Lena's stomach, sending her flying back. She rolled across the floor before quickly getting on her feet. She coughed a little, that blow hurt. But before she could properly recover, Harriet was back and unleashed a flurry of punches, with Lena barely even able to defend herself, and several blows connecting. It was clear that close combat was not a good idea against these people. Lena needed to use her main advantage to it's full effect.

Lena let out a scream as she fully unleashed her maiden power, blasting the Ace Ops back. She then began blasting them with pure cold, each attack forcing them further back. She then used her semblance to fly in to the air, ready to unleash an attack that should finish them.

But Marrow snaps his fingers, pointing at her "Stay!".

Lena gasps as she's forced to freeze and her attack vanished before she could use it. Vine drags her back onto the walkway and Elm delivered a powerful overhead blow with her hammer to Lena's back, smashing her in to the walkway and causing her to vomit out saliva. She was was still trapped by Marrow's semblance and Elm put Gravity Bolas on her.

"You should've just surrendered. For all your brave talk, you really wasn't much of a Maiden. Or even a Huntress" Harriet said until Lena suddenly began chuckling "What's so funny?".

"So... you know me, is that it? You think just because we fought together for a while that you know everything about me? Well, I got news for you. You don't know who I am. But most of all... you have no idea what I am!" Lena said before suddenly several glowing clones of her appeared.

A technique she hadn't used for a very long time, the full power of Lena's semblance had been unleashed. Her copies quickly attacked the Ace Ops, they could only perform one move, but they did manage to distract the Ace Ops long enough for Lena to use her Maiden Powers to freeze the bolas and free herself. She got back up, but using her full power like that had taken a big chunk out of her already depleting Aura, she couldn't keep this up, and she knew it.

On the other side of the door, Nora grows frustrated with her situation, moving closer to the electrified door "We have to get out there… Be strong" She brandishes her hammer Magnhild "And hit stuff".

"Nora, wait!" Weiss yelled but it was to late.

Nora jams her hammer into the door's power supply, siphoning off the electricity. She begins to scream from the strain of channeling so much power. Pink streaks appear on her arm, chest, and neck, and her hair starts to stand on end. Still bellowing, she lets loose on the door with her hammer, disappearing in the ensuing explosion of black smoke. The door explodes outwards from Nora's attack, sending everyone off their feet in a blast of black smoke. As the Ace Ops recover, Nora is seen in the doorway, clutching her hammer and breathing heavily, still crackling with pink electricity.

"That was pretty awesome" Nora's aura shimmers and breaks. She faints, her upper body covered with electrical scars.

"Nora!" Penny runs forward to check on her fallen ally as Ruby, Weiss, Hana and Blake step forward to face the Ace Ops and help Lena, their weapons at the ready.

As they fight of the Ace Ops, Lena was trying to catch her breath, her eyes glaring at her enemies... with hatred. How dare they blame her and her friends for everything that was clearly their fault? How dare they stand there and talk like they are in the right when they are letting people die? How dare they!?

An inaudible order comes through from Ironwood to the Ace Ops' private comms.

"But general, we-" Harriet began but was interrupted by Marrow.

"We understand, sir" He said and Harriet turns to look at him.

The girls, minus Nora and Lena, press forward, Penny sending her swords at the Ace Ops. Vine and Marrow dodge them, and the former uses his Semblance to send Ruby, Weiss, Hana and Blake tumbling off the walkway. Marrow and Lena narrowly dodges being swept off as well. Ruby manages to catch the edge of the walkway with Crescent Rose, but Blake and Weiss lose their grip on her hand and drop down. Ruby uses her Semblance to carry them to safety.

Penny is left to fight Harriet alone and The Ace Op grabs one of Penny's swords and pulls hard, snapping the wire that connects it to her. Hana, Ruby, Weiss, and Blake land back on the walkway as Elm takes stock of the situation.

"Tch. Let's go" She said.

But before they could leave, they were hit by a powerful blast of cold win, causing them to stop as they felt themselves being frozen. Everyone looked to see Lena, who's eyes still had the green flames, glaring at the Ace Ops with pure rage.

"You are not going anywhere! You will pay for what you've done!" Lena yelled.

"Lena! Lena stop! YOU'RE KILLING THEM!" Hana screamed but Lena didn't seem to hear her as she kept freezing the Ace Ops.

"Lena! LENA!" Ruby tried to touch Lena but took a step back as the cold hurt her hands, but she decided to endure it and hugged Lena from behind "LENA STOP! PLEASE STOP!".

Lena finally snapped out of it and looked at her hands "What did I... What did I just do?"

The Ace Ops take their leave, jumping off the walkway on their own terms one by one. Marrow pauses to look back at the girls before vaulting over the railing himself.

"I... I didn't... I-I..." Lena stutterred as tears ran down her face.

"Lena... there is no time, we have to go" Ruby said, despite being shaken up by Lena's dark moment.

Penny stows her weapons and hurries over to Nora, hauling her upper body into her lap. Nora briefly opens her eyes and groans before falling unconscious again. Penny reaches for Nora's hammer, but a spark of pink electricity arcs off it, preventing her from touching it.

Ruby and the others enter the hangar with Penny carrying Nora in her arms and Magnhild strapped to her back. Even while unconscious, Nora's brow is furrowed. They look around the empty chamber until they hear a whistle.

"You coming or what?" Ruby and the others move forward, entering May's invisibility field "All ready to-".

May gasps when she sees Nora's condition.

"She's in bad shape. We need to get her somewhere safe" Blake said.

Penny looks at Nora with a worried expression, but it soon turns resolute. Her blades comes out as she prepares a beam. A minor explosion blasts a hole in the wall of the military compound, and May's Manta soon comes flying through it into the open sky. Inside, Penny gently lays Nora down on the floor face-up.

Lena was shaking as Ruby tried to comfort her "Lena...".

"I knew it... I knew it from the moment Yang pointed it out... I am to dangerous to be around. You're right, I need to got to Amity and stay there... far away from our enemies and anyone that can make me to angry" Lena said.

"This has nothing to do with you being dangerous, Lena. We just want you to be safe" Hana said.

"I almost killed them! Had Ruby not stopped me I would've become a murderer... Stop sugar coating it, we all know I'm a walking disaster waiting to happen. I was being childish before, but the truth is, I am not the one who needs protection from the enemies. It's everyone else that needs to be protected from me" Lena said.

"Stop it Lena!" Ruby said as she grabbed Lena's shoulders "I am done listening to you hating yourself like this. You are Lena Oxton! We all love you!.. I love you!".

Lena was silent for a moment before she sobbed "I'm sorry Ruby... I am so sorry".

Ruby smiled, happy that her words was finally getting through and she gave Lena a big kiss, which Lena returned. The others blushed but the two girls didn't care as they remained like that for severa seconds. It wasn't until May cleared her throat that they finally stopped.

"Alright Penny. Looks like it's our time to go" Lena said.

"Yes... it is" Penny said in a sad tone.

Ruby pulls Penny into a hug "We'll see each other again really soon, I promise".

Behind Ruby's back, Penny catches Hana, Weiss and Blake's gazes, and they look at her reassuringly. May presses a button on the console, retracting the windshield. Penny climbs onto her seat, and then she picks Lena up since she could only fly by using her Maiden Powers, which she was to tired to use. Penny and Lena gives their friends one last smile before Penny flies off with Lena in her arms, heading for Amity Colosseum.

Little did everyone know... things were only going to get worse.


Lena Vs Ace Ops were tricky to write since Lena's fighting style is completely different from Penny's. Hope you enjoyed it.


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