Coulson's Heist

Chapter Two: Arrested and Booked

Rhomann Dey of the Nova Corps looked over the file of their new prisoner. Of what they got is nothing as the file that was given to him was filled with unknowns and basic information with the prisoner's mugshot that they just taken a moment before. The file in his hand will update itself when the blood results come within the hour.

File Name: Prisoner 880021988

Name: Unknown

Alias: Unknown

Species: Unknown

Origin: Unknown

Legs: 2

Arms: 2

Enhancements: Prosthetic Left Hand, Translator Implant in neck.

Criminal Record: 1 count Bank Robbery; 1 count of Thrift; 1 count of fraud; 5 assaults with a deadly weapon

Dey re-look at the Species List and looked up from the window at the room where the prisoner was silently sited. Just by the look on him one would guess Xanderian but it would say "possible Xanderian" until the blood test confirmed it but didn't. Could this guy be another Terran? The last Terran he met was some kid that called himself Star-Lord a some months ago for petty thief. The guy looked from where he stood was a Ravenger guessing by the uniform.

Dey pulled out another file that was attached to the prisoner's personal file. It was basically about what happened an hour ago right outside the building of where they are at next to the Universal Bank. So far there was no major injuries or deaths. And nothing that they can seen was taken. So what was he doing inside the computer main frame room? Why was he there? Was he alone?

It doesn't make sense. The prisoner hasn't spoken since they arrested him. Unlike the other Terran that wouldn't shut up. The man was smiling as if hiding something.

Dey doesn't feel that the man is dangerous but he can be if needed. Dey usually follows what his gut tells him. But he has a job to do. Just then Denarian Garthan Saal joined him, sizing up the prisoner as well.

"What do we got?" he asked in a bored tone.

"An unknown." Dey answered. "We haven't got the blood results in yet-" just then his pad made a ding sound letting him know that they got the blood results. It was not what he expected what so ever. What he had hoped for a genetic match to someone already the system (every Nova Empire citizen is listed at birth) their prisoner was still an unknown with an interesting heritage. With an agreement with many other planets (now including the Kree since the peace treaty), they are able to as well genetically match known criminals that are on their own database. Their prisoner was not matched with any of them either; this was the man's first known arrest.

File Name: Prisoner 880021988

Name: Unknown

Alias: Unknown

Species: Terran/Kree

Origin: Terra/Hala

"Ah... Apparently the man's Half Kree and Terran?"

"Really?" Saal asked, taking the pad from Day's hands. Terrans are rare and only heard of in school. But with a Kree? Is the man one of those In-humans that is said to be a hoax or a legend? Can't be, the man doesn't look like he has any powers. Or is that man a spy send by the Kree? There could be a loop hole that he does not know about sending a half breed Kree that looks like a Xanderian to kill their Nova Prime. "Could he be a spy?"

Dey shook his head. If the man was a spy then he wouldn't be anywhere near a bank. The Kree doesn't need to steal money even after the war. They have enough slaves in their labor camps in their mines in moons across the known galaxy. If the man was in their Headquarters then they could think he was there to assassin Nova Prime Irani Rael. The peace treaty is fairly new, only a few years old. An assassin attempt is still a high risk however its not Ronan the Accuser's M.O what so ever to send someone to do his dirty work. Of course kidnapping the Nova Prime would be his M.O so his minions can bring her to him for a public "execution". Their prisoner is a Ravenger, a lot of them are half breeds. During the war in its highest there were a lot of Xanderian and Kree (and others) half breeds because of rape. The man looks the age to be one of these lost children during the war. So the only way for the man to be a spy was that he got lost and ended up in the bank not at their Headquarters. Dey have met a lot of stupid criminals in his time that could be a possibility. "I don't think so. The man's a Ravenger. A common half breed. There is no intel in the bank that is worth to the Kree nor was he anywhere near the Nova Prime when we arrested him."

Saal nodded in agreement. Irani, without the public's knowledge, is not on Xander but in a holiday visiting family. Such information such as this is why its not public. "Well then, lets go meet our prisoner."


Phil Coulson sat patiently with his bounds hands on the table. Weirdly enough his legs are not bound to the the chair or a hook on the floor like his hands are. He hasn't spoken to anyone since they arrested him and brought him to the Interrogation Room. It appears that makes them feel more uncomfortable which he will take this as his advantage. He learned years before that people assorts all criminals as rude and obnoxious. So being quiet and polite makes people uneasy. Of course they took a drop of blood from his finger tip which Coulson knows that they will find out he's human pretty soon. The woman who did the blood test freaked out thinking he was dying as it came out red not blue.

He looked around the room. It really does look like the one he had back when they had the Bus. Just then the doors open walking in Denarian Garthan Saal and Denarian Rhomann Dey.

They both sat across from him both just looking at him as if sizing him up. It was a good tactic, Coulson knew. The tactic is design to make the accused feel that they are judging him. Making him speck first to show that he was scared, angry or feel emasculated or just plainly doesn't like of being thought of whatever he thinks they are thinking about him. Coulson knew all the tricks as he is an Expert Interrogator himself. It was interesting to be the other end of an interrogation however.

Coulson didn't know how long they just sat there staring at each other, as he just smiled at them, when Dey decided that it was long enough and opened the file on him. Coulson peaked to look at it but was unable to see the full page as his bound hands prevent him. It pretty plain he saw looking at his accused crimes at the bottom; one count of Bank Robbery, well that was obvious. One count of Thrift, that one doesn't make any sense unless they failed on their mission and the Nova Corps figured it out what they did. One count of fraud which again makes sense he was in disguise when he robbed the bank. FIVE assaults with a deadly weapon? Was that how many people was shooting at him and May?

"Name?" Dey asked suddenly.

"Phil J. Coulson." Coulson replied. Dey nodded and updated the file.

"So Kree huh?" Dey said after he was done. "How did that happen that you are Terran and Kree? Did you mom got frisky with one?" Saal half glanced at his coworker rolling his eyes as ever since they met that one Terran the man been using their way of talking which is so wrong in so many levels. It makes it sound like he's from the back-world or something. Saal wondered if the two of them been pen-pals or something.

Coulson cocked his head at the Denarian. They think he's a hybrid? Makes sense seeing Fury made those doctors used Kree blood to bring him back to life from Project T.A.H.I.T.I. He doesn't know how much Kree he has within his body or what the full consequences of his Resurrection with alien blood. He been avoiding Simmons for years to test him along with the routine check-ups. Luckily Simmons understands but sooner or later he will have to. He is scared of what she will find. "I wouldn't know. I'm only from Earth." he said.

Dey updated the file again deleting the word Hala. So the guy is either an orphan or have a whore of a mother that would open her legs to anyone. It was interesting though that the guy wasn't blue. Blue skin (and dark pink much like his wife's and daughter's) is a dominate genetic trait. Maybe a quarter Kree? Their standard blood test isn't used for the exact percentage of species just what the test detects that are the highest of the two or three.

"What were you doing at the bank?" demand Saal.

Coulson turned to the younger Xanderian, smiled at him making the said Xanderian more annoyed at him. "Site seeing." he said.

"No you were not, Ravenger." Saal said. If there is anything he hates more then the Kree, spies and traitors it was Ravengers. This man was all them, a half breed, a Ravenger and a spy which makes him nothing more then a traitor. "You were in the computer main frame room, doing something and we demand to know why you were doing there."

Coulson shrugged. So they haven't figure it out yet? Good. "I got lost."

Dey knew that they are not getting anywhere from this Terran. Already they unable to find anything of what he was doing there. The only reason how they find him was that it was just luck that Saal needed to go to the bank for something after work and a person at the counter commented that he just saw he was just there 15 minutes ago. Saal wasn't in the bank 15 minutes ago and because of a gut feeling he called the Nova Corps to check it out. And that is where they found...Coulson. They suspect he wasn't alone but the only evidence of that was some rainbow light thing that looks similar an Asgardian technology that they called the Bifrost that illuminate from a unknown ship towards the bank twice. Why would the Asgardians be involved to all this? Dey doesn't think Asgardians are as they stay at their area of space and hardly ever leave. But he will make a note of it just in case.

"So where are your friends?" Dey asked. Most of the the time, people that they arrested would tell them who they were with. He doesn't think Coulson will spill the beans that easily however but its worth to try. Many prisoners think that telling them who helped them with a crime would lower their sentence, which half the time it is true but the type of crimes that Coulson has just committed, it won't matter either way.

"I don't make friends that easily." Coulson lied. "I had this one kid back in first year in school that-"

"We have reasons to believe that you are not alone in your failed attempt of whatever you where doing at the Bank." Saal said, stopping Coulson with a story about a kid back in school. He doesn't need to know anything about this traitor's life that isn't important to the case.

"I do not know what you mean?"

"Who were you with?"

"I was with you guys when you arrested me."

"That is not what i meant."

"Then what did you meant?"

"Who do you work for?"


Ravengers are part of clans, they have friends nearly at all times during missions. Both he and Saal don't recognize the seven point flame at the man's chest with that has the added black shield in the middle but they will put it in the registry. Dey got a match, which was surprising. He read on the file that listed the embalm. A man by the name of Nick Fury, is the captain of the clan with that symbol, there is no picture yet but he is described as a black skin Xanderian with an eye patch. The First Mate isn't listed by name nor picture either but the description of him matches Coulson. Could this man be him?

"You are part of the Fury Clan, I take it?" Dey asked.

"Yes. I'm pretty new. Not very good at it."

"I see." was all he said. He doubt it as the man looks and acts like a veteran. "Well it looks like that is it." the both nova corps Denarians got up to leave.

"And where will I be going now?" the prisoner asked before they closed the door behind them.

"The Kyln." was all Saal said before they closed the door with a bang without looking back.

Coulson was left alone just has he felt. The Kyln? A prison that is hard to escape without any help. He does not regret his decision.


"You are forbidden to retrieve, Coulson." Fury said to May when she asked when they are going to save him.

"Sir, I highly disagree. We have-"

"He knew the rules of the mission. Get caught, you are on your own."

"But sir!" Simmons said but was cut short when Fury turned to look at Coulson's team.

"I am worried about Coulson as well." he admitted. Coulson is one of his longest friends he has. A mission is a mission however and he has others to worry about first then a friend. The mission is complete and the data chip will start in the end of the week, he needs to make sure that happens first. He hopes Coulson isn't tortured for the information to blow their mission. "But my hands are tied. We are unable to save Coulson at this time. Its not the first time him getting arrested."

"But that was back at Earth. We don't know what aliens prisons are like. There are countless ones through out the galaxy."

"He is a hard man to kill and very resourceful."

"What are you planning, Fury?" demanded May. Usually Fury would leave a loophole so they are able to get him themselves without costing himself as the leader. Is there another plan between Coulson and Fury that she wasn't told about?

Fury shrugged with a smile and walked away.

(End of chapter)

Words: 2,506

Author's Notes: another chapter! woot! I'm on a roll on this. Last chapter is the last one. i hope it goes into plan of where i want this to go. What do you think Fury is planning? :)