I was just watching Don't Breath on my telly then my friend had the brilliant idea to copy this down. So I did. And I have to say this is one of the more sad things the Doctor has said, ever. So here it is, just something to break your heart. Also, I might have added some onto the end. So I kinda own half of it, I think? Yeah it's about half. Please enjoy and if you cry your eyes out then tell me. But be careful. Don't Breath

I am alone

the world which shook at my feet and the trees, the sky

have gone

and I am alone now… alone

the wind bites now

and the world in grey,

and I am alone here

Can't see me

doesn't see me

will you come and get me?

will you bring me home from this world of darkness

a world that hurts

I used to be the Empress of my land

I used to rule, I used to have a family

my world used to be kind to me

but now this world is cruel and dark

so dark

I am alone

Oh my god I cried. But I am five-foot-one and crying, you never stood a chance. But really, if you did cry then please tell me. And if you didn't then, well, tell me anyways! What did you think of the added-on bit (tell me about that too)? Onto the next journey! Hope you did't skip this one. Bye!