"Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, no!" Mon-El cries looking at a screen.

"What?" A voice responds from behind.

"Kara! Look what happens to Kara!" Mon-El exclaims while reading a news article.

"Who's Kara?" The voice questions.

"She's my girlfriend, or was my girlfriend, back on Earth. Before I came here. On Earth, she's known as Supergirl or Kara Zor-El." Mon-El replies.

"And this article is about her?" The voice asks.

"Yes. I just had to know what happens to her. I made her a promise before coming here, and I vow to keep that word alive. I love her with all that I have, and she will be in my heart forever." Mon-El tells whomever he is talking to.

"What was that promise?" The voice asks.

"That I would become the man she always knew I was. That I'd be the hero she knew I was. Even before I realized it myself. I can't let Kara down. However, I want to go home. I miss her terribly." Mon-El replies.

"Why can't you go home?" The voice asks.

"Why do you think I was in outer space in the first place? It wasn't of my own doing! I was there because of my mother and her tyranny!" Mon-El exclaims.

"Whoa! Back up a minute here! I need the whole story." The voice says.

"Ok, well. Kara and I are from sister planets that circled the sun Rao. She's from Krypton and I'm from Daxam. They are like night and day, but Kara and I began to fall in love with each other once I arrived on Earth and we overcame our differences enough to date each other." Mon-El states.

"Krypton?" The voice asks.

"Yeah. Why?" Mon-El questions.

"Because I know I've heard of that planet before!" The voice exclaims. "Yes! I remember! Superman!"

"Superman! He's Kara's cousin!" Mon-El exclaims.

"Really!?" The voice yells.

"Yes. I met him right before I came here. He helped Kara and I to fight off my mother." Mon-El states.

"Well, Mon-El, he's a member of the Legion! Has been since he was in his teens! I'm sure he'd come if I called him!" The voice says happily. "Your mother? Explain."

"Daxam was a monarchy. My mother and father were its king and queen." Mon-El states.

The voice gasps and says, "You're a prince!"

"Was a prince!" Mon-El shouts. "I gave that up the moment I left Daxam. I never wanted that life. I hated the tyranny of my parents. I always hoped that I could change things, but my words often ended up with me thrown in my room after a beating and no food or water for days. I was abused. My life wasn't what you think it was. When my planet died in the aftermath of Krypton exploding, I ran off world and ended up in The Well of Stars for 35 years. My pod eventually escaped and I ended up on Earth with Kara."

"OK." The voice says shyly. "It all makes sense now. However, your mother?"

"She and father survived Daxam's downfall and eventually made her way to Earth to find me. She wanted to go back now that Daxam was able to be inhabited again. I refused because I didn't want to leave Kara, and my mother killed my father, due to him sympathizing with me and invaded Earth. We eventually killed her and her guard, but I had to get off Earth because I'm allergic to lead. The Earth's atmosphere is riddled with it and I can never go back. I want to, but I'll die if I do." Mon-El says.

"What if I said there's a way to make you invulnerable to lead. You could go back and be with Kara. Help her save Earth in the 21st century." The voice states.

Mon-El turns to face whomever he is talking to for the first time since the start of the conversation. "What? Really!?" He states excitedly.

The person nods their head and says, "Yes. We can cure you Mon-El. That and show you how to use all your powers. If what you say is true, then you are just as powerful as Superman and Supergirl."

"Do it! Because if this article is true, Kara needs me! She and Superman can't do it alone! They won't succeed." Mon-El states. "You said you could call Superman. Please do it. I need to talk to him."

"Sure thing, Mon-El." The person says with a smile.

They leave the room and Mon-El smiles at the screen for the first time since arriving in the 30th century. "I'm coming Kara. You won't fail this time." He thinks to himself.

The unknown person walks back into the room and says, "I've placed a call to Superman, and he said he's on his way."

"Thank you. Did you tell him about me?" Mon-El asks.

"No, just that we had an urgent matter and needed his help." The voice replies.

Just then, a whooshing sound came from behind Mon-El and his unknown counterpart. They both turned around to see a portal, much like the one Mon-El was transported here through, appear. Out of the portal comes Superman.

Once Superman lands, the portal disappears. Superman looks around and asks, "So, what's so important?"

"Kal! Thank goodness!" The unknown person says.

"What's wrong?" Superman asks with a worried tone.

"Nothing's wrong, Kal. They asked you here so I can talk to you." Mon-El replies.

Superman looks at the man addressing him and says, "Mon-El? So, this is what happened to you! Thank, Rao! Kara is going to be happy you're alive!"

"Kal, please don't tell Kara where I am! She'll try to come get me. I know she has friends who can help her. I need to know she's safe." Mon-El states. "Besides, once I'm cured of my lead allergy, I want to come back with you and surprise Kara myself." He turns to the screen and says, "I need to stop this from happening. I can't let Kara die. Knowing she is alive is the only reason I even did this!"

"OK, then." Superman says as he turns to the unknown person and says, "This cure. You have one?"

"Yes, we do. It's serum that has to be taken once a month to prevent your lead allergy from returning. As long as you are back in the 21st century, you will have to take this serum. If you forget, you will die, Mon-El." The unknown person says.

"I think I can do that. I can't inject it with a needle though. My skin is impervious, just like Kal's and Kara's." Mon-El states.

"You will drink it. I'll give you enough doses to last you a few months." The unknown person says.

"Great! I'm sure Kara's mom or sister can synthesize it and make more for me. If not, Kara's friend Barry and his team might be able to help me." Mon-El states.

The unknown person hands Mon-El a vial of the cure.

Mon-El opens it and looks at Superman. "Eliza or Alex will be able to, right?" Mon-El asks Superman.

Superman says, "I'm sure of it, Mon-El!"

Mon-El turns the vial up and takes the serum. He begins to cough. "Oh, Rao! That's vile!"

"Yes." The unknown person says. "It's not the best, but I promise you, it works! Let's test it to make sure." The unknown person takes a lead bullet and places it in Mon-El's hand. "See? No reaction!"

"That's awesome! Thank you! I wish I knew who you were." Mon-El says.

"The only thing you need to know Mon-El is that true love always wins. I can see that what you and Supergirl have is that. Now, go back to your girl. She needs you!" The unknown person says. "Oh, and Mon-El?"

"Yeah." Mon-El responds.

"This is yours." The unknown person hands him a ring with the same symbol on it as Superman's. "It's a Legion ring. Welcome to the Legion of Superheroes. This ring will allow you fly and do many other things."

"Really?" Mon-El asks with a smile in his voice. "I always wanted to fly with Kara. She'll love this!"

"It will also allow us to call you back to the future, if we need you. That's how we contacted Superman." The unknown person says. The unknown person turns and walks away from the two friends.

Mon-El looks at Superman and says, "Thanks, Kal!"

"No problem, Mon-El. Like I said that day when I met you, you must be one heck of a guy for Kara to want to be with you. To love you like she does. I couldn't have done it Mon-El. Both you and Kara are stronger than I can ever be. I couldn't have left Lois. This alone makes you a hero to me." Superman says.

"Ok, so flying. I've always wanted to! I can leap, but flying was always out of the question!" Mon-El says with excitement.

Superman laughs and says, "Shall we then?"

With that Mon-El and Superman walk outside to see a huge green field. Superman floats up into the air and hovers above Mon-El. "Put the ring on Mon-El! Let's get your powers in control. Then we can get you a suit. Every superhero needs a suit and a name." Superman says.

Mon-El puts on the ring and he can feel an energy go through him that he'd never felt before. A smile lights up his face and he gently lifts himself off the ground, only to find himself floating next to Superman. "Clark, this is amazing! Kara described it to me, but this is awe and some!"

Superman smiles and laughs at Mon-El's glee at being able to fly. "It is. I was so scared the first time I realized I could fly. I was only a child, you know. Since Daxam and Krypton share an ancestor, we have very similar powers. I would bet that not all of them manifested in the nine months you spent on Earth. It took years for both Kara and myself to gain all our powers. What I want to do is test them all. Teach you how to control them. You understand super strength and super speed. You know how to float. Let's first test your flying and then we can move on." Superman says.

"Kara's going to so sad she didn't get to teach me how to use my freeze breath or heat vision. She always wanted to show me how." Mon-El states.

Superman laughs and says, "I think Kara will just love have you back, Mon. I'm more than happy to mentor the man my cousin loves." He then takes off into the sky.

Mon-El takes off behind him and is amazed by how carefree he feels. He catches up with Superman and says, "Now, I get why you and Kara wear capes. That was hard."

Superman laughs and says, "Yes. It's more aerodynamic with the cape. We'll get you one Mon-El." Superman lands in the field and motions for Mon-El to do the same. "OK, so flying. Check. The cape will make it easier, I promise. You'll get used to it. Now, how many other powers have you noticed Mon?"

"Well, the super hearing made its appearance relatively early. I never told Kara though. I first noticed it when I overheard Winn and James whispering about Livewire. I was on the other side of the room and could hear them plain as day." Mon-El says.

"Really? About James. Is what Cat said true?" Superman asks.

"Unfortunately, yes. He's good, but Kara and I both are worried he's going to get hurt. Winn's already sported a few black eyes from their outings." Mon-El says.

"I'll talk to him when we get to National City. I sent him there to look after Kara when she revealed herself and he then thinks he can take on the big bad guys like we do. He's not impervious like us." Superman says.

"Well, I wasn't bullet proof like you or Kara. I really don't want to test that either. I have no clue what the serum did otherwise. I know lead can't hurt me now, so I'm assuming I am." Mon-El says.

"We need to test that, Mon. Come on, I think I know exactly what to do." Superman says.

"Clark, no! Kara will so upset if she knew I died testing these powers." Mon-El says.

"Mon-El! We have to know! If you are ever going to be able to be the hero Kara knows you are capable of, we have to know what that serum does." Superman says. "I'm going to go ask that unknown figure some questions, because you're right, if you aren't bulletproof now, and you die from one piercing you, then Kara will have my head. I know she's capable of beating me now."