72 Hours Earlier - Earth 38

Kara and Winn are prepping to leave for Earth 1.

Alex comes in the room. "Kara, what are you doing?" She asks.

"Winn found a signal from Mon-El's pod and he tracked it! We know where he is! Winn and I are going after him! We are going to bring him home!" Kara replies to her sister.

"Kara, he can't live here! The atmosphere is toxic! He'll die!" Alex states.

Kara looks at Alex and says, "Seriously! I know that, Alex! We tracked him to the 31st century, Alex! I'm sure they can cure him there! However, Winn and I can't get there without Barry or the Legends. Barry owes me a favor, so now it's time for me to cash in."

"Barry? Your friend Barry?" Alex asks.

"You know, Barry! The Flash from Earth 1! Mon-El took me there after the Music Meister whammied me." Kara stated.

"Oh, him! I'd love to meet him sometime." Alex stated.

"I'm sure you will, you weren't around when he was on our Earth. I've told him about you, so I'm sure he'd love to meet you one day." Kara stated.

"Anyways, how can Barry help, Kara? Unless he can time travel -" Alex replied, but came to an epiphany in the middle of her sentence. "He can time travel, can't he?"

Kara nodded her head yes and said, "Yes, because he moves so fast, he can open portals in the space time continuum that has allowed him to time travel. He doesn't like to do it because he screwed up the timeline trying to save his mom, and then reset the timeline, but he owes me and I can't let Mon-El be somewhere he might be hurt without me. I need to get him back. Even, if it's bringing him to Earth 1 temporarily until we have a cure for the lead allergy, I'm all for it."

"Kara, who's gonna protect National City?" Alex asked.

"I talked to J'onn. He said he was capable of stepping in upon my absence." Kara stated. "Alex - "

"No, Kara!" Alex yelled.

"What? Alex, you can't talk me out of this one, ok? This is the man of my dreams' life at stake. We've talked about this! If this was Maggie you'd do anything to get her back. Mon-El is my Maggie, ok! I need him! I can't breathe, Alex. I miss him so much! I know he's the man I will spend my life with. He's it. I know how much he loves me, Alex, and the feeling is mutual. I can't let anything or anyone prevent me from saving him. He deserves to know how much I love him, once and for all. I will not settle until he's back here on our Earth, safe and sound and breathing normally." Kara stated with tears streaming down her face. She didn't even bother to wipe them away. To her, they were a badge of honor. It meant that she would never let Mon-El go.

Alex walks up to Kara and hugs her as tight as she can. "Ok, but please be careful, Kara."

"I'm going to try. I won't be alone. Winn's coming with me. He was able to track Mon-El's pod and has the coordinates. Besides, Winn finished Mon-El's super suit. We were waiting for his Earth birthday, but I think it's appropriate for him to receive it now." Kara stated.

"His super suit?" Alex asked confused.

"He's ready, Alex. He almost sacrificed his life for a planet that's not even his. That's a hero deserving of a suit. It's pretty bad ass too. I think he'll love it. It has a cape and all, you know to make those super leaps more awesome." Kara stated. "He needs a name, but Winn and I are gonna talk to Barry's friend Cisco. He's the king of naming superheroes, apparently. However, I did hope to give him his name. After all, I am his girlfriend and mentor."

Alex looked at Kara funny.

"What? Just cause he's stuck in time somewhere doesn't mean I'm not his girlfriend anymore, Alex. I know without a doubt, that I am the love of his life and if he could've stayed, he would've. We tried to prevent it, but Rhea wouldn't listen to Mon-El." Kara stated.

"Ok. You are right, though. You do deserve to give him the suit and name. Did you have any ideas?" Alex asked.

"A few. One I believe he will actually like that Winn and I cooked up. I want to run it by Cisco first, then Mon-El when we find him. What he did was what I knew he had in him all along and I'm so proud of him." Kara stated.

Alex hugged Kara again and said, "Before the Parasite attack, I talked to him. I told him how unwavering you were in your confidence in him. I guess he took that to heart. He really did become the hero you saw. I'm sorry for judging him so much. I know how happy he made you, Kara."

Kara hugged Alex as tight as she could without hurting her. "Thanks, Alex. I needed to hear that."

Winn walked in the room and said, "Kara! Oh, good ! You're here! We need to go if we are going to get to Mon-El anytime soon."

"Be safe, Winn!" Alex stated. "Both of you, be safe!"

"I've got Supergirl by my side, I'm pretty safe, Alex!" Winn stated.

"That's my fear. Kara, I hate to say this, but sometimes you jump without thinking." Alex stated.

"I've heard that before." Kara stated. "Not only from you, either. Mon-El consistently pointed it out to me. It made him worry a lot."

"Please listen to us, Kara, when we think it might be a bad situation and that we need a plan. He had your safety in mind, I'll give him that one. If one us from here on out asks you to stop and think, first please listen. We care about your safety." Alex stated.

"Ditto." Winn added.

Kara looked at Winn funny.

"What? I worry too. You're my oldest friend, Kara, and might I say best friend. Just head our advice, please. We are here supporting you, always, because we value your safety." Winn stated.

"Exactly." Alex stated.

Kara and Alex hug once more. Alex gives Winn a small hug, as well.

Winn steps to a safe space away and activates the device Cisco had given Kara all those months ago that they recovered from the Music Meister.

A blue swirling orb appears in front of them and Winn picks up the suit case that holds Mon-El's super suit. "Ladies first." He stated.

"Always a gentleman, Winn." Kara stated with a smile.

With that, Kara stepped through the portal onto Earth 1 and Winn came through close behind.

The portal closed behind them and they found themselves in the breech room of STAR Labs with a curious Cisco, Iris, and Harry looking on.

Earth 1 - 70 hours Earlier

Cisco was sitting in the control room of STAR Labs working on the computer when an alert came through.

Iris, who was sitting next to him said, "What is it?"

Cisco looked at his various screens and said, "There's a breech opening in the breech room."

Iris said, "Great place for it to open."

Cisco sarcastically replied, "I know."

Iris and Cisco got up and walked briskly to the breech room. Harry, who had been walking down the hall at the time asked, "Where's the fire?"

"No fire, but a breech just opened. We are heading to investigate." Cisco replied.

With that, Harry joins Cisco and Iris as they make their way to the breech room. Just as they make it there, they see Supergirl and Winn come through the breech and it close behind them.

"Kara?!" Iris asked.

"Yes." Kara replied as she walks up to Iris. "I need your help. Actually, I need Barry's help. I'm desperate to get my boyfriend back from the 31st century, and Barry owes me one."

"Kara, Barry isn't here." Iris said sadly. "He's been stuck in the speed force for about a month now."

"What? What happened?" Kara asked.

"We'll talk more about all this in a moment when we can go sit down, but first who's this?" Harry asked.

Kara turns to Winn and says, "This is my best friend, Agent Winn Schott, Jr., he works at the DEO as the resident tech genius. He's been my friend long before I was Supergirl. He even made me my suit."

As Kara is introducing Winn, he held out his hand and Iris, Cisco, and Harry all shook his hand.

"Well, Winn, it's nice to meet you. I think Barry mentioned you from when he was trapped on your Earth temporarily." Iris stated.

"Good to know I'm memorable." Winn stated sarcastically.

"You're never forgettable, Winn. It's why I need you here. You saw past Mon-El's past and became his first friend when he arrived on our Earth, he'd want you here too. That I can promise." Kara stated with a hand on Winn's shoulder.

"Okay, so let's go in the other room so we can discuss what happened with Barry and Mon-El." Iris said.

With that, Kara and Winn follow Iris, Harry, and Cisco into the control room.

Kara looks around and said, "Where's Caitlin?"

Cisco replied, "We will discuss that too. It can be a long story."

With that the group sits down and catch each other up on the events that are bringing them back together.