Darth Vader breathed heavily as he scanned the stars in one of the Star Destroyers, seeing a small X-wing fighter flying right past them.

"What is that?" Darth Vader asked one of the imperial officials as he pointed at the lone X-Wing.

"That appears to be one of the rebels ships... as to why you ask, lord Vader?" An imperial officer responded nervously in response.

Darth Vader said nothing as he proceeded to leave, deciding to tackle this predicament on his own as he was determined to crash it, WITH NO SURVIVORS.

Meanwhile on the X-Wing, Dry Bowser was trying his best to pilot the aircraft as it was cramped, with Toadette and Petey Piranha stuck inside the flying vehicle along with him.

"This was a terrible idea... the rebel alliance couldn't give us a new ship!?" Dry Bowser groaned as he could feel some of his bones popping out.
Petey mumbled something as a way to make Dry Bowser feel better, but all it did was anger the skeletal reptile. It was then that the X-wing was blasted at by a couple of lasers, freaking out the trio.

"Aiyie! What was that!?" Toadette yelped as she glanced left and right frantically.

Outside in space following the X-Wing was Darth Vader in his own advanced TIE fighter, deciding to make things personal as he followed the ship closely.

"You think you could evade me in the clutches of space?" Darth Vader scoffed as he was getting a good scan on the ship. "I was born in it, molded by it. Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask..."

"Can someone please tell me who the hell is shooting at us?" Dry Bowser complained as he was trying to keep the control of the X-wing stable.

Petey quickly glanced behind, gulping in surprise as he slapped both Dry Bowser and Toadette with his leaves, making up quite the racket as Toadette gasped in shock.

"You mean it's Darth Vader? NOOOO...!" Toadette stated as Dry Bowser zipped her mouth shut, not wanting to hear it.

"This will be a big wipe out... for you." Darth Vader said as he made a blatant reference, continuing to blast the X-Wing as he managed to make the fighter vehicle catch on fire, causing the trio to land on a nearby asteroid field... which sadly for them, Vader was quick to follow up on.