The city was saved. Everyone was happily going about their day. And Kat was bored.

The Gravity Queen lied down on her bed, trying to read a magazine she found. But she quickly learned she had little to no real interest in this magazine whatsoever, due to it being boring.

Dusty was lying on top of her, taking a nap, so she found herself subconsciously scratching behind the cat's ears, making him purr in his sleep.

This went on for several minutes, until she heard something...It sounded like a child crying. And it was down in the sewers they called home...

Blinking in confusion, she stood up, making Dusty leap off her and onto the ground with her. She gazed down at her companion. "You hear that?"

The cat strained his ears, and then they sprung open and he rocketed out of the small den they called home. Kat followed him, trying to keep up. "Hey!"

She ran down the sewers, avoiding a few pipes in her way, before finally stopping at a small alcove. It looked old, like it had not been visited and cared for in a long time. She looked around before seeing movement in the corner of her eyes.

She blinked twice and approached the alcove. Dusty let out a meow, trying to jump up into the alcove. Kat picked him up, and they both peeked inside to see what was going on...

And then they saw a tiny little child, curled up in a ball, whimpering and shaking like a leaf. He was injured. Bruised, bloody and battered.

Kat clapped a hand to her mouth and gasped sharply.

The noise startled the boy as he opened his eyes, showing dulled emeralds gazing back at her with fear and confusion. He tried to shift back more into the little alcove to hide himself better.

Once Kat noticed this, she quickly shook her head and reached in. "Hold on!"

The child flinched and froze up, closing his eyes tight, ready to be hit. It never came. Instead, he felt a soft hand caress his cheek, making him blink his eyes open to see the deeply concerned expression of the pretty lady.

Seeing him relax, she decided to try and get him out. "It's okay. I'm not going to hurt you." She assured him as she gently pulled him out of the alcove and into her arms.

He flinched and let out a squeak at her touch, once again expecting pain that would never come. Kat smiled at him. "A little jumpy there, huh?" She said teasingly.

"Sorry..." The boy squeaked.

"Mrowr!" They looked down to see Dusty looking up at them.

Harry blinked down at the starry cat with wide eyes. "Pretty kitty." He mumbled.

Kat heard him and smiled softly in amusement. She knelt so he could get a better look. "His name is Dusty. He's a friend of mine. He helped me find you." She said softly.

Harry stared at the kitty in shock. It would do that for him. The cat gazed at the child curiously before nuzzling into the child, making him tense at first before relaxing as he heard the cat purr. He slowly raised his little hand and started to pet him making his purring intensify.

Kat could only watch with a smile. 'Now that is adorable!' She thought. Kat gave the distracted child a once over and finally noticed what he was wearing. 'He's wearing nothing but rags. And he looks like he has been down here for a little bit…wait what's that?' she narrowed her eyes at a specific spot on the child's back and gently moved his shirt to gaze what was hidden underneath.

She had to fight herself not to gag. 'Oh my gosh! NOTHING should look like that!' She said internally in reaction to the infected injury she saw before her eyes.

Harry noticed her change in demeanour and tilted his head. She smiled. "Uh...Hey, why don't we go for a little walk somewhere?" She said with a smile, trying not to bring up the fact that he was going to the hospital.

The child tilted his head but nodded slowly. He looked down with wide eyes as Dusty leaped into his little arms and nuzzled into his cheek making him giggle as the whiskers tickled.

Kat smiled at the cute display and rose back to her feet before starting to head out of the sewers. There was a manhole not that far from them but that lead right into town. 'Not the best idea' she thought before walking further down then coming into a large open area with running water gushing down.

She grimaced slightly. "Yeah...going to try really hard to not think about what's in that water." She gazed around before finally looking up to see another manhole cover. The only problem? It was at the very top layer of the area and she could not find a ladder in sight.

"Well." She smirked slightly. "Guess it's time to fly."

She looked down at the cat that was nuzzling the child. "Dusty? I'm gonna need your help on this one." Dusty let out a meow and focused his energy into the girl.

Harry let out a squeak and held onto Dusty tightly as Kat took off into the air. "Y-You can fly!" He said, surprised.

"I can do tons of things, little guy. Flying's just one of them." Kat said, ruffling his hair.

She spun in the air and shot straight for the manhole. She held the child close to herself as she spun upside down so she was heading feet first to the manhole cover. With intense speed, she slammed into the manhole and shot through it, carrying it up with her to the outside world.

And in a whoosh of air she was outside with the sun shining bright in the blue sky and small puffy clouds littered here and there. Changing gravity once again she shot to the left, a smile on her face as she rocketed over the very town she had saved.

Harry was clutching the cat close as his eyes took in all he was seeing and feeling. He was at first scared to be up so high but, something deep inside him felt free. He gazed around with wide eyes, gazing at the blurring images all around him, the feeling of the wind hitting his face, and the sound of the air rushing by him. It was amazing!

For the first time, Harry Potter smiled in such childlike glee. He laughed and wanted to hold his arms out! But he didn't, he was still holding the kitty after all.

Dusty let out a soft meow at the child's reaction, pleased that his powers could bring happiness to him. Kat smiled at Harry before touching down on the ground carefully.

"Well, looks like you had a good time there." She said with a smile, ruffling his hair. He giggled.

"That was really fun!" He said. "I wanna fly too!"

She glanced down at Dusty who was resting in the child's arms and smiled lightly. "Maybe you will." She said.

The child beamed up at her, his eyes a shining emerald green that surprised the young woman but also warmed her heart to see. Now she had to bite back the guilt of having to remove that joy.

She walked past the doors and into the large hospital, the only one if she remembered correctly. A few people where here getting checked up, or arriving due to an accident. Kat winced at one man having a broken leg.

Harry shuffled more into her now very nervous. There was a lot of people here. He was scared. Kat noticed and tried to sooth him with gentle rocking motions. He relaxed but the unease was still in his eyes.

Sighing she walked up the front desk to see a receptionist reading a magazine. "Uh…excuse me."

The receptionist looked up at her with a blink. "Hello, how can I help you?" She asked politely. Kat smiled.

"I have someone here who's gonna need to see a doctor...He's looking pretty hurt." She explained. The woman looked at the child with a frown.

"Oh...You're right...I'll call a doctor right away."

"Thank you." Kat smiled lightly at the woman.

"Go have a seat. We will be with you all shortly." She promised and picked up a phone to call the doctor.

Kat walked over to a chair and plopped down with a sigh. She felt the child shift in her arms and she gazed down to see him staring up at her in confusion. "Something wrong bud?"

"Uh…" he looked hesitant. Uneasy as well. "It's just…um…only normal people go to see the doctor."

Kat blinked at that and gave the child an odd look. "All people can see the doctor bud." She said slowly.

The child shook his head slowly at that. "F-Freaks can't…" he mumbled sadly.

Kat frowned deeply. "You just saw me fly, and normal people can't do that. Does that mean I'm a freak?" She asked. Harry gasped.

"No! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to call you a freak! You're not a freak! I'm sorry! Don't hit me!"

Kat's eyes had widened at his outburst. "Hey, hey. Calm down." She soothed gently to him rocking him lightly in her arms as he hid his face behind his hands. She gently reached up and griped his hands. "Harry, look at me."

The child whimpered and lowered his hands to look at her. She felt her chest clench at his fear. Her gaze softened even more then before and she gently laid a kiss on his forehead making him gasp. "I'm not ever going to hit you." She said with care.

He looked up at her with wide eyes. "B-But…"

"Never." She stressed. Dusty nuzzled the boys side making him gaze down at the cat seeing him nod as well making the child teary eyed.

"You…you promise?" he asked.

Kat grinned and rose her pinky up for him. "Let's pinkie promise."

Harry slowly raised his pinkie and wrapped it around hers. "I promise I'll never hurt you as long as I live." She said gently, shaking his pinky up and down gently.

"I promise I'll be good..." Harry said softly. Kat gave him a grin.

"Great! Our promise is made." She said. "Now let's just wait for the doctor."

"D-Doctor...What's the doctor gonna do...?"

"Make you better."

"But how?"

"Well." She started laying back with him resting on her nice and comfy. "He is going to look you over. See where all the…bobos are, and he is going to take care of you with…special stuff."

Dusty gave her a look and she just gave the cat a glare back. Silently saying. 'I'm trying alright!'

Harry blinked slowly at that. "W-Will they make me drink things?" he asked.

Kat frowned lightly in thought. "Maybe…" she said unsure.

"I…I hope it ant like the stuff under the sink."

Kat stiffened at that staring at the child in wide eyed shock. "What?" she whispered.

Harry frowned softly. "M-My aunt used to make me drink the stuff from under the sink…it burned…and made my tummy hurt…" he said.

Kat gritted her teeth. "NO ONE should be drinking that stuff!" She said, trying and failing to contain her volume, eliciting a flinch from Harry.

"Meow!" Dusty let out a stern meow. Kat flinched.

"Sorry...I didn't mean to scare you."

Harry shook his head and buried it into her shoulder. "It's okay…I made you upset…I deserve to be punished." He said sadly.

Kat gritted her teeth at hearing that but took a calming breath. "Hey remember our promise? That's for a lifetime. It won't ever be broken."

Harry looked up at her then smiled softly at her. "T-Thank you." He mutters to her. She smiled down at him.

"No, thank you." She whispered softly to him.

"Excuse me ma'am?"

Kat looked up. "Yes? Is the doctor ready?" She asked. The woman nodded.

"He is. If you would just hand the child to me, I'll take him straight to the medical room." Kat frowned.

"Um...Can't I carry him there?"

The nurse frowned as she gazed at the woman and the child who looked very scared looking up at her. She sighed softly. "Alright."

Kat smiled and rose to her feet. "Lead the way."

The nurse walked into the back Kat following behind her making sure to run her fingers through the child's messy hair to keep him relaxed and calm.

"Now, I might have to leave for a little bit when you go in there." She said. "But don't worry. Dusty and I will both be waiting for you. Okay?" Harry looked at her.

"B-But..." She put a finger to his mouth.

"Try to be brave, okay? Try it for me and Dusty." Dusty meowed in agreement.

Harry gazed at the duo in wonder and fear. He didn't want them to leave. He wasn't brave, he never has been. Yet gazing into the woman's kind eyes he didn't want to let her down. So, he swallowed his fear and gave her a nod.

Kat smiled at him and they both entered the room as a man in a white coat. His hair was a messy brown and he looked to be in his forty's given the small specks of gray in his hair. He gave the trio a smile. "Good evening to you all." He greeted.

Kat smiled awkwardly as Harry hid in her shoulder. "Hey doc. Glad you could see us."

The man shook it off with a laugh. "I would never turn away someone in need. Now what seems to be the trouble?"

Kat looked down at Harry and rubbed his back. "This boy's been abused. He's got all kinds of bruises and scars and stuff..." She said softly. The doctor nodded grimly.

"I see...Well, I'll have to take him in to give him his checkup." He said. Kat nodded and looked down at Harry.

"Okay, little guy...It's time for you to go with the doctor now, okay?"

"O-Okay..." Harry said with a small nod.

"I promise everything is going to be okay." Kat told him gently before planting her lips over his forehead.

He leans into her touch closing his eyes and then nodding at her with a sad and fearful look. The doctor gently took him from her. "Just wait outside, and we will have him good as soon as we can." He said.

Kat nodded and smiled at him rubbing his cheek. "Your so brave. We will be right out here okay. When he is done, we will be right back."

Harry nodded slowly looking relived. She slowly walked backwards to the door and gave him a smile and a wave as Dusty gave his cheek a lick before jumping onto Kats shoulder.

When the door closed, she frowned now showing worry. She gazed down at Dusty as he looked up at her and she just knew he was saying. "Yeah…I know but…I'm keeping him." She said with a strong voice. Dusty just gave her an amused look but said nothing as he leaned into her.

She sighed and sat down in one of the chairs. It was time to play a game she just didn't enjoy. Waiting, and by all those above it felt even worse when it was someone she cared about on the other side of the door. So, with great force she grabbed a magazine and started to skim. "I wonder if they have any mothering tips in these."

Kat quickly finished the magazine and sighed. "Nothing in that one..." She mumbled. Dusty let out a meow and pawed at another magazine, catching Kat's attention. "Oh hey, would you look at that? Looks like this one's all about mothers..."


"Yes, Dusty, good find. I'll get you some of those little fishy treats you like so much on the way home."

"Mrowr!" Dusty said happily before purring in content.

Kat smiled and started to skim through it gazing back at the door. "Don't worry buddy. You're going to have a better life. I swear it." She then got back to reading the magazine, hoping to learn all she can.