Disclaimer I don't Own the secret garden nor do I own Harry Potter (I wish I did) this is my twist on the classic books with Harry Potter characters

in my version of the story they are a lot older with Hermione being 17 (able to do magic) and Harry and Draco 18. I won't stop with the end of the book but keep going as I want to add a romance in there (maybe) but that's only if people like what they are reading.

Hermione Granger ~ Mary Lennox
Draco Malfoy ~ Colin Craven
Harry Potter ~ Dickon Sowerby (Harry is adopted into the Weasley family in this story)
Ginny Weasley ~ Martha Sowerby
Albus Dumbledore ~ Ben Weatherstaff
Lucius Malfoy ~ Archibald Craven
Minerva McGonagall ~ Mrs Medlock (she played her in the movie and was perfect!)
Narcissa Malfoy ~ lily Craven (dead in this like the book, but she is referred to a lot)
Severus Snape ~ Doctor Craven (he is going to be best friend to Lucius and "uncle" figure Draco)
Mrs Weasley ~ Susan Sowerby


Hermione couldn't help but let out a small sigh of relief as she elegantly slipped out of the overly extravagant car her 'Uncle' had got her for the Christmas that had just passed. When he presented her with the gift she couldn't help but roll her eyes thinking it was a little too much, however she accepted it when she saw how happy he was giving her it. The young adults gaze wandered over the grey, cold stone that the grand Manor was made of, but the building was more than simply the stone it was made of. It was the place that held so many memories for Miss Hermione. Good memories, and bad memories in equal measure. All of which moulded her into the woman standing there today.

A small smile flitted across her face as a warm spring breeze swirled around her, almost as if in greeting, causing the stray hairs that had escaped from her bun to blow around her face as if they too were dancing happily to be back on the grounds of the first place Hermione truly called home. Like every time she came back to the grand Manor, all the memories of her springs and summers came flooding back to her. These memories and the soft wind that blew across her cheeks that caused her to break into a mischievous smile. Hermione knew she should probably go up to the front door, inform someone in the Manor that she was there, but this was her favourite time of the year. The start of spring. There was only one thing on her mind at that moment in time. So instead of going up the large stone steps to the front door, she made her way around the manor to enter into the large gardens that spread out beyond the building.

Hermione's feet seemed to almost subconsciously know where they wanted to go. They seemed to have decided that because the spring had finally arrived at the Manor and because Miss Hermione had not been at the Manor since snow covered the vast gardens of her home, she needed to go the long way to her desired destination to full appreciate the beauty around her. So Miss Hermione slowly meandered her way along the paths that twisted their way around the acres of gardens, stopping in the vegetable gardens and making sure to go into all of the orchard and flower gardens, greeting each and every Gardner and house-elf she saw working away as she passed them.

Slowly she approached the place she had been looking forward to seeing the most, one of the real reasons she had come home. She couldn't help but lift her hand as she turned the corner into the wall maze, letting it trail in the long overgrown ivy-covered wall as she reached a familiar corner to her, letting out a small girly laugh as she did. The long walkway was familiar to her, and she couldn't help but quicken her pace as she followed the ivy-covered wall. Hermione's cheeks now a lovely rosy pink colour. Like every spring, she felt like she was finding the secret doorway all over again. It was one of the best ways to relive her teenage years.

The moment she turned the corner Hermione instantly knew she was out of sight from anyone who was working in the gardens. At that moment her facial expression turned from happy to one of concentration as she pushed her hand further into the ivy until she felt the cold stone wall on the other side. She slowed down her place and allowed her hand to trail across the said wall until she felt the familiar cold, small, copper door handle. Quickly, in one swift movement, without even thinking she turned the handle and pushed open the small wooden door. With a slight creak – due to its age – the woken door opened and Hermione hurried into what it hid behind hit. Closing the door, Hermione finally looked around at one of the main reasons she always came home at the start of the spring.

The garden.

Her garden was in full bloom.

Everything was still as overgrown and as colourful as it had been the first spring she had witnessed it. Hermione suppressed a grin as she saw all the paths were clear of dirt and twigs, after winger they always got that way, something she was sure was the work of Albus, Harry or Draco. Those 3 could be the only ones to even think of something so small like the pathways in her garden.

Hermione slowly made her way around her garden. Stopping only when she heard a familiar chirp from behind her. She quickly turned and let out a small tinkle of a laugh as she saw the familiar old robin standing on top of the frame of a white metal seat that had been pushed into the small cove of the garden.

Hermione smiled at her friend as she slowly approached him, knowing too well how the old bird got with respect.

"Hello Robin, How are you today? Still looking as magnificent as ever I see. May I join you?" she asked, waiting polity for a response to her question from her old friend.

The bird fluffed out his beautiful red chest and chirped loudly at his human friend as if to say, "Why to thank you, old friend. Of course, you can sit with me. We have much to catch up on."

Hermione settled herself at the opposite end of the mental bench and made herself comfortable. As she looked around her garden from the seat, she could almost hear the echoes of laughter from her old memories resurfacing. Slowly, without her even noticing, Hermione found herself drifting off to sleep. A small smile on her face as her memories took her back to her happiest memories of her garden.

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