Kingdom Hearts - Fairy: Lucy's Journey 1

Chapter 1 - Dark Portal's, Monsters & Dive To The Heart

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World of Edolas - Earthland Lucy's POV

I was glad yet a little sad to be going home, sad because I would be no longer be seeing my other world Edolas counterpart, Lucy Ashley, and glad because I would be seeing all of my friends again in Fairy Tail.

It was certainly a wild, dangerous and scary yet somewhat entertaining adventure, not to mention meeting another version of yourself that lived in a completely different world than your own one.

As I close my eyes and ready myself to be sent home by whatever magic is doing this I have a thought going through my mind.

"It would be fun going to different worlds and seeing what they are like.

About the Same Time - Portal to Earthland

Lucy was being transported away as she smiled at the gentle light that flowed around them all as the rest of the Fairy Tail rescue group head home through this portal.

What none of them expected was a Dark Portal to suddenly appear out of nowhere and be in the path of Lucy's gliding body, this portal stood out against the darkness as it engulfed her with the young woman herself screaming in fright and asking for help when she realised what was going on.

A pink haired young man and blue furred winged cat saw this with fear and anger on their expressions as they saw their friend and guild member be taken by this dark portal.

The Pink Haired young man calls out in fear as he screams aloud, "LUCY!"

The others were of similar reactions as they called out to her with fright and panic, "LUCY!" "Blondie" "Lucy-Chan"

But these panicked cries did nothing as Lucy was almost completely gone except for a single hand stretched out in a desperate act of someone pulling her out.

"Happy," cried the Pink Haired young man, desperate as he called to his blue flying cat companion while pointing to a writhing Lucy ; asking him to fly and help her out of the dark portal.

"Aye Sir," responded the blue haired cat as he flew as fast as he could with his white wings to grab Lucy's hand as he was the only one who could reach her in time.

He did so to the cheers of his friends as he began to pull with all he could as he also used his wings to give him some extra power as he was slowly pulling Lucy out of the portal but this seemed to aggravate the Portal as it began pulling back even harder.

Happy did all he could but it was not enough as he was soon pulled in with Lucy as the portal soon closed behind them to the shocked and distraught calls of their friends and guildmates.


Unknown Area - Some time later, Lucy's POV

"Ugh, what happened to me?"

I thought with a groan as I lifted myself up only to see a rather shocking sight.

It was a large circular platform or floor that seemed to be made of a kind of stained glass window.

The design was of some kind of Princess with a lovely dress I have to admit.

But I was soon unconcerned with that as I spotted someone familiar lying nearby, unconscious.

I cry out in panic as I ran to him, "HAPPY!"

This seemed to awaken Happy as he soon get's up and takes a look about as well until he spots myself as I reach him.

"LUCY!" He cries out as he jumps or rather flies into my arms with his wings and then nestles his head in my chest to my minor embarrassment and discomfort but I refocus on the blue exceed who sees okay.

I speak to him, "Happy, are you okay; you hurt anywhere?"

The exceed shakes his head as he says back to me, "No I'm fine but where are we?"

I shake my head as I comment aloud with uncertainty and a little fear colouring my voice, "I don't know?"

I look down at myself to see that am fine as well with my clothes being the same sexy outfit as the ones that I was forcibly given by that weird costume coffin thing when Natsu and I were in Edolas at that crazy amusement park Monster School, except I am strangely without a scrape or scratch on me from my ordeals in Edolas and my outfit is repaired; Happy appears to be healed and cleaned up too.

I wore an outfit consisting of clothing being mostly Teal and just patterns of Gold flower petals on my Bikini like top and a gold line running around the long sarong type skirt on my waist, held up by my normal brown belt with my Celestial Spirit Keys in its pouch attached to said Belt.

I shake my inner monologue for a moment and refocus my attention on where we are as I let Happy go from our embrace and let him hang off my shoulder with his paws..

I walk about a bit until I spot a chest of some kind on the other end of the stained glass platform.

I walk up to it and open it which reveals a small amount of items which look like bottles of blue and green liquids and a sort of bag that looks to be empty.

I take out the items but when I do the chest disappears in shower of sparkles to my great surprise.

I jump back with said surprise as Happy comments to me, "Where did it go?"

I take a deep breath to calm myself as I answer back, "I don't know but what do you think these bottles are for?"

Happy shakes his head as he says back to me, "I don't know either Lucy."

I look at the green bottle as it shines dimly in the surrounding darkness as I hesitantly take both potions and place them in the bag with the bag soon strapped to my belt.

I nod at seeing it secured but as soon as I do so I am interrupted by a voice of unknown gender call out from above me, making me jump and scream in fright as well as Happy doing something similar.

"You have made your first step in your Journey."

"What journey?" I call out desperately in hopes that whoever is out there can help me get home as I want to see my friends.

Happy flies about with his wings as he looks about to pinpoint the voice but gets nothing.

I call out again, "Hello..."

But as soon as I finish speaking I am now falling as the glass floor beneath me breaks as I scream in fright.

I vaguely hear Happy call my name in panic as I am soon slowing down in my fall as I then look up to see Happy catch me with his paws as he grabs my arms, his wings slowing both our descent into the unknown darkness.

A short time later - Happy's POV

It was barely 5 minutes before I begin to feel my magic about to give out as I try to warn Lucy of this but then I spot something as it looks like another stain glass window with a different woman in the design of it.

I fly down as fast as I can as my magic gives out just as we reach the glass floor.

I plop down with exhaustion as I comment, "Geez Lucy you are too heavy."

I do not see her expression but I can bet it is mad as I hear her say, "Oh shut it you stupid cat."

I shrug off the insult as I know it is not meant to be cruel as I lift my head and look about as I see that the floor we are on is blank with no other features except the design of the princess like lady on the glass flooring.

I am startled by the strange voice appearing again as it calls out to us both saying.

"If you give it form, it will give you strength"

I am clueless at what the voice is talking about as does Lucy it seems as she calls out to the voice.

"What will give us form, what will give us strength?"

Her call is answered by three carved stone objects seemingly growing out of the floor for some reason as they face one side for the circular floor.

Soon after a trio of weapons appears that float on each stone plinth.

I look at each weapon and note a very familiar design on each of them.

I call out to Lucy as I say to her.

"Lucy those have..."

Lucy's POV - Same Time

"...The Fairy Tail symbol, I know."

I finish Happy's sentence as I gaze at each weapon resting, suspended in the air under the stone plinths.

The one in front of me is a Sword of some kind which has a small design on the silver hilt of a white Fairy Tail Symbol and a red handle along with a silver pommel.

The one to my right is a short staff of some kind with a blue handle, white ends of the handle and a black brown disk like shape on the tip of the handle and the head of the staff is a purple crystal like material shaped into a Fairy Tail Symbol.

The last one to my left is a pentagonal shaped shield of some sort with rounded corners on the bottom, it has a green border with the top and bottom two corners all having a gold bolt or pin; the face of the shield is white with a green Fairy Tail symbol in a pale grey outline in the center of the Shield's face.

I am unsure whether I am to take the swords as the strange voice seems to recommend I do so.

I am again surprised when the strange voice speaks again as it says to us or rather myself I think.

"Choose Well."

I look at the weapons again as I think on what to pick as I think if I need to get out of here then I need to pick a weapon and not use one of my own like my whip I got from Virgo or my Keys.

"Wait Key's.."

I panic as I check my keyring and sign in relief at seeing my Celestial Spirit Keys are still with me.

I then refocus on the weapons yet again as I walk up to them with Happy staying where he is as I quickly look at him to check how he is after lifting/carrying me down here from earlier.

I soon am standing on the plinth as it is a bit high to just stand in front of it and grab the weapon as I grasp the sword but when I do I hear the voice again but in my mind this time to my mild panic until I calm down.

"The power of the warrior."

"Invincible courage."

"A sword of terrible destruction."

"Is this the power you seek?"

I think on this as I consider the weapon before I shake my head and say in my mind.

"No, the warrior and courage thing is more Erza's style and the destruction is more Natsu's style as well."

I let go of the sword and step down as the sword returns to slowly spinning in midair atop the plinth.

I then go towards the Shield before I again go through a similar routine as the sword did.

"The power of the guardian."

"Kindness to aid friends."

"A shield to repel all."

"Is this the power you seek?"

I think on this as I consider the benefits and power a Shield like this could have.

"While it would be nice to be able to defend with this thing I don't see it as a good way to do any sort of damage but the aid to friends is a nice idea."

I shake my head and again step down from the plinth as it does the same as the sword, slowly spinning in midair above the plinth.

I now go towards the last one which is the staff as I go through the same process as the past two weapons.

"The power of the mystic."

"Inner strength."

"A staff of wonder and ruin."

"Is this the power you seek?"

I consider the ideas of this weapon.

"A staff that could use magic would be a good pick for me and I do wonder what kind of powers I can get from this staff, the part about ruin is troubling but If I am going to be fighting something I'd best stick with something familiar."

I nod as I say aloud to the strange voice, "I pick the staff."

I am startled by the staff disappearing in a flash of light as I panic at my chosen weapon going away.

I am paused in my panic by the voice speaking again but this time aloud.

"Your path is set."

"Now what will you give up in exchange?"

I panic for a moment.

"I didn't know I had to give up a weapon?" ,I think to myself as I consider what to give up as I think on the other two weapons and soon reach a decision.

I hop off the plinth and walk towards the sword as it seems the most fitting to me since I am not much of a swords kind of person.

I again hop on one of the other plinths and pick up the sword as the voice again speaks of the sword and asks me.

"Will you give up this power?"

I nod as I think in my mind, "Yes, I will give up the sword."

The sword soon disappears as I then hear the voice speak.

"You've chosen the power of the mystic."

"You've given up the power of the warrior."

"Is this the form you choose?"

I nod as I say aloud, "Yes it is."

I then stumble off the plinth at it seems to collapse into the floor as it sinks down and disappears.

I run to Happy as I notice the floor is disappearing as well to my panic as I rush and grab him, holding him tight as we fall both down into the darkness screaming all the way down...

A short while later - Lucy's POV

After some time falling I open my eyes and see another platform with a different princess on it down below us.

I attempt to get Happy to open his eyes and maybe help me slow down before I crash into the floor.

But it is useless as Happy is catatonic, forgive the pun, as he is not responding to my calls.

I screw my eyes shut as we near the glass flooring as I think to myself.

"This is going to hurt."

However instead of a crash and blinding pain I feel as though my body is slowing down as I open my eyes hesitantly and see that I am indeed slowing down for some reason.

I am amazed as we have slowed down enough for myself to simply land on my feet gently.

I look about as I spy a wooden door, opposite to where I am now standing.

I look at the door curiously as I walk slowly to it.

Just as I near it the doors open outward.

I am blinded by the light as it pours out of the door like a fountain of water.

I hesitantly walk towards the light, against my better judgement and for the safety of a still comatose Happy held in my arms.

The light soon swallows Happy and I as I hear the doors close behind us before I knew no more.

Unknown Location - A short moment later - Lucy's POV

I cautiously open my eyes as I see a rather shocking sight.

It is my Celestial Spirits and friends, more specifically Loke or Leo the Lion, Virgo the Maiden and Taurus the Bull, they stood in front of me and were standing still but each of them had a calm and more neutral expression than usual; except Virgo who always had that sort of expression so it was hard to tell if she was just acting normal and the other two were the ones acting even odder than usual.

I absentmindedly notice Happy was now not so badly comatose but merely sleeping in my arms as he snuggled about like a normal cat to my inner delight at how cute he was being.

The place that I stood holding Happy was amazing, it looked like a large wonderfully designed domed stadium or amphitheatre that had walls and artworks designed with many stars and a lot of them in the shapes of constellations.

Some of them she recognised as the symbols each of her spirits held or wore on them.

I was snapped out of my wandering and exploring vision of the place Happy & I were in by Virgo who spoke to me.

"What is it that is most important to you?"

My first instinct was to ask her or the other two what was going on but something compelled me to answer.

"My Friends."

Taurus then asked me in a less boisterous voice than normal.

"What do you want out of life?"

I consider the answer until something makes me say my answer very quickly.

"To be strong."

Finally, Loke asks me his question.

"What are you afraid of?"

I feel a answer trying to force its way past my lips but I shove it down this time and actually think about my answer.

I finally answer after a few more moments of contemplation as I speak my answer.

"Losing my friends."

This seems to make them react as soon after I speak my answer they disappear.

I am confused on how to progress from here as it seems like I am stuck here until a now familiar voice soon makes itself heard.

"You have answered wisely."

It is the strange voice from before, I listen as they speak further.

"Let's see if you are ready for the challenges that lay ahead."

I am confused by what the voice means as soon after I hear a strange noise fills the large arena I feel a slight chill go up my spine as I shiver slightly.

This seems to wake up Happy who opens his eyes and sees something that I do not until it is nearly too late.



I call out in confusion at Happy's panicked cries as I jump back in fright at the startling thing that is now in front of me, I appear to have dodged the things attempt at a mid air attack as its small clawed hands miss me just by an inch.

I backpedal away from the thing as I call out in the same panicked emotions as Happy, "What The Heck Is That Thing?!"

It had a round, spherical head with circular, creepy glowing yellow eyes. It also has two long, twisted antennae sprouting out of the top of its head. Each of its hands has three clawed fingers, and its feet are large and lack any discernible digits. With the exception of its eyes, this things body is completely black.

I watch as it moves about in a twitchy manner and looks about like a wild animal.

It soon seems to spot me as it walks or hobbles forward in a awkward manner.

I reach for my whip bit find it gone to my panic as I frantically search for it.

I then go for my keys as I take one of them out and try to summon one of them but to my shock it is not working for some reason.

I put my key back and try another but the results are the same.

As I try all my keys I keep watch on the black thing as Happy continues to panic until he decides he can't take it anymore and flies into the air, he must have recovered enough magic to use his wings I guess.

He grabs something out of his little green backpack and it turns out to be a large fish of some sort as he flies towards the black thing as fast as he can with the large fish pulled back in his arms, acting as a bat of some sort to hit the thing.

He soon swings forward with his large fish but both of us are shocked at what happened.

The fish seems to go right through it as if was not even there, the shadow does react a bit as if it has just bumped into something but other than that the black creature is unharmed in any way.

However, this seems to make the creature to do something odd as its head turns at a slight angle and then to our shock it seems to melt into the floor and become a flat 2-D moving image that seems to scurry and move about; but this time even faster than when it was a more 3-D image.

This makes me panic even more as I frantically try my last key but to my utter dismay it does not work as I cry out in fear and panic.

"Why won't any of you come and help me?"

Happy tries to chase the thing and hit it again with his large fish when the black 2-D shaped monster stops at certain moments but it is also ineffective as all it does is make Happy more tired and makes dust and dirt fly up into the air and make things worse for Happy to see the small black monster.

I squeeze my eyes shut as I desperately wish and hope for something to help Happy and I against this thing.


It seems my answer is given as I feel a sudden weight fill my hand as I automatically grip it and open my eyes.

It is the staff from before and it is giving off a odd light.

I react though when an exhausted Happy flies over and lands near me as he comments, "Lucy I'm too tired now to deal with that thing, you do it."

I roll my eyes at Happy but comply and give the staff a few test swings as it seems that this may be what I need to help deal with that little black monstrous pest.

Said black pest seems to have had enough of being a 2-D image as it has now became Three Dimensional again.

It soon reacts and jumps in the air again, heading towards me.

I flinch and react by swinging the staff much like a club and to my surprise it seems to have done something.

It smacks the black thing and sends it flying back to land on it's back in a stunned manner.

It soon dizzly gets ups and staggers back towards me as I look at my staff with surprise at how this things did some damage and yet Happy's attacks did nothing.

I have a little time to ponder as I did send it pretty far off near the walls of the arena I stood in.

"It might be because of the magic of this staff and Happy's large fish is hardly magical except for the bag he has which is bigger than it seems on the outside."

I shake off my thoughts as I ready my staff as the Shadow has now returned to its flattening trick and is now a 2-D image again.

I keep my eyes and ears out for any movements near me as that thing could pop up at any time.

I spy in the corner of my eye something black moving as I ready myself, as soon as it becomes a more solid form of body I react.

I rush forward and give a mighty swing with the staff and aim it towards the things round head.

That seems to have done it as the thing soon is nothing more than black wisps of energy that soon dissipate into nothing.

However to my surprise something seems to have been left behind as I spy what looks like a small piece of sparkling jewelry that looks like a silver like chain design that has small pearl like gems placed in them.

As I pick the jewelry up and place it my small bag but I am then surprised by the strange voice speaking again.

"Well done, you have passed this test but be ready for the last one as it will not be so easy for you."

I feel trepidation creep up on me as I fearfully wonder what I am going to be facing now, I hurriedly grab Happy who appears to be in better straits and keep him close to me.

I have no more time to react or think as I am soon blinded by a familiar light as it has lit up the whole place and is getting brighter and brighter until I cannot see no more.

Unknown Location - A short moment later - Lucy's POV

I open my eyes when I feel it is safe and I see that I am back where I first was or rather what looked where I first started.

A new stained glass flooring is now beneath my feet and to my shock it is my friends and guildmates from Fairy Tail.

I rush about and examine the image and see something odd.

I appear to be in the middle of it as the center design but I seem to be wielding a strange weapon, I cannot see it clearly though as my designed likeness is covering most of the weapon.

What I can see is that it appears to look like a large key.

As soon as I have observed that and thought about it the voice suddenly appears again from the darkness.

"You shall hold the Key to Spirit's Celestial."

"What?" I say back in confusion.

The voice speaks again.

"You will wield great power and magic unlike many others."

"You shall only need to call upon this power to help battle the coming darkness and danger to others."

"Friends you may know can help you and so will new ones on your journey to save Kingdom Hearts."

"Kingdom what...?" Happy asks aloud as he seems to understand my confusion.

We are both startled out of our befuddlement by the sudden large shadow cast over us as I feel a great chill run down my spine as I shiver in fear.

Happy seems to feel the same as I see his tail pointed to the sky and his body still as a statue in horror of what could possibly be behind us.

I slowly turn about and see a rather frightening and nightmare inducing sight.

It is a large or rather massive black thing with short legs, upward curled thin black feet and in the center of its muscular chest is a huge hole in it that is in the shape of a heart; it goes right through to the back as I also take note of other features this monster has.

Black tentacle like hair that seems to cover almost all of the head as the only thing visible is the bright and creepy completely yellow eyes, it has long and strong looking arms with claw like fingers at the end of its hands; I can also faintly see what looks like pointy and twisted black wings on its upper back.

I tense up as I feel that this is going to be my final test as the voice said it would I have one thought going through my head as I see this monster.

"That things nearly as big as the Lullaby Monster I saw with Natsu, Happy, Gray and Erza."

Happy clings to me in fright as he is also seeing the rather scary giant monster, he holds on to my back as I feel his paws digging into them to hold on tight.

I ready myself as I watch the monster begin to move about.

Before I can attack or defend myself, I have called out the staff with that same feeling from before, I am interrupted by the voice as it speaks to me in my mind.

"The time is now for your true power to awaken to help you in your battles."

I have no idea what the voice means but as soon as it finishes talking to me a light suddenly fills my vision, nearly blinding me at first as soon after I blink away the spots in my eyes I see and feel a completely new weapon held in my hand.

It is a unique weapon that is much different from the staff I originally used before but has some recognisable features.

I realise that this is the weapon that my image wields from the stain glass floor design; I also realise to my deep panic that my Celestial Spirit Keys are gone from my belt as well as the pouch but I quickly refocus on the weapon as that is more important now in the face of the enemy I am about to have to battle to survive.

I examine the weapons notable features and look.

It had a square like guard for the handle that was a nice blue colour, the handle in the middle of the guard was of a black leather like substance, just above the guard was a small ring of pink at the bottom the body of the long shaft that seemed to be apart of the weapon as well was a bright white colour as was the top and teeth of this key like weapon which was of the Fairy Tail Symbol but it had a small addition to the head of the symbol; a small white crown.

I also noted the yellow chain that was attached to the other end but it had a small circular pendant or necklace like keychain with very familiar symbols on them and unique designs.

It was a tetradecagon with a smaller circle in the center that had a pink Fairy Tail symbol much like the one on my hand stamped in the middle of it.

The tetradecagon had small segments between the spaces of the inner circle that each had a symbol that I recognised as the symbols of Celestial Spirits, more notably the Golden Key Spirits.

I could recognise Loke's and Virgo's symbols as well as my newer spirits symbols like Scorpio and Gemini.

I quickly refocus though as I realise that the large black monster is close enough to attack as I run away from its attack as it rears back its fist and seems to cover it in a black and ominous magical energy which it then punches into the ground, seeming to phase right through the floor.

To my mild discomfort the fist has went right through my floor image's head.

I shake that off I hold the weapon much like a sword or something like Erza would have used from what I have seen of her.

I am then startled by the dark energy from the fist that is still phased through the floor has created something rather surprising.

It has made a bunch of those little black monsters from earlier pop up from the dark energy.

The small black monsters soon catch sight of me to my inner fright as I try and make sure to keep sight of them as they waddle and walk in their own way towards me as I begin to attack them one by one.

It seems that this weapon is a little stronger than the staff as one hit is all it takes to destroy these black monsters as I near the giant black things fist and get the idea to attack that as I guess that if it is attacked enough then it will stop creating more of those little black monsters.

I whack away at the fist and wrist of the large black monster while making sure to destroy any of the little black monsters that pop up now and again.

This seems to have done something as the large monster soon flinches back and takes its fist with it as it phases out of the ground and no more dark energy is being released.

I give a small cheer as I see that I must have dealt a good amount of damage to it.

Happy seems to be in better spirits as he cheers to me, while still clinging to my back, "Go get him Lucy, you can do it."

I feel emboldened by Happy's support as I ready for whatever comes next.

This seems to be now as I see it's large heart shaped hole in it's center has now a ball of dark and purple energy inside it and its chest is more pushed forward as the energy gathers.

I watch as the energy soon is released in a bunch of small comet like things of energy which I assume is Dark Magic.

I rush about and try to dodge them but it seems that most of them are targeting me specifically.

Finally I decide to do something as I pick out one of the energy comets and hit it with my weapon.

This seems to do something as when I hit the energy projectile it turns back and is now aimed at the black skinned giant.

The energy hits it in the head and seems to startle the creature and make it stumble back as I now realise I have a plan to further damage the monster.

I pick out any other energy projectile and rush towards them before they can hit me as I whack them with my weapon and try to aim them back at my opponent.

After a few more tries of this the monster seems fed up with doing the energy blasts and changes to a new tactic.

I watch as it uses its long arms and claws to hit or attack me, I do my best to dodge as I jump and force myself to roll or duck under the clawed hands of my opponent.

When it stops at certain times after a sweep of his clawed hands I strike back and attack his limbs and appendages as fast and as hard as I can.

However, my complete focus on one of the Limbs; the left hand and arm, had cost me as I soon find out in a very painful way.

"LUCY, LOOK OUT!" Happy cries out in warning from his safe position, he had decided to fly off near one of the edges of the circular stain glass battlefield during the process of Lucy's fight and help Lucy spot anything to watch out for which is now; however it is too late.


"Arghh," I yell out in hurt and surprise as a clawed hand strikes my body, the right hand, and sends me flying to tumble into a heap on the opposite end of where Happy stood with a shocked and horrified expression.

Said Exceed decides to help her as he uses his wings and magic to fly to her in hopes of helping in some way even if it may be futile.

It seems that way as when Happy is halfway across the glass floored battlefield he is smacked back by the giant black monster's same hand that struck Lucy as it backhands the small cat like being away.

This knocks him out as he lands back where he originally was, his white wings disappearing in a sparkle of magic as he succumbs to unconsciousness.

I groan as I blearily watch this all happen from where I lay, hurt and tired from the blow I had received.

I feel an instinct take over me as I blindly reach to the small sack where I kept the items I had acquired during this entire strange ordeal I had been unjustly thrust into.

I feel my hand reach in and grab the green potion as I weakly pull it out and with my other struggling hand, I had dropped my weapon when I was sent flying so I am unsure of where it is now, I open the cork of the glass bottle.

I then with one of my now free hands struggle as I sit up a bit to take the potions green contents as I now tilt the bottle and open my mouth as I let the green liquid pour in.

I am greeted by a rather odd taste that I cannot place as I sputter and gulp the green liquid down, as much as I can partake of the strange liquid, as I soon drain it dry.

To my surprise I begin to feel much better as I feel my body no longer in such great pain and I feel my body better able to move now as I take a breath and stand up, a bit dizzy but now fine.

I now notice that the bottle has disappeared from my hand as I can faintly see what looks like white and green sparkles leave my hand that now once held the bottle I now realise is a sort of health potion or something like that.

I refocus though as I notice the black monster is now facing me again as I see it ignoring the unconscious Happy, for now.

I look for my weapon as I see it a short distance away but when I start to move as I reach out ready to grab it quickly when I am near it, the weapon disappears to my momentary panic.

I say momentary as the weapon soon returns to one of my hands in a flash of white and gold light.

I look at the weapon in surprise, wondering what exactly is so special about this weapon apart from its ability to harm those black skinned monsters.

Speaking of monsters, the current one I am supposed to be fighting is doing something new.

It reaches down and again seems to phase its hand and most of its arm through the ground but when it pulls its hand back it has a medium sized energy orb in its hand which pulses with dark and faint orange light of which causes a small wave of energy to be released outward from the power behind the orb's magic.

I steady myself and plant my feet firmly on the floor as I try and not be pushed back and over the edge of the ringed floor and sent into the dark and empty space below.

I am able to brace myself enough to hold on as I have my arms out in a X formation to cover my face as I squint my eyes through the gaps in my arms to also see that the weapon seems to have helped as it has blocked some of the outward energy from the dark magic ball used by the black giant monster.

I lower my arms and look as the monster has its hand held high as it then throws the orb into the air which then combusts in a almighty explosion.

The energy from the explosion has made the previous sphere of dark magic turn into a multitude of small orbs of dark magic that now rain down like grenades of dark energy.

I avoid them as much as I can while I try and smack any away that come near me with my weapon.

Once the rain of dark energy has finished I then see that the monster is now looking weaker some how and more exhausted as I realise this could be my chance to destroy it.

I rush forward and hammer away at any part of it that I can damage.

One lucky leap in the air has made the final move as I swing with all my power and aim for the things large black head.

This indeed does something as I feel time slow down and then speed up as my blow is finished passing through and damaging the monster.

The monster is now appearing on its last legs as it stumbles forward and almost falls on top of me as I scramble back and quickly grab Happy and hold him safe to my chest while the monster is distracted enough.

The monsters clawed hands slam on the floor as I then feel a dark energy grow below me, I look down in shock and fear as what looks like a pool or bubbling purple and black puddle swirls beneath my feet.

I try to run away but the energy has a hold of my feet as the energy grows in strength and soon begins to envelop myself and the still unconscious Happy; I quickly see and watch as the monster that had fallen to its knees begin to disappear in a swirling black breeze as the pool of energy grabbing me gets stronger.

As I feel panic and fear begin to overtake my senses I can just hear the strange voice speak again as it talks to me in my mind.

"You need not be afraid, for you hold the key of spirits."

"This is not the end for you or your companion, there are still places that need help in battling the darkness."

"Take strength in your friends and partners for they will help you when you need it."

"Master your powers and wield the Keyblade you hold, never straying from your path in the help of others."

"One day you will be called upon to protect the one who can open the door."

I have no more thoughts to process this information, confusing as it is as well as the other words of the strange voice; except for one word as I say the word in my mind with a confused feeling as my emotions spiral in a mix of that and my previous fear and panic.


I feel my eyes begin to close as the dark energy envelops me completely and I know no more as my mind goes blank and dark as the energy that has taken me to who knows where...

That is my first chapter of a new crossover finished as I have been planning to make it for a while and I hope you all enjoyed it a lot.

I know some parts are not exactly the same as the games plot but I wanted to change it a bit and try something new to make this story unique or at least not so monotonous as some stories may be.

Also if anyone asks, yes the weapons of choice are based on the Dream Sword, Shield and Rod except they have Fairy Tail symbols and designs on them instead of the Mickey Mouse Symbol.

If anyone wants to see what Lucy's Keyblade should look like then you may have to wait as I have not drawn it up quite yet as I do plan to make a rough draft of it for you all to see and if anyone wants to make it for me then I would be very glad to be given such a offer.

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