Kingdom Hearts - Fairy: Lucy's Journey 1

Chapter 2 - Reunions and Unexplained Events

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Just outside the City of Magnolia, Fiore - Earthland - Lucy's POV

I awake with a gasp of air and feeling of fear as I sit up with urgency and panic, which soon calms as I notice that I am now no longer in that strange place and I can feel no weapon of any kind in my grasp.

I am on a bed in what appeared to be a tree of some sort with different furniture bookshelves in different corners and a desk with medical titles displayed on their spines, resting on or placed in the bookshelves; as I look closer at them and soon realise where I am.

"Porlyusica's House, I must have wound up here some time ago and left to rest by Natsu and everyone when they found me."

I think this as it seems the most logical outcome, although I would not want to end up going through that confusing and scary ordeal again.

"Natsu and everyone at the Guild must be tearing their hair out with worry at what happened to me."

I then notice that at the foot of the bed, sleeping, is Happy.

"He must have not woken up yet, I want to let him rest but I may need his help if I have to tell Natsu and the others of what happened to me when I was sucked through that Dark Portal."

I gently reach over and give Happy a shake to wake him up, he soon does so with a groan and then a gasp as he leaps into the air with fright; his wings automatically appearing to keep him aloft for a moment before I quickly calm him as I speak to the Blue furred Exceed.

"Happy, its okay; we're safe and back in Fiore."

Happy appears to be breathing rapidly at first but then begins to calm his breath and look as he looks about with curiosity and then relief.

"Thank god, I really didn't wanna be anywhere near that big monster, those black little creatures or that creepy voice in the first place." Happy says with a shiver at what we went through in the short time we went to that place when I was trapped and dragged through that dark magical portal and he tried to save me.

I nod as I agree with him completely as I then say to him, "But at least its over and we're safe; not to mention Natsu and the others will probably be here soon to check on us so we can tell them all about it."

Happy nods with a more relaxed smile before he looks about confused as he says aloud in question to me, "Hey Lucy?"

I answer back saying, "Yeah Happy."

Happy continues with his question as he asks me, "If this is Porlyusica's place then where is she?"

I pause as I consider the question before it is halted by the slam of the door to the home being barged open and an irate looking Porlyusica staring back at us.

Before I or Happy can speak we are interrupted by the biting and angry voice of the older woman.

"You two are finally awake, good so now that you are well rested can you now kindly; GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER AND OUT OF MY HOME BEFORE I WHACK YOU TWO GOOD OVER THE HEAD WITH MY BROOM AND FISTS!"

Before I or Happy have realised it we've leapt out of the bed then grabbed all our stuff, Happy's bag and my skirt with belt, which must have been taken off us by the at the moment apocalyptically angry woman, and haul ass out of the house.

Only flinching once when we rushed past the woman, for fear of her carrying out her threat, as I quickly put my Skirt back on and Happy on putting his Backpack as we run or in Happy's cases fly like the hounds of hell are close to biting on our asses out of the home of Porlyusica's.

After a few short moments of running/flying like mad we stop to rest as we gasp and wheeze from the run, after a few breaths along with a little calming of our rapidly beating hearts from the fright of Porlyusica's temper and rush of such quick activity, after just getting healed and rested earlier from that mad ordeal of a strange place.

I take a last deep breath in & out before I then gesture to Happy that we continue on until we make it back to the guild to see if Natsu and the others are there to greet us.

Happy nods and soon we walk with Happy hitching a ride on my shoulder as he said he already exhausted his magic in that short rush of flying he did.

I think to myself as I walk to the Guild, "I wonder how everyone is after our trip to Edolas; I hope Natsu wasn't too freaked out when they found me."

Later at The Fairy Tail Guild, City of Magnolia - Lucy's POV

I smile as I gaze fondly at the guild that stands in front of me, untouched and undamaged from being turned into Lacrima; not to mention the whole town of which I saw as Happy and I walked through it to get to the Guild.

I can just hear the rowdy noises and cheers inside the building of a party going on, making me eager to see everyone again especially my dearest friends; Natsu, Gray, Wendy, Erza not to mention Carla of whom I can guess, with a mischievous thought running through my head, Happy is most eager to see beside Natsu.

I shake my head as I open the door to the Guild and see the residents inside are in full swing of a party of which the noise level nearly blows me back, Happy gripping my shoulder tightly to hold on as I steady myself and forge on inside.

I am showered by many words of welcome and greetings from random Guild Members who spot me as I walk by up to the Bar with two recognisable people and Guild Members and one other I only briefly met.

Cana Alberona, resident Card Magic user and known heavyweight in alcohol consumption.

Master Makarov Dreyar, Guild Master of Fairy Tail and one of the 10 Wizard Saints.

Finally; Gildarts Clive, The Ace of Fairy Tail and one of the most Powerful Wizards in the Guild.

Master Makarov is the first to spot me as his eyes widen and then he grins in what seems to be relief as he says aloud to me, "I'm glad you are alright Lucy; you gave everyone quite a scare when you showed up out of knowhere like that all banged up just after Natsu and the others explained and told us of what went on in Edolas."

I blink in confusion at how I appeared before Cana seems to elaborate for me as she says to me, "You and Happy literally fell out of some black and purple portal earlier on when we had just welcomed back one of our guild members of whom we thought had been lost and dead to us all."

"Natsu was really worried about you two; he and Erza rushed you both to Porlyusica's to make sure you and Happy were alright," Gildarts further explained as he looked serious at the two of us as he continued speaking to Happy and I.

"That dark magic portal you two came out of just disappeared shortly after and we couldn't examine it to make sure it wouldn't come back again but from what we felt of you two were lucky to be alive with how strong and dark that portal was."

I feel nervous at this knowledge as does Happy who tries to clear the sudden tense atmosphere I guess by asking, "Where are Natsu and the others right now?"

Cana gets a sly smirk which I know is not good as the busty brunette soon says, "They're back at your place."

I facepalm with a mutter of, "Dammit; when will those people learn to not just pop in unannounced or break into my home."

I am further annoyed by Happy's giggles of mischief as he then says to my growing ire, "I wonder if Natsu is rifling through Lucy's underwear drawer again?"

I take a deep breath to calm myself down before I blow my top at the teasing of the blue exceed as I simply call say to with gritted teeth Happy, "Shut it cat."

I then refocus my attention on Master Makarov of whom I ask, "Who is it that you all thought came back from the dead?"

The three guild members then fill us in as an ecstatic/shocked Happy and myself end up being gobsmacked at who came back; Lisanna Strauss, younger sister to Elfman and Mirajane Strauss.

I remember finding out about her from Mirajane at first and then later on Natsu once I felt it safe to ask sometime after the spat between Happy and Natsu settled down.

Lisanna apparently was thought to have died from an accident with Elfman when he was trying to control a beast of some sort while he and his two sisters were on a request to defeat said monster.

Elfman couldn't control it completely and ended up going on a rampage with the results ending in Lisanna's apparent death when the young mage was in the way of said rampage, she was trying to get through to her brother even with Mirajane warning and trying to stop her younger sister from being killed which she was sadly unsuccessful in preventing.

From what Cana and Master Makarov heard from Lisanna herself, the young mage was somehow grabbed by one of those Anima Portal's before she died and ended up in Edolas; completely healed and not in any lethal danger for some strange reason.

There Lisanna went to the Edolas version of Fairy Tail and took the place of the Lisanna from Edolas who also apparently died not too long ago after Earthland Lisanna was transported to Edolas.

The Elfman and Mirajane of Edolas accepted and treated the Earthland Lisanna like she really was their actual Sister even when it turned out they knew the the whole time that Earthland Lisanna was not really their actual sister as they just wanted to spend a little longer with Lisanna no matter which one it was or who they were.

"Anyway," Lucy thought with a shake of her head as she cleared it of her inner monologue about Lisanna as I then say to the three.

"I'm going to head on over and speak with Natsu and everyone else so I'll probably see you all later or tomorrow?"

Happy announced as he quickly flew up and rested on my shoulder, "I'm coming too."

"Bye Lucy/See ya Lucy/I'm glad your fine Lucy." Makarov, Gildarts and Cana each echoed their goodbye's to me as I make my way out of the Guild.

Before I leave through the door completely, Cana calls out to me.

"Oh and Lucy, That's a pretty risque outfit you've got on; I bet Natsu enjoys it."

My face flashes red as I yell out back to a now laughing Cana which is soon followed by the rest of the guild as they join in on the laughter and ribbing of Lucy.


Later on - Magnolia Town, Lucy's Apartment - Lucy's POV

I sigh with relief at seeing my Apartment seemingly untouched and apparently undamaged from the outside.

I soon dig my set of Keys for the Apartment out of its secure hiding place, making sure to turn away from Happy, who was now off my shoulder and standing near me looking at the Building, so he can't tell where it is and steal it like I know he may try as a way to rile me up.

"There's no way am I losing it again after the first few times it fell out of my pockets and then went missing during previous missions with Natus and everyone," I think to myself as I quickly walk up and open the door.

Happy soon follows after me, I spy him shutting the door with a smack of his tail as he flies behind me; both of us now ascending the stairs to my first floor apartment, the ground floor one currently unused but much more expensive for some reason that I could never understand.

Anyway, as I reach the door to enter it at the top of the steps I can hear chatting and loud noises which sound like my Guildmates Natsu and Erza.

"Gray's probably asleep on my bed again?" I sigh in thought with a sweatdrop going down my head at the constantly stripping Ice Make Mage.

I then shake my head to clear my thoughts and open the door to my apartment, Happy following behind me in the air.

I am greeted with surprised exclamations and shocked voices of my teammates as they all see Happy and I enter.

"Lucy, Happy?!" "LUCY!" "Lucy!?"

I am soon besieged by hugs, pats on the back and words of relief spoken to me by all three Guildmates.

"I am glad you have recovered from your struggles and pulled through from such a horrible ordeal," Erza exclaimed with a more noticeable relieved smile towards me.

"It's great to see you better Lucy, we all were worried when we found you and Happy unconscious and roughed up like that," Gray spoke as he had a small smirk sent to the two of us; not knowing that he had already stripped of his shirt without even noticing but I shrug it off.

"Man am I relieved you two are okay after all that you guys went through with that weird dark Portal thing," Natsu said with a wide grin before it quickly changed to a angry growl and gritted teeth as he spoke again; "So tell me Lucy who do I have to smash and burn for making you two fall in that thing?"

This question soon set off Erza and Gray as their expressions changed to focused and grim as they sent us pointed looks demanding we explain what went on while we were separated.

I sigh as I move past them all and sit down at the table, the others soon mirroring me as well as they too sit around the table facing me; Happy sitting on the Table near me as he too faced Erza, Gray and Natsu.

"Alright I'll try but before that where are Wendy and Carla?"

This breaks the serious mood for a moment as Gray explains, "Oh those two wanted to stay and wait for you but Wendy was pretty tired from all we went through in Edolas and the victory/welcome back party we had after that so Carla kinda forced her to head home to rest back at the Girls Dorm."

I nod in thanks for the explanation to Gray, hiding a grin at Happy's split second stricken look at not getting to see Carla, as I then begin to explain what happened.

"Okay so I know it may be unbelievable what I'm going to tell you so please keep an open mind about it?"

I receive firm, hesitant and eager nods from the each of them.

"So the first thing that happened when I woke up after Happy was pulled through with me was this weird stain glass floor and disembodied voice talking to me..."

Later that Night - Lucy's apartment, Lucy's POV

I sigh in relaxation but with an inkling of annoyance at the recent events so far as I rest in my bed; ready to go to sleep.

After I tried to give a detailed explanation of what Happy and I went through in that strange place with the dark shadow monsters and beasts along with the strange weapon I got too.

I did try and call out that weapon but it would not come out no matter what I did, I still had one of the bottles in the small pouch bag to show Natsu, Gray and Erza as proof of some of what I said; Happy helped when he could by backing up my story and telling what he saw too.

I was still unclear on what or whom summoned/used that portal to grab myself and then Happy as were the others.

Erza of course wanted to find such a sword and possibly the shield too like the ones in that weird place that I had to choose.

Gray was also puzzled on what happened to my Keys; I was too and a little worried at not being able to summon my friends to help me in battles and missions.

No matter where I looked or searched in places I knew, even with the help of the others we could not find it; we even dared to ask Porlyusica if she found them while treating me which lead to a rapid retreat of all of us from an irate elder healer who loudly denied seeing anything.

I was very worried for myself and the Zodiac Spirits as I knew most of them would be worried for me; I missed Plue the most at the moment as I usually enjoyed sleeping with him as he acted like a very nice thing to hug when I slept.

"I hope that I can find my friends again and still be of use to the guild." I thought with a slight depressed feeling as I slowly drifted off to sleep.

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