Sylvia woke up in her parents' house on the worn-down, moldy couch. All she could see was the bright light of a flashlight that someone was holding in front of her face.

"Turn that thing off!" she yelled.

"Not until you tell me where to find your friends!" she heard the voice of her father. She shivered in fear as she realized what this meant, for her and her friends. If she didn't tell him, he would kill her. If she did, he would either get himself killed or the Autobots killed.

"I'm sorry, there seems to be a misunderstanding, I am not going to let you threaten me," Sylvia said then she grabbed the flashlight and hit the demanding man with it.

"You will pay," he said before she hit him again, knocking him out.

"I don't think you know what you're talking about," she said, looking around. She was in the moldy old house that she had spent most of her childhood in. The walls creaked, threatening to fall down any second, but she was used to it. Ever since she met Jack at school, her parents had been especially hateful towards her, and she knew why; she broke the curfew often. She didn't care though, as long as she was awake she could get help.

Sylvia went down rickety stairs to the basement, where she knew that she could find food. She packed as much food as she could get into her little bag and then she reached for a pistol that lay on a table near the freezer. She stopped and wondered if she should take it, she knew that she would probably need it, but she didn't know what would happen if she did take it. She made up her mind and picked up the gun.

Sylvia promised herself then and there that she would never return that house, and that if she ever was attacked by either of her parents ever again she would attack them back. And she would make sure that they would never get another chance to hurt her again. She would shoot them, and she wouldn't feel bad about it at all.