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Ch. 1 The Present




Some of us fall by the wayside and some of us sore to the stars. Some of us sail through out troubles and some have to live with the scars

-Elton John


(4 months after the death of Zira)


Our story begins with a peaceful sunrise over the African Savannah.

"Naaaaants igonyaaaaaama bagithi-baba!"

Well... almost peaceful.

"Aiiiieeee! What dis all dat racket?!" Rafiki screamed as he fell out of his bed in shock. The old shaman was enjoying his early morning rest in his tree after a hard nights work. That is... he was resting until the sudden singing woke him up. Surprised and and now curious, Rafiki grabbed his staff and hurried up to the top of his tree to find out where all the noise was coming from. As he got to the top and pushed aside the leafs, he saw an interesting sight: a young mandrill who was half his size, with bulky black fur around his neck, stretched out as far as he could from the branch that he was standing on, singing his heart out.

"Naaaaants igonyaaaaaama bagithi-babaaaaa!"

"Ay!" Rafiki shouted, "Keep it down! You don't get to be 112 years old by missing naps!" The young mandrill jumped when he heard Rafiki's voice behind him. but when he saw it was only the old shaman, he relaxed.

"Oh! Uncle... it's you," the mandrill said with a sigh of relief. Rafiki smiled and shook his head, as if to express both his curiosity and surprise at what his nephew was up to.

"Marifa," he said in calm tone, "what on Earth do you dink you are doing?" Marifa began to scratch the back of his head, feeling a little embarrassed.

"Sorry Uncle." he said, feeling a bit sheepish when he realized he woke up Rafiki, "I was just practicing my ceremony summons for when I have to present the heirs to the Pride Lands when I'm older. H-How did I do?"

"How did you do?!" Rafiki laughed as he walked up to the young one and put his hand on his shoulder, "Marrifa my boy... you did great! But warn me the next time before you do dat! I don't want to wake up one day to see a bunch of animals at our door step because of your singing." Rafiki's words lifted the young one's spirits. He was so nervous that he was doing something wrong, but Rafiki's affirmation was all he needed to tell the young apprentice that he was on the right track.

Suddenly, a loud roar echoed through the sky, causing both Rafiki and Marifa to look towards the horizon. Though the land was still dark, Rafiki could just barely make out in the dim morning light a small image of the place known as Pride Rock; where the Lion King and his pride of lions lived. He smiled, for he knew that Simba was awake and it wouldn't be long until he would soon see him and his family.

"It appears we will soon be having guests," he said to his young apprentice.

"The king?" Marifa asked.

"Mmhm." Rafiki nodded before motioning back to the tree with his staff. "Now come on! We have a lot to do before de sun fully rises!" obeying his teacher, Marifa followed Rafiki back into the tree and began making preparations for their upcoming guests.

Now Marifa was not really Rafiki's nephew. A while back, Rafiki found Marifa, lost and alone in the Pride Lands, and decided to take him in and raise him as his own. Rafiki had been the shaman of the Pride Lands for a long time, and he knew he wasn't going to be around forever. So he needed someone who he could pass down his wisdom and knowledge too. Though Rafiki was currently teaching another how to perform the duties of a shaman and keeper of the histories, the old mandrill didn't see the harm in teaching another.

When he asked Marifa if he would like to be his apprentice, Marifa was simply delighted by his uncle's offer, and Rafiki was more than happy take him under his wing. As time passed, Marifa became quite wise and was skilled with all types of herbs and medicine, as well as keeping the histories of the Pride Lands. Marrifa thought that he had learned every single detail of the Lion King's history, but today, he would discover a story that would surprise not only himself, but Simba's family as well.

Unlike Rafiki and Marifa, back at Pride Rock, there was one lion who was not having such a good morning.

Outside of the royal den of Pride Rock, a lioness with a bright golden pelt and amber eyes walked out into the bright shimmering rays of the morning sun. It was Kiara, Simba's daughter and princess of the Pride Lands. Normally, she would be seen walking around with her boyfriend, Kovu around this time, but lately Simba had been taking him off on early excursions through the Pride Lands; grooming him for the expected duty of becoming the king (assuming he would take the next step with Kiara in their relationship). Waking up to the roar from earlier, Kiara knew that Simba was most likely out teaching Kovu another royal lesson, meaning that she was all alone this morning.

She took a deep breath, enjoying the crisp fresh morning air as she made her way towards the tip of Pride Rock. She gazed out at the kingdom that would one day be hers and watched as the many different animals in the kingdom went about their daily lives. The birds were roosting in the trees, the gazelles were galloping through the fields, and Kiara even spotted a young Kudu and zebra foal taking part in what appeared to be some sort of race between each other.

Yes, everyone seemed happy, yet for some reason, Kiara could not say the same about herself. True, everything was as it should be. The conflict between the Out Lands and the Pride Lands were over, Zira was gone, and there was no reason for worry, yet for some reason, the young lioness found herself feeling as though something was still... wrong.

Not with the Pride Lands, but with herself.

Kiara sprawled herself on the tip of Pride Rock, letting her paws dangle over the edge while she just aimlessly looked out at the vast savannah. Her once sweet smile slowly turned into a depressed look. For many years Kiara remembered feeling empty, as if something was just out of place. That changed after Kovu came into her life. Whenever he was around, Kiara felt that certain piece of her life suddenly click back into place. Besides the fact that he was one of the very few male lions she had ever come across in her life; he was also patient, understanding, and above all a trustworthy friend.

He made her happy. She should be happy... yet, as time progressed, that sinking feeling slowly returned, and it was worse than she remembered. She never told anyone in her family about it, for she didn't want them to worry about her, but still, Kiara wasn't entirely sure she knew exactly what she was even feeling. Sadness? A strong longing? Loss? It was all so confusing for her to process. She had only felt this way once in the past, and it was when she had to say goodbye to someone dear to her, and though she still missed him, she found herself missing... someone else?

Kiara groaned, not being able to make sense of it all. Suddenly, she heard someone coming up behind her.

"You know," a familiar feminine voice said, "If you get any closer to that edge, you'll fall off." Kiara looked back and smiled when she saw her two cub-hood friends standing behind her.

"Tiifu, Zuri." Kiara smiled and stood up when she saw her old friends; Zuri, a lioness with a light orange pelt, blue eyes and a tan dot on each ear; and Tiifu, a tan lioness with dark green eyes, white rims under her ears and eyes, and a tiny piece of fur sticking up on her head. Both of them stood side by side, with big smiles on their faces. Ever since Simba increased Kiara's royal training, she hadn't been able to spend as much time with her friends as she used to. Seeing them stand before her now, almost fully adults, made Kiara realize just how quickly time had flown by.

"It's been a while, hasn't it?" Kiara asked, giving her friends a small grin.

"Girl," Zuri began as she cocked her neck as she spoke, "It's been like fo-ev-er. Where have you been?"

"Oh you know," Kiara said nonchalantly while gesturing with her paw, "this and that, stopping wars, saving the Pride Lands, the usual."

"Sounds like something Kion used to say." Zuri said, "I bet he would have been proud."

"Heh, yeah," Kiara sighed her mood instantly becoming depressed, "I'm... sure he would." Like she needed to be reminded about, Kion. He and his guard left a few years ago for some "special training" that he needed to complete to make the Lion Guard like it once was, or so she was told. Everyone missed him, but none more than Kiara. Sure, he could be an annoying stick in the mud bonehead at times, but she loved him and he loved her. Pride Rock... just wasn't the same without him and his friends. Thinking about him made Kiara groaned internally. The last thing she needed was more painful memories.

Seeing that mentioning Kion made Kiara's mood drop, Tifu shot Zuri one of those, 'you just had to open your mouth' looks. Zuri gritted her teeth and began to think of something else to say, realizing the mistake she made. Luckily, Tiifu had her covered.

"So... um... How are things going with you and Kovu?" Tiifu asked in an attempt to change the subject.

"Things have been good." Kiara replied, trying hard to suppress her sadness while in front of her friends, "We've been going out for some time. My dad just recently started teaching him about the royal duties and-"

"Has he proposed yet?" Zuri blurted out, unable to contain her curiosity.

"Zuri!" Tiifu scolded.

"What? I can't help it!" Zuri whined, "You know I'm a sucker for romance! Just think: a prince and a princess, born in two separate worlds, somehow finding their way together. Their warring families rejected their forbidden love for each other, so they ran away together, then returned and brought peace to the land and lived happily ever after! Eeeeee! I just get all giddy just thinking about it!"

Kiara just chuckled and shook her head in amusement as Zuri bounced around in excitement. Even after all this time, her friends were still like those small girly cubs she grew up with. She was glad that they were still in her life.

"He hasn't proposed yet," Kiara answered, "I'm sure he's just waiting for the right time." This earned a pout from Zuri, who was so eager to see the two get hitched. Tiifu, however, took another approach.

"Ah," Tiifu nodded her head understandably at Kiara's answer, "So you're ok with that?"

"Well, yeah. It's not like there's some due date that we should be married by, plus I'm sure him and the other Outlanders are still trying to adjust to living here."

"Then why the long face?"

Kiara was about to say that everything was fine, but Tifu stopped her: "Come on Kiara, we've know each other since forever. Zuri and I can tell when something is bothering you. If your not upset because your man hasn't committed yet, then what is it?" Kiara was hesitant at first, being caught off guard when she heard Tifu label Kovu as 'her man'. Then there was the big question: should she tell them? They may be able to help her out, and they were less likely to freak out about it. Besides, what did she have to lose?

"Well..." Kiara murmured as she looked at the ground and started to shuffle her paws a bit.

"Well?" Zuri nudged, while Tiifu laid down on the ground and got comfortable as if she was about to be told a story.

"Do you two remember when we were young, like... really young? Before Kion was around?"

"Yeah." Zuri said.

"Bits and pieces." Tifu said, "Why?"

"Was there..." Kiara slowly began, "Was there ever... someone else?" Both lionesses thought hard for a moment, but they both said, "No, not really." Seeing that she wasn't getting anywhere, Kiara decided to explain.

"I don't know why, but for some reason I've been having these dreams of when I was really little, and there would always be this cub in it."

"A cub?" Zuri asked, raising and eyebrow.

"Do you know who?" Tifu asked.

"That's just it." Kiara responded, sounding defeated, "I don't know who he is. He always appears as a gold blur, but I could tell he was the size of a cub and he spoke with such a soft voice. He would always be telling me not to worry or asking if I'm doing ok, but I have no idea who he is or if this is just something from my imagination."

"Weird." Was all her Zuri could say, not really knowing how to respond to what she was told.

"Have you thought about asking King Simba about this?" Tiifu asked.

"No way!" Kiara said quickly, shaking her head in dismay, but still smiling at the thought, "My dad would probably freak out if I told him. You know how he is with visions and dreams. Besides, if it really was something from when I was young, he would have told me about it. Right?"

"Well..." Tiifu said, thinking about that response, "I guess, but it wouldn't hurt to try. I mean, he is your dad. He might know what's going on." At this point, Kiara honestly didn't know what to think. Sure, Tiifu's words made sense, but she still wasn't entirely sure about it. She was an adult now, and though she respected her father and talked to him about pretty much everything, she didn't want to go to him every time she had a problem like some dependent cub.

"Hello everyone," a voice behind them suddenly spoke up, "Is everything alright?" Kiara and her friends looked back to see none other than the Lion King himself, Simba, standing there with a smirk on his face. Instinctively, she and her friends panicked a bit.

"Everything's fine, Dad!" Kiara blurted out as she stood up straight.

"Everything is great your highness!" Tiifu said, following in Kiara's example.

"Eeep!" Zuri squeaked. She didn't know what to do. She was always nervous when it came to talking with the king.

"So ladies," Simba chuckled heartily, more so at how Zuri was shaking so much. She always did that when he was addressing her or her friends, "What are you all doing up so early?"

"Oh, you know," Kiara said, going back to her cheerful attitude so that her dad wouldn't suspect anything, "Just girl talk, catching up on some stuff."

"I see." Simba said as he raised an eyebrow at his daughter. She was giving him that smile; that innocent, toothy grin that she would always give him whenever she was hiding something. "You sure nothing's wrong?"

"Oh, Simba, you can't go one day without fretting over our daughter now can you?" A feminine voice said from behind the king, "She's a young adult now. You don't have to pry on every single conversation she has with her friends." Simba sighed as a tan cream furred lioness walked up beside him as she gazed into his amber red eyes with her teal colored ones.

"I know, Nala." Simba sighed at his mate, knowing that she was probably right. In his mind, time was just going by to fast for the Lion King. One day he's holding his baby girl in-between his paws, then the next she's approaching adulthood. It was a bit much for Simba to take in sometimes. "I'm sorry, princess." Kiara responded by walking up to her father and nuzzling his head with hers; her way of telling him that everything was alright.

"Ohhhhh," Zuri gasped as she began to tear up at the sight of Kiara hugging her dad, "Family moments always gets me emotional."

"Everything gets you emotional." Tiifu muttered under her breath.

"What was that?" Zuri asked her friend, making sure she heard her right. Tiifu stiffened and replied: "Uh, nothing!"

Just then, two other lions walked up Pride Rock and approached the group. One was a male lion with chestnut brown fur, and deep dark brown mane, and green emerald eyes; and the other was a lioness with tan fur, a slender muzzle, blue eyes, and a small patch of long fur hanging a bit over her forehead. It was the Outlander prince, Kovu and his sister, Vitani.

"Hello everyone," Kovu greeted cheerfully while his sister just kept a frown on her face as she silently walked beside her brother.

"Kovu!" Kiara exclaimed excitedly before racing towards the young lion and nuzzling his head.

"Hey Kiara," Kovu smiled at the lioness, "How was your morning?"

"It was ok. I was just hanging out with..." Kiara began to explain before she realized something, "Oh! I never got to introduce you to my friends." Kiara motioned him over to the two lionesses before introducing them: "Kovu, this is Zuri and Tiifu. Two of my best friends that I grew up with."

"It's a pleasure." Kovu greeted politely with a bow.

"The same to you, Prince Kovu." Tiifu said, mimicking Kove's polite bow.

"Any friend of Kiara's is a friend of ours." Zuri added in. Kiara was then about to say something, but before she could, Simba cut her off.

"I know you all probably have a lot to catch up on," the Lion King said, "But don't forget, Kiara, we have to be somewhere very soon." At first, Kiara looked at her father with a puzzled look, but then she exclaimed: "Oh no!" in frustration, realizing what her father meant, "I completely forgot about today." On the side lines, her friends looked confused.

"What are you talking about?" Zuri asked, wonder what was going on.

"It's part of Kiara and Kovu's royal training for today." Simba explained, "We are just taking a little field trip to see Rafiki at his tree. Of course you both are more than welcome to join us."

"We would love to!" Zuri exclaimed in excitement. She just loved hanging out with the Kiara's parents, they all made her feel like she actually was part of the family. Unfortunately, Zuri's happy moment was cut short when Tiifu grabbed her left ear with her paw and pulled her back besides her.

"Ow..." Zuri whined. It didn't hurt that bad, but it was always annoying when she did that to her, "What was that for?"

"Zuri," Tiifu scolded her as if she was her mother, "If we go out with them, then who's going to help lead the hunting party?"

"Oh," Zuri responded, realizing what Tiifu was telling her, "Right."

For a while now, Nala had been letting some of the other young lionesses in the pride, including her own daughter, take charge at times leading the hunting party. It was the queen's way of determining who would be properly suited to take charge of leading the hunts once she retired. Out of the entire pride, Zuri, Kiara, and Tiifu lead the most hunts and were the most eager to volunteer. Using the lessons they learned from Queen Nala, they did very well for their first time acting as leaders. Now that Kiara and her family were going to Rafiki's tree for most of the day, they figured that it would be a good opportunity to take charge of the daily hunting party... again.

"Thank you for the offer, your majesty," Tiifu said politely, "but I think it would be appropriate if Zuri and I stay behind so that you all come home to a big dinner." Kiara and Nala smiled and shook their heads in amusement. They knew those two just wanted to look important and responsible in the Lion King's eyes. It wasn't something they did because they were stuck up or wanted any special attention, Tifu and Zuri just wanted Simba's respect and trust.

"Are you sure girls?" Simba asked, "We can have one of the others-" Before Simba could say another word, Tiifu walked up and put her paw over his muzzle, causing Simba to scrunch up his nose in annoyance.

"Tut, Tut! Not another word, your majesty." Tiifu said in a motherly tone, "You all have been working so hard these last couple of weeks, you all deserve some time together as a family." Kiara, Nala, and Kovu snickered at the sight of Tiifu acting like she was some nanny who was looking after the Pride Land's ruler. Whenever there was something that needed to be done, she would be there and would act as if she was the queen of this place. It was quite humorous to watch, but others didn't find it quite amusing.

"To think," Vitani grumbled in a low voice, "All our training and we still couldn't take down this pack of spineless sissies."

"Vitani!" Kovu responded gruffly, nudging her hard in the ribs. Luckily, no one heard her comment, but Kovu was still not pleased with what she said. Though his entire pride had now lived in the Pride Lands for months now and everyone seemed to have adjusted to the change nicely, Vitani was still adjusting to being a Pridelander instead of an Outlander.

"Be polite," Kovu warned her, "These are all Kiara's friends."

"Kiara's friends," Vitani pointed out, "Not mine." That time, Simba and the others heard her and looked back to see Kovu's sister walking away from the group.

"Hey," Kiara called out to the gruff lioness, wondering if something happened that offended her, "Where are you going?"

"Somewhere other than here." Vitani responded, as she continued walking in the other direction.

"But, sis..." Kovu called out. This time Vitani turned and looked at them all. Her expression wasn't angry, but it definitely wasn't happy. It was more of a look someone would have when they were annoyed, and Vitani wore it well. Looking at Kovu, she gestured her head to Kiara and said in a calm tone: "Go on, I'm sure your girlfriend is a lot better company then me."

"But don't you want to come?" Kiara asked, sounding sincere, "You know you're family too." Vitani just shook her head.

"Nah," she said as she waved her paw dismissively at everyone, "I got some issues of my own to work out, and the last thing I need is to be looked over by that psychotic monkey." She was about to walk away, but as she glanced back once more at Kiara's two glory hounds, a thought came to her mind which caused a evil smile to crack on her muzzle.

"Besides," she continued, "Someone has to make sure we have something around here to eat, and these two need to be shown how to actually hunt for their food."

"Excuse me?!" Zuri exclaimed. Vitani's smile grew wider and her eyes narrowed on the two so called 'Leaders of the Hunting Party' who were now giving her death glares. Today may not be a total loss after all.

"I'm just saying," Vitani shrugged nonchalantly, "We have to have a few experienced hunters around here or else we all would probably starve. I mean seriously, those two can't even hunt a gecko without whining about a chipped claw or cramped leg."

"Oh no she did-n't!" Tiifu exclaimed as she cocked her head side to side.

"Oh no..." Kovu said under his breath. He knew what Vitani was doing. For some reason his sister always took pleasure in pressing other people's buttons and then showing them up. She used to do it all the time in the Out Lands with Nuka. Now that he's gone, she just found 2 new people to harass and torment. This was not going to go well.

Simba, Nala, and Kiara on the other hand merely watched in amusement. Despite the lioness being distant most of the time, they got to know Vitani while she stayed with them; and Kovu did warn them of her testy personality, but assured them that her teasing was never meant to offend. It was just her way of... well... it was just Vitani being Vitani.

"Are you saying we can't hunt?" Zuri growled.

"Your words, not mine." Vitani continued, "But... if I were to use words, I would use those." Both lionesses stomped on over to Vitani, who was enjoying every second of this, and growled in her face. Though they were trying to intimidate her, Vitani didn't even flinch. She had been stared down several times by her mother, Zira in the past; and compared to her, these two were like toothless newborns trying to give her a death threat.

"You can't talk to your superiors like that!" Tiifu said, her tone taking on a more angry tune.

"Yeah!" Zuri said backing her friend up, "That is insub... insuborma... insuboren? No..." Zuri, couldn't think of the word.

"Insubordination, genius." Vitani rolled her eyes. Boy, it was a miracle these two were born in the Pride Lands; the Out Lands would have eaten them alive... literally. Knowing that this joke had gone on far enough, Vitani decided to make a suggestion to the two lionesses before her: "If you don't believe me, then let's make a deal: by the end of the day, if both of you have more kills then me alone, I'll take back everything I said about you two not being good hunters, but if I win, I get to lead the hunting party next time." Without even thinking, both lionesses exclaimed in unison: "You're on!" and darted down Pride Rock.

"Sorry to leave so soon, Kiara!" Tiifu called over her shoulder, "But we got to teach this mane-less male over there who the real pros are!"

"Yeah!" Zuri called out, "Her insuberdumating will not be tolerated!"

"Insubordination!" Vitani corrected again.

"WHATEVER!" Zuri called back, more annoyed than before.

"By girls!" Kiara called back to them, "Hope the hunt goes well!" As Kiara's two friends quickly ran through the savannah, Kovu looked back at his sister and saw that her body was shaking, mostly due to trying to suppress her laughter.

"Do you really think you can get more food than they can before sun down?" Kovu asked, wondering just what was going on in his sister's evil mind.

"Maybe... maybe not," Vitani shrugged, "but honestly I just wanted those two to just leave. Seriously, if I have to listen to them one more time announce to everyone about how they are best friends with the royal family, then I'll rip my ears off and feed them to some starving predator!" Everyone laughed at her comment, but though all of this was quite funny, Simba had to address something.

"I know we would all like to stay and chat some more," he stated, "but we should really be heading out now."

"Of course, your majesty." Vitani bowed her head to Simba on a mock attitude, "forgive me for taking up your family's precious time. I grovel at your feet, o mighty one."

"Was that supposed to be Tiifu?" Kiara raised an eyebrow noticing how similar Vitani's tone and stature was when she said that.

"Perhaps..." Vitani said with a sly smile, earning a laugh from Simba and his family.

Not wanting to waste any more time, the royal family walked down Pride Rock and began making their way towards Rafiki's tree, leaving Vitani alone at Pride Rock where she would enjoy they rest of her morning in peace and quiet.

End of Chapter 1

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