This is like a standard use of fanfiction, I wanted a storyline, so I wrote it.

They really weren't sure how their friendship started. Or even quite when.

They didn't even match up in the slightest, she was the young, dumb genius with a huge crush on his brother that crossed her off in his mind very quickly. He was the illustrious, genius Uchiha heir, with the highest A rank death count in the village in the last 5 years. But she grew up, was trained by the slug princess and forgot her crush on Sasuke. He grew older, his brother somehow managed to outgrow him, and he came to have even more deaths on his hands.

Maybe it was when she was paired with his ANBU team as a field medic and she single-handedly took out the enemy as her teammates lay incapacitated due to a airborne poison she had built up an immunity to. Maybe it was when he took a blow for her that knocked him unconscious for a week. Maybe it was when during that week she realized that he had a fatal disease that had been wearing him down for a year, and he had been avoiding check ups for two. And when she had spent the rest of that week without proper sleep finding a cure. How Mikoto had cried when Itachi open his eyes, completely whole, and he, in wonder that he could breath so clearly had stared at the pink haired medic who, exhausted, had fallen asleep in the corner of the room.

Maybe it didn't matter when it started, only that it did. And it grew every time Mikoto had made them begin a Thursday Team 7 dinner night, and made Sakura and Naruto come over. How the eighteen year old Sakura had punched Sasuke when he made a particularly pig-headed comment and Itachi had to stifle a chuckle. When he found out that her perfect academy score wasn't just for show, and she had a wit to match it that he hadn't been able to experience on serious, silent ANBU missions. On Sakura's side it was as she came to realize how thoughtful and attentive Itachi was. How he would clear the table and do the dishes with his mother. And how all of their ANBU team would find replacement kunai in their mailbox after they had broke one on a mission. And one night after everything had been cleared from the dinner, she realized what a great listener Itachi was.

In time they started to meet up outside of missions and family dinners. She came to learn some of his personal taijutsu style and how he kept his hair so beautiful all the time (a secret blend of oils she wasn't allowed to share with anyone else). He learned how to more efficiently use basic medical ninjutsu in a crisis and why she always smelled like cherry blossoms (a secret jutsu Tsunade had taught her). He knew of every boyfriend she had to beat off her genin team with a stick to date, and she knew of his general lack of interest in romance, due to intense fangirl harassment in his younger years.

One day a few weeks before her twentieth birthday, he came over to her apartment for their weekly tea, movie, and manicure night (to this day he still isn't sure how this became a thing, but he did appreciate having groomed nails that weren't as prone to breaking on missions). As he buffed and filed her nails she let out a huge sigh and slumped into her seat. He caught her eye and gave her a questioning look. She chuckled lightly and mumbled, "You could always say it out…" She slumped a bit more. "Itachi, I think I am done with dating. Guys are all butts, and I understand now why my shishou has reached her age still single."

"Didn't her love die in battle…"

"Shush, I'm complaining." He let out a wry smirk at that, as he moved to her other hand. She took a long drag of her oolong tea before continuing, "It's just not worth it to fight off my old teammates anymore. I'm almost twenty and I have dated and kissed like twenty guys. My mom always told me to try every flavor before deciding on one, but I am pretty sure I have by now and I am so done. Just going to become an old spinster because I have show off how strong I am all the time in order to date anyone because of your dumb brother and Naruto and eventually the boys get scared off." She leaned forward as he finished her other hand so she could do his nails now.

He stared intently at her face as she worked on his nails. "Well surely there has to be someone…"

"...out there for me?" she let out a laugh at that. "Itachi I stopped believing in soulmates when I actually convinced your brother to go on a date with me, and finally realized how incompatible we are. Though maybe my standards are too high to be happy... I mean they'd have to be at least as strong as you, and ninja as good as you are hard to come by. And if they are then normally they're already married to their genin sweetheart or something." She blew the dust off his nails before switching to his other hand.

"They've been pushing me to get married…" Itachi said slowly.

"The old Uchiha fart council? They've been saying that for years. But there is no one even on your radar, Itachi." She smiled as she reached for a strengthening clear coat to paint on his nails.

"What if there was?" She knocked the bottle over in her surprise.

"What? Itachi has girl? Spill." she pushed the nail stuff out of the way to start at him, ready for something juicy. "How'd you meet her?"


"Her favorite color?"


"Favorite thing to eat?"

"Sweets, with a particular taste for tempura."




"Nineteen, but turning twenty this year."

She whistled appreciatively. "She doesn't sound half bad. Do I know her?"


"What's her name?"


Sakura burst out in a full chested laugh, an unappreciative Itachi staring at her.

"Me? HAHAHA. Oh man. You know how to pick em. I would make the worst Uchiha ever." she gradually came to a chuckle, finding a stone faced Itachi staring at her. Her laughing cut off completely as a confused look took over her face. "Are you serious?"


She rubbed her temples. "Itachi, should I remind you that I am a violent, not very womanly, pink-haired person with about the manners of a bull?"

"You do fine enough at the family dinners."

"You are serious. Itachi you are the clan heir, I would make a horrible clan head wife."

"That's your main concern with what I said?"

"Well you mentioned elders and marriage and… Itachi do you like actually like, like me?"

He gave her a blank stare.

"Say it."


Her confused expression deepened. "How many times have you seen me slobbering drunk over a breakup?"

"Not your most elegant moment, but enough to know you more than any other boy you've dated."

She was dumbfounded. He was silent as she mulled it over, simply grabbing the clear nail polish, taking her hand, and putting a layer of it on her nails. By the time he got to the ring finger of her left hand she pulled it away blushing.

"You've seen me naked." she whispered accusingly.

"As you've seen me." He countered reaching for her hand back.

"You're an ass."

"Your wit never ceases to astound me. Give me your hand."

"But you don't even like girls."

"Not particularly sexually, but I could see myself spending time with you just like this. Except maybe with more cuddling and kissing on occasion. Your hand, Sakura."

She gave him back her hand processing the new information. He watched as it clicked into place in her head about as he finished her last nail. His eyes narrowed suspiciously when she looked up with a devilish smile.

"How long have you been thinking about kissing me?"

"Approximately two months." he said in a deadpan voice.

She pouted. "Aww, you're no fun. You could at least blush or avoid it or something."

"As if I would do something that academy-like." he reached for his teacup and took a sip of his hugely sweetened pomegranate tea.

"Me, huh." she picked up her own cup of tea and stared into it's depths.

He watched her with a calm interest as she soaked in the information, before glancing at the dumb sitcom playing on the television. She looked back to him, at his too perfect profile, his beautiful hair, those eyes that were too serious ninety percent of the time, and she started imagining them together. She placed her cup down having made a decision. He turned back to her at the noise and found her lips upon his. His first ninja instinct might have been to punch her, but by the time he worked past that she pulled away, still close enough to breathe the same air. His eyes trailed down to her lips.

"Alright, still feeling it?" she asked, her own mind seemingly running calculations on the moment.

"Well, I pictured something more dramatic…" his eyes glanced up from her lips to her own.

"Rain falling, maybe one of us dying?" she offered.

"At least some rain." his eyes crinkled in humor. She chuckled at that. Then he glanced once more from her lips to her eyes as his eyes grew more serious. "Sakura, can I kiss you?"

The back of her neck heated up and she started to pull back. "Well, I mean I know that I didn't ask, which might have been in the wrong for me a little, but I figured since you were thinking about it maybe we could try it out and see how it goes and you'd realize I wasn't that great and…" he cleared his throat, she froze in her retreat and rambling. Then she nodded. He reached up and took her face in his hands a little awkwardly, and slowly brought their lips together once more. There he savored the feeling of their lips pressed together before realizing to himself that he didn't really have experience in what to do past here.

Fortunately for Itachi, Sakura stepped in, moving her lips against his. He closed his eyes to enhance his sense of touch and began to follow her lead, she guided his hand to her waist then placed her arms around his neck, pushing their bodies together. When they broke apart for air, the feelings that surprised Itachi the most in that moment were those of contentment and safety. He felt the need, greater than ever, to protect her. Amidst a rush of other feelings, Sakura's mouth curled into a smirk at being the more experienced one on a matter for once. When he buried his head into her neck she almost reconsidered that notion until he just rested there and breathed her in. She smiled as she smoothed his hair down. He sat there for a long moment before sitting up once more to look into her eyes.

"I want you forever." he whispered.

She chuckled a little, "Dating first." He nodded and proceeded to lean away from her and grab for her hand. "Are your nails still fine?"

He glanced down at his hand quickly before taking hers and inspecting her nails. "Seems all good."

"Good." she smiled, leaning into his side, the increased skin-ship she was already finding through this revelation was not appalling. Sakura smiled to herself as Itachi stroked her hair with his free hand. Maybe she could get used to this.

Ehehe, I haven't written fanfiction in so long, but I still look for new good Naruto fanfiction so often I figured I might as well try my hand at making what I wanted to read. 90% chance of this staying a one-shot, but with enough encouragement I could probably continue this, it will be an awkward courtship (a dynamic I enjoy between these two, for sure). Either way, I hoped you enjoyed reading it almost as much as I enjoyed writing it.