I grunted as I jumped back, avoiding a slash from another student that would have left a bruise if I didn't use Aura to block it, and retaliate with a quick slash of my rapier, Nedexsi, before shifting it into a simple handgun and firing explosive Dust rounds at my opponent quickly bringing their aura into the red zone. The teacher of my combat class, a female wolf Faunus named Fiona Lionheart calls an end to the match and smiles at me. "Well done, Peter! You ended the match quickly and receiving minimal damage from your opponent at the same time..." She clears her throat and looks at the coyote Faunus in front of me- whose name, if I remember right is Bryant- and addresses him next. "You fought well, Bryant, and held your own to the end. Let this be a lesson to the rest of you!" She snaps "When in the field fighting Grimm, if the opportunity presents itself, end the fight quickly and decisively!" She swears as the bell rings "That'll be all for today!

Time Skip

I yawn as I leave my last class for the day, and head to the cafeteria to get a bite to eat. As I'm sitting down to eat, Bryant comes up and sits across from me. It isn't long before he asks his question. "Where did you learn to fight, dude? You're brutally efficient..." He grins sheepishly, his coyote ears twitching.

"You learn to fight quickly on the streets," I intoned in as emotionless a voice as I can muster. "If you want to live very long, that is... Thankfully, I found a place to live a few years back" I pause to finish up my meal and drink some water. "If you want a few extra lessons after classes, I wouldn't mind helping you..." I widen my eyes imperceptibly as those words leave my mouth. "Where did that come from...?" I wonder silently.

"Seriously!? You'd do that for me!?" He whisper-shouts with a huge grin on his face. "I knew you were nice! Would you mind if we start today...?" He quickly takes on a pleading expression that makes me smile slightly in amusement.

"Sure, why not? Meet me on the roof in two hours...and please try not to be late..." As soon as I finish my meal, I take my tray to the kitchens and leave to go study for an hour...

Time Skip again

"No!" I snarl at Bryant "Your stance is all wrong!" I walk over and shift his right foot to the left slightly and have him relax his posture, his sword in one hand and a dagger in a reverse grip in the other. I also have Bryant shift his stance so his center of gravity is lower with his left arm slightly behind him holding the dagger and his sword hand positioned in front of him, his sword held just high enough to attack if needed but low enough to pary as well.

"Now..." I breath "Attack me again!" He lunges at me trying for an overhead blow but I shift my rapier just enough so that his sword slides off and he loses balance. Then I kick him across the abandoned gymnasium as his aura levels plummet to the low yellows. He rushes me again and I sigh while moving to interrupt his attack but at the last second, he spins around me and elbows me in the small of my back staggering me before he knocks my legs out from under me-

There's a sound like glass breaking as the aura construct breaks, leaving behind my Rapier as I retrieve it having used my semblance to escape at the last second. I uncharacteristically grin at Bryant. It's not a very nice grin.

"Impressive," I murmur "Let me guess, a part of your semblance allows you to rapidly develop in a skill when faced with a superior opponent?" He looks shocked and I guess I at least got it half right. "I only encountered a semblance like yours once before...When I met Syndra Daleman, your sister yes...?" I blink as he seems embarrassed. " Did I get it wrong... ?" I drawl.

"N-no... Not entirely anyway..." He mutters "My semblance allows me to use a weaker version of other semblance that I understand... The skill improvement I copied from my sister..." As he trailed off, he looked at me curiously "What's your semblance...?" After he asks that I close my eyes briefly and when I open them my eyes are blood red and I have an arm made out of my golden-blue aura "This is it," I state simply " It offers me enhanced physical prowess as well, and sharper senses... " I trust you won't leak this information...?" I murmur.

"Of course not!" He exclaims animated his coyote tail wagging slightly. "What kind of friend would I be if I did that...?"

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