Irusha's P.O.V

After dropping Peter off at Haven Academy, I flew to the nearby command center for the company I work for, Gratis Inc. I sighed as I landed the bullhead, handing the keys over to the guard trainee usually stationed there, Richard. He always had my paycheck ready for me, and I was thankful for that. I begin walking to the exit, intending to catch a bus home only for him to stop me before I take more than a few steps, he had grabbed me by the wrist.

"...Irusha, I was asked to tell you that Soran Gratis wants you in his office. You're expected to show up within the hour..." Richard sighs and looks at me apologetically as he shakes his head. "...I know you want to get home to your little sister, but this is important... You know how the boss gets when one of us keeps him waiting... I'm sure you don't want to deal with a pouting man-child after such a long flight."

I let out a sigh of relief as my body relaxes slightly. "...Thank you for your concern, Richard, b-but please..." I wince at how embarrassed I sound "...You know about what I did to myself when I was still living alone a few weeks ago... That wrist hasn't healed completely yet..."

Richard raises a single eyebrow, grinning "...What's happened to your tomboyish, 'I-don't-give-a-fuck' attitude? Just last week you would have admitted to having broken your wrist riding your skateboard without hesitating..." His eyes widen and his grin turns cheeky, letting his inner teenager show for once. "...Did you find a boy you like while traveling~?"

My eyes widen as I think back to Peter and his cold, yet somehow soft, alluring blue eyes... I blush and whirl around, punching Richard in the jaw with my good hand "S-SHUT UP, IDIOT...!" He goes flying comically, slamming into the wall. My eyes widen and I rush over to his side as I'm filled with sudden guilt and worry for his well being "A-ah...! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to hit you so hard...! I-I just got so angry...!"

He chuckles, his eyes swirling as he sits up, a dark bruise already forming on his chin "S-so you did find someone you like...?"

I sigh and look down, my cheeks burning a crimson red. "...T-that's what you're gonna choose to carry out of this exchange...!? God, you're still so hopeless... Just like back in Infra Academy..."

He seems to be perfectly fine now, smiling happily "...What else would you expect from your super awesome upperclassman!?" His eyes are shining as he grins proudly "The hopelessly handsome Richard Sanchez, who woos the ladies with his smooth wit and irresistible charm~"

"...Do you mean your last name and your endless wallet? Jeez, if I had a father as famous as yours I sure as hell wouldn't be working..." I laugh after saying this, shaking my head as I help him to his feet.

Richard smirks and moves his orange hair out of his face. "...Yeah, you'd be doing nothing but training and giving money to orphans on the streets~" He chuckles and shakes his head. "...Honestly, you're a great person Irusha. You may only be sixteen, but you damn well deserve your spot in Beacon! Now you better get going before I trap you here in a pointless conversation! Then you'll be late for sure..."

I roll my eyes and nod, picking the bag containing my weapons and armor back up. "Yeah, yeah... You got it senpai!" I load the word senpai with suitable sarcasm and walk off, heading up to the main building.

Soran Gratis' P.O.V

I sigh as Irusha walks in, a small smile dancing upon my lips "...My most talented pilot finally decides to arrive, eh?" I chuckle and walk around, giving her a firm handshake. "...It's sad to see you go... Who else am I gonna get to test my experimental bullheads and cloaking tech?"

Irusha giggles as she shakes her head. "Oh, you give me too much credit, Boss... Besides, there's always Miu! She's a great pilot..." Both Irusha and I pause for a few seconds before we burst out laughing, her crimson eyes filled with mirth.

As the last of my laughter subsides I shake my head "...Please don't pick on the head of security here like that Irusha, I'm trying to be serious..." I close my eyes and sigh. "...You were a valuable member of the team, but I know how much you want to be a Huntress... Even though you've only worked here for five months, you've still been on quite a lot of flights... I admire your drive but put it into a goal that's worth it..." He pauses and shakes his head "...I honestly wouldn't have let you work here if it weren't for that Sanches boy explaining everything to me before bringing you here for the interview... But, he told me about your situation... I honestly decided that I would help you then because I was an orphan..."

Irusha's P.O.V (Half an hour later, 9:35 PM.)

I sighed as I boarded the bus home, the long ride boring to me. After that I enter the apartment I'm staying in with my 'little sister,' having found Lillith when I was leaving work one day, she had been in worn clothes that had been sloppily patched... When I asked her, she said she had always been alone, since she could first remember. I had decided to take her in shortly after... "...Imoutou? Are you ready to go?"

I hear a rush of footsteps down the stairs, Lillith grinning happily when she catches sight of me ready to go. She was wearing the only thing she let me buy her without a fight- A dull orange dress with light blue accents and white long sleeves, she's wearing blue shoes and dark gray leggings. I had sold most of the furniture in the apartment, everything else already having been shipped to one of Richard's friends in Vale for safekeeping. "I am, Onee-chan! I've been ready since before you left on that last flight...!" She pouts cutely at the end of her sentence, crossing her arms over her chest.

"God... You're such a cute little sister, Lillith! Why can't you act your age more often? You're far too mature for your good...!" Despite the fact Lillith was only seven and a half years old, she was more mature than a good portion of my old class from Infra Academy. "You hardly let me buy you any gifts... Do you know how sad that makes your Onee-chan!?" My voice takes on a tone of mock despair at the end of my sentence, this time it's my turn to pout as I bring her into a warm hug.

Lillith blushes from the praise, returning the hug and trying not to laugh at how uncharacteristically childish I'm acting "W-well... That's because I don't have anything I want... It's enough to finally have family..." She glares at me in mock anger "...How many times do I have to tell you that!? You know how embarrassing it is for me to say something like that...!"

This continues for several minutes as I gather the last few things laying around, including the dust I refused to send in the mail and a few misplaced weapon parts. Soon, we're on our way out the door. I had opted to carry Lillith on my back, refusing to let her walk, Richard had gotten off of work and decided to help me get my things to the bullhead... At least, that's what he said. He just wanted to spend more time with one of his few real friends before they left. Soon it was time to leave for our new home on the island of Patch... We waved goodbye to Richard as the bullhead took off, a smile grew on my face. 'Patch will be good for Lillith... and me.'


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