Where... Where am I? What is this?

I see myself in a crystal room. I'm sitting in a chair with a blue cushion in front of a man and a woman. The man was in a black suit behind a brown wooden desk. He also had a really long nose. The woman had really short hair, glasses and wore a blue pants suit.

"Welcome to the Velvet Room," said the long nosed man "my name is Igor."

Igor? By his looks, it kinda fits.

"This place exists between dream and reality, mind and matter," said Igor "Those who are bound by a contract may enter."

So, am I asleep? How did I get a contract here? I am very lost.

"You are destined for a long journey. A journey of choice and consequences," Igor said.

A journey?

"This is my assistant, she will helping me observe your choices," Igor said.

"I am Barbara, it is a pleasure to meet you," The woman finally spoke.

"Your choices determine your future. And if you make a bad choice, your future may be forever lost," Igor said.

My future? Lost?

"Now then, it is best to be on your way," Igor finished.

Wait, just who am I?

That's right, I'm Shoushun Tsurugi.


"Hey...Hey...Can you hear me?"

I slowly opened my eyes to see a boy wearing a cap looking at me with a scared face.

"Your awake, thank God," the capped boy said "Are you okay? You don't too good."

"Uggggh, what happened?" I asked.

"Beats me," said the capped boy "I was walking home from school and I saw you out cold in the middle of the road."

"Huh," I said.

"Here, let me help you up," the capped boy said, offering his hand.

I now got a better look at him. He had light blond messy hair. He wore a orange sweater vest under a black blazer, gray pants, and brown shoes. His cap was brown with an orange patch in the middle.

"Do you know where you live? I can walk you there." The capped boy offered.

"I...I... I can't remember," I said honestly.

"Don't worry, you can stay at my place til then," the capped boy said.

"Now I think of it, I can't remember anything about myself," I said.

"Yikes, really?" The capped boy asked in concern.

"Well, all can remember is my name," I answered.

"What is it then? Don't worry, take your time," the capped boy said.

"Shoushun Tsurugi," I answered.

"That's good. I don't know where nearest clinic is, but my sister should be home," the capped boy said "she's a doctor, she might help you."

"Thanks a lot, whoever you are," I said.

"Oh right, I'm Kinji Satawatari," the capped boy said.

"Thank you Kinji," I said.

"Least I can do," Kinji said.


We made it to a his apartment in a tall building

"I'm home!" Kinji yelled out.

"Oh hey, Kinji. How was your day?" A woman answered.

She had jaw-length black hair and was wearing a lab coat and dark black waist-high pants with a white blouse.

"My day was fine, but I need your help," Kinji said.

"What's up?" The woman asked.

"I brought a friend here and something's wrong with him," Kinji answered "I found unconscious in the middle of the road."

"Let me get a look," the woman said.

I felt scared for a second.

"It's okay. Like I said, she's a doctor," Kinji said.

"Well technically I'm not. But I'm a grad student in medical school, so I guess I am," the woman said "I'm Minako Satawatari, I'm Kinji's older sister."

She did a few test to see if I was injured or not.

"He seems okay, why didn't you take him to the clinic?" Minako asked Kinji.

"Forgot where it was," Kinji answered

"I don't feel hurt, I just can't remember anything," I said.

"Maybe someone at my school knows you," Kinji said.

"Your school?" I asked.

"Yeah. Your wearing my school's uniform, aren't you?" Kinji asked.

"Let's let him get some sleep first," Minako said "then you two can check the school."

"Where do I sleep?" I asked.

"I'm preparing a futon for you, one second," Kinji said.

I looked a look at myself in the mirror. I had short black hair. I was wearing a black blazer white dress shirt unbuttoned, black t-shirt, pants, long sliver scarf, black tennis shoes, and a black fingerless glove on my left hand.

"Hey Shoushun," Kinji called my name.

"Yes?" I responded.

"Here are some pajamas for you," Kinji said "they're mine, but you can wear them. I don't mind."

"Oh, thank you," I thanked.

"Don't mention it. Do you want to go my school tomorrow?" Kinji asked.

"If it helps, then yes," I answered.

"Okay, then," Kinji said.

I change into a pajamas Kinji gave me. A gray t-shirt and black pajama pants with white plaid. I got comfortable in the futon and went to sleep.



I hear dogs barking like they're angry.

"No! Go away, leave me alone!"

I see a man in a hoodie. He's running from an army of dogs, dobermans if you will.


"No! Stay away from me!"

He's terrified. While he's running, he's out of places to hide. He's trapped, nowhere to run.

"No no, Nooooooo!"

The dogs found him.


I wake up from the crazy dream. That was a weird dream. Why did I dream of a random person?

"Hey Shoushun, you need to get ready," Kinji said.

That's right, school. I had his school uniform on yesterday, I must be a student at his school.

I got dressed and we headed out.

"Hey Kinji," I called.

"Yeah?" Kinji responded.

"What's the name of this whole city?" I asked.

"This is Shibuya, Tokyo. Deep in here is the school, Sugomori Academy," Kinji said.

I wasn't paying attention where I was going and ended up walking into a shorter girl, or maybe she walk into me. She lifted her head to see my face. I backed up to look at her better. She had dirty blond hair tied to a long ponytail with a additional bun and she was wearing cream colored turtleneck sweater, long green skirt, green cat slippers. She looked very sleepy.

"Oh... sorry," the sleepy girl said.

She then walked around me.

"Hey Shoushun, you coming!?" Kinji yelled

I just realized that I was way behind Kinji.

"Yeah!" I yelled.


"Here we are, Sugomori Academy," Kinji said.

I laid my eyes on the three-storied building. There were other students walking in. This place can probably give me answers.

"Shall we go in?" Kinji asked.

"Oh, sure," I answered.


We made our way to the teachers office.

"Excuse me, Mr. Akamatsu?" Kinji called out.

"Yes, is something wrong Satawatari?" A teacher responded.

A man got up from his desk and walked toward us. He had long wavy brown hair that is slicked back except for two strands that lie down near his neck. He was wearinv a sleeping mask on top of his head along with a wine red track suit, a black shirt, and a pair of crocs.

"It's about this student, he doesn't remember what happened yesterday," Kinji said "I only met yesterday, but he wants to know if he has any connection here."

"Let's see, what's your name?" The teacher asked me.

"Shoushun Tsurugi," I answered.

"Okay... Tsurugi... Tsurugi..." the teacher muttered while go through papers.

"Ah yes, Shoushun Tsurugi. You were a transfer student here," the teacher said "your first day was supposed to be today, but you never showed up."

"Guess you're a student then," Kinji said.

"Okay, so what's my homeroom class then?" I asked.

"That would be... Class 2-A. Lucky for you, that's my class," the teacher said "I'm Sakuya Akamatsu, your homeroom teacher."

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Akamatsu," I said.

"Like wise. You have any problems, come see me," Mr. Akamatsu said.

"Yes sir," I replied.

"We should get to class now," Kinji said to me.

"Alright then," I said "thanks a lot, Mr, Akamatsu."

"Pleasure," Mr. Akamatsu said.



A girl is sitting in a desk, waiting for someone. She had brown hair tied in two braided twintails, and she wore a cyan letterman jacket with white sleeves under her black blazer and teal sneakers.

"Man, where is he?" She asked herself.

She then sees Kinji walk through the sliding door.

"What happened, Kinji?" She asked "you usually get here before I do."

"Hey Tomoyo," Kinji said "I had to help someone."

"Who?" She asked.

"The new transfer student," Kinji answered.

"Wasn't he supposed to come yesterday?" She asked.

"He was, but he couldn't make it," Kinji said.

"He's already getting rumors of him being a cutting class delinquent," she said.

"I met him, he's harmless," Kinji said.

Mr. Akamatsu then into the classroom with Shoushun by his side.

"Alright everyone, to your seats," he said "before I call roll, we have a new student joining us.

(Character POV)

"I am Shoushun Tsurugi, nice to meet you all," I said.

I already heard whispers.

"He looks cool,"

"I bet he's a secret agent,"

"He's gotta have a girlfriend,"

"Settle down," said "Tsurugi, how about you sit over there by the window."

"Yes sir," I replied.

I got the seat behind Kinji and next to some girl with her hair in braids. At least I know I'm a student, but I still have other things to figure out for myself.


After a long day at school, it was about time to go home.

"Alright dude, you ready?" Kinji asked me.

"Yeah," I said.

"Hey Kinji," the braided girl said.

"What's up?" Kinji asked.

"I'm going to the arcade, wanna come?" She asked.

"Sorry, but I have to take this guy back to my place," Kinji said referring to me.

"Shoushun lives with you?" She asked.

"You know my name already," I said

"Yeah, you just started and your already popular," she said.

"Huh," I said.

"I'm Tomoyo Suzuki, nice to meet you," she said.

"Thank you," I said.

"Shoushun is going through amnesia," Kinji said "I don't think he would do well in public places."

"Why not go to a arcade?" I asked.

"Really? I'm surprised," Kinji said "ok then, let's go."

"You're love it Shoushun," Tomoyo said with a wink.


As we left school, I quickly got along with Tomoyo. We followed her to this arcade.

"So you can't remember anything about yourself?" Tomoyo asked.

"No, not a thing," I answered "Just my name."

"You probably passed out and hit your head hard," Tomoyo said.

"Possibly," Kinji said "when I first met him, he was in the middle of the road unconscious."

"Ouch!" Tomoyo yelled.

"I didn't heal any pain," I said "I just lost my memory."

"I understand," Tomoyo said "Hey, have y'all played the Worry Not Game?"

"The Worry Not Game?" I asked.

"It's this new game trend people are doing," Kinji said.

"Right, so have you guys played it yet," Tomoyo asked.

"Of course we haven't," Kinji answered " if we did, we would've had our Breakers on our wrist."

"Oh, I see," Tomoyo said.

"Breakers?" I asked.

"They're these toy wristbands you put on your arm," Kinji said "You pretty much need it for the game."

"Oh," I said.

"Hey, what's that?" Kinji asked pointing at an alley.