A small smile had etched upon a boy's lips as the kind woman spoke a simple five words to him, "Someone want's to adopt you."

His eyes had lit up as his smile grew to an inhumane size, "Really?!" he had exclaimed his voice full of excitement and joy.

The woman had smiled at the young boy's excitement, although she was a little worried because something seemed off about the ones who requested to adopt him.

She had hoped nothing bad would happen.

If only she knew.

This could've all been prevented from the start.

A young boys future saved.

Along with the others futures.

After the incident they lived a normal life.

No memories of it ever occurring.

Until then.

If only they didn't get their hands on them.

It would never happen.

Stopping the horrifying story from being ever set in motion.

But this wasn't a story.

It was reality.

Reality hurts.