Law and Kid waited in the vehicle which they assumed to be a car for awhile before the guy called Teach came back with this child that looked around 8 with a straw hat, a red hoodie, blue shorts and trainers.

He was skipping, the child of course not Teach, with a grin that was too big for his face on. Once he climbed into the average sized vehicle.

As soon as he took his seat, which was beside Law he turned to the other two and studied them for a second before exclaiming, "Hi! I'm Monkey D. Luffy! Let's be friends!"

Kid scowled as he muttered under his breath, "This kid seems annoying." While, Law, the only one having heard Kid's comment smirked in amusement.

"Sure. Why not." Law murmured wondering how this ordeal would play out. "Whatta 'bout you ketchup head dude?" Luffy asked Kidd.

"Don't call me that! And no I would not like to be friends." Kid growled glaring at the younger male.

"Okay! Nice to meet you too! What's your name?" Luffy grinned extending a hand out towards Kid, Kid turned his head and ignored Luffy.

Unnoticed by the two older children Luffy's face fell slightly as his mouth formed into a grim line, it was gone as soon as it came though so neither older children noticed.

"Shishishi! Other dude not ketchup head, What's your name?" Luffy asked practically bouncing up and down in his seat.

Law's mouth formed a small 'o' as if he had just realised he didn't introduce himself, "Law. Trafalgar Law."

"Cool name Trafu- Trafer? Truffles?" Law twitched, "Tra-fal-gar."

"Tra-guy!" Luffy exclaimed, "Nice to meet youuu!"

Law sighed realising there was no sense in trying to correct the younger child as it seemed pointless.

"You guys know where we're going?" Luffy asked curiously digging through his back and exclaimed an 'aha!' when he pulled out a battered straw hat with a red ribbon. He put the straw hat on and after doing so his grin significantly widened.

"No clue." Law muttered leaning on his hand as he stared at the flurry of trees and other cars passing by.

Kid had been silent throughout this conversation surprising Law, he seemed like quite a loud person the first time he met him.

Law drifted off to sleep, he woke up a couple of hours later to Luffy's childish voice exclaiming, "We're here! We're heree!"

Law's door opened startling him slightly, the man he saw walking with Luffy earlier had opened it.

He grinned a sickly sweet grin showing his rotten teeth the smell of pie invaded the three children's senses.

Law shivered in disgust, he'd much rather be back with Corazon. It smelled like this guy hadn't showered in months, not that he'd say that.

"Come on." The gruff voice of the man said, "Are you waiting for an invitation to take off your seat belt or what Law?"

Law wondered how the man knew his name but didn't ponder on it for long as he probably saw it when he read the papers he had to sign to adopt him.

He lead them inside a pretty big house, Luffy's eyes shone as he saw the magnificent architecture and design.

Upon entering Kidd felt like something was off. He could smell a faint metallic scent, he wasn't exactly sure if he was correct but to him it smelt something like blood.

"Follow me." the man said as he turned left and entered something that looked like an endless hallway. Finally they arrived in front of a door that was painted white, it looked similar to the other doors they had passed.

He opened the door and gestured for the three children to go inside. Luffy skipped right in while the older two entered more cautiously. The man didn't come in after them, he just said, "Here's where you'll be staying for now. I'll come to get you later so stay here, okay?"

He closed the door behind him. The three kids looked around the room, it had some toys, books and other forms of entertainment.

There were a couple of other children in the room. They didn't seem to notice their entry though. In the corner was a blond with stylish hair, a white shirt and black pants playing with a toy horse with a green haired boy who seemed to care less about his appearance, his hair was styled in a kinda wild rocker like style. The green haired boy wore a brown t-shirt and red and yellow checkered pants.

Sitting on one of the sofas was a girl with long black hair, a white dress, reading a book about a princess who rescued her prince. She had eyes the colour of a cloudless sky.

They did notice the three who had entered until the moment when Luffy practically yelled, "Hello! I'm Monkey D. Luffy! Let's be friends!"

Elsewhere a raven haired boy with freckles opened his eyes, "Sabo? Luffy..?" he mumbled. A blonde boy who was seated in a chair by his bed was sleeping, resting his head on his hand. There were bandages wrapped around the blonde boys right eye.

The raven looked around the room, he reached out and shook the blonde boy's shoulder, "Sabo? Sabo. Sabo!"

Finally after what seemed like forever to the raven haired boy the blonde boy, Sabo's woke up. "Huh Ace..? G'morning.." he mumbled sleepily hugging the dark haired boy, Ace.

Ace was visibly irritated by this, "Sabo get off. Where are we?"

The blonde who was now fully awake blinked and then said, "Oh yeah. um. About that. The doctors kinda thought you were dead but you were just in a coma. We're in the hospital."

"Huh?" Ace's annoyance was gone and replaced with curiosity. "Uhh.." Sabo trailed off, "We were in a car accident. Gramps is dead. I still haven't been released from hospital yet but I have permission to visit you so."

"Oh. Wait what about Luffy?!" Ace asked. "..." Sabo was silent, "I don't know. Apparently some fake police man came to tell him we all were dead even though it was confirmed I was alive, he was sent off to an adoption center somewhere.."

"Huh?!" Ace exclaimed throwing the covers off him and leaping to his feet, wincing after doing so because his wounds hadn't completely healed.

Sabo forcefully pushed him back down onto the bed, "Don't move. You'll reopen your injuries." Ace sighed, "What're we going to do? Some family's probably already adopted him, I mean he's a freaking adorable ball of sunshine, who wouldn't want him?"

"Since Gramps is gone, we aren't old enough to take care of him so we can't adopt him.." Ace muttered.

"Apparently Gramps wrote that if he ever died to hand us over to a friend of his called Dadan. She'll start taking care of us after we're able to leave the hospital."

"But what about Luffy?!" Ace asked.

"By the time she was notified and got here he was already gone." Sabo told Ace, "Don't worry we'll get him back..."

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