Salazar P.O.V.:

It's been a year, a year since I was put in the Imperious curse and make people believe that I hated muggle borns ( even though, that Helga ,my wife, is one of them, good thing that she noticed that wasn't me) , a year since I was kidnapped by Thomas Potter ( the same guy who put me in the Imperious Curse) and tortured, and just to think that his son, Charles Potter, have been thought this his hole life.

It's been a month since Charles have gone to Hogwarts, a month since he have been put in Gryffindor (is father wasn't happy, believe me, I was the one who got hit by the Cruciatos curse)-

My thoughts were interrupted by a loud door slamming .

"Salazar!Were are you?!Salazar" I heard a male voice yell, Godric, I heard then other two female voices yell the same,Helga and Rowena,they are here.

I quickly ran till the door and started bagging at the door"HELP!I'M DOWN HERE! SOMEONE, HELP!" I screamed , after 5 minutes , I was (still screaming) losing hope, an till I heard strong and fast footsteps.

"Stand a side!" I heard Godric said.

I walked away from the door quickly .Not seconds later the door busted open reviling my friends, my family.

"Salazar!" They screamed running to me and giving me a group hug, that I returned, and and then ,slowly ,(they didn't lose their grip on me) walking awat looking over me ( I didn't change ,neither did them , I had still long black hair to the shoulders and Green Avada eyes), I didn't care that they hurt me with their hug( I was still fragile) they were here and that's what's matter.

"Well,well, well look at the family finally reunited" said a voice, No,nonononono!He can't be here!He should have got home later!, I was so into my thoughts that I didn't noticed the others moving to stand in front of me"Well, I guess it will be me to break it, Future past praesens, hoc ego expulsurus sum!(Past Present Future, I cast you out of this time) "He screamed, Wait , I know that spell, it was supposed to go to the future, but it never worked!, then I felt Helga grab my hand and apparate to Hogwarts, but it was already to late , the spell already hit us.

The last thing I see is a strange white light before I lost conscience.