"I heard he was dead."

"He must be blessed."

"Holy crap!"

Yukio felt anger simmer beneath his skin reach near boiling point as he heard people talk about his brother. As if they knew him. He wanted them to go away.

More than that, he wanted to take Rin back to the Monastery so he could recover away from prying eyes. He could take some time away from school and teaching to make sure he was fine. He could see if Rin had the ability to see demons and help him through it. Against all odds, he hoped Rin wouldn't be able to see demons. Not after everything he and Shiro had done to keep him ignora- Safe. To keep him safe.

Rin would be safer if he didn't know.

He would be safer if the exorcists working on helping him weren't there, and he was in there. Rin was physically fine. He had woken, spoken, and laughed with him and Shiro before exhaustion caught up with him.

If it weren't for Angel's delusions, they would be home.

Meanwhile, Angel prepared himself mentally to address the Grigori over Rin's hiding by the Paladin himself.

There was no way children could hide that they could see demons from another who could see them, especially from someone as well versed in exorcisms as the Paladin.

Both wanted Rin to wake up.

Shiro was far more patient than the other two. It wasn't the first time Rin had bitten off more than he could chew in a fight. And since he had woken up earlier, he was certain he was well on his way recovering. Angel was worried over the boy he had taken to training. Rin had been a wild child, still was in fact, but he had an air of innocence that other hooligans and heathens lacked.

The three were forced to stew outside the room with their thoughts and mindsets when they heard a familiar yelp.

The three raised towards it, hearing grumbles coming from none other than Rin.

"I'm fine! Geez! Would you back off and let me stand? I have to pee!"

Yukio and Angel snorted at the comment, only to glare at one another before entering. Shiro made it in first and smiled at Rin as the doctors backed up. Rin sat up and locked eyes with Shiro. His eyes widened as he froze under Shiro's welcome and joyful gaze.

"Well, look who's up. Are you feeling better?" he asked Rin. Rin shot up from the bed. He took a few steps towards Shiro when Angel and Yukio entered, their intense stares landing on him.

"I-Uh-BATHROOM!" he yelled and darted for an adjacent door that was the on suite bathroom. He ran like a bat out of hell into the bathroom, his heart beating fast in his chest. He let out a small whimper knowing that his hard work to keep his exorcist life and his family life separate was for naught.

"Rin? Are you alright?" a comforting voice asked. Rin leaned against the door and turned his gaze to his own guardian angel.

"Metatron, they know," Rin said in a soft voice so no one would hear him outside the door. He let himself be pulled into Metatron's arms for a comforting hug. Rin sighed, feeling comfort radiating from him as he stood, even as his eyes shown with unshed tears Rin didn't fully understand.

"Everything will be fine Rin. I'm here," Metatron reassured, giving him a light squeeze.

"I'm sore," Rin added. Metatron's grip tightened ever so slightly. His strength seemed

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry I wasn't there to help you Rin."

"It's okay, I'm fine. Just sore."

Rin moved his arms to wrap around Metatron and felt the wings quivering ever so slightly under his fingers. He felt small drops of water fall on his face, a light and familiar sting of angel's tears fall on his face.

"I'm still here. I'm fine."

"Rin? Are you alright in there? You need to come out," Angel's voice spoke through the door.

"Would you leave him to do his business? He has a shy bladder!" Shiro defended. "Let him pee in peace!"

Rin felt his face heat up at the comment, even as Metatron let out a weak and wet chuckle.

"Metatron, what do I do?"

"I- I don't know. Logically, you should come clean."

"I don't mean to interrupt this loving reunion after such a traumatic event," Sandalphon interrupted as he casually entered the rapidly growing cramped bathroom, "But you have impatient company outside the door."

"I-I get it. I need to face the music don't I?" Rin asked.

"I believe it would be best," Sandalphon responded. "Yukio really wants to see you. As does your dad."

Rin relaxed his grip on his guardian angel, felt one last squeeze from Metatron and turned to open the door.

"Although, you might want to think of a good explanation for your tail mark."

Rin froze, then reached towards his mid lower back. He felt skin. He abruptly looked down to see that he wasn't in his usual clothes, or even what he wore out in the field. Instead, he was in medical clothes that apparently had no back to the top. At least they had the decency to keep him in pants.

Rin let out a groan. He would have to get creative with everything. Lovely.

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