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Prologue: A new home?

"Frieza!" Bardock growled as the hooded figure revealed itself. "Frieza!" Bardock launched himself forward and pulled back his fist, sending it forward and connecting with the face of the stranger. The blow was powerful enough to send him sliding back and dropping his cloak completely. There stood a Frieza look alike, with the exceptions of crooked horns, some chubby features and an orange overall, but as Bardock was blinded by his hatred of Frieza, it was all he could see.

"W-why you!" The Frieza look alike growled in rage as he jumped up, twisted his body and sent a powerful kick, sending Bardock skidding away along the ground. The look alike then slowly lowered himself down onto the ground.

"Bardock-san!" Berry yelled.

"What power…" Bardock muttered to himself as he struggled picking himself up.

The look alike now started walking towards the downed Bardock, and came to a stop right above him.

"So weak…" He started. "To even try to challenge me! You insolent brat!" He continued whilst slamming his foot on top of Bardock's head.

"Frieza…" Bardock growled as The Frieza lookalike pressed Bardock's face further into the ground.

"Who is this Frieza you speak of? What a rude kid. Do you even know who I am? I am the most powerful space-pirate in the galaxy, Chilled-sama!" Chilled introduced himself.

"Ch-Chilled?" Bardock questioned. 'So he is not Frieza? So if this is the past, then he must be… Frieza's ancestor!' Bardock thought.

"Stop it" Ipana shouted at the tyrant.

Bardock turned his head and saw Ipana running towards him, and getting slapped away by Chilled's tail. 'Damn it!' Bardock thought.

"Father! Father!" Berry, Ipana's son caught Bardock's attention as he looked over to where Ipana landed.

"How pitiful. But who would have known that you were such a coward." Chilled said kicking Bardock and making him slide further along the ground. "I don't need this weakling anymore." He then put his left arm up into an L shape and turned slightly whilst gathering sparkling purple energy in his fingertips.

Bardock now once again tried getting up, but even with great effort it wasn't as easy as he wished it to be. Chilled looked at Bardock then at the father-son duo that was Ipana and Berry looking back at him.

"Stop it!" Berry shouted, as Chilled smirked at his request and turned towards Bardock again. "Bardock-san!" Berry yelled running towards Bardock with tears in his eyes.

"No kid, don't do it!" Bardock warned in a shout.

"Just like your father… You are getting in my way!" Chilled made a 180 turn and flung his arm in a horizontal motion making an exploding line right in front of Berry, making him fly away and crash into a nearby plateau.

""Berry!"" Both Bardock and Ipana shouted in unison.

"Seriously… This is what you get when you keep interrupting me." Chilled said while chuckling evilly.

"Damn it!" Bardock shouted in the background, this got Chilled's attention.

"Oh you can still stand up?" He asked with a mocking smirk.

Bardock has now managed to lift himself onto all fours. "I am so pathetic." He commented. He gripped the ground making claw like marks and grabbing dirt. "…Truly" He looked at his other hand as he squeezed it so hard blood came forward. "If I only had more power!" He shouted while he smashed his head into the ground and flashbacking to his now dead teammates. Clouds have gathered out of nowhere and lightning could be seen. "Even that time…" He smashed his head again as more lightning was seen, accompanied by thunder. "Or that time…" He now started to get up by smashing his right fist into the ground while even more thunder and lightning came.

The lightning was now out of control as it struck twice on either side of the downed Bardock. His face twitched as he looked at his shadow, flashing to a golden color and back. He looked over to the unconscious Berry held by his father as his hair now flashed golden. "I…" He now got onto his legs as lightning flickered around his body. "I…" More lightning now danced across his body as thunder struck down across the entire planet. "I will kill you, you bastard!" Bardock shouted as he straightened himself up.

"Mph… hahahaha…You? Kill me? You idiot." Chilled said as he continued laughing.

The lightning around Bardock's body had become fiercer as his hair flashed back and forth between gold and black, and his eyes flickered in-between teal and black. Rubble underneath Bardock started to float as his power started spiking up, the lightning now surrounded him as his aura became visible, but in a more golden color than usual. Bardock now turned around to face Chilled with a determined face, his hair and eyes still flashing back and forth as if they couldn't decide.

Chilled just continued looking at Bardock bringing his finger up and smirking by taunting Bardock into coming at him, all this with a smirk and laugh all too familiar for Bardock. It was then it happened, as Frieza's image appeared around Chilled. Then an image of his pure hearted mate Gine who was smiling at him when she suddenly vanished in a flash of Frieza's supernova, it worked as a final push for Bardock and his power let loose. With a final mighty yell, ground around Bardock caved in slightly as his golden aura exploded and with that, the legendary super sayian was now born.

"What?!" Chilled questioned in surprise at what was unraveling.

Bardock had by now stopped his yelling and was looking down at his open hands, not quite understanding what was happening, all he knew was that he now possessed the power he craved for.

'What is this? The power that is floating inside of me…' Bardock thought.

"What the?! You are different from before!" Chilled yelled.

"You bastard…I will never forgive you! You will pay for what you have done!" Bardock replied to him as he slowly started walking towards chilled, making the air feel heavier all around.

Bardock walked forward with each step so calm it was uncanny, Chilled must have thought the same as he had had enough.

"Don't get so cocky only because you went blonde!" Chilled shouted angrily as he launched himself into the air unleashing a barrage of ki-blasts towards Bardock. Blast after blast hitting dead on Chilled finished it with a bigger beam as smoke and dust rose all around the area of impact. Chilled landed on the ground and got into a cocky stance with his hands resting on his hips as he said: " All you did was go golden. Nothing else has changed!" He then continued but more to himself. "He was nothing special after all." His expression changed fast however with his eyes bulging out of his skull, as steps and the silhouette of Bardock emerged from the smoke cloud. The steps became clearer as Bardock stepped out of the cloud completely unfazed and unharmed from the barrage, with only his armor partially damaged and some dirt specs here and there.

Bardock didn't stop his march as his face still held that determined look, Chilled now pissed off flew towards Bardock with his fist drawn back ready to launch. He stopped right in front of Bardock as he used his momentum to send his fist forward, only for it to be stopped by Bardock, as did the following fist.

"What the hell is happening?! What the hell are you bastard?!" A very frustrated Chilled yelled.

"I… Am just a sayian…" Bardock replied.
"S-sayian?!" Chilled questioned in confusion.

"Brace yourself freak!" Bardock said as his grip around Chilled's hands tightened as Bardock pulled Chilled and slammed him into the ground, pulling him up right after, only to slam him again on the other side of his body. He then threw Chilled so he skidded across the ground until he reached a small elevation and he was thrown back into the air, Bardock jumped towards Chilled spinning his body and using the momentum to slam his elbow into Chilled's cheek sending him straight into the ground cracking it in the process. He didn't let Chilled rest as his immediately grabbed his tail and started to spin him around for a while until he launched him across the horizon, soon reappearing in the trajectory Chilled flew in as he grabbed the flying Chilled's shoulders throwing him in the opposite direction only to flicker out of existence and appearing right in front of Chilled delivering a powerful kick sending him into the air.

Chilled managed to regain control as he stopped in midair, now looking more pissed than he had done so far. "Damn it! I won't acknowledge it! I won't acknowledge this!" He shouted. "Damn it! I am the space-pirate Chilled-sama! There shouldn't be anyone stronger than me!" He continued, while rising both his hands and starting to form a small ball of ki right in between his two hands that looked like a mini version of Frieza's supernova.

Bardock followed suit as he lowered his right arm and opened his palm, starting to gather his ki in a blue ball. "Stop talking nonsense. There will always be someone stronger. By believing the opposite it only shows how weak you truly are."

"That's it! I will kill you along with this filthy planet!" Chilled shouted as he threw his energy ball towards his target.

"The one who is going to die is you, you bastard!" Bardock shouted.

Riot Javelin!

Bardock yelled as he answered Chilled's energy ball with his own. The two balls of energy collided together seemingly just as powerful, but in a matter of seconds reality struck in and Chilled's attack was swallowed up by Bardock's, together with Chilled himself.

"Take this!" Bardock said.

"I-impossible… how could I…" Was the last thing Chilled managed to say before he was blown away by the power of the attack and sent into outer space.

Bardock stood there in the same position he had fired his attack, looking towards the direction he just sent Chilled flying in. His face clad in anger and disgust towards the now absent Arcosian.

He now lowered his arm and turned away, lowering his fierce aura but still remaining in the legendary transformation that is super sayian. The clouds have now cleared revealing the setting sun, he didn't bother turning around as he noticed Berry had awoken but inside, he was glad that he had survived.

As Bardock just arrived on the outside of the village as he sensed that something was off, the air around him became colder and the sky seemed to crack. Bardock turned to look at the anomaly with interest as the skies now tore apart revealing a black void with occasional flicker of lightning. The second the rift had opened Bardock could feel a part of him being drawn towards it, and soon he was dragged by an invisible force towards the void. In a matter of seconds he got dragged in unable to see anything. He looked around only to be met by darkness, he didn't know what was happening, but he sure as hell didn't like it.

Minutes that felt like hours went by as Bardock was floating throughout the seemingly endless void, he saw nothing, he heard nothing, he felt nothing. The smallest glint of light is what caught his attention as he was about to lose all hope, he powered up to his maximum and fought hard against the voids immense gravity pulling on him, he gave it his all to reach the only hope he now had of escaping. As he reached the hole and looked inside he saw mountains, plains, rivers, seas, and many other things that seemed really warm for some reason, he didn't need to think twice about this as he flied into the hole.

A couple hours later:

Bardock awoke from what seemed like a dream, his transformation was now off and he felt weaker than he was for some reason. He knew that the transformation he reached was powerful, but he also knew his strength really well and it wasn't near to what he had after he awoke at Planet Plant. He went into a sitting position with one leg extended and the other up so he could rest his left arm on top, with the other supporting himself. He looked around and found out he was in a forest, sitting in the middle of a clearing with the sun directly above him, bathing him in unusually pleasant feeling rays.

Grumble! A sound came from Bardock's stomach.

"I guess I haven't eaten in a while. All I got on that damn planet was bread and fruit."

"Aaaargh!" An unfamiliar voice could be heard somewhere nearby. Maybe it was out of pure curiosity that Bardock decided to check it out, or maybe he became soft from interacting to much with Berry, but Bardock still had to see what the scream was about. He ran towards the voice he heard as he was still a bit too weak from the fight with Chilled to attempt flying and the hunger really didn't help the cause.

"Come on old man just give us your stuff and we will go okay? It doesn't have to get ugly you know." One of the men surrounding the old man's carriage said. There was a total of around 15 men surrounding the carriage all of which, with the exception of 1 had weapons.

"Please don't do this! This is all I have left after a dark guild raided our village!" The old man begged,

"I don't give a shit about your situation, just give us your stuff." Another of the guys said.

'Looks like they are some kind of bandits. Not like I need to help him anyway.' Bardock was about to go away when the old man spoke up again.

"Please don't do this. I have to sell these goods so I will have enough for my wife's medicine!" The old man said as he stood in a defensive position in front of the carriage. When Bardock heard that an image of Gine came to mind once more.

'Gine… Damn it old man…' Bardock jumped from the tree he was sitting inn and landed right in front of the old man.

All the bandits were surprised at the arrival of the new man, the man in question wore some strange armor they haven't seen before.

"W-who are you?" another bandit asked.

"I am someone you won't like when I am pissed, and right now… I am on the verge of it." Bardock replied.

"Like if a threat like that will do anything. Get rid of him." Said a man that Bardock assumed was the leader.

"Hmph." Bardock grunted.

Two of the bandits ran forward holding their swords above their heads ready to strike. Bardock however wasn't fazed as he grabbed both of the swords with his bare hands and broke them, knocking out the two bandits right after. The remainder looked at the situation kind of shocked, but they didn't really think about it as 5 more rushed at Bardock. He intercepted the first one with a back kick to the chest, and using the momentum he punched two others knocking them out. On the two others he used a small amount of ki and smacked them on the head causing them to fall unconscious. The remainder of the fifteen now rushed him, but not the unarmed one as he was still standing still, not moving but judging the situation. The first two were both met by the same fate as Bardock knocked them both out with a strike to the nape of the neck. Now three more rushed him, and with his inhuman speed he reappeared behind them as they all fell down to the ground. Now only 2 remained, one of them smart enough to grasp the situation tried to run away but was intercepted by the guy with no weapon. Said person now held flames in his hand, and threw them at the coward. The last man seeing this decided to attack Bardock, but only to be met by the same fate as the other 13.

He then heard the sound of someone clapping. Bardock turned around and looked at the last man that displayed some kind of fire ability.

"I am impressed, you show great skills in fighting, but you will sadly loose against me." The man said smirking. "You see, I am no ordinary bandit." He stretched his hand in front of him and opened his palm towards the sky, then a small ball of green fire appeared. "I am a mage! An ordinary man like you has no chance, even with your superior fighting abili-" The man tipped forward as Bardock buried his elbow in the man's stomach.

"You talk too much." Bardock said as he turned and started walking away.

"Hey you! Please wait!" The old man shouted behind him. Bardock rolled his eyes.

'What is it now… I helped him isn't it enough?' Bardock wondered.

"I wanted to thank you for your help. Without you I would probably lose all the goods, and all the money I could get from them. For that I thank you." The old man said Bardock look at the man and gave him a nod. "After all the years of bowing for Frieza and his men, it just feels weird if others bow to me."

Grumble! The sound was heard from Bardock's empty stomach.

"Haha, I guess beating up bandits can make you hungry huh?" The old man said with a smile. He then went over to his carriage and got a bag of something, he gave the bag to Bardock and he opened it.

'Apples…I would really like some meat now, but I guess this will do for a while.'

"Come on eat some, they are not poisoned or anything. Oh this is embarrassing, I still haven't introduced myself. My name is Morino, and you are?" Morino asked.

"…Bardock, the name's Bardock."

"Bardock huh? That's a unique name isn't it? Come to think of it, looking at your clothes you aren't from here are you?" Morino questioned.

"No, I am from Planet Vegeta. I come from an elite warrior race called Saiyans. Though judging by your technology your race isn't probably capable of intergalactic travel yet." Bardock replied with a straight face munching on an apple."

"Bwahahahahaha, you have a nice imagination Bardock. Though if you couldn't or didn't want to tell me you could have said so." Morino replied.

"But I-"

"Oh my look at the time! I really need to go now Bardock, but if you want I can take you to the city of Magnolia as I am headed there. Looking at you, you probably don't know where you are exactly and it doesn't look like you have any money on you either." Morino said.

'The man has a point. I know nothing of this planet and it's culture, and I will most likely have to spend some time here.' Bardock thought. "I will go with you."

Morino just looked at Bardock and smiled at his new traveling companion.

"Hop in on the back or sit with me on the front, it's up to you. An old man really would appreciate some company though." He said.

"Hn."Bardock just nodded and went around the carriage and sat in the back finishing his 6th apple.

Sometime later: Magnolia night time

"Bardock! We have arrived wake up!" Morino shouted from the front of the carriage.

Bardock opened his eyes and exited the carriage. He went to the front where Morino was sitting and joined him.

"Is that Magnolia?" Bardock asked.

"Yes, it's one of the larger cities in Fiore. Home to the number 1 mage guild in Fiore!" Morino explained.

"Mage guild?" Bardock asked curiously.

"You don't know about mage guilds?" Morino questioned. Bardock nodded. "I see, well. Mage guilds are places where mages gather and take on quests from the civilians or other people sometimes even other guilds. Mages being people capable of using magic, like the man you beat up. He was what looked like to be a fire mage." He explained.

"So they are some kind of wizards…" Bardock mumbled to himself.

"What was that?" Morino questioned.


"Well Bardock. I guess it's time to say goodbye, if we ever meet again I will be glad to treat you to dinner." Morino said.

Bardock gave a tiny almost unnoticeable smile. "I will take you up on that." He then turned away from the city and went to find a place to sleep in the meantime. He soon arrived by a larger tree overviewing the city and decided to call it night. The last things Bardock thought about were his planet blown up by Frieza, his race obliterated in seconds, his mate Gine perishing together with everything else, and lastly his two sons which he will most likely never meet again. "I get emotional when I'm hungry."

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As for how strong Bardock will be, let's just say he will be strong enough but not too strong. Meaning he will not overpower Acnologia and Zeref, but he will overpower the likes of Laxus, Jellal, Zero etc. Maybe in his full power in his base form he will be on par with Gildarts, and when he goes super saiyan he will be on par with people like Acnologia and Zeref.

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