Chapter One : The Awakening

Inside a strange chamber, some odd machine opens up reveiving a Hyrulian and a red Zora in some bed like structure close together since it was suppose to only house one individual, not two.

"Link...Mipha...wake...up..." said some girl's voice that seemed familiar to them yet unknown who it is.

The two woke up surprised to see another close to each other not really knowing who each other is.

"Who are you?" asked the blond Hyrulian male curious.

Being a little shy it took time for the Red female Zora to respond, "I'm not sure"

"You Hyrulian are named Link" said the faint female voice, "and you Zora are named Mipha". Both Link and Mipha took some comfort knowing they have names, but hardly any memories of their past.

"But the time will come for your memories, right now I need you Link to pick up the Shieka Slate on that pedistal. to open the door" asked the voice.

Not sure if he should trust the voice, but since neither he nor Mipha know what is going on decides to pick up the pad and place it on a strange light as it opens a door to a small hallway.

The two finds some chests with some good fitting old clothes. The two blush seeing each other almost mostly naked. Yet there seems to be a warm strong feeling toward each other. Love maybe? They are not sure, yet maybe somehow they are suppose to know each other somehow.

They finally see light at the end of the hallway to some huge world in front of them.

To be Continued...

Author's Note: Sorry that this chapter is pretty short. Just wanted to introduce this fanfiction. Hopefully future ones will be longer.