This is a story based in a alternate universe where Styxx and Ash had a sibling back in Greece

May 13, 9547 BC

I was born from my mother who had become Mistress to King Xerxes after he accused his wife of being unfaithful and whoring herself to the gods. I was born early in the morning when Xerxes over saw the birth. He didn't want word getting out about me so my Mom was sentenced to death and he raised me under pretense I was Aara's daughter. Only the royal family and guards knew. Before it transpired however, Xerxes's held me and then looked to my mother. "What will her name be."

"Kalisto." my mother answered. My mother then spoke in a language I didn't know and Xerxes's then said. "I'll keep the child." then the guards came and took my mother away from me forever.

March 10, 9543 BC

I was on the floor with my brother Acheron and Styxx they had the soldiers and horse they were playing with scattered across the floor, "What are you doing in here.". I was admiring how they conducted real war when I heard the shrill cry of our sister, Ryssa.

"You wretched little thief." she was staring at Styxx when she said it. She hated me and Styxx and didn't know why.

"I took nothing." Styxx said. She crossed the room and yanked him up violently by the arm.

Shaking him she demanded, "Where did you put it, you worthless little worm."

"Put what?" Styxx asked.

"The toy horse Father gave me for my birthday. I know you collect them and I know you stole mine. Where is it?"

"I haven't touched it."

"You're such a liar!" she threw him back down went to search his things. "Where have you hidden it?"

Styxx looked at me and Ash and asked, "Did you take it?" we both shook our heads. I wondered who did.

"What are you doing here?"

All of us froze at the sound of the fury in the nurse's voice. Before anyone could speak a word the nurse grabbed Ash and attempted to walk out the room. "How many times have I told you to stay in your own room."

Styxx then jumped from the floor towards Ash. What are you doing brother? He grabbed for Ash and took something, a small soldier. He protected Ash from being punished for having it I saw Ash offer a smile before he was taken away.

"You!" Ryssa sneered as she glared at the toy Styxx held. "You're so selfish. You never think of anyone but yourself. What would it hurt to let him keep one toy? Huh?" she gestured to the rest of the toys. "Nothing is ever enough for you, is it?" You always want more and don't care who you take it from." she glanced towards me. "Or you'll share it with the whore child instead of your brother."

She jerked the toy from his hand, cutting it in the process and stormed from the room. Styxx looked defeated. He had no one to play with besides Ash. Ryssa hated him and refused to let him play with her and Ash, and other kids ran away as to not hurt him, I couldn't be caught touching anything that belong to one of the blood children should I be punished. Ash was all Styxx had. He put the toys away and sat on his bed with his head down as i left the room and proceeded towards my room.

It was actually more of a closet smaller than Styxx's room with only a small cot with no comforts, a chamber pot, and one tiny window. She knew how Styxx felt it sucked.

Hours later I crept into Styxx's room and saw him and Ash together, sleeping back to back, feet to feet. I went to the end of the bed and crawled and laid down my head resting on their hands and my form filling the rest of the space between their bent legs. I knew they both were sleeping peacefully and I came in just to give them positive thoughts and hopefully help them more. This was one of the few time it wasn't because I was also beaten cause Ryssa got in trouble because she spited me. The three of us, cursed siblings- always and forever.

August 30, 9542 BC

"He's coming through the gates right now!" I heard Ash shout. It was Estes coming for his annual visits. I left my room and went with everyone to meet Estes. I stood right behind Styxx so Xerxes wouldn't see me. The musicians started playing as Xerxes looked towards Styxx.

"There you are, my precious boy. I was just about to send a servant to fetch you. Come and greet your uncle." It would only be his Uncle. Este's only nods to me like I'm one of the servants.

He adored the rest of the family and ignored me. Estes and Xerxes went to his study, Acheron and Ryssa retreated elsewhere. Styxx had to go continue his tutorings. I headed to my room to be forgotten until Styxx would finish with his lessons or Ash would finish being with Ryssa. It wasn't until I heard Ryssa's yelling that I left my room. I heard the end of Ryssa's rant, ...exactly what you deserve. Styxx's gaze grew dark and he shot back at her, "Shut up, kuna! I hate you! I wish you were dead and burned!"

Ryssa grabbed his arm and shook him. "How dare you talk to me like that and use such a filthy word!" I would've laughed at the exchange until I heard Xerxes.

"Styxx!" that wasn't the fatherly tone he had before this was the wrathful king inside. "Come here, boy!" I looked around just enough to see Xerxes standing there with Estes while Styxx looking ashamed. I couldn't hear what they were saying until Xerxes he grabbed his arm and yelled, "How dare you! You do not disrespect your king. Ever!" Xerxes's was about to haul Styxx away when Ryssa saw me. Shit.

"Father Styxx wasn't the only one who insulted me." she pulled me from my spot by the stairs. Xerxes's told his guards to grab me and follow. We finally arrive at a place my two brother's and I were familiar with, The Royal Scold's station. He raked a sneer at both of us. "Twenty lashes each, ten more for both if either cries."

The scold asked one more question, "am I given full immunity on the prince, Majesty."

"Aye, of course." Xerxes's walked away he made it perfectly clear long ago that even though I live here I'm am not a princess or royalty. The scold looked at Styxx, "Your highness?"

"Aye, I grant it." It came out as a whisper from Styxx.

"When your finished take them to their rooms and see to it they stay there until morning with no comforts." Xerxes's said.

"Yes, Your Majesty." the scold stared at both of us the scold laughed as he pulled us into a small room and bent both of us over the caning bench. The scold has us both so while one recovered from the numbness of their strike he could hit the other. He shoved a piece of leather into Styxx's mouth and did the same to me. Finally he tied my and Styxx's hands to the front of the bench. He bared our buttocks and lightly brushed the cane across them. I felt something was against my leg and realized Styxx wet himself, I couldn't blame him it took every ounce of my strength not to do the same. Even so the scold commented.

"Some worthless king you'll make." then I heard him lash against Styxx and then a second after I felt the sting of the cane against my own backside.

After the scold finished he dragged us both to our rooms. He simply put Styxx inside and locked him in. The scold all, but threw me into my room. There was nothing inside to begin with but now my bed was gone too. I had the cold floor at least. I just laid on the ground and just hoped the pain in my back would end soon.

August 30, 9541 BC

One year later

It was the day of Aara's birthday and I got her nothing as I never got any coins without the fullest begging to Xerxes's or when Styxx had enough left over he would give Ash and I some. I was to be beaten later for it. Waiting for my caning later I heard Aara shriek, "Get away from me, you repulsive monster!" I saw my brother's run down the hall and then the steps I followed them.

"What happened?" I asked.

"I tried to give mother a hug and she slapped my for it. Why do they do that to me?"

"I don't know. They're crazy." Styxx replied.

"What in the name of Zeus happened to you?" it was Xerxes. Styxx wiped away the blood and then realized it was also on his chiton. His father saw Ash and it was the only thing that stop him from noticing me as I shrank away. "Did you hit him." Xerxes's accused Ash. Ash shook his head, but Xerxes's didn't buy it. "Liar." then he reached for Ash but Styxx blocked his way.

Father, no!" Ash ran like the devil was on his heels. Xerxes's started for Ash, but Styxx grabbed Xerxes's arm. Not wanting to see what transpired here I passed them tripped in a small puddle of blood ruining the white chiton I was also forced to wear, since I was deemed unworthy of dresses and gowns, and went to change. I threw the ruined Chiton over with the others, I have to wash myself soon, and got a clean one and changed into it. Then I heard Ash and Ryssa yelling I went out and soon after Styxx joined me. I saw Ash being carried by soldiers. Styxx and I rushed downstairs, but got held back by Xerxes. Estes then grabbed Ash and walked away carrying him.

"What's going on?" Styxx asked Xerxes

"Estes is taking him to Atlantis he replied. What, no, not Acheron.

"What? No! No!" yelled Styxx.

"Estes response was cold, "It's for the best. He's a danger to all of us, especially you." As if, Styxx and Ash were best friends no way was he a danger.

"Acheron! Please, Father! Don't take my brother from me! Please!" It was too late no amount of begging could bring back Ash, Xerxes gave him away like a piece of garbage that needed to be cleaned up.

I spent the next couple of hours crying into Styxx's shoulder until he said he would go see if he could console Ryssa who been crying harder than I. I continued it wasn't fair that Ash was taken I hoped Xerxes and Estes would rot in Tartarus for what they did. I made my way to Styxx's room. He was wrapping a carved horse up in a cloth. He set it away and then saw me. I grabbed him and he wept with me. He went to lay in bed and I laid with him like Ash would back to back and feet to feet.. I grabbed his hand and together I said, "Three cursed siblings" Then he finished it for me, "Forever and always.

June 21, 9537 BC

Four years later

I sat in my room and watched as I made the air in front of my shimmer. I had learned four years ago I had powers. Not only that a half-demon. It came to me the night I was with Styxx a demon came to me and told me my mother was a demon and used a spell to make sure Xerxes let me be born and another to have him keep me. Then when she was taken and executed, it was the work of demons out for her that caused it. I moved from my room which was Ash's old room. Styxx helped me move up so now I had a fully made bed, a chest, chamber pot, and even a balcony. Today was Ryssa's birthday and I had given her a small bracelet that I later saw her throw out her window to the water and rocks below. Styxx and I in the last four year increased my situation very well. I was taught with Styxx as long as I kept up with the harsh curriculum if I could it would mean back to being alone for that that time and a beating. Not only that, but I got a job with the record keepers who enjoyed me, mostly because they were old men who had a nice young girl who's skirt they can look up, and I got payed a very nice sum from them so I had money to spend

I was with Styxx and Praxies in Xerxes study reviewing progress when Ryssa came in to show what 'Acheron' sent her. It was combs that Styxx bought just days earlier and sent here so that Ryssa would get use out of them and not just leave them be. Afterwards we left with Praxies after Xerxes cast Styxx out and Praxies commented of losing the fibula that Styxx traded and the beating he received for saying he lost it. I gave Styxx a hug from the side and we continued to our studies.

August 30, 9536 BC

One year later

I was watching Styxx train with Galen who threw Styxx around like he was a ragdoll. I've been watching it like this since he started training with Galen. Currently Galen was stomping Styxx into the dirt and Styxx was defenseless.I couldn't hear what Galen was saying but I heard the shout that froze everyone, "Enough!" it was Xerxes's coming to check on Styxx's progress. Xerxes's exchanged a few words with Styxx before backhanding him and kicking him into the dirt. I got up and went to the barracks to follow Styxx and talk to him back to the palace.

"What did the king say to you?" Galen asked,

"I'm to be whipped for my cowardice." Styxx replied. Galen winced at that.

"I should not have lost my temper with you, Highness." Galen showing compassion the world must've been ending. We proceeded into the dressing room. Where Styxx changed from his armor to his normal clothes and Galen worried about Styxx's broken arm and expressed guilt of feeling like Styxx was a selfish brat. They continued talking about how Styxx would become a great leader when i spoke up to ask Galen and Styxx something.

"Can I train with you guys?" I don't know why, but I just popped the question out.

"What?" Galen asked.

"I've watched you and Styxx train from the stands for the past two years and I've been thinking about Atlantis and how we are on a very thin thread with them and I want to know to fight so that if the time comes I can help instead of being stuck at home waiting to be kidnapped."

Galen laughed, "You remind me of my daughter so much vigor. However grown men should never hit a small girl."

"I'm tougher than you think. Besides I don't expect to tech Styxx how to deflect blows from bigger enemies I just hope to help Styxx with multiple enemies or sneak attacks as well."

Galen closed his eyes and sigh, "Aye if you want you'll follow the same training Styxx does, but be warned I will not take it easy because you are a woman. You've asked for it."

"Thank you Master Galen."

"Rest well tonight, Highness and fair Kalisto. Tomorrow I shall not not take mercy on you two."

"I look forward to it." Styxx said while we left.

"So why did you actually want to join us practicing?" Styxx asked.

"So I can kick your butt and you can say you got beat by your little sister." I replied.

Styxx laughed, "Good luck." Styxx proceeded to get a gold bracelet he got for Aara and give it to her. I was going to spend the time in my room since I cared not for the queen's birthday. I was resting in my room when I heard Este's yell, "Styxx?" I ran towards Aara's room and saw Styxx's guards holding Aara back while Styxx bled out on the floor. I knew it wasn't a good time, but I rushed over and grabbed Styxx it looked like I was putting pressure of the world, but I was trying to push my demon energy into him so I could help him live.