February 19, 9527 BC

Styxx shook me away and I sat straight up in bed.

"Styxx what's going on?"

He moved his cloak so I could see the blood on him, "Someone tried to kill me and I am checking on everyone to make sure they are safe." He stopped two guards, "Stand by her door let no one in and guard her." I was glad Styxx cared, but I had work to do. I reached out with my powers if anyone was in the house that wasn't supposed to I would know. No matter how hard I tried there was no trace. The assassin had to have been a demon or a god to avoid the detection from her.

March 23, 9527 BC

"At least I'm old boy what's your excuse."

"Maybe because even old people hit harder than he does. He hits like a girl.' I said with the good natured banter. Then I saw the giant monster if a dog rushing us. I darted back as the dog leaped on Galen. I watched as Styxx pulled the dig away from Galen and walked him over to a small woman. Technically she was taller than me, but compared to Styxx he was tiny. I was in the dressing room when Styxx entered with the girl. I had half my armor off when I heard the girl say.

"When does one and one make three." I waited till they everyone finished.

"So Styxx are you going to introduce me to this mystery woman."

Bethany, which seemed to be the girl's name, turned to me, "Princess Ryssa I presume."

I gasped loudly, "I am not the pretentious bitch she is. I am Kalisto. Styxx's other sister."

"Styxx didn't mention another sister."

I looked at Styxx, "Playing favorites prince boy."

"No, sorry Kalisto, but unlike Ryssa you didn't have a time to come up."

"Remember that next time I 'accidentally' knock you off a stable loft. Bethany laughed at that.

Styxx glared, "After a third time it's not an accident anymore.

April 6, 9527 BC

A convoy was arriving from Egypt and Xerxes was convinced it was Nefertari. The convoy came through covered in gold and my senses with the power at the door, two strong forces were there and suddenly a very shiny girl and a man dressed as a lion walked in. They brushed past Xerxes and Ryssa and then the girl ran for Styxx I then recognized it was Bethany. Suddenly my nose started bleeding as even more power invaded my senses. Four very powerful people were here. I looked and saw Athena and Apollo were here. If they were here then that had to mean the lion man was a foreign god. Bethany had power so I assumed the God was her father and she was a demigod. With three gods and a demigod in the same place I ran to my room and grabbed a cloth to hold nose to stop the bleeding. This was going to be a long day.

April 8, 9527 BC

I sat with Styxx at Galen's funeral and watched as his face molded with anger, sadness, and confusion over why Galen had to be the one to die. I once swore Didymos would pay for hurting Ash. Now I swore for Styxx. I hoped to see Didymos burn for this.

May 13, 9527 BC

Styxx walked over to me and held a picture out to me. I froze as he handed me a wood picture carving like the one I gave him. Except this one had the sun symbol with three lightning bolts at the top down a little bit covering the bottom of the symbol was the black phoenix of Styxx's, then down a bit farther at the bottom covering the bottom of the phoenix was a fox's head like on my shield. I was at a lost for world till I tackled Styxx in a hug. I didn't stopped until Styxx started tapping me.

"Can't breath, hug too tight."

May 16, 9527 BC

Styxx and Bethany living together has gotten near NSFW anymore. I came around the corner today to enter the dining room and Bethany was in the middle of the hall way with her hand around Styxx's… Ew. I yelled at them to go back to his room if they wished to do that, but that I didn't want to see it. Actually my exact words were, "If you want to fondle each other that's fine, but do it in the privacy of your bedroom! Not outside the room people eat in!"

June 24, 9527 BC

I rushed as I heard screaming down the hall and I saw guards and physicians rush into Styxx's room. I ran in and Styxx was on the floor with a guy wound. Xerxes held a bloody knife while Ryssa, who had blood on her gown, was yelling about Styxx. I was mad at her for gutting my brother. I couldn't stand it. If I stood there any longer I would gut her and burn her corpse. I haded room and barricaded myself in.

June 25, 9527 BC

Just after midnight

I laid in my room and heard movement coming from Ryssa's. I heard her muffle gasps and a squeal of pain come from her. I considered helping then remembered my Didymos and her. I said words that from that day would haunt me for the rest of my life, "Have fun bitch. Go rot in Tartarus." I rolled over and fell asleep to the sounds of her suffering.

I awoke to Xerxes scream in agony. I opened my door and walked down to the hall to Ryssa's room. I saw the scene in my head and instantly regretted what I said last night and my choice. There was nothing inside the room to even tell you what was human anymore. Someone had literally torn Ryssa, Apollodorus, and the maid to ribbons. Ash was soon at the door too. Then suddenly Styxx attacked Acheron. Kalisto was going through to many emotions when suddenly a bright light exploded into the room. I covered my eyes and when the light died Apollo was standing in the middle of the bloody mess That was his wife and son.

Apollo clenched his teeth, "Who did this?" He demanded.

Styxx pointed at Ash, 'He let them die."

Apollo turned so fast and hit Ash so hard that he flew into the air and hit the ground. In that moment I had to help I rushed Apollo but he knocked me back before continuing to attack Ash. I was able to set up, the edges of her eyes still dark as she saw Ash lose his tongue. I tried to stand but as I did Apollo blasted me back down, then I saw a demon appear and Apollo fought with it until he shoved her back into a blade Ash held. Ash yelled out in pain then rushed only to by gutted by Apollo. Then by all that consumed me I felt something give way. It was a force unlike anything I felt before. I turned to my hand and knees and my body felt like to was moving then I saw my hand changing hair grew. I felt my body change and eventually Apollo stood in the hallway staring at me in disbelief. I slowly stalked forward. Even though I couldn't see myself I Knew I had changed into a fox and a deadly one at that. I saw as fire consumed my fox body and spewed it at Apollo who waved his arm and blasted the fire away. I poured in him and bite into him arm. I attacked fury I saw his knife fly out his hand and I was about to tear his throat out when he disappeared. I turned and looked at Xerxes and the guards. I knew I couldn't stay now. I turned and rushed down the steps and out through Didymos into the woods where Styxx had first started meeting Bethany.

I heard the wail, but it wasn't until I saw light coming from Didymos that I moved. I saw a woman with white hair and a black gown tearing across Didymos. I was correct saying Didymos would burn. I saw the woman destroy the palace in a single blow… I recognized her as Apollymi from the legend books she was destroying everything in the city-state. I sat and waited for a blast to hit me then suddenly the wind died and the destruction had stopped. I looked around for Apollymi and saw nothing. I headed into Didymos and found the palace. I went looking through the rubble for my brothers. First I found the picture Styxx had given me on my birthday. I searched more and found the picture I gave Styxx, it was almost perfect except it had a crack right down the middle of the sun and phoenix. I carried those two pictures with me. I was about to travel Greece to find somewhere to live

June 30, 9527 BC

I was in Athens now I hadn't found a single place not destroyed by Apollymi. I travel across the roads when I saw someone I knew. I smiled and ran towards him. I tackled Ash in a hug.

"Kalisto?" He held me out to look at me, "Is it really you?" He held me in a hug.

I stepped back, "How are you alive I saw Apollo gut you?"

Ash closed his eyes and took a deep breath, "I need to tell you something Kalisto, please don't freak out."

"I won't."

"I am Apostolos, son of Apollymi. In Atlantis, I am the the one who will bring the end of the world."

I didn't even budge. After everything that has happened he could have admitted to being Zeus and it would surprise me.

"Since we are sharing secrets. Ash I am a demon that is a sister species of the kind that serves your Mom." Ash couldn't have looked more surprised if I told him I was going to hit him with a truck.

"Yous a demon too." A little voice said. A small demon emerged from behind Ash.

"Yes I am. Who are you?"

"I am Simi and the Simi is out with her Akri. Do you have something to eat the Simi is starving."

"Hey, Simi. I have something for you to eat." A dark skinned man with dark hair and a thick beard walked around a column.

"Who are you?" Both Ash and I asked.

"I know you're hungry, sweet. Dig in." After Simi attacked the food he held his arm out to Ash, "My name is Savitar."

"How do you know Simi?" Ash asked.

"I know a lot of things Acheron. And I've come to help you learn your powers and to understand your simi demon. She's too young to be left to callous care and the last thing I want is to see either of you hurt because of it." The men kept talking then Savitar looked at me, "Your sister will also be needed, she will also affect the future greatly. I'm to teach you to fight and her to properly use her powers. Suddenly I was in an empty training room. Savitar was in front of me.

"Are you ready to learn to use your…' he was cut off as Xirvix entered the arena.

"She my trainee Savitar."

"Maybe I would know if you didn't sit on your ass eight years. If you actually want to train her maybe your should help me."

"Sounds good." They both looked at me and for the rest of the day I spent it training in my power. Eventually Savitar teleported me to Ash. He picked up a staff and handed it to wash and said something to him. Suddenly I was in a bedroom in a new palace. After bit of wondering I found Ash.

"What is this place?"

"It's Atlantis where the gods used to live… I guess it's mine now."

"Oh cool… hey Ash since your back doesn't that mean Styxx would be alive too."

"Maybe if he had a body to go back to. My Mom probably tore him into pieces. I tried looking for his, Ryssa's, and Xerxes' body but never found any of them. My guess is they were vaporized by my Mom."

I believed now, but something told me Ash wasn't telling the truth.

June 27, 7382 BC

"Now take and fold it like this." I said to Simi showing her how to make a origami swan. Simi looked at the swan then shoved it into her mouth and at it. Kalisto laughed at the demon. Physically older than her Simi still acted like a little kid. Ash said she aged one year for every thousand that passed. Which would make Simi five thousand in human years, but only five in demon. I don't know how I didn't get the spectrum, but I aged at just the same as humans. It wasn't until Ash used his god powers he said I would age like Simi and only grow one year older every thousand years. It's been two thousand years since then and even though I was two thousand something I looked like I was twenty two. I needed to remember to ask Ash to let me age even slower. Like maybe every five thousand year can equal one for me. It was for personal reasons.

Simi stood up, "Akri keeps calling for the Simi. The Simi be back later Akra-Kalisto.'

I started making more Origami creatures I had near a whole zoo when Simi walked in mocking Ash, "No don't eat that Simi, no Simi put it down, spit the screaming man out Simi." She sat down in her chair with a huff, "Kateros is so boring, the Simi is bored." she huffed. Laughed at her complaints.

"Do you want to help me make some more origami animals Simi?" I asked.

"The Simi guess, talking to you makes Kateros less boring Akra-Kalisto."