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'Recognized Robin, B-0-1'

Robin (Dick) walked into the Cave, towards the rest of the team. Aqualad (Kaldur), Kid Flash (Wally), Superboy (Connor), Miss Martian (M'gann), Artemis (Artemis), and Zatanna (Zatanna) turned towards him and greeted him with enthusiasm.

"Rob, heard we got a mission," Wally smirked, "did you get a heads up on what we're gonna do?" Robin rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"Sorry Wallster, but nope." Dick replied. "I'm in the dark about this too." Wally frowned, sighing loudly and slumped onto a chair. He groaned, fidgeting while glancing at the clock. He couldn't wait till Batman comes and gives them their mission. Artemis gave him a dark glare, crossing her arms.

"Stop being such a baby, Wally." She rolled her eyes, chiding him. Wally frowned in her direction. He then decided to try to successfully flirt with Zatanna. Unfortunately, this backfires as she brushed off his antics. Wally also had his mouth duct trapped shut and was tied up with ropes. Zatanna quietly laughed as she enjoyed the sight.

"Great job, Zatanna!" Artemis high-fived the magic caster. The speedster squirmed and tried to break free, but he had no luck. He couldn't help but notice the other members of the team were also laughing at him. He gave Dick a pleading look to set him free. Dick stepped closer to his tied up best friend and squatted down. Reaching his hand out, he looked as if he was about to untie him, causing Wally to smile at his savior. But at the last moment, Dick pulled his hand back and cackled.

"Sorry Kid Mouth," Dick backed away, "this is just too funny." Wally gave him a death glare before continuing his attempt of breaking free. Dick smirked to himself. In a little bit, he can hack the surveillance system and capture a video and picture of this. He wondered if he was able to use it as good blackmail material.

'Recognized Batman 0-2'

Batman walked through the portal only to see the sight of Kid Flash bundled up and the rest of the team just enjoying the situation. He sighed, frowning upon the group of childish protégés. The team's laughter and chatter were soon silenced as they noticed him approaching them.

"Untie him," Batman ordered and Zatanna quietly mumbled the magic words and unraveled the roped and removed the tape from his lips. Wally quickly got up and stretched, letting out a satisfied sigh before freezing up. He noticed Batman narrowing his eyes at him. Chuckling nervously, he backed away to the back of the group.

Shaking his head, he went to the hologram board, followed by the team. Typing in some things, images showed up. Pointing to them, Batman then began the mission debriefing.

"We have discovered new info that Ra's al Ghul is planning something suspicious," Batman informed, putting up pictures of Ra's al Ghul and his League of Shadows being suspicious. "Your mission will be to go there, spy on them, and discover their plans. Be alert at all times. You will be spying on well trained assassins." With that said, they left in M'gann's bioship and heading to Ra's al Ghul's location. They were in their covert missions clothes, so they were wearing their usual uniform, but in darker colors, like black and red.

"So, how are we gonna do this?" Kid Flash asked, leaning back into his chair. The others were silent, thinking. Then Aqualad decided to speak up, verbalizing his plan.

"I was thinking that we should split into a team of two." He decided. " I think Robin, Zatanna, Artemis, and Superboy should be on one team, and the rest on the other. A big group will be noticed, but with this, we can find information faster without being caught easily. However, with this strategy, we can still overpower the assassins." After that, they made it their destination.

"Keep our mind link open." With a nod, they split into their team and left.

Miss Martian, Aqualad, and Kid Flash sneaked around outside where a small group of assassins were patrolling. Miss Martian turned invisible and headed to the backs of the assassins. Kid Flash ran around them, catching the assassins' attention. Before they knew it, Aqualad and Miss Martian attacked them, both from the front and the back and were knocked unconscious.

'Team one is in the house!' Kid Flash grinned, running into the building, leaving the others behind in his tracks. They shook their head and ran in. Aqualad also mentally scolded him on the way for going in alone. Artemis rolled her eyes and continued focusing on getting in on her side.

And they did get in relatively easy. Robin managed to distract and confuse them with his cackle that filled up the entire surroundings. With that, Zatanna used her spell to tie up some assassins, Artemis used her foam arrow, and Superboy simply knocked others unconscious. They soon sneaked in, letting the other team know they were in too.

"Guard me while I hack into this computer," Robin ordered, plugging in a wire into the building computer. "Just need to silence the alarms and everything." He typed furiously while the others looked back and forth to spot any incoming assassins. Luckily, none are coming yet. Soon, Robin finished, including downloading a convenient map of the place. Using his glove, he brought it up into a hologram.

"We need to head over here at the mainframe computer," Robin pointed out fingering a huge room. "We'll find out here." Trusting their younger, but more experienced friend and comrade, they followed him all the way. Surprisingly, there weren't any people to stop him. It was too quiet and empty for them to feel safe.

"Just give me a little bit of time to bypass the password," Robin murmured, typing on the keyboard. "Got it!" Images of his face turning green and smiling appeared on the screen. He jabbed a USB into an available slot before taking it out and leaving the room, cackling and making the rest of the team follow. All of a sudden, groups of ninja like people appeared around them.

"Robin!" Zatanna yelled, trying to reach towards the young, tiny hero. He was being separated with the group. Robin looked at his surroundings before throwing something at Artemis. Swiftly, she jumped up and caught the object, which was the USB he worked on.

"Get that to safety!" Robin yelled. "We need to complete this mission. The mission comes first." It was then that the team knew what was going on. Robin planned on sacrificing himself to get the others and the USB to safety. This idea wasn't welcomed by all of the team.

"Do you think we care about the mission more than you? We're not leaving you!" Superboy yelled, trying to fight his way to the Bat's protege. Robin frowned at him and shook his head.

"No, get the USB to safety first," Robin argued, "I can handle myself until you guys can come back!" Superboy wanted to argue more, but was soon stopped by Artemis. She shook her head as her hand laid on his shoulder.

"Unfortunately, he's right," she agreed, "he can handle himself while we get this to safety. Then we can head back and pick him up." Superboy reluctantly gave in, growling and slamming the assassins out of their way. They telepathically notified the other team to get the bioship ready for them as they all fought their way back to the aircraft.

"Let me show you my ninja skills," Robin smirked, getting ready in a fighting position. The ninja assassins braced themselves too. They grabbed their katanas and readied themselves. Robin smirked at the sight. Oh how he would enjoy this challenge.

"Stop right there!" A female woman ordered sharply. "Let him be and leave." At the sound of protest, her look darkened. This caused the assassins to quickly turn and leave back to their post. Robin glanced at the woman with a surprise, yet skeptical look.

"Talia," Robin casually greeted. "This place seems nice, but the hospitality needs some work." He instantly relaxed and placed one hand on his hip while the other hung loosely by his side. He grinned at her, the woman who called herself Batman's beloved. The other woman returned the grinned with one of her own.

"I apologize Robin, but our men do not take kindly to...uninvited guest that well," Talia replied. "How is my beloved?" Robin gave her a shrug, not really answering her question. To be honest, he was trying to find a way out. Sure, they're talking now, but if they started fighting, she'll be a formidable opponent to deal with. She frowned at his response, but pushed it aside.

"I'm sorry Talia, but I must take my leave," Robin cackled suddenly, jumping over her and running to a random door. "I'll catch you around later!" Talia's eyes widen at the direction he was going. He wasn't supposed to go there. He'll discover- No time for thinking, Talia chided herself. She has to stop him! Quick on her feet, she raced after her beloved's first ward.

"Robin, stop!" Looking back, he saw Talia racing after him. He focused back to the front. He couldn't allow Talia to capture him. What would she and Ra's al Ghul do to him if he was? Seeing a slightly cracked door, Robin slipped inside and quietly shut the door. Hearing footsteps fading away, he sighed.

"Who are you, peasant?" a childish voice coldly asked. "Introduce yourself." Robin turned around and was met with a long sword close to his throat. Holding the handle was a boy. He had black hair that was spiky. He also has light blue eyes that was familiar. Only one other person had those eyes. Instantly Robin made the connection.

"You're related to Batman!" Robin exclaimed, the whites of his masked widen until they were almost a perfect circle. The boy narrowed his eyes. Soon the sword was pushed closer to his neck. Blood started to seep out and rolled off of the sword.

"That's right Robin," Talia confirmed, appearing out of no where. "This boy is Damian Wayne. He is the son of Batman and Talia al Ghul." At this fact, Robin choked on his saliva. Because of that, he involuntarily jerked around. Unfortunately, the sword was still on his neck, so the cut became deeper and more blood spewed out.

"How- What-" Robin started stuttering. He was unsure of what to say. Luckily, Talia understood what he was trying to say. But before she answered, she motioned for Damian to put his sword down. Therefore, Robin wouldn't sustain any more injuries.

"I managed to obtain the DNA of Batman and combined it with my own to create my perfect son," Talia explained as she wrapped her arms around her son. "He is the powerful heir to the al Ghul and Wayne family." Damian smirked as he crossed his arms. He gave Robin a smug look.

"What am I, chopped liver?" Damian's smirk fell off his face and a glare replaced it. Who was this boy to believe that he was of importance?

"I'll ask this again, peasant. Who are you?" Damian snarled. "Answer me or your head will no longer be attached to your body." Suddenly, a hand flew to Damian's shoulder and squeezed it hard. Damian turned to see his mother looking sternly at him, but before he could say anything, his mother spoke.

"Damian, behave yourself," she scolded. "This is Robin, otherwise known as Richard Grayson. He is one of your non biological brothers and is the eldest." At this, Damian glanced at his 'brother.'

"Richard Grayson, from Haley's Circus. How did you manage to get father to adopt a circus freak like you?" Damian sneered. Robin growled at the boy. It took every ounce of his body to not rip Damain apart. Doing his best to calm down, he turned to Talia, hoping to ignore Damian.

"Bruce isn't gonna like that you kept Damian a secret," Robin smirked. "My my, Talia, what would he say about this?"

"As a circus performer, you should understand," Talia replied, smiling. "Timing is everything. It's not the right time for Bruce to know about him yet." Looking at the two boys, Talia suddenly had an idea. However, before she could say anything, Robin had a telepathic message.

'Robin, we are at the ship and coming to you.' M'gann informed. 'How is your situation?' Sending a quick reassurance that he's okay, he returned to the situation.

"Talia, you need to tell Bruce," Robin told her. "If you don't tell him, I will, and that will probably not end well with you. Plus, Damian deserves to meet his dad." Sure, the idea of this brat being the son of Batman wasn't fully welcomed, Robin knew that the right thing was for Batman to know the truth and for Damian to meet his father. Hearing Robin's last sentence, Damian looked slightly surprised. Unknown questions flew around his head. However, he hid his emotions with an annoyed face.

"I don't need you to decide what's best for me Grayson," Damian crossed his arms, giving Robin an evil glare. "If mother hasn't informed father of my existence, then she must have a good reason not to tell father." Robin returned the glare with his very own. Before there could be any insults thrown at each other, Talia decided to intervene.

"Shall I propose we make a deal?" Talia asked, catching their attention. "I will tell Bruce about Damian in a few months, just not right at this moment." Robin looked skeptical.

"And what do I have to do?" Robin asked.

"At that time, I will allow Damian to stay at the Wayne Manor," Talia informed him. "Having him there will cause some discomfort for a while. So, it'll be good to have someone who knows him there."

"So, what you're asking me is to hang out with the brat?" Robin narrowed his eyes at Damian. Damian looked unhappy with the thought too. He turned towards Talia, ready to voice his disapproval.

"Don't complain Damian," Talia reprimanded before he could speak. "This is a good opportunity to connect with your brother." The two brother glared at each other again. You could see sparks flying around them.

"Fine, I can put up with him," Robin sighed. "But when do I get to see him?" Damian scoffed, but stayed silent. He didn't object to anything.

"Don't worry," Talia smiled. "You'll find out a week before he comes." Suddenly, the sound of an explosion shook the room.

"Well, that's my cue to leave," Robin turned and started walking out. "See you in a few weeks brat." Hearing the younger of the two yell at him actually made Robin smile. Maybe hanging out with the assassin trained boy won't be so bad after all.

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