Taking the slash destined to Blake from Adam, while fighting Lee thought about his lifes.

Hachimon Tonkou: Seimon Kai!

The color of his skin changed to red, surprising both Adam and Blake; his wound started closing fast enough to be seen at naked eye

He recalled his youth, in the elemental nations, when he started training under Gai-sensei, with the others that thought of him as useless; he recalled his fight against Gaara, that nearly killed him even after using the Ura Renge. He recalled the surgery where he had only the fifty percent chance of getting out alive.

Hachimon Tonkou: Shomon Kai!

fast enough to disappear, he moved in front of Adam, where he gave him a hook on the chin and sending him flying, unfortunately, he thought, his Aura protected his life.

His mind recalled how Gai-sensei was ready to sacrifice his life to kill Madara; how Naji, his rival, was ready to sacrifice his life to protect the life of his cousin and Naruto, and how instead died not as a ninja, but for old age, as a father.

Hachimon Tonkou: Tomon Kai!

Reappearing again in front of Adam he grabbed his neck with newfound strength, then he pulled, snapping it. Immediatly after that he was gone again, manifesting and instantly killing a Grimm that was going to slash the unconscious Yang

He recalled how he was reborn as a faunus, in a world of aura and semblances, with his pitiful chakra, and his hell training to be able to protect his friend and family. He recalled the day when he failed, his village was destroyed by Grimms, and his uselessness against them.

"Hug her tight, we are going to be fast!" he said to the crying Blake, putting the two girls under his arm and grabbing the detached limb

Seeing the pain on his face she immediatly nodded, taking a mental note of asking him later about his burst of energy

'I will wait for the enemies to be near the group before opening the next, it will be easier' he thought, running with them

It was easy to find the group, be it White Fang or Grimms they were both attracted by the group of terrified people. Lee slipped through them killing only when necessary, to conserve both energy and his body intact

Arriving in the square, he immediatly manifested in front of professor Bartholomew and Weiss, leaving them agape with his display.

"Take care of them,Yang need emergency surgery for the arm I will take with me the highest number of Grimms in the grave" he said gently placing the girls and the arm on the floor, before turning his head to look at the incoming figure of Ruby. After exhaling a breath of relief seeing that she was fine he jumped, leaving her too astonished with his speed.

He recalled when he arrived on Vale, his newfound Semblance, the racism, his sparring with Ruby and his admission at Signal thanks to Qrow; his encounter with Ozpin, and the test that reminded him of the forest of death. His new friends, Yang, always ready to spar with him; Blake, so beautiful with her cat ears, Ren that reminded him of Sasuke; Nora, a girl with a pure heart but with hits as heavy as Sakura; Jaune that he confused with Naruto; and Pyyrha that approached Jaune like Hinata. He recalled his first hate for his team CRDL, and the punishments he received for beating them. He recalled his Vow of protecting them, full of determination!

"Hachimon Tonkou: Kaimon Kai!" he roared; a green glow covered his skin and an immense pressure escaped from his body, pushing away the Grimms flying near him

High in the sky, higher that even than the tower of the accademy, he concentrated, isolating his mind from the burning pain of his body and recalling the skill he learned from his teacher on his past life

"Asakujaku!" he roared: like a Peacock awakening in the morning, he started hitting the air, bursting it in flames and creating a burning wheel, slowly at first, and then faster and faster, adapting his body and mind to the new sensation and pain.

The Boarbatusks, the beowolfs, the androids, the majority of the white fang and some Ursa minor were killed, but even with a wisp of consciousness remaining he was able to understand that he would be exausted before killing everyone

'Sensei please give me strength' his aura and chakra intertwined breaking through the seventh tenketsu!

"Hachimon Tonkou: Kyōmon Kai!" a blue aura exploded from his body making him visible even from the city of Vale.

"FEEL THE FLAMES OF MY YOUTH!" he roared again. Like a phoenix bathing in flames he started hitting the air again, stronger, faster, bursting it in a bright rain of cathartic flames

The flames, driven by his telekinesis further enhanced by the first two gates, started immediatly to kill every kind of enemy present with the exception of the Dragon, like a rain of flaming meteors, giving at the same time hope to the terrified citizens

After dealing with the minions he was going to use the Daytime Tiger to deal with the Grimm dragon when a silver halo of light exploded from the tower, petrifying it.

'Hachimon Tonkou?! No, the feeling is different' he thought feeling waves of pain coursing through his whole body

'So I am not the only one with a secret' focusing his sight on the top of the tower was able to see that Ruby was the one that exploded in the blinding light before falling inconscious, while a red dressed girl was immediatly taken away by a Nevermore bleeding from her face. He then gazed at the motionless dragon, before coughing blood, sensing that it was still alive.

Resisting the temptation of falling unconscious for the bone-piercing pain he landed on the nearly empty square, before sprinting with an acceptable speed over the buildings towards the tower.

He know well the worst abilty of Grimms, after all, he thought, that was the reason his village was invaded 'fucking Nevermores...'

Arrived in front of the tower he leaped to the ground, only to immediatly kick the air to dodge a scythe coming to his direction. He was now able to see four people ahead the door of the tower, the headmistress, a half-robotic man, Weiss and surprisingly Uncle Qrow.

Seeing that the four were wary of him and of the energy he radiated he decided to give them a short summary of the events "Uncle Qrow Ruby is unconscious on the top alone, I am going to kill the dragon before exhaling my last breath" he screamed before kicking again the air moving toward the walls of the tower leaving three people agape and one worried to death

'Fuck the secrecy' he thought before running on the wall toward the top with his nearly exausted chakra.

There he was welcomed with ruins and melted gears, everything seemed quiet but he dared not to relax as otherwise he would fall unconscious. He moved carefully in front of Ruby before catching a few breaths; enough to squeeze a little more energy from his body, but not enough to relax.

Sensing the sound of someone cutting the wind he understood that someone was rapidly coming up, and he moved his hands to the stance he saw once from his teacher, before releasing every inch of energy in his body in an istant

"HIRUDORA! ROAR, MY YOUTH!" He screamed, sensing every muscle still intact in his body snapping and his bones cracking under the enormous stress; in front of him, a silver tiger-head as big as the dragon was released, breaking through everything in his path, be it the floor of the tower, the statue, the dragon inside, or some innocent building on his way

"My job is done; it seems that this time I will join you all, Sensei!" with a small smile on his face he whispered gazing at the approaching ground, before falling unconscious