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Note: This story will be based primarily on the anime with aspects of the games, the Adventures manga and the Electric Tales manga mixed in.

It was a beautiful afternoon in the small town of Royal Woods and everyone was enjoying such a wonderful day except for one Lincoln Loud, who was sitting on the front steps of the house in his pajamas, waiting for his family to return from Lynn's softball game.

"I really hope Lynn wins that stupid game of hers - I'm getting tired of being treated like this." muttered Lincoln with a sigh as he stared at the clear blue sky above him, thinking over what he had been through over the past week. In hindsight, the whole 'claiming to be bad luck' idea was a bad one from the start.

It all started at breakfast a week ago when Lynn tried to convince Leni not to bring him to her fashion show, believing him to be bad luck. It was at that point that he had come up with the idea that put him in his current situation - if he could convince the others that he was bad luck as well, maybe he could finally get the alone time he long sought after.

Things had started off so well at first - he didn't have to go to any of his sisters' events, he finally got to read his comics alone in peace and even got the house to himself on several occasions. Then things started to go wrong after being forced to stay home while his family went to the theater to go see a movie.

At least Leni made good on her promise to tell him how the plot of the movie went.

Not too long after that, things started to get worse - he was banned from being in the same room as everyone else, barred from sleeping in his own room and forced to stay outside like an animal. Even the pets wanted nothing to do with him, believing him to be bad luck as well.

Eventually, he had even resorted to coming clean with the truth. However, this didn't work as the rest of his family dismissed him, thinking that he was coming up with an excuse so he could get back into the house. To rub further salt into the metaphorical wound, they were planning on taking a trip to the beach later after Lynn's softball game without him.

Desperate to bring this mess to a close so he could come along with them as well, he had come up with the plan of posing as the team's mascot during the game and prove to his family that he wasn't bad luck once it was over, but eventually decided against the idea.

After all, if Lynn happened to lose the game, he would end up catching flak from everyone else once they found out he had been there as well, possibly making his current situation worse. He couldn't take that chance.

So here he was - sitting on the front porch in his pajamas, waiting for his family to get back from the baseball park. Inwardly, he hoped that if Lynn's team managed to win the championship she's after, things would start returning back to normal and he'd be able to sleep in his room once more.

"All I can do now is wait. Hopefully things haven't gone too badly."


-Royal Woods Baseball Park-

"And that's the game, folks - the Hazeltuck Lions bring home the championship with a score of 3-0! Better luck next time, Squirrels!"

As the Lions started to celebrate with their newly obtained championship trophy, Lynn continued to seethe in anger following the end of the game, her knuckles gradually turning white from how tightly she was gripping her bat, desiring to use it on the blue-clad team as they continued to enjoy their victory.

The entire game had gone horribly for her team ever since it started - Margo accidentally flinging herself into the umpire after missing the ball, her teammates constantly colliding with each other while out on the field and even having her clothing literally knocked off of her by the ball when it hit her.

Even doing her usual good luck rituals didn't work, leading to her striking out during the bottom of the ninth inning and costing her team the game.

"Come on, Lynn - let it go. We'll win the championship next year." said Margo as she placed an hand on her friend's shoulder, hoping to calm her down. Instead, it seemed to have the opposite effect as Lynn swatted it away in anger.

"Let it go? Let it go!? How can I let something like this go? We lost the game and the championship on top of that!" snapped the angry brunette, causing Margo, as well as the rest of her team, to back away at the sudden outburst in surprise.

"There must've been some reason on why we lost so badly, but what? I know we got plenty of practice in and I even did my good luck rituals right..." mused Lynn as she tried to come up with an excuse - any excuse - on why her team lost.

"Maybe it just wasn't our lucky day, Lynn." replied Margo, causing Lynn's eyes to widen in realization. Luck.

If that had been the reason her team had lost, then there was only one conclusion she could come to that made sense to her: Lincoln. He must have snuck into the park somehow and jinxed her. That was the only possible explanation - her team wouldn't have lost otherwise.

'Lincoln, that little jinx...it's not enough that his bad luck caused me to lose the game, but now he cost me the championship too? I'll make him pay for this!' thought Lynn as she gnashed her teeth in anger before stomping off, still clutching the bat tightly while her teammates watch on with concern...


AN: This is my first real crack at writing a fanfic, so things might be a little rough around the edges at first, but I hope you guys enjoy the story nonetheless.