This is a short Bio of Felix Floetry the Fox

Name: Felix Floetry

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Species: Fox

Height: Roughly 4 feet tall

Weight: 54 pounds

Parents: Striker and Linda Floetry (Both Deceased)

Siblings: Epsilon Floetry -Older Brother (Alive)

Relationship: Squip, Unicorn(Marefriend)

Residence: the outskirts of Ponyvile in a small cottage

Brief History: Felix Floetry was born in a small Fox Village called Foxtrot Hills in the country of Vulpisia. his Father, Striker Floetry, was a member of the Foxpaw military which was constantly at War with the neighbouring Wolf tribe. When Felix and his Brother were still really young, a deadly wolf mercenary named Jagged Fang invaded Foxtrot Hills with a large army. he succeeded in conquering it. Striker Floetry lost his life in the battle.

In order to cope with the loss of his Father and the hostile takeover of his village, he would hide in his basement and read old Poetry Books that belonged to his Grandmother. Before his father died, Striker Instructed his two sons in the ancient and powerful martial art known as Kyuubiken aka "The Nine Tailed Fist." although he hated the training, Felix rose to Expert level rather quickly. After his Mother Died of an illness, his brother looked after him until they were finally old enough to go there separate ways. Felix soon arrived in Equestria where he currently lives in Ponyville.

Personality: Felix is very polite and respectful and often rather witty at times. he tends to be shy at times due to his childhood traumas but he copes by Writing Poetry, Raps, and even Song lyrics. he's written short stories too and keeps all of his writings in his special Journals. Felix loves to eat Peaches and hes a vegetarian. he can deliver sass whenever its called for. he enjoys going on walks and meditation. although he's very friendly and warm to others, hes a Very skilled martial artist, even though he absolutely hates physical violence and tends to shy away from uneasy situations. His Kyuubiken style essentially weaponizes his Life energy, or Ki, and is based on his strength and spirit.

Appearance: Felix has a rather swinder frame all together and often wears either a shirt or sweater often green or yellow. He'll sometimes wear jeans or no pants all together. He's what is considered anthropomorphic and mostly walks on two legs, but has the ability to go on all fours when he feels is necessary. He has a scar on his back which he got from Jagged Fang when he was young. This is why he wears shirts all the time.

Occupation: Felix works at a Book store Called Books Galore, that Twilight visits quite often. he's become friends with her and spike over time. he often helps out his Neighbor Fluttershy, who at one time developed a crush on him after he saved her life from rabid Sun Bears. the crush was mutual but they were both too shy to commit. Hes also good friends with pinkie pie, cause, who isn't? lol. he sometimes finds himself in the middle of some of her shenanigans. he also hangs out with a guitar playing German Shepard named Cameron.

Final Note: after some time, he met a lovely and friendly Unicorn named Squip! They Met a pony nightclub called "Hoofloose." she offered to help him find inspiration for his poetry and the two fell in love in the process. they currently live together

Author's Note: I hope this little Bio of my OC Felix has been helpful to you and if you have any questions, feel free to PM me.