Humphrey's POV

Ahhh what a blast. I just married the most beautiful girl no scratch that because we have sex a lot, the most hottest girl in the whole damn world. God damn she is sexy, she let her friends in and have sex and oh my god. You guys already knew that haha. Man highschool is a worth of a journey. I don't know about our future but I know Kate wanted to live in Jasper National Park. I didn't know if they have houses.

My guess is just a town with services in it. But, we'll have to find out. Plus, I'm very curious about those wolves that look like me and Kate. If they had the same name, I don't know what else to call them. The look on Kate's face is really cute. And damn sexy.

Sorry, the perverted side is kicking in and thanks to Kate.

Kate's POV

Highschool is freaking fun. Me meeting Humphrey, the world's most handsome wolf, and then sex. You have no idea how much I love it. Mhm anyways, I wonder how are future is going but I never really want to find out. That jackass Max. So many problems at high school is literally shitty. Garth being overprotective, perverts and then ex-boyfriend.

It's literally all on me. Why?! On the good side, Humphrey will always protect me and I will protect him. You guys know we both love each other. Duh.

Hopefully our future went awesome. No enemies like we just had, or problems. I just like a peaceful life along with my newly husband, Humphrey. Man I really wanted to fuck that guy.

God damn it Kate, don't let that dirty side out in front of our audience. Sorry, talking to myself haha. Speaking of that, I think we're close to Jasper National Park.

End of POVs

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A black corvette with flames and blue under body light zooming down the road being followed by a couple cars. The sunlight was shining through the windows and the married couple.

The gray wolf with sparkling blue eyes and sparkling gray fur was making the tan wolf give a quick glance at him and then look back at the road. "I can't believe we are so close Humphrey" she said.

Humphrey look at her with his signature charming smile, making Kate just rolled her eyes. Deep down inside of her, she really want to make out with him because he is so damn handsome. "I know Kate, we're almost there" said Humphrey putting his hand on her hand. Kate smiled and she accepted. She can't help it but admire the beauty of this park.

TheRavenMocker presents Anthros and Wolves

All three cars past the welcoming sign and Kate just see the same places just like their first time when they came here. They cross the train tracks and went around the commercial area. "Since you really wanted to live here, let's check around the town" Humphrey suggested. Kate look at him happily and nodded her head.

Humphrey laughed as they explore around the town. Jasper town actually have residential area but they didn't have big houses like at Jasper City.

Kate look at Humphrey with a huge smile on her face. "Yes we can live here" Kate exclaimed happily. Humphrey grinned to see his beautiful girl was very happy. They went to the same cabin, but Flare and Faith had to sleep in the living room.

Everyone got out of their car and unload their stuff into the cabin. "Ahh it's good to be back" said Sara smelling the air. "Yeah, now we have our jobs off. We can spend the whole summer at this park" said Felix putting the suitcase next to the couch. Kate and Humphrey bring their packs upstairs and into the same room like last time. Once Humphrey set his backpack on the ground, Kate tossed him onto the bed and got on top of him.

Kate giggled and connected her lips with his and she instantly moaned when she made contact with it.

Humphrey broke the kiss but Kate put it back on and continue to make out with him. "You are so sexy" said Kate panting after she broke the kiss for a few minutes. "Can I say the same thing to you" Humphrey asked.

Kate just giggled and connected her lips again and her tongue went deeper inside his mouth. "Man, you guys are so obsess with each other" said Heather at the door way. The married couple immediately broke the kiss and look at her. Kate look at her with a very annoyed expression. "What are you doing here" Humphrey asked. curiously.

"Putting my stuff in my room until I hear wet sounds and a moan from Kate" Heather explained.

Humphrey look at Kate and notice that she had cherry red color on her cheeks. Humphrey laughed and Kate look at him with a playful angry face. She then slap Humphrey on the cheek playfully and Humphrey move his face up to her ears. "She ruin your kissing streak, didn't she" Humphrey asked.

Heather rolled her eyes and continue walking towards her room with her stuff. Kate nodded her head with a smile. They both stood up at the same time and then walk downstairs.

Flare and Faith were watching some TV show while cuddling. Sara was just cooking to prepare for the day and Felix just walk up to the married couples. Felix handed Humphrey five hundred bucks. Humphrey widen his eyes and look at his father.

"What do I need these for" he asked him. "To buy a Glock 23" Felix replied to him. "Why do I need a gun for going into the wilderness" asked Humphrey. "To protect yourself in case you come across a bear or a cougar" Felix explained.

Humphrey just look at the money and let out a sigh. "That means I have to go to the shooting range for practice" he said to himself. "Well he is right Humphrey" said Kate agreeing with him. "Well you're right then" he said kissing her cheek. Kate just moaned when he did that.

"Let's go" he said walking out of the door with his keys and money. "That man is sexy" Kate moaned to herself dreamily before following him. They both got in the car and drove off towards the commercial area if they have gun shop.

Meanwhile at the western pack, Kate and her group was bringing a dead caribou to the feeding area while Humphrey was sitting at the entrance of the den. Humphrey smiled to see his loving mate in front of the group and Kate look at him and smiled back. Humphrey ran down the slope and into the feeding ground. "Hey Kate" he said happily. "Hey handsome" she said nuzzling his nose.

"So what are we going to do" he asked. Kate thought for a second. "I don't know but maybe going into the forest and have a long walk" Kate suggested.

"Sure" he said agreeing with her. Kate got her first meal by ripping off the caribou's leg and then they both walk up the slope and to their den. they both laid down and Kate start eating at one side and Humphrey eat at the other side as well. Kate look at Humphrey's eyes while she was eating.

She really love him. But she's actually worried for him. They both will become the pack leaders in six months, which means Humphrey is not going able to fight if there is a war. He's not really good at alpha tactics though but her father liked him doing distractions though.

After finishing up of their lunch, they both headed into the forest. Kate decided to hold Humphrey's tail and so she did by intertwining it with her tail. It made Humphrey smile and Kate just giggled as they disappear into the darkness.

Humphrey took a deep breath as he was aiming at the target with the pistol that Felix told him to buy. He pull the trigger and he felt like there is no recoil.

Humphrey smiled and took another few shots. "Huh, this is easy" he said as he pull the trigger again. Kate just sat there, ignoring the sounds of gun firing and reloading. She was staring at Humphrey's triceps and muscle on his arms, flexing when he shoot the gun.

"You know why it is easy Humphrey" she asked not moving her eyes. Humphrey stop shooting his gun and lower it down after turning on the safety. "Sure" he said looking at her with all full attention.

Kate began to thought of dirty things that she is going to say. "It's because of your muscles that were used when we were having sex. You pounding me to get all my organs out" she said seductively. "Kate, I don't want to get erections" he whispered. Kate laughed as Humphrey reloaded his gun. "You know, this is worth it" he said as he walked away with the gun, followed by Kate.

He set the glasses and ear covers on the bucket and stood right in front of the counter. "I'll take it" he said bringing out his money. "Alright and I'll just take that gun" said the register as Humphrey handed him the gun and he brought out the box. "Here you go" he said as Humphrey grab it before giving the money to him.

Kate grab the change and they both went out of the building. Humphrey open the box once he got inside the car. "Man" he said putting the gun inside the box. "Well come on, I wanna explore this beautiful place" said Kate with urges. Humphrey nodded his head and drove off with a roar. Throughout the drive, Kate just kept glancing at Humphrey.

She really need to stop what she was doing. But she couldn't help herself. Unlike other wives, Kate is the only wife that she really love her husband like unstoppable.

Humphrey notice this. "Still glancing at me I see" he said chuckling. "Humphrey I can't help it though" she said smiling wildly. "It's me you are actually the sexiest wolf alive in my opinion" she said still looking at him. Humphrey just smiled to hear that.

"You owe me a make out session" he said smiling. "And after that" Kate asked eagerly. "Man you are soo obsessed with me aren't ya" he said chuckling. "Of course I am, I'm your wife, well at least I don't act like all of them" Kate explained.

After that conversation, it became silent on their travel. For a few minutes, they made it to the cabin. Humphrey went upstairs to grab his backpack and Kate's backpack. He went downstairs and saw Kate eating some hamburgers. "Hey, where's mine" he asked jokingly. Kate rolled her eyes and handed to him. Humphrey was about to eat it until Kate handed him another one.

Humphrey look at her confused and Kate swallowed her food before speaking. "Your mother want to put this in your backpack just in case we get hungry" she said.

Humphrey nodded his head and put his backpack before savoring the moment when he eat his hamburger. He look at the other couples who were sitting on the couch. "Hey guys" he called out. "Yeah Humphrey" Flare replied to him as Garth look at him.

"Do you guys want to come with us" he asked. "No, we're going to take a break" said Garth as the girls nodded their head. "Alright" Humphrey mumbled through his mouth. Humphrey handed Kate her backpack and they both went out of the door. Humphrey grab his pistol and ammo from the box and put it in his backpack, except his pistol.

He hid it under his shirt just like a gangster, but not really. "Ready to head out" asked Humphrey. "Yeah" she said. They both smiled.

"Alright, let's go" he said as Kate grab his hand and they both walked off into the wilderness. They didn't even know that they were actually heading towards those wolves, Kate the alpha and Humphrey the omega.

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