Yesterday was the best day for Kate's and Humphrey's lives. It was the day where the baby is created. The day, where a new family begins. Now, the only problem is that Kate is still horny.

She haven't have sex for a long time and she was waiting for Humphrey to wake up to see the most beautiful and sexy view in his life. A view that can turn on anyone in the world. She was on all fours with her rear facing towards Humphrey. She grabbed her panties with her mouth and looked back at Humphrey with a sexy look on her face.

Waiting for her husband to pound her real hard.

She was about to wake him up, but before she can do that. Humphrey stirred in his sleep and saw his nose moving like he smelled something in the room. Kate smiled slyly and began to dance with her rear, raising her tail up in the air to revealed the most gorgeous sight in the world.

Humphrey raised his head up and widen his eyes to see Kate's ass shaking side to side with her looking at him.

"Hey Humphrey" she greeted him seductively. "Hey Kate. Guessing you are still horny."

"Yes Humphrey. Please do something before I'll fuck you for the rest of the day. Even though I'm pregnant, I still want you inside me for the last time" Kate explained. What she said about their last time for having intercourse is not true.

Humphrey smiled as he stood up and began approaching towards his wife. Kate shivered when she saw his eggplant getting bigger. She licked her lips, wanting to tackle him to the ground and bounced on him real hard.

"Come on Humphrey" she whispered to herself, but Humphrey heard it. "Okay Kate" he replied to her. He then licked Kate's vagina swiftly and smoothly as possible. Kate moaned when his tongue contact her organ. She can feel him running around her pussy in laps, trying to tease her and make her go crazy. Kate is already going crazy.

"Humphrey, please put your tongue IN-ME" she squealed at the last part and closed her eyes when Humphrey knew what she is going to say and slipped his tongue into her.

She opened her eyes to see Humphrey's head turn side ways. She widened her eyes and knew what he was doing. His tongue fit so perfectly in and she can feel her walls getting brushed lovely.

Kate kept moaning and watched her husband doing the work. He pulled back and licked his lips. "Still taste amazing. Just like every sex moment that we did" he said to her.

"Can we go for the main event? I'm so horny Humphrey" she said showing her freaky side. "What? No introduction" he asked and Kate shook her head.

Humphrey chuckled as he rolled his eyes. "Alright." He stood up and grabbed firmly onto his penis. Kate bit her bottom lip as she looked back at him. Waiting for the most pleasurable explosion on her.

Humphrey began to tease her by rubbing her pussy with his eggplant. He can hear her pretty voice moaned at the feeling that she feels. "Humphrey, please put it in. I'm so horny. You are going to drive me nuts" she commanded but Humphrey didn't follow her order. He wanted to drive her insane like a mad wolf.

Kate turned around and immediately covered his dick with her organ. She let out a loud satisfied moaned and look at Humphrey with lovely look in her eyes.

"You've been a bad boy Humphrey. I'm going to destroy your hips" she said starting the session by going up and down. Humphrey missed this position. It is where he can admired her beautiful luxurious body going up and down along with her perfect tits, but something else is different. Kate had been hornier than the last one or the other moments that they had fun with each other.

"Mmmm, you're dick is getting bigger. Oh yeah. Ugh, I love this so much" she moaned happily. Humphrey was right. She is hornier than she was last time.

He grabbed her hips firmly and Kate moaned loudly by the touch. "Shh K-Kate. W-We don't want t-to wake up o-our family" Humphrey trying to explained.

"I don't care. Ah. All I care about. Ohhh. Is to have fun with you." Kate began to increased her pace. Their favorite sound has already started. The feeling of her wet pussy is driving Humphrey nuts. He just wanted to pound her real hard, but he can't since he missed this position so much.

"Oh baby. Ahh. F-Fuck with me Humphrey." Humphrey did what she told him. He watched her closing her eyes and let her tongue hang out to the side of her mouth. "OHH HUMPHREY. I DON'T THINK I CAN HOLD IT" she screamed. Humphrey didn't response. He knows that he couldn't hold much longer as well. Sex is too good for them.

Without any warning, Humphrey slammed his hips against hers and Kate howled in pleasure as they reached their climax. Pretty sure, anyone in the house can hear her from any room. Kate collapsed onto Humphrey with a huge smile on her face. " get...twins" Humphrey panted making a joke with her.

Kate tried to laugh but she couldn't.

She just buried her head into his chest, making him smiled and began to cuddled with her. After few minutes of catching their breath, they both stood up at the same time before putting their clothes on. Humphrey went towards the window and looked outside to see no cars except his.

"Oh, no one is home yet" he said to himself and Kate appeared right behind him. "You're right" she said before kissing his cheek. "Want to go watch some movies" she asked.

"Yeah sure" Humphrey replied. He grabbed her head and lead her out of the room. Little did they know that there is a wolf watching them doing something that they had never seen before.

"Good god that was hot" said a tan wolf with wet substances coming out of her vagina and falling onto the ground.

OHHHHH SHIT. OHHH SNAP. Well, I have a special announcement. I've proposed my girlfriend and now I'm going to get married in the next three years since it is fucking hella expensive. I am happy. More happy than I've ever felt in my entire life, except when I met her. So, that's all I have to say and hope you guys enjoy your masturbation. What did you guys think? What will happen next? Be a raven, mock the raven. We'll see you on the next flight.