Kate was on duty patrolling around the territory. She had blushing cheeks and her vagina was wet. She watched the anthro version of herself fucking the anthro version of Humphrey.

From the looks of it, she had a huge smile on her face in that kind of a position, and Kate wanted to try it out on Humphrey.

But the problem is her mother. She will find out that Kate lost her purity to Humphrey. She feared the worst what she is going to do to him. Kate stopped walking and shook her head side to side.

Her mind was still focused on what she had just seen. Kate growled to herself. As much as she hate it on giving up on her duty, she ran back to her den. Love comes first. Especially mating with the one you truly love.

When she arrived, she saw Humphrey still sleeping at the back of then den. Kate smiled to see his cute smile plastered on his face. Good thing her den, well it was actually Humphrey's den was located far away from everyone's den. She then formed a wide smile on her face before drooling at the thought of her riding on Humphrey. She wonder what it feels like.

Kate widened her eyes. No one had ever done this position before. Not even her friends that are older than her. If she did ride on Humphrey, her and Humphrey will be the first wolves that ever done it.

Kate blushed as she slowly approached to Humphrey's sleeping form. She felt like she was in a trance. She stared at his body and saw the muscles in them.

She extended her arms forward slowly but surely before making contact on his back. Kate gasped.

She had never touch his back before. Little did she know that Humphrey was slowly waking up. The first thing that he know of is the smell of a horny female. Humphrey shoot his eyes open and immediately turned around to see Kate with blushing cheeks.

"Oh good morning Humphrey" she said nervously.

"Morning Kate. I thought you were patrolling the borders" he said to her. Kate deepened her blush and look away from him. Humphrey sniffed the air and got a glimpse of something dripping behind Kate.

Humphrey widened his eyes at what he just saw.

"I know you smell it before Humphrey" said Kate nervously. "And I was wondering...if you could...you know...mate with me..." Humphrey dropped his jaws wide open. Kate asked him to mate with her?

"Kate...are you um...in heat by any chance" he asked her.

Kate shook her head no. She decided she is going to explain it to him.

"I saw something that I wanna try out. You know the other Kate and Humphrey." Humphrey nodded his head slowly. "I...I saw them having sex...and Kate looks like she is enjoying...um...herself when she is riding him." Humphrey's eye twitched.

"Wait...you said she was riding him" he asked and Kate nodded her head. Humphrey didn't know what else to say next. He wants to mate Kate as well, but the problem is her mother.

"I would love to mate with you Kate, but what about your mom" he asked. Kate began circling him. She looked at every part of her body, and it was starting to turn her on. Humphrey watches her. "Um Kate...what are you doing?" Kate didn't respond anything. Instead, she tackled him, and place her lips onto his. Humphrey moaned at the sudden contact and began kissing her back.

Kate immediately got on top of her mate and start grinding his sheath. Humphrey twitched and Kate giggled. She broke the kiss and stared at his beautiful eyes lovely. She slid down to his crotch and began licking his sheath, and grasping his balls softly.

A red pointy tip started to appear, and Kate wasted no time and inserted her tongue in his sheath. Humphrey shivered in pleasure and slowly putting his paw on Kate's head. It took several licks, and Humphrey's precious stick appeared. Kate gasped by the size of it. She began drooled and wasted no time on getting into a position that she wanted.

Humphrey watched her as she does it, and now standing there face to face. Kate smiled, and slowly lowering her hips. She moaned as she felt him piercing through her pussy until he finally took her virginity.

"Kate are you okay" he asked her. Kate gritted her teeth and nodded her head. She stay there for a minute to get used by his size.

On the other hand, Humphrey couldn't believe what they were doing. Kate, the most sexiest girl in the pack and her best friend is having sex with him. Kate felt the pain going away and began riding on him. She gasped at the most pleasurable feeling that she ever felt, and uncontrollably began moving her hips in a blaze.

"G-Good god" Kate moaned. Humphrey almost screamed out in pleasure. The way that Kate constricted his cock was amazing. The smell started to pick up along with the wet slapping sounds, and Kate was in so much daze.

She now knew how Kate felt.

"O-Oh...Oh god Humphrey...ahhhh...you are...oh...so big" Kate stuttered in pleasure. Humphrey didn't say anything and continue focusing on the best time of his life.

Kate laid her head on his chest, and Humphrey grasped her ass as it went up and down. Humphrey thought this was the most interesting sex position ever, but it felt so good. He wanted no...he need to spy on them and see what other handy positions that they have. It's probably even better than this one.

He can tell that Kate can't control herself. She began nibbling on Humphrey's neck, and Humphrey feel like he wanted to bite her. This position was too much for them.

It overwhelmed them so much, that Kate instantly came without saying any word. She screamed in pleasure, but still kept going. Humphrey felt his knot is about to entered her. He began humping her at the same rhythm. It entered her.

Kate gasped and howl loudly as she could. Now, Kate became a monster. She bit Humphrey on his shoulder and began bouncing on him like crazy. He can hear her panting heavily, and Humphrey felt like he was close.

Humphrey bit Kate's shoulder, and Kate let go of his.

She howled constantly as Humphrey overpowered Kate's strength. Kate bit Humphrey again, and then completely destroyed Humphrey's strength. She grabbed his back, and began ramming against him.

She growled loudly. Kate was in heaven. Humphrey couldn't hold much longer.

He tightened his gripped and slammed Kate's hips against his. Kate let go of his shoulder again and screamed his name. Humphrey's cock throbbed rapidly and squirting out his semen.

Kate began to shivered hard. The feeling of Humphrey's throbbing and his semen is destroying her. Humphrey panted and let go of her shoulder. He looked at his shoulder and it was bleeding, but not too badly.

He then looked at Kate who was in possessed by the godly feeling.

"So...full" she said and then she passed out in Humphrey's arms. Humphrey chuckled and felt his eyes starting to get heavy. The couple went to sleep in their arms as Humphrey's semen oozed out of her pussy.

They finally give each other's virginity and became the first wolves who ever experienced in this kind of a position.

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