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[Chapter 5 - Fated Retribution]


It just so happened that I, Emilie de Rochefort, had a certain affinity towards the art of snuggling. Yes, cuddling with your beloved proved to be quite the source of pure bliss. Truly, snuggling up into a nice cuddle session with your significant other is the Filet Mignon of every relationship.

"Princess... we need to get out of bed already, Dad might be waiting for us..." she half-heartedly beckons at me, while I pay no heed as I stared lovingly into her eyes. I could never get enough of Asuka Kazama, goodness me.

"Five more minutes, my dear Asuka. I want to savor this moment like a slow-cooked serving of steak."

Sighing in defeat, the two of us continued to embrace each other closely and enjoy the warmth.

'Asuka's so soft and warm, hnnnnnnghhhhh...' I thought in ecstacy. I loved the fact that we could finally be together without bickering all the damn time.

Yes, Asuka and I would always consider each other as rivals, but now we were lovers as well. And I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

It seemed like it was just me and her in the world, just basking in each other's company. What a lovely feeling it is, to be in love like this.

That is, until my blasted phone was being cockamamie enough to ruin such a euphoric moment when it suddenly began making noise in a manner so dreadful, that it had to be the devil himself that spawned such annoying racket. I swear, modern technology causes just as much detriment to society, despite the benefits that it brought along as well.

It didn't help that my ringtone happened to be the theme of the Arctic Snowfall stage, part of the 7th tournament's background music that had the purpose of hyping the combatants and the audience up during each fight.

Look, I can sense all of you readers rolling your eyes at this. Is it too weird that I, Emilie de Rochefort, happened to find the Arctic Snowfall theme to be pretty catchy?! However in this particular instance, I began regretting my ringtone choice due to how freaking noisy it was being right now.

"I think you should answer that phone call at least, Lili."

Yes yes, no need to state the obvious, my love. I broke off from the blissful hug in annoyance and went to fetch my phone from the nearby table. It would appear that it was indeed, a call of importance however.

One particular Lars Alexandersson for some reason happened to be the registered name of the caller, after all.

I had gotten the chance to be acquainted with the Swedish commando, during the latter's quest to stop Jin Kazama's madness during the sixth tournament. Yes, he was an acquaintance indeed. However that did not give the man a reason to interrupt my damn happy huggy time with Asuka Kazama. This is an outrage!

"What the hell could this commoner want at such an early hour, it better be flipping important my dear Asuka or I swear on the Rochefort family's name that I would spare no second thoughts before proceeding to mollywhop this son of a-"

Asuka's soothing voice interrupted my tangent, admittedly lightening up the mood with her light scolding. "Temper, Princess. Temper. Don't worry, we can do some lovey-dovey stuff together later on, haha. Maybe after the daily sparring sessions at the Kazama Dojo?"

Of course, the promise of more "lovey-dovey" stuff was the final nail in the coffin, as I sighed to myself and smiled at her. "Oh alright, I'll calm down..."

She returned the gesture with a smile just as bright and a thumbs up before fixing up the bed and informing me that she would go out first from the room. She did have a point that Akira might've been waiting for us, and it would've been impolite to keep the older Kazama waiting all by himself.

"I'll see you at breakfast, Lili."

I nodded, before finally answering this infernal call from the depths of Bandai Namco development hell. Lars had better hope that his reasoning for this random call is of true importance, or else Alisa Boscovonitch would be losing a partner that day.

"Yes, what can I do for you, Mr. Alexandersson? This better be good. I was in the middle of some pretty important business, but do state your case."

{"Hello to you too, Lili. Yes unfortunately, something quite big has come up. Big enough that your assistance is definitely required. It's an emergency."}

"And pray do tell, what is this emergency that you seem to be so shaken about?"

{"It concerns my nephew, Jin. If possible, could you and Asuka come over here as soon as possible? We'll meet here in Lee Chaolan's office at the main HQ of Violet Systems. And yes, I'm already aware that you're living under one roof with Asuka. I'll message you the location and details."}

"What? How could you possibly already know about me and Asuka living toge-"

Before I could finish talking however, this ruffian actually had the audacity to rudely interrupt me with a hasty: {"That's the status for now, I'll be expecting you two shortly. Lars out."} before hanging up on me as I stood in shocked silence for a couple of seconds.

"He hung up on me! He freaking calls me out of nowhere, telling me to come over to Mr. Chaolan's place with Asuka, and freaking hangs up on me just like that? Just like that?! After interrupting my snuggle time with Asuka?!" I exclaimed with utter disdain at Lars' actions. It was blasphemy, complete and total blasphemy, I tell you.

I swear, the nerve of that man! But if the matter really did concern Jin Kazama, then I probably should go and see what that Alexandersson's deal is. Asuka Kazama would definitely want a piece of her cousin too, that much is certain. In fact, both me and my dear Asuka have scores to settle with that emo lunatic. Now that I think about it, I better tell her about this as soon as possible. And it would probably be best to inform Akira too. Unlike the dynamic with my own Papa, I could tell that Asuka always informs her father about her whereabouts and I could respect that.

Still though, I can't believe the nerve of that Lars! Nobody, I repeat nobody, does that to me, Emilie de Rochefort, AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!

'He'll have hell to pay for this later, just you wait...'

*****By Your Side*****


"Just stay safe, you two. That's all I ask. And you should probably inform your Papa about this as well, Emilie."

I hear Princess laugh it off, before she joined my side as the two of us began to leave for Tokyo, where the main HQ of Violet Systems was. From here in Kyoto to our destination, it was roughly a 3-hour trip at least, so we had to leave as early as possible especially since we were planning to travel by commute.

Good thing we had a nice big breakfast. It wouldn't be good if we suddenly got hungry during the trip. And Dad had a point, Lili should really inform Mr. Rochefort about her escapades and stuff, but I'll tell her off about that at a later date.

For now, I have to see what the deal is with that punk cousin of mine. The hell have you done this time, Jin? You're lucky Aunt Jun isn't here to pull out a can of whoopass on you. Stop dragging the Kazama name down into the mud, damn it!

"Seriously, Asuka Kazama. I could just ask Sebastian to drive us over there, you know? That would definitely save us the hassle." Lili points out with her hands on her hips, like it was the most obvious thing to do.

And I did consider that. However, "Lili, while that would probably be quicker, you did say that this matter involves that bastard cousin of mine, right?"

She nodded, and I continued my explanation, emphasizing why we had to take public transportation instead of her limo.

"Since it involves Jin, that fucking bastard, that means we have to move as discreetly and hidden as possible. The media, not to mention the damn government are probably all over his ass, hunting him down. And your family's pretty famous as well, Princess. I'm pretty sure your limo would be very traceable by whoever the hell's involved in this mess."

Lili appeared to be mulling over what I said, as she was more quiet than usual during the walking trip towards the nearby train station.

"Hey, everything alright, Princess?" I gently nudged at her, as we were seated beside each other on the train. We had about three hours before we arrived at Tokyo, and I was concerned about Lili's unusual silence. Plus, I would've liked to spend the ride while cuddling up with her some more in a more cozy posit-

Wait, did I say cuddling? Hahahahaha, w-what are you talking about? I didn't say anything... yeah okay. Fine, I did want some more quality time with Lili too, and I wanted to cheer her up as well.

Emilie merely shook her head in response though. Lili was being awfully timid for someone normally as loud as her. I guess I really did like her, since I began worrying over her like crazy.

'Is this what it's like to be in love? Seeing her a bit down made me feel a bit down as well. It's a strange yet welcome feeling, I guess. Look, I didn't really have experience in this type of crap, but I wanted to be the pillar that Princess could lean on at least.' I thought to myself as I stared out for a bit through the train's windows.

"I'm here if something's bothering you though, okay?"

After her obvious hesitation, she came clean to me about what was bothering her. It turned out to be nothing major, thankfully. "I'm just a bit ashamed I guess, that you actually managed to think things through better than I initially did. I was being careless in quickly suggesting the limo. You're right, Asuka Kazama. We should try to remain incognito for the time being until we're more informed of the situation. Thanks for the pep talk though, haha." she finally smiles again, and just like that, my mood lightens up too.

I felt a bit proud. Slowly but surely, Lili and I were becoming more and more like a proper couple. And I couldn't be more happier.

"Don't sweat it Princess, I much prefer you being all talkative and stuff than that mopey and down-in-the-dumps state you were in earlier." I chuckled as she pouted a bit before lightly giggling as well.

I could really get used to this more light-hearted interaction with Lili. Way better than how we were in the past, when both Lili and I would almost chew each other's heads off over the smallest things. We both had incredible tempers after all, and I knew how rough I could get whenever provoked. So being at peace with her like this, is such a nice change of pace.

Plus, I get to be with this beautiful and amazing girl, what's not to dig? And she's strong too, and my rival to boot! What, you think just because we like each other, you think I'm gonna stop having the occasional fight with her? I think both Lili and I would agree that we still need to keep each other on our toes, and I'm still a proud Kazama fighter.

And this proud Kazama fighter still owed that other bastard Kazama the beatdown of a lifetime. Jin needs to answer for all the crap he put the entire world through.

'But all things said, I definitely like Princess, and I love being by her side.' I happily concluded, as I once again stared at the view through the train's windows with Lili's napping form nestled up beside me. Her heavenly scent filling me with... uh... not so proper thoughts. Ahaha...

Oh my Kami-sama, she always smelled so freaking good.

*****By Your Side*****


"Here we are, my dear Asuka. Violet Systems, the home of the one and only Lee Chaolan's technological machinations. Lars did say that we should rendezvous with him in Mr. Chaolan's office. I assume Lee and Alisa would be there too at least."

And with that declaration, I, Emilie de Rochefort, prepared to storm that godforsaken office with Asuka by my side. This better be every bit worth the trouble of coming this far.

Following a few mishaps with the reception desk, and a couple hijinks involving what floor exactly was Lee's office, as well as the elevator used to get there... we finally stood in front of a white-colored double-door entrance.

The words "CEO and Chairman of the Board - Chaolan, Lee" were unmistakenly written on an affixed name plate on it. See, if it were me who had the reigns on this place, the layout would be much more extravagant. But alas, it would appear that I operate on a different wavelength in comparison to Mr. Chaolan.

"I guess... let's ring the doorbell, and see what happens?" I ask out aloud and Asuka merely shrugs in reply. Well then, here goes nothing.


{"Excellent! You guys have made it just on time. Come, we have been expecting you!"}

As Asuka and I heard Lee's unmistakably flamboyant greeting through the speaker attached to the right of his door, we wasted no further time and took a stroll within the premises.

My eyes danced around the interior, taking in the fact that most of it had a color scheme of white and light-toned shades of violet and cream. Quite easy on the eyes, if I do say so myself. Mr. Chaolan had decent taste in color, at least.

Noticeably absent was his usual companion, a brunette lady, if I recalled correctly. It was to my knowledge that she was what Sebastian was for the Rochefort family, and that the lady was Lee's right hand. So for even her to be absent from this impromptu meeting meant that whatever Lars had in mind was something really serious.

Straight ahead, I already saw Lee standing beside the expected duo of Lars and Alisa, all three of them staring out at the city below them. Lee's office backdrop wall was one of those types where they were wall-sized window panes instead, for a clear view of the outside world.

'Not as secure as I'd like it, for my own office at least.' I thought in disagreement.

Asuka goes ahead and makes our presence known. "Lili and I came, what's the deal with that bastard Jin, and why are Lili and I needed?"

Lars looks at Alisa and Lee, before giving an okay signal pertaining to, well, something.

"You two are about to see in a moment. But be aware, whatever you two are about to witness, stays between the five of us. Is that clear?"

Before Asuka could respond, I marched up and slapped Lars straight up in the face. Yes, I just did that. Deal with it.


Lee's eyes widened, and from the corner of my eye, I could see Alisa tensing up, probably getting ready to intervene. But surprisingly, Lars remained calm and collected.

"That's a commando and former Tekken Force captain for you, impressive. But you do know why I just slapped you, right?" I pushed further, now that I had their attention. Also, slapping that ruffian felt good, that's what you get for interrupting my snuggle time!

"I suppose, and I guess that the two of you are still waiting for an explanation. Let's make this quick then, Lee will get you two up to speed."

After a press of a hidden button on Lee's desk, all five of us were soon passing through a hidden corridor that appeared on one of the walls. The sides of the corridor were monitors, playing out recorded footage of stuff not even the media covered concerning the war between the Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation.

"Wow, this looks so crazy!" Asuka cries out in awe, and I could only agree. The two of us were the only ones phased though, as the other 3 were barely reacting. Alisa took the initiative in catching me and Asuka up on everything, including the aftermath of the battle between the two Mishimas.

Apparently, Heihachi had lost to Kazuya. Huh.

Upon reaching the very end of the corridor, another door appeared, but it was locked and secured shut with a security pin-pad and a biometric eye scanner. The setup looked simple enough, bit still pretty secure which implied that something intriguing was awaiting us beyond the door.

{"Confirming identity. Please enter the 4 digit code, and proceed with the retina scan."}

Lee punches in the digits before letting the scanner do its job. Back at the Rochefort mansion, similar measures of security were employed, so this wasn't out of the norm for me. I couldn't really say the same for Asuka though, who seemed like she was out of her element.

"Damn, do they really use this level of high tech stuff in guarding company stuff Princess?"

"Indeed they do, my dear Asuka. It's standard business practice."


With the security check complete, the mechanical voice gave its verdict.

{"Identity confirmed. Lee Chaolan. Access granted."} and with a distinct hum, the door unlocked and we were let through.

"Finally, time to see what sort of tomfoolery Jin Kazama is involved with..." but my voice died out, as Asuka and I were greeted by what appeared to be...

...the insides of a wooden dojo. A sparring area, to be precise. Very similar to the one found within the Kazama Dojo training grounds way back in Kyoto.

"What... the hell is this?!"

I couldn't blame Asuka for the shock, as I too am quite bewildered by this development. "Seriously, Asuka's right. What exactly is all this, Mr. Chaolan? Mr. Alexandersson? Ms. Bosconovitch?"

Lars merely points at the direction up ahead, and I see a figure sitting down in the middle of the dojo ground. Though his back was turned from us, the hair was a dead giveaway.

Only two notable people had that kind of stupid duckbutt hair in recent memory, and one of them happened to be the direct enemy of not only Lars and Alisa, but of Lee as well. So it couldn't have been Kazuya Mishima.

That meant only one possible candidate...

"It couldn't be. When you said that there was a situation regarding Jin Kazama, I was NOT expecting that to be him LITERALLY BEING HERE, IN FRONT OF US!" all of my previous composure evaporated.

"Asuka, are you seeing what I'm seei- ASUKA?!" and just like that, my lover went and made a mad dash towards her cousin. Probably to smack him a bit.

I merely facepalmed in exasperation, as I stood beside the other three. Lee was chuckling for some reason, whilst Alisa kept looking back and forth between the rapidly charging Asuka and Lars who merely sighed.

As Asuka was about to kick Jin's still sitting form in the back, she got launched back as a surge of electrical energy suddenly shot out from Jin without prior notice. The current managed to directly impact Asuka, launching her entire frame away from her cousin with some major whiplash.

"Asuka!" I worriedly shouted as I saw her get knocked away for quite a far distance, and soon she landed in front of me, butt first.

"I'm okay, Lili. I'm okay." she shook off the impact and readied into her fighting stance, while I began doing the same.

Standing side by side with Asuka, the two of us inched slowly towards Jin, who was now facing towards us. His face had a blank expression, and we noticed that his forehead and cheeks had strange black tattoos on it. Most likely the influence of the "Devil Gene" that Alisa had informed us about earlier.

Asuka and I would definitely need to work together to fight this Devil-powered Jin. "Let's team up just like old times, Asuka Kazama."

"Yeah, that's probably for the best. We need all the firepower to take down this son of a bitch." she excitedly adds, before the fight begins in earnest.

The battle against Jin Kazama was about to begin. Though there was this nagging feeling that kept bugging me however, something that didn't quite add up.

'Why weren't Lars and the others already intervening? Shouldn't they be stopping this madness already? Ah, whatever. Perish the thought, as I'm itching for a fight anyway.' I pondered to myself, as Asuka and I began to take a stand against Jin, who was now covered with crackles and traces of red-colored electricity.

"Fear the wrath of God."

-Chapter 5 END-

[Start of By Your Side's "Mishima Saga Aftermath Arc".]

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