Things are going to be hard I know

It is not something I would wish upon anyone my darling

Life often throws unexpected twists and turns

But this is the last thing I would want to put you through

One who has lost her mother, her father, her sister, her grandfather- my husband and being separated from her twin since a few days after birth, one who has lost more and more

One who seems cursed with bad luck and is fated to be either alone or hunted by one of my own sisters

One who we locked away for being a threat to others

You despite being cursed are also blessed

Blessed with such hope and wonder

Blessed to still try and be happy when everything seems bleak

To help those no matter what

Even if it's a thankless job and are often misunderstood

Scorned for being in the way when your heart says otherwise

For that it shows you are blessed with knowledge that will continue to grow as the years go by

For this is my power, one that I have created-Knowledge and Time


Know that no matter what my darling I am proud of you, we three will watch and assist when in need

Even in disguise

Do not think you are unwanted or hated

No my darling you are loved.

You have more than my blood to keep you safe

It would be seen dangerous to have this, but not everything is what it seems


Believe in yourself, for you have more potential in that heart and mind of yours, even if others say otherwise

Do not give up on life as things put you down

For if you give up, if you die there is no going back. There is no do over

There is only regret and misery

Wishing while what ifs fill your mind because you destroyed the bridge that would give you salvation

It seems like there isn't but there is, there is always hope

You just need to find your spark, your goal

Find something that gives you meaning and hold onto it

Even if you feel alone

Know this that you are never alone


Stand up tall after you fall

Take a step back and breathe, see the world in a larger perspective

For everything is not what it seems


If you have a dream

Live for your dreams

For it will give another reason to move forward

Do not take a step backwards if things seem scary

For if it is the right path, one filled with peace and relief which contains no wars or hatred

Accept it with open arms

Do not allow pride to govern you for it will make you fall faster than you think


And most importantly




Smile even when things go bad

Even when things are against you and you know that you are innocent

For you have nothing to hide or feel ashamed about

Why should you?

They are the ones who wronged and assumed the worst


I pray that my sacrifice will not chain you to despair and regret my darling

For my death, my last strength to remove what would gravely wound you

Know that it was worth it

I would sacrifice my role

My existence, my darling light

If it means that you will live


I would do it again


No regrets