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A light can shine forever bright

But if imbued with darkness, can it be really considered evil?


If there as ever a safe place for Dark, the chances of it being kept a secret for long had now been diminished. Unrestrained fury coursed through him as he glared hatefully at the Queen who now stood before him inside the entrance to the Shadow Temple, to his horror and disgust things immediately spiraled out of his control to the point he was now being forced to stand before her this time in an altar of her own choice. The Temple of Time which even to his dismay was filled with holy light magic that started to eat at his powers of darkness preventing him from ever escaping, or it would have if completed it's job hadn't it been for Maemi's protective powers before they parted.

If someone had told him during his first life as one who had been imprisoned shortly after his escape, during the time he first stepped foot upon the land of Hyrule which had been called by another name. Freedom during that time tasted so sweet on his tongue, he should have been weary of being caught, he should have known that they would have spotted him quickly. But instead focused on the main problem- Demise the Demon King. Sensing this as his opportunity to reunite with his other half, desperate for what had been taken from him. If he had been smarter he would have suspected that they would lay a trap for him in the form of his light side who whether or not had been the bait all along. Just seeing the state of his light side who had been locked up for trying to warn their fellow people of the dangers but had been disregarded, treated as a liar and one who wanted nothing more than to disrupt the peace. It pained Dark deeply back then, all he had wanted was to reunite so they could break out of the dungeons. Sadly just before his light side could wake up he had been captured once more and sealed up within a dark space that not even he could try to escape from. Even then he had no idea of what he had done wrong, was it because he was the dark side of the 'hero'? Did they immediately label him as evil?


Dark looked up from where he sat in the sealed space, his eyes despite being not accustomed to the darkness but could hear regardless. Confusion filled him, not knowing what to say or think he could only assume that it was only a trick and looked down at where his hands would have been seen hugging his knees. He could hardly see or know what was around let alone behind him, for all he knew his back was pressed against something cold and slippery.

Why are you giving up?

Dark blinked rapidly as he tried to look round before a sigh slowly left his tired lips. He was tired and heartbroken, why bother hoping for something that would just be beyond his reach? For all he knew it was probably a trick from the Goddesses just to spite him.

Don't worry! I'm going to find a way to get you out. Just you wait, but please don't give up! I know you're tired and upset but don't let the darkness win! The doubt and hatred is just there to turn you soul twisted and evil.

A ghost smirk formed on Dark's face as he looked up with half lidded eyes, an irony as he could almost say he was darkness itself. He couldn't even see his face for heaven's sake! He was suppose to be evil in his creator's eyes. So why listen to such drivel?

We will meet soon! I'm sorry I can't help you now but please understand it's not because they're mad at you. They have their reasons for why they do this, I spoke to them Link just please wait for me.

Dark as he listened felt his smirk grow bitter, lies… it was all lies. This person or whoever they were was good, lying to him and they didn't even bother to show their face. Even if he did 'believe' them, why waste their time on him?


Dark's eyes snapped open, his mind now catching up as he realised that he was still in the Temple of Time and not in the empty vast space of darkness that had been his prison. His home for who knows how long.

Now seeing Rauru who was conducting the ceremony was asking if anyone would object only before Dark could say anything a dark look flashed from the Sage of Light's face shocking Dark, fury at how this man could agree to this- this farce! He was the Bastard son who was known as the embodiment of evil that the Hero had been stripped of, how was this man agreeing to this?! This had to be against nature, a law created by this world- time and space even. One that the Goddess' themselves would have declared as sacrilegious, it went against everything that they stood for and created. Light and Dark were never allowed to mix nor marry. So why? Why was this damn woman making things even harder for him? Was it not enough she locked him away and he knew she had done it. Oh, he would never forget the look she gave him once he had tried to break the chains that contained his light side's arms and legs. She stunned him with her powers and dragged him away without a second thought and during that time, no words had been able to leave his lips. Not even a single sound could escape for a millisecond. He would have been gasping for air and she would have made sure that his light side- no one would hear his terrified screams before she locked him away into the never-ending hellish darkness.

Now she had him once again in her grasp. This time sealing him through marriage- a timeless contract that would stay even till death considering the ceremony she was conducting with the Sage of Light. Was this her plan? To keep him close to her so he would never be able to go against her? So he could never taste or know what it was like to be free again? His body slightly shook with fury as his black eyes hardened with each second that went by, she on the other hand showed no emotion. Instead she remained calm and composed as if she was listening to a meeting in the grand hall. He was sure that she didn't want this, so why put them both through such a farce? Why even bother trying to torment him again and again? Didn't she get tired of punishing him for being born this way? He didn't ask for this, he didn't want to be hated or treated like filth. Like an abomination, a child who went wrong because of how he was born. His eyes twitched slightly as she saw him take a step forward, his jaw now clenched tightly as he saw her take his hand.

"Don't touch me…" Dark hissed lowly the moment she was about to lift his hand up, this time her eyes had widened a bit before she quickly composed her self with a small clearing of her throat. This he had to snort at, she was nearly a perfect actress. Acting as if this didn't bother her but he was sure that this would not end well, he would make sure of that. Forcing his hand out of hers he sneered.

"I will not agree to this, so why not let me go eh old man? You know that I don't want this, I'm sure you don't either so why act like this is a joyous occasion?" Dark snapped, ignoring the looks of every minister who took part to witness the occasion. Dark knew that she would never want any of the hundreds of civilians to bear witness to this, after all it was because of his refusal- how he was acting out now that would no doubt solidify the idea of keeping the wedding day private. Zelda during this time remained passive as she soon to his anger took his hand back and slipped the silver ring on his finger to his disgust knowing that this would seal him to her once more but this time through the ties of marriage.

"Don't think that I will not make your live hell" he hissed as he moved his head closer towards Zelda's, looking at him to his shock she smiled.

"I know, but I am serious. This marriage will continue whether you want it to or not" Zelda said in a calm voice that grated on his nerves.

"I will never touch you woman, you have and always will be a curse on my existence. And for that, I will never forget nor forgive. Enjoy your lonely days in the castle" Dark whispered coldly before moving back to see her trembling, a ghost smirk formed on his face knowing that this would get to her. Being alone just like he had been, knowing that no matter how hard she wished she would never be heard and even if they did. There would be nothing they could do to help. "If I could, I would be more than happy to shove you into the space you left me to rot in. You can thank that pig for breaking me out and your sister for letting me walk out into this world you denied me from inhabiting" Dark added before trying to slip the ring off his finger.

"Whether you wear the ring or not" Rauru warned sternly catching Dark's attention "the marriage is binding, nothing you can do will change that" Dark blinked despite the inner hatred that wanted to leave his body. Slowly he smirked at the man.

"Enjoy the mistresses I will bring then, they'll provide me with me company than the ice- no wait" Dark soon folded his arms as Zelda stared at him blankly "that would be your sister and at least she was more kinder than you, one who has a heart of stone. The Stone Cold Queen who will always be out of anyone's reach" Dark commented with a cruel smirk causing Rauru to glare at the dark being who shrugged in a nonchalant manner.

"Can I leave now? I have things I would rather be doing than be near any of you filthy pompous-"

"That's enough!" Rauru bellowed so loudly that any muttering had ceased completely, smirking Dark raised a brow.

"What? Can I not be honest about how flawed this kingdom is? Regardless of how hard you're trying to fix this kingdom, it will always be broken and nothing will ever change that fact" Dark challenged as Zelda stared at him.

"Be that as it may, you are Regent of this kingdom now. You can assist-"

"Oh no! I am not fixing anything now" Dark said hotly as he turned to walk away. "You chose to put us in this position so now, deal with this alone" Dark added before slamming the doors shut behind him.

Zelda as she watched felt the need to allow her façade to crumble knowing that he was right, however she refrained from doing so due to the audience that remained in the room. She was alone now and without a doubt had a bigger enemy out of Dark. She had done this, to her dismay all the memories of being Hylia eventually caught up to her and as a result it left her feeling pity for the dark being. She ruined him and chose to seal his doomed existence. She had used them both and despite the guilt she would carry over the years, it never truly did get any easier.

"My Queen if I maybe so bold, why are you tying your fate to his?" Rauru asked quietly as the audience slowly left the building knowing that it was over.

"Because I owe it to him, I caused so much pain to him and never once thought how it would affect them both. Maemi… she was right about light and shadow, still I don't know where she gained that idea from" Zelda looked at him with a sad smile. "She grew up so fast back then, it often make me wonder where all that time went" Rauru's expression changed showing that he was now brooding over the events that took place.

"Is it wise though?" Zelda closed her eyes and smiled faintly.

"She tried to be his pillar of strength, her grandmother told me so and I disregarded it. Thinking that it was a fleeting notion that would fade but it didn't. I do not know what Ganondorf will do in the future but I feel as if I will no longer be able to stop the chain of events that will transpire… since Ganondorf's attack, I feel so powerless" Zelda tensed up as she felt his hand on her upper arm.

"Your Grace, do not be disheartened. That… thing will help us, she left him here for a reason" Zelda as she heard this frowned at him.

"His name is Dark Rauru, please treat him with some respect. I caused him to be this way, if I hadn't gotten involved who knows what changes would have occurred" Zelda said tersely feeling her jaw clench from her past givings, if she had not been so ignorant then the Hero might have become whole once more. Would Dark have made such a difference? She might never know now.

"You cannot dwell on the past, you can only move forward and learn from your mistakes" the sage said before vanishing in order to guard the Temple once more. Sighing Zelda placed a gloved hand to her face, weariness filled her before noticing the ring she placed on her finger. It looked cheap and fake, this whole arrangement she made them take part in wasn't even real. Before when she had married Link again and again had been her happiest times, they had been tied to each other and cared for the other. Loved the other with all their hearts and now she was left with the bitter hatred that lingered in his other half. Forcing herself to regain composure Zelda slowly walked out the Temple with her white wedding dress on, once she opened the door dusk soon greeted the tired monarch before a small glint caught her attention, looking down to her left she spotted the ring she made Dark wear to her chagrin but instead of leaving it she knelt down to pick it up. It did look plain and tacky, the meaning behind these rings were meaningless thanks to what she did.

"You can only move forward and learn from your mistakes" Rauru's words echoed in her mind before she sighed and went back to the castle, grateful that there were no visible guards around. No doubt Impa had made sure to give her some privacy so she could sort her mind out.

What could she do to make some peace between herself and Dark? Trinkets for sure meant nothing, titles were just a waste of paper and words. So what would help mend things at least a bit?

Once she entered the castle she saw a vast empty space and paused.

"I… that could work" Zelda soon approached one of the male servants in order to give a list of instructions, startled but unable to refuse the monarch the servant rushed to find the head carpenter to begin making what she requested. Feeling some relief fill her, it may look bad but it would have a symbol that would mean not just one but two entities that impacted on her life.

Walking towards Dark's chambers she paused at the door before knocking slowly and waited, silence greeted her before she knocked once more. Again silence greeted the awaiting monarch. Frowning Zelda opened the door to see darkness fill the room which immediately took her by surprise before she remembered who would live in such a room. Despite the faint light that emanated from bottom of the curtains it reminded her of a pitch black tunnel which had no light at the end of it. Slowly she entered the room before it slammed shut behind her.

"What do you want now… 'Your Highness'? Surely you have nothing else to humiliate and degrade me with? You've made it clear that I am a someone you love to make an example of, you never learn nor do you stop to think about who you're hurting" Dark said coldly as he remained hidden by the shadows. The only thing Zelda could spot were a pair of red eyes that semi shone in the dark room. Biting the inside of her cheek she stared at him.

"I am aware of my faults, however I do not wish for us to be like this" Zelda tried to assure him before hearing a bitter laugh enter her ears, it left unwanted shivers running down her spine and made her uncomfortable. Compared to Ganondorf Dark was someone who was unpredictable, an entity who on the other hand had made it clear to her that she was not wanted and would not hide his hatred for her when they were alone.

"Good one! I almost believed that you were being serious" Dark said with narrowed eyes, amusement could be heard in his voice.

"Dark I wish for a truce, let us end this ridiculous feud-Ah!" Zelda croaked in shock and pain as she was grabbed by the throat and had been immediately sent onto something soft that reminded her of a bed. The either side of her the bed sank slightly but the hand did not leave her throat to her dismay.

"You think that this is a game?!" Dark yelled angrily "I hate you! I hate you accursed Goddesses and I always will ! You destroyed me and left me to rot in that damn place, you never once thought that I had feelings. I was the spawn of evil FORGETTING that I am part of your so called hero! The Hero you caused to die back then and let me tell you… feeling his first death felt as if someone had ripped me to shreds. Every death, every injury, every emotion- I felt every bit of it. None of it was my own and I was left not knowing if anything was mine or his" He hissed as he leaned close to her ear, ignoring the harsh breathing that was leaving Zelda's lips as she tried to calm herself down to prevent any damages to her body.

"Can you imagine it? Being trapped and left without any hope or any idea of why you was left to endure someone's hate? Of course not, this is all a joke to you and guess what" Dark tightened his grip on her throat earning him more choking noises from Zelda who was trying not to squirm in his grasp, she caught his unforgiving eyes that hardened in such hatred that it scared her. It left her wondering how could such a soul contain such hatred before remembering how this could happen. Guilt and fear consumed her as he leaned closer to her ear, not caring that she was shaking or that her throat was going to sport an angry red hand print on it once she left. "I am done playing your games" Dark shoved her throat against the bed harshly before leaving the room, Zelda remained shaken before flinching as soon as she heard the door slam shut. Not once did she make any motion to leave but instead tried to reorganize her thoughts.

"Of course not… the only one he would listen to is not even here" Zelda thought bitterly. Slowly her eyelids started to fall until she was completely asleep from the loss of energy, sadly the sweet bliss of sleep ended the moment she felt something cold and wet hit her form. A harsh gasp and cry left her lips as she opened her eyes and immediately sat up to see Dark holding a bucket, his expression as she predicted was one of disgust from seeing her on his bed.

"Get out" Dark hissed lowly, not saying anything Zelda stood up and left the room without looking back. Biting her bottom inner lip she clenched her wet hands to her chest knowing that he would find out she left the ring inside his pillow cover. He could hate and scorn her all he wanted and she knew that it was justified, however he will never see her truly break. She may falter but she will hold her own against him. She survived Ganondorf, she will definitely survive this only… the worst part was that it was a part of Link she sent away and punished without any ounce of justification despite the excuses she would give out to defend herself with.

At times Zelda had wondered why she even allowed herself to get things to be the way they were, she had the opportunity to try and reason with the Demon King. She had the chance to alter the sword she created so only Link no matter if he had darkness within him could wield it but had chosen not to. So many opportunities she had missed or disregarded as she thought that it would be for the greater good, she believed she was helping her people but to her dismay had at times made things worse. She had almost died a few times because of her blunders, people suffered and damages were left behind after it was all over. So many years had gone by before people could try to regain a sense of 'normalcy' but in the end it was just an idea- a fantasy that they could imagine things were okay but they weren't. Scars would always remain and leave others to pick up the pieces that would never be the same again.

Now as she contemplated this, Zelda leaned her back against her bedroom wall. Her right hand covering her mouth as silent tears ran down her face. Why did she not learn? Of course there would be problems, there would be consequences and she in the end had to make the calls. Darned if she did darned if she didn't. It felt like a sick joke and one she couldn't stop being the butt of. Not only had she been disgraced in the royal dinner but some nobles had the cheek to insult her and where was Dark? Outside doing who knows what, as expected he made true to his word. He disregarded her and left her alone for five months. As a result comments about her being barren or being unfit to rule because of her gender became an issue once more. Their Regent was no where to be found for days on end and gossip about the wedding continued to fill their ears with more and more speculations and comments as to why it was considered a bad omen. If anything she would rather fight Ganondorf if it meant she would be away from those who knew nothing about how hard it was for her not to try and fight the Dark King, despite the fact it had been Link who defeated him leaving her and the sages to seal Ganondorf into the Dark Realm. Some even had the nerve to insult Maemi, calling her the coward who snuck away once it had been over and as a result left Zelda unwilling to eat while retreating to her chambers. Tonight however had been the worst, some even challenged and wanted to make an example out of her. Something she could only stomach for so long.

"For a second I thought you were dead with how still you were being" said mocking a voice that startled Zelda, looking up at her window she spotted Dark sitting on the railing cross legged while folding his arms. Her eyes slowly dimmed before a bitter smile formed on her face.

"What do you want? Come to speak ill of me like the others?" She asked bluntly causing his brows to raise up.

"That bad huh?" he asked calmly leaving her more vexed than ever.

"Why don't you go and see for yourself? I'm sure you can get along with them just fine given how they speak of me. In fact they insulted Maemi by calling her a coward among other things after Ganondorf was sealed away" Zelda snapped crossly, however to her dismay he did not move or speak for a few minutes. Not once could she guess what he was thinking due to his guarded expression, however the mention of Maemi caused the right side of his mouth to twitch in what she was sure was anger. Just insulting her was a subject Zelda was sure would result in pain and punishment, not that she would stop him. It had taken a lot out of the queen to not say anything.

"What do you expect? Women are treated harshly when they are anything that would be deemed threatening to them, especially monarchs. They want power and they'll destroy 'weak' people to get on top" Dark commented blandly not showing an ounce that it bothered him. Deep down anger filled the male knowing that he had a sinking suspicion on who insulted Maemi, by the time dawn approached the group would no longer be a thorn in his line of sight. He would gladly disregard the queen but the girl who cared for him and gave him a chance to feel, to be cared for. It was beyond unacceptable. Also… he had a sinking suspicion that this girl was more than just friends with one of his incarnations. She felt familiar and gave him a feeling like he was actually… home. A thing he never assumed was possible and yet here he was wondering constantly as if he was a parent wondering where his child had gone to.

"Child…" Dark mused but masked his brooding look, his mind soon snapped back into realizing that he was in the same room as Zelda and quickly caught her response.

"I know…" Zelda said with a bitter smile as she looked at her knees "I've lived long enough to know, you forget… that you're not the only one living a vicious cycle" Dark frowned before a low sigh left his lips. It was no secret between them that they were cursed no thanks to Demise, if it hadn't been for that then his other half would be resting in the hereafter with him. That is if Dark had been given the chance, he highly doubted it.

"Moping isn't going to get you anywhere" Dark muttered as he got off the railing but kept his arms folded, his eyes looking to the left as he eyed the bookshelf by the desk.

"Why do you care?" Zelda snapped before being greeted with silence.

"I don't" Dark muttered bluntly, slowly he walked towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Zelda asked, her voice wobbling as she tries to control her sobs that were threatening to take over.

"The tavern" Dark replied in a neutral tone. "I hear the wrench are actually lovely during this time" he added in a simple tone, one that got her furious.

"So you just came here to spite me? Is that it?" Zelda snapped "while you can get away with flirting, women like myself are not otherwise we're treated like trash. How can you even-?"

"As I said I do not care what you think" Dark said stiffly as he turned to look at her from the corner of his eye, seeing the state she was reduced to made him frown for a minute. "Change into something plain…" he finally muttered to her surprise.

"Why?" Zelda bit crossly as she wiped her harshly tears by using the back of her left hand.

"You could use a stiff drink, you look like shit" Blinking in shock from hearing the insult she glared at Dark before standing up.

"I wouldn't be like this if you had agreed to the truce" Zelda snapped before seeing his eyes narrow, she quickly tensed up from realizing that she was lashing out.

"You have five minutes otherwise I'm leaving you behind, I would rather tip the wrench then be left listening to you wallowing in self pity" Dark said lowly enough for her to hear, growling angrily she watched him close the door behind him so she could have some privacy.

"Bastard…" she hissed coldly before storming over towards wardrobe, she paused as she looked at her clothes.

"But he…" Zelda suddenly paused for a bit before she turned to look at the door in surprise, now realizing that he was actually allowing her to go with him to the tavern. "Why?" she bit her lip tightly before flipping through her dresses to see a cream plain dress located on the back of her wardrobe. Dread and worry filled her on what would happen, was he going to trick her? Despite this she slipped out of her royal purple dress and golden ornaments before tying her hair up into a low ponytail. Now dressed and ready she opened the door to see him leaning against the opposite wall facing her door.

"What made you change your mind?" Zelda asked, feeling hesitant when they walked out the castle in silence. Dark said nothing as he thought back to Maemi who still remained missing.

"I know this will be a risk, but please don't worry I'm going to be okay. Just take care of sis okay. I know you two will be uneasy but it won't hurt to give some leeway, I have a feeling she will try to make things right. Good bye for now Dark" Dark looked at his right hand which was suppose house the Triforce of Courage, only Link- his light side would be the one holding it for now. It had been a month after the wedding and he had received a dream, one of Maemi who stood in front of him with a sad smile. She had been hesitant about something, worried even and she had not once told him why. But instead asked him to do this small favour, to Dark however it was huge. She was playing with fire by getting him to agree to this madness only once he picked up tidbits about what they thought about their monarch and Maemi, the things they said even at the tavern annoyed him to no end. It seemed that no matter what Zelda was going to be a bother, only a few praised her before being silenced by the others and left him watching the occasional odd fights take place. A stupid notion really but now growing tired of the wallowing Queen's behaviour, the male had now decided to take her to a place he would go to drown his sorrows in. Then again she probably needed it more than him anyways.

Then again maybe it was not a wise choice to bring her to the tavern…

Dark slapped his head weakly as he peeked at her semi frowning expression from the corner of his eye. Ever since they arrived he had convinced her to have an ale thinking what could go wrong? Sadly EVERYTHING.

"Ministers are such pigs! Why bother insulting women because they're in power? They're such scaredy cats until they're put in their place" Zelda whined before drinking from the mug of ale, eyeing her weakly Dark's mouth twitched on the right side as he watched her lash out.

"I think you have had too much to drink" Dark commented murmured after Zelda had her fourth glass of ale. Slamming the mug down sharply Dark tensed up from the sudden move before seeing Zelda give him a cold look.

"I am fine, it's not like you give a damn anyways since you're never there for me" Zelda huffed before looking for another woman that would hand out drinks. "I'd like another ale" she called out to a young brown haired girl who's hair went up to her lower waist. Turning to look at the loud woman the girl blinked.

"I think you've had too much to drink ma'am" the girl said weakly before her eyes went wide as Zelda stood up sharply, ignoring Dark who was trying to get her to sit down.

"Ma'am? Ma'am?! I am not that old you-" Zelda screamed as she now struggled against Dark's grip.

"Enough, you are drunk" Dark hissed lowly as he tried to take her out the tavern, ignoring the onlookers who were no doubt going to comment about this event. His mind as they left now pulsated painfully from the ongoing headache she was giving him thanks to her fit.

"Don't tell me what to do! Last time I checked you didn't care if I was being bothered by anyone" she spat angrily as he frowned at her, "Besides I'm evil in your eyes considering what I did to you how many years ago" Dark's eyes remained bland and showed flickers of annoyance that was trying to break free thanks to her blabbing about things that he didn't want to talk about. However he resisted the urge to have a go at her due to the audience, that and she was drunk out of her mind.

"I'm taking you home" Dark said after nodding to the girl who knew he was trying to be apologetic. Watching the pair leave as one continued to put up a struggle made the girl almost giggle at how they acted, this was almost a first for her given that she started this job two months ago and only saw rowdy men. Women? Not so much.

"Get off of me!" Zelda snapped before screaming in anger as he sent her onto his right shoulder and resumed his walk back to the castle. "Let me down! Let me down you pale faced idiot!" Dark as he heard this clenched his teeth, almost insulted by the comment before shaking it off and labeling it as part of her drunk episode. Knowing that she would be back to normal later in the morning.

"That's a first…" he muttered dryly as he ignored some spectators before spotting the drawbridge, relief filled him knowing that he was close to dropping her off and leaving, just the thought of being away from her even if it was temporary almost tasted sweet on his tongue only he wished he could drop her off sooner so he wouldn't have to look or hear her whining like a mad woman.

"Let me down I'm going to puke" Zelda now whined after she went from being angry to grumbling insults at the male. Dark flashed her a look before briskly walking past the guards who gave him a look, shooting them a look back the guards resumed their duties wanting nothing more than to not be on the receiving end of his wrath.

"You will do no such thing, I am taking you to your room. That Sheikah will deal with you from there" Dark hissed before feeling her grip his tunic tightly.

"Daaark, I'm going to be sick. Put me down…" Zelda groaned before covering her mouth with her left hand not seeing Dark go even more paler than usual. Rushing towards her room he was about to reach her door before wincing, a low curse followed by a furious groan left his lips as he felt her sick now running down his neck and tunic.

"Great… just great" he scowled before walking towards her door and slammed it open, seeing that the Sheikah was not there he stormed over towards Zelda's couch. Dark not wasting any time immediately dropped her unceremoniously onto the couch earning him a yelp and a grumble from the probably bruised queen who was now half sprawled onto it. Turning his head he now stormed over towards her bathtub and began to strip off his tunic, spying the lukewarm water he grabbed the sponge next to it and began to furiously scrub off the sick off of his body while she remained dazed. Hoping that she would be out cold before he could finish and leave. Curses continued to stream lowly from his lips as he continued to glare at the tub. Not caring that his back and sides were now a shade of angry red he proceeded to scrub his tunic before groaning as he noticed that some of the mess landed on his trousers.

"There is no way I am finishing this here! That… that bitch…!" Dark seethed as he grabbed his soiled tunic and stormed out the room, not caring that she had called him out in a delirious manner nor that she had gotten sick again.

His mind as he went to his room remained solely on getting cleaned and pretending that this night never happened.

Zelda as she woke up groaned weakly as she felt the strong sunlight hit her in the face, placing a hand to her face she winced as she felt something now running down it causing her to move her hand back so she could register what it was. Her stomach twisted in disgust.

"What did I do last night?" she muttered before slowly sitting up, Zelda winced as she placed a hand to her face as dizziness consumed her for a brief moment. "Why does everything seem so bright?" Zelda muttered before looking at where she had been sleeping- on the floor. Her eyes as soon as she saw what she had been sleeping on scrunched up shut and a weary groan left her lips as she saw the mess that she had slept on.

"I'm going to need a bath after this" Zelda murmured before getting up.

"My Queen! What happened?!" Impa cried softly as she took in the messy scene, looking up at Impa weakly Zelda forced a pitiful smile.

"I got sick apparently" Shaking her head Impa guided Zelda to the bath before pausing.

"Did you get sick there as well?" Impa asked with a look of disbelief, squinting her eyes Zelda tried to recollect what happened. To her dismay it was all fuzzy until one thing entered her mind, Zelda's blood immediately went cold and she went green as she remembered one thing.

"I threw up on Dark…" Zelda whined as she placed a hand to her face, Impa's eyes flashed sharply at the queen not believing her ears at that moment.

"You must be joking" Impa said sternly, however as soon as she saw Zelda's reaction it had left the Sheikah feeling very surprised if not disappointed by the queen's behaviour. She was going to be having a long talk with the queen for sure about decorum.

As Zelda entered the dining room she soon spotted Dark half eating half playing with his foot while sporting a sour look on his face. Seeing this she mentally winced knowing that she made him more angry with her than ever possible.

"Dark?" Zelda bit her lower end of lip as she walked slowly towards him, her eyes caught him tensing up as if he appeared to be reliving a bad memory which added more guilt to what she did.

"Dark?" She called out once more before stopping next to Dark but kept her distance in case he snapped.

"What do you want?" he muttered coldly causing her to almost gulp heavily from hearing his tone.

"I wanted to say that I am sorry for last night" Dark closed his eyes and rolled them as he leaned back on his chair, his arms slack on the table but refused to meet her gaze "I shouldn't have thrown up on you nor should I have acted in such an undignified manner last night. It was wrong and I am truly sorry" Zelda said meekly, she blinked once he got up from his chair and eyed his plate in disgust as his appetite completely left him. Not saying a word he walked past her in order to train in one of his secret areas that he had been able to allude Zelda with, Gripping her dress skirt tightly she turned to look at him weakly.

"I'm sorry! I wasn't thinking!" Zelda called out to Dark who continued to walk away from him. Wincing weakly she eyed the plate and then at him before walking towards the throne room, all ideas of eating now left her mind as she tried to push last night out of her head. What had she been thinking?!

"Okay! So shall we start making this now?" a peppy girl asked causing an older boy to laugh.

"I don't see why not, right Helmaroc?" a tanned male asked a male who pushed up his glasses "any objections Vincent? Laurence?"

"None what so ever" Laurence shook his head, a wry smile formed on his face as they began writing down a list.

"What should we call this though?" Vincent asked as he eyed them with a bit of nervousness as his father was no doubt going to call and demand an explanation as to why he was going to be home late. At first he sent a message to his mother to let his father know that he would be in the library, which was true they were and the library was always open till late eight.

"Good question" Helmaroc said now tapping his chin with his pencil. "We obviously can't call it The Bro Code as there is already a thing like that" Laurence smiled at the girl who beamed at them with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Why not The Bro/Sis Code?" Laurence asked earning him looks from the group. "Considering we have a sister like friend here, I don't see why we don't make it to our standards" Laurence said before the tanned male laughed lightly.

"Interesting coming from you" the tanned male said with a teasing smile "you considering ME a brother?" the male asked as Laurence smirked widely from the challenging question.

"I don't see why not" this took the male by surprise as Laurence shrugged "I know we didn't get along in the past Ganondorf, but we have put aside things and are now proving that even history doesn't define us. That is unless you want me to sent you crying on the floor?" Laurence chortled as Ganondorf smirked but twitched at the comment.

"Not before I send you out the window for being a prat" Ganondorf retorted as Helmaroc folded his arms and leaned back on his chair, the girl giggled as she knew it was just light banter between them but Vincent on the other hand started to panic.

"Please no fighting, I like it here" Vincent pleaded as the group started to laugh, the librarian as she walked by started to smile knowing that the group found only safety and comfort in this place. So despite the rowdy behaviour she would allow them to be noisy to an extend that it wasn't borderline unacceptable.

"Relax scaredy cat!" Ganondorf waved the scared boy off "it's just banter"

"Don't get so worried, we're not going to hit the other… yet" Laurence smirked as Ganondorf rolled his eyes at the playful joke. Looking down he smirked at what the girl wrote.

"The Bro and Sis code!

Theses Holy rules must be abided by or risk severe punishment!"

"Really? Now that's threatening, unless someone really didn't take the warning seriously" Ganondorf said before looking at the first rule, a snort left his lips before he released a loud laugh from the first rule.

"Rule one- If you haven't had sex in six months you are not accountable with who ever you sleep with. (Conditions- not with a bro or sis' family members or friends. Sex buddies strictly forbidden and will instantly lead to regret and severing ties, don't do it if you have any sense of dignity! Also if a bro or sis has a maid or any kind of helper- NEVER and I mean NEVER have any contact with them especially one night stands! That's your bro or sis's helper show some self respect! If you're that desperate go seek a cold shower and imagine your old family member who has the most saggiest skin ever imaginable and get a life!)"

"Now I don't know about you, but didn't your ancestor do that with her maid?" Ganondorf asked with a sly smirk while seeing Vincent go pink in the face, pulling at his collar tightly to regain the air he was losing rapidly.

"Uuuuuh… we might need to age gate some of this won't we Maemi?" Vincent asked weakly as Maemi gave him a semi glaring look.

"You know I will hunt you down if you pull the same stunt right?" Maemi asked bluntly startling most of the boys in the room.

"Y-Yes I know… please don't pit me in with THAT guy" Vincent pleaded as Helmaroc and Maemi jotted down another rule each.

"Don't give me a reason then" Maemi muttered before showing what she wrote.

"Rule two- If a bro or sis knows another bro or sis for more than 24 hours their siblings are STRICTLY off limits! No exceptions. However! If a bro or sis doesn't know about that person being a family member you HAVE to tell the sis or bro at once! Failure to so will involve either disowning or castrating the parts of the bro or sis who fails to abide by the rules" All the males swallowed thickly knowing Maemi was glaring at them.

"Just to make sure you all get the memo" Maemi commented bluntly as she leaned back on the chair with her arms folded.

"But what if you go after one of our siblings?" Vincent croaked as Laurence looked away weakly and then eyed Ganondorf with a semi worried look. It's not like he would break it but knowing Maemi has a really good hook left him wanting to sweat like mad. Ganondorf as he read this wanted to bail. There was no way he was going to go after any relative of hers and Helmaroc judging by his reaction was agreeing.

"I have two more" Maemi muttered "and none of you are included so relax, it's just to say you have an excuse. Besides if it's an accident you can just let me know, I'm not that mean" Maemi added before showing them the note. Peeking at it the males howled with laughter at how it was both insulting and cold at the same time.

"Rule three- Ancestors and descendants are not allowed to marry or sleep with one another. Honestly that's your relative and seriously would you sleep with your parents or children? Really?! How can you look at them in that manner?

"Rule four - In regards to the previous rule a bro or sis must never go after someone's ancestor or descendent. It doesn't matter if you're from different time periods sort yourselves out you crazy horny fools!"

"Now you know that would be a negatory from me" Helmaroc said stiffly, all three males beside them agreed sharply.

"Count me out as well" Maemi said before shivering from the thought.

"What brought that on?" Laurence asked looking worried.

"Everything…" Maemi said with a withered tone as she gave Laurence a semi scowling look thanks to reliving some of the mishaps, she soon started looking at the next rule. A bit unsettled the group looked at the next rule.

"Rule five - If a brawl has just started and your bro or sis is involved somehow and has roped you in it. Take a moment and sit at the sides. Have they earned the right to be helped and if so ask yourself what an earth did they do to create such a messy problem? Worst-case scenario you'll have to take home a half dead corpse. Either way make sure if you're watching and take some pictures and make a video of it so when things settle down you can remind them of their stupid mistake"

"That I can agree with" Ganondorf muttered before hearing murmurs of agreement.

"You won't count, you never get drunk" Vincent said earning Maemi a few looks.

"Tongue pallet" Maemi explained but still left them confused.

"Tongue… pallet?" Helmaroc tilted his look as he stared at her oddly.

"Genetic and that's all I'm saying" Maemi replied before seeing him shrug in reply.

"Rule six- Things NEVER to say:

-Baby you are (such a) turn on- no! You must be stupid to say that in front of someone. If someone has said it remind them you are here of your free will and you can easily leave them to wallow in loneliness if they are that desperate.

-Baby you turn me on- How about NO! Like the one above. It is not nice nor is it practical. Unless you want to be beaten up by the opposite sex or by the bro or sis! Shut yeh mouth or face the destruction of your dignity and your genitals"

"If anyone said that to any of the girls I knew…" Ganondorf shook his head slowly while a whistle of air left his lips as he left the threat unsaid. He then proceeded to write down his few comments.

"-Where's my sandwich bitch?- How about NO! Make your own you lazy fool! Sis' especially are not your slaves bros make it your self or do you want permanent finger loss."

"If anyone said that to Nabooru…" Ganondorf said sternly before shaking is head once more. Maemi as she looked at him smirked bitterly, that woman really knew how to throw a knife.

"-Oh come on just one more- learn the word NO! It's time to know your limits (and your place) and since when did you lower yourself to being a five year old. Grow up and act your age, it is embarrassing to be around you as it is if you behave like that." The group snickered from the comment before resuming their rule reading.

"-Oh I would like to take a swing at her jugs- Dude uncool! Some bros might find that fun but some might find it uncomfortable so keep quiet.(Since it might be their relative/friend/boy or girlfriend that your talking about) However if that's a family member and you didn't realise it- you have EXACTLY five minutes to apologise and amend what you said or risk pain"

"Can't argue with that either, I think the person who does that might want to hide under a desk if any of us hears any unwanted comments" Helmaroc said bluntly before looking at Laurence's rule.

"Rule seven - If someone asks for a bro or sis directly you have every right to deny his or her existence and slam the door. Worst case scenario it's the police or family. Remember NEVER mess with the law or the parents. They are dangerous and are not so nice when they're angry. If it gets bad give them (Parents) a fake address and number. Leave the house after it is safe or hide somewhere in the house and pretend you're not home, however if you know that your bro/sis is innocent you can tell the police that you don't know where they are. This isn't your problem... or is it?" Maemi snickered as Laurence winked at Ganondorf who gave him a sour look.

"Gee… I didn't know you cared" Ganondorf said dryly as Laurence smirked.

"I have my moments" Laurence said in a semi high tone as he continued to smirk.

"Rule Eight- When a bro gets something that is girly for example a present or flowers, DO NOT judge or ask. If could be for a female friend or relative"

All eyes turned to looking at Helmaroc who shrugged.

"How was I suppose to know Vincent was going to give his mother flowers?" Helmaroc asked bluntly.

"Ask" Ganondorf muttered.

"It was mother's day last week you know" Maemi added as Helmaroc shrugged.

"Rule nine- If worst case scenario you have an item that contains protection. Just laugh it off and say it's for a family member do not say who it is really for if they press. Do you really want them to go there?"

The group now laughed at how this rule came about, Vincent meanwhile as he laughed felt his ears burn badly from the traumatic experience. His father had been REALLY unforgiving during that time.

"Rule ten - If a date that is set up by a bro or sis goes badly. You are allowed to get back at them and can subject them to enduring the fact that their embarrassing pictures will be posted online until the sentencing has cleared.

"Don't ever set me up again" Ganondorf gave an innocent looking Laurence a dark look that signaled he wasn't joking.

"Wasn't thinking of doing so" Laurence said before smirking at Maemi who raised a brow at him.

"Rule eleven - If a bro or sis is facing a crisis or their siblings dating someone they don't agree. The bro or sis is allowed to intervene and confront the one the sibling is dating. You never know who is dangerous or safe. Best get a second opinion on things!

Rule twelve - If an ex shows up- under no circumstances will you or your friends/ family EVER mention the bitch or bastard's name or speak about them. Isn't it enough that things ended messy or that they have ruined you to the point that you refuse to date or socialize with the opposite sex.

Rule thirteen - Unless they have murdered someone in your family. You have to bail them out. HOWEVER! IF they have murdered someone, leave them. They need to learn that killing is just plain stupid! And leaves you with a death sentence at worst times.

Rule Fourteen - Before dating the bro or sis' ex. If they are on good terms (if not stay away!) you must ask if you can date the ex but you have to wait three days if they say yes- if not then take the hint that it's too personal!

Rule fifteen - If there is leftover food and drinks. Only take one never both since that's just plain rude and greedy."

"For the last time I'm sorry!" Helmaroc muttered as he remembered the party at Vincent's house, it had not gone well with Vincent's father and involved a large bump on the back of his head.

Rule sixteen - If you bring a camera especially a video camera to a party that is private. You are all allowed to kill them mentally by forcing them to endure the tie up naked against the lamp post trick. Never sexually harass unless you have a death wish like the fool who wanted to film the occasion.

Rule seventeen - If a bro or sis is involved in a nasty confrontation that'll lead to scarring them for life- march over there and tell the dope off!

Rule eighteen- Under no circumstances are you allowed to be late. If you are you had better have a damn good explanation for being late! It doesn't matter if you are a bro or sis it's rude.

Rule Nineteen - If a bro is scratching his crutch and it leaves you uncomfortable give them the evil eyes so they get the hint that you're not amused.

Rule Twenty - If a sis's breasts are threatening to pop out. Tell immediately. It'll leave you in a tight spot for not telling sooner, especially if you're in a public place or family house"

"For the record I was running out the house to avoid my father, I did not have time to sort myself out" Vincent said as his face went pale from the memory. The group stared at him blankly not really knowing what to say to that.

Rule Twenty one- In this world there is guts and balls!

-Guts- turning up late for a gathering which leads to uncomfortable silence from everyone and asking "Am I late?" and not saying sorry shortly after arriving.

-Balls- coming home one night from a gathering to your home smelling of cologne/perfume that doesn't belong to you and obtaining a love bite on the neck and saying to your family member or boyfriend or girlfriend you're next- NO just doesn't end well so keep your mouth shut and go straight to bed to cure yourself of what you did.

"Rule Twenty two - Compensation for asking your bro or sis help in your new home, is a suitable present or provide them a place to sit and relax with a drink so they are rested and ready to go. But if you are over 34 get some movers since you must have enough to get yourself a new house unless you somehow lost all your money in the blink of an eye then sort yourself out you skint cheap bastard!

Rule Twenty Three- NEVER and I mean NEVER go after a bro or sis' ex the moment they've broken up! You're only endangering yourself and are risking a blood bath. Rebounds aren't cool just plain stupid. It also shows that you have no life!

Rule Twenty Four - If a sis or bro likes someone but hasn't had the courage or is going to confess you are forbidden to chase after the person that is the object of interest or go to them for a year. Also if you have your bro or sis' interests in heart you can try and get the person to be aware of the bro or sis but beware! There WILL be consequences! Shame on you for stealing!

Rule Twenty Five - This rule applies to siblings as well so LISTEN WELL! NEVER and I mean NEVER go after someone's boyfriend or girlfriend or worst case scenario: the FIANCÉE OR THE MARRIED PARTNER! It's wrong get your head out of the line of fire it's just plain stupid!"

"How did this rule get in?" Ganondorf asked looking surprised as he reread the rule. Maemi cleared her throat and looked away with a dry look on her face.

"One of my stupid cousins has a twin. Let's just say one saw a girl first and the other was being an ass" Maemi muttered darkly, Vincent as he heard this twigged and went pale.

"That guy?!" Vincent croaked as she nodded slowly. Confused the trio looked at him in hopes of him explaining what they were talking about.

"Best not to know, the twin was a psycho" Vincent commented weakly.

"Don't ever let him hear you say that" Maemi warned lightly as he nodded shakily. Baffled Ganondorf, Laurence and Helmaroc were left more unsure of what to make of this information.

Rule Twenty Six - Whenever you are in a fight with your bro or sis or partner/date. Never involve family in any arguments especially if you are on the phone (it's rude and for heavens sake stop insulting the dead just because you are not committed to the relationship, if so the FOR F's SAKE WHY DID YOU EVEN ASK THEM OUT IN THE FIRST PLACE?! They could be in a romantic relationship with someone they actually like by now you selfish git! Shame on you)

Rule Twenty Seven - Bros/sis' and sis' and bros' before hoes, don't let them come between and cause friction. You are in control of your behaviour so don't let stuff like jealousy and envy and all that rubbish get in the way of your bonds. You have to know that there comes a time when they have commitments to deal with. Especially with little ones or partners whether married or not. Exceptions to this rule: Girlfriend/boyfriend, fiancée, spouse, children and family members. Do not get bent out of shape because you are not happy with your life and want to push your bro and sis into hanging out with you. They have things to do and sometimes cannot be avoided. Just try to arrange time and hope that is accepted by the other partner. You have almost all the time in the world (unless you are dying), to arrange times to visit the other. So be patient and don't be an ass about it! Do not insult the bro or sis' partner or do anything stupid. It'll just end up getting you severely hurt and it will not end well. Things will be said and done that might not be able to be taken back or undone. So think before you act! And do not be selfish! Unless you have problems that are severe then you can ask the bro or sis for help. There's no shame in that but just keep in mind that everything doesn't revolve around you.

"Blunt… I like it" Ganondorf nodded sternly as Maemi smirked at Laurence who shrugged with a grin.

"Knew you would like it" Laurence said with a slyly.

"Rule Twenty Eight- Never steal stuff from a bro or sis, not only is it wrong, but you should be ashamed of yourself! What if you ruin the stuff which could be a dress, or coat or something like that! Would you be able to look them in the eye? Ask for once since no one likes his or her stuff being taken without permission."

"I think my twin broke one of our aunt's vases" Maemi said before lowering her voice "I hated it but had to act like I was sad about it whenever she arrived" this caused Laurence to give her a sympathetic look, his uncle was something whenever he visited.

"Rule Twenty Nine - Sexism is not allowed- jokes might be okay but prejudice is banned. No matter if you are holy, yōkai and human or anything not listed.

Rule Thirty- A bro or sis who is having a baby, their bros and sis' are honorary aunts and uncles."

"Anymore ideas for the list?" Maemi asked with a curious smile before seeing their shake their heads. "Great, anymore just let me know" Maemi said before going to get the code copied.

"What are the odds of us breaking the code?" Helmaroc asked in a lazy voice as he leaned back on the chair with his arms resting on the back of his head.

"Not likely" Laurence replied with a shake of his head. "Who would be dumb enough to break them?"

"Definitely not me" Ganondorf said before Vincent could speak.

"None of us would I'm sure" Vincent commented before Maemi handed them the papers.

"I hope I don't" Maemi said before they started chatting about school work.

Darkness surrounded a town, at first it appeared to be like any other town. People organizing what appeared to be a festival were filled with joy until slowly what felt like a purple mist started to surround the areas of the town. Leaving people with fear and uncertainty. Looking up Dark could only watch with a pensive expression as he stared at what appeared to be a moon only it didn't appear to be like the moon he would normally see. No, this moon had a face that was filled with malice. Anger while the need to destroy filled this moon as it stared down at the town, right above the town was what Dark could assume was a clock tower. However as he walked closer he could almost feel dread entering his bones the closer he got towards it, strange that such a grand decorative structure could fill him with such fear until he walked up the stairs. The mist as he went up became denser and more foreboding, warning him to back away. To turn back despite the fact of what he was- darkness. Pushing the thoughts and what felt like warnings Dark progressed until he stood on the center of what appeared to be a large platform, only he wished he hadn't.

For months worry had plagued Dark, uncertainty and despair echoed from inside when he either slept or laid awake. The urge to leave this time to locate the missing child continued to grow until now as he slept or he could assume that he was sleeping. One minute he was walking past the Temple of Time before a sharp pain etched itself on the back of his right hand, his mind as he had hissed and gripped his hand blanked out until he could only see this vision lay itself out before him.

"Maemi…" Dark's voice quivered in horror, beside her was a yellow fairy and a strange Deku Scrub who almost reminded him of his other half. Why wasn't his other half protecting her like he promised to do so?

"Maemi…" Dark felt his feet take a few steps now gaining control of his body started rushing towards them. "MAEMI!" Dark screamed until a loud shrill scream echoed in his ears, looking up in shock the ground trembled violently causing him to lose his balance.

"Are you my ancestor?"

Dark felt his heart leap up into his throat as he sat up shakily, clenching his hands he stood up and began running towards Maemi who stared at what Dark could assume was a Skull Kid. However the Skull Kid as he stared at it looked strange, the mask as he stared at it for a minute felt as if there was something wrong with it. Blinking he frowned before fear trickled into his mind once he picked up a vast amount of evil energy surrounding the Skull Kid. That mask was no ordinary mask and to prove it, the Skull Kid was now turning to stare at him, rattling as the Skull Kid moved it's head rapidly before a dark laugh left the Skull Kid's lips surprising Dark as he could only watch the scene take place before him.

"There is nothing you can do! I will have what a I want and I will kill the one who took everything from me, you will never stop me… one who shares the thief's face. Do not get in my way" Dark winced as a dark gust of wind launched itself at him causing him to fly a few feet away from Maemi who remained staring at the masked Skull Kid along side the Deku Scrub.

"Maemi! Get out of there!" Dark screamed as he forced his body to move towards Maemi once more, the moment he grabbed her right wrist a sharp light filled his line of vision.

"Sorry Dark… I can't see you anymore" a sad voice that Dark recognized as Maemi echoed in his ears stunning the male as he opened his eyes.

"I… I took an oath, this way no one will ever be able hurt anyone close to me if I know nothing. Please don't look for me, they will find me if you keep trying to locate me" strong light filled Dark's weary eyes as he took in the area, to his relief the light dimmed allowing him to realise that he was inside the physician's room.

"You're awake" Dark's ears caught the sound of a faint female, one that took him by surprise. Turning to look at the right side he noticed Zelda staring at him with worry filled eyes. Confusion filled him as to how he ended up in the room formed on his face, seeing this she sighed and leaned backwards.

"You collapsed in the Temple of Time, Rauru alerted me and had the guards escort you to the medical wing" Zelda explained, hearing her words he frowned, annoyance from being caught in such an embarrassing situation filled him until he felt her grip tightening on the hand closest to her.

"I'm glad… I was so worried that you wouldn't wake up" Zelda's voice shook as she looked down with sad expression that left him stunned, however he disregarded the fact she had been holding his hand. "Rauru and Impa told me that an evil spirit had tried to kill you in your sleep but they do not know who or what it is" Zelda explained as she moved her head so she could look at him. Dark's jaw tensed as he looked down. Images of the once happy turned foreboding town, the purple mist, the moon, the Skull Kid who wore a strange evil mask, the Deku Scrub who had a yellow fairy and lastly Maemi.

"Dark, are you okay?" Zelda asked as she spoke to him in a soft voice, looking at her from the corner of his eye a soft sigh left his lips.

"Don't know" Zelda blinked in alarm as she heard him speak in an honest tone only it sounded defeated to her dismay.

"What do you mean?" she asked feeling worry fill her body, looking at his hands he gnawed his teeth as he remembered Maemi's words before he woke up.

"When I find out… I'll…" he paused as he was left debating whether or not to tell her "I'll let you know, right now I am unsure but if I am correct then Maemi is in danger" Dark said before hearing a low gasp leave her lips.

"No… Maemi, how?" Zelda choked as she stared at him with fear filled eyes.

"I don't know! Okay! So leave me alone, it's bad enough she's pushing me away but I don't truly know why" Dark hissed as he moved his hands out of her grasp.

"What did she say? Did she speak to you?" Zelda asked as she thought back to before Impa had alerted her of Dark passing out, just minutes before her right hand where the Triforce of Wisdom had lit up. Had Link tried to contact her she didn't know but the presence felt familiar however the feeling was different. It was completely different and left her wanting to rush towards the person's aid, it couldn't be Ganondorf so who?

"All she said is that she took some stupid oath, she knows something and is trying to stop me from searching for her because someone might find her and will use others to obtain what she knows" Dark scowled as he gripped the sheets angrily. What twisted situation did Maemi get herself into? How and why was his light half not helping?

"Then we must find a way to help her"

"Don't you think that I am not trying?" Dark snapped shocking her into silence "for months I've been trying to locate her, even if it was to give me peace of mind but she has purposely concealed herself in something. Whoever has done this must be powerful, more powerful than you before you had shed your Divinity" Dark commented leaving her to go silent.

"The… they wouldn't" Zelda placed a hand to her chin as a thought came to her, the Triforce reacting repeatedly but at different times. It hadn't been a coincidence. It was reacting but had it been because of Courage? As strange as it was, her emotions during that time started to swirl and become unstable but only for brief moments. However one emotion stood out- sadness. Ganondorf had never shown remorse or sorrow when she encountered him so who would? Din would have made sure to hide Power, that Zelda was sure of unless Ganondorf was pushing through the barrier but then anger and greed would be consuming her. Neither emotion surfaced leaving Zelda more confused.

"Let us play a game, a game of hide and seek"

Zelda froze as the words entered her mind.

"Let us play a game of hide and seek?" Zelda mused causing him to look at her.

"You heard that?" Dark asked as his brows furrowed in confusion, blinking she nodded.

"The Puppet Master likes to speak in riddles or would drop hints, he likes having people read between the lines" Zelda admitted as she continued to ponder on what the spirit told them. "What evil spirit did you see? What did it say?"

"That it will have what it wants and kill who took everything away from it. Apparently I share the same face as the thief but that would mean one of the incarnations must have killed it before and it's now been brought back. Strangely enough it was a mask controlling a Skull Kid" Dark said before grabbing a feathered pen and paper, without wasting time he began to draw the mask in as much detail as possible until he paused. That mask definitely left him feeling uneasy; somehow he could almost assume that he had seen it before, but where?

"I don't recognize the mask" Zelda said as Dark frowned at it.

"Somehow… I think I do, but I don't remember where" Dark gritted his teeth before throwing the paper to the floor in anger causing her to flinch slightly "it's frustrating that I know what it is but I just can't remember where I saw it from!" he snapped angrily.

"You can't be expected to know everything, if it's a mask then an evil spirit must be possessing it and if one of the incarnations of Link had seen it then he must have done something to anger it" Zelda explained.

"But what?! Don't you get it? I should know but I don't! It's almost as if… he repressed it" Dark's voice wavered and vanished as he stared at the mask from the corner of his eye.

"There is nothing you can do! I will have what a I want and I will kill the one who took everything from me, you will never stop me… one who shares the thief's face. Do not get in my way" Dark eyed the mask now getting up, his feet tensed up from the cold but he cared not for the change of temperature. Focusing solely on the mask his mind went to Maemi subconsciously. The mask had tried to block him from getting to her when he was in the dreamscape. It was angry at him for sharing the same face as his light half, did that mean his light half had committed a wrong?

"I will never forgive you for killing my friend, yes he killed but he was defending himself! Wouldn't you in his situation?" a young girl asked sharply, he stared at scared but furious brown eyes for a bit. Her long black locks moved in a watery manner as she took a step back, not wanting to end up like her friend.

"Yes" he replied softly.

"Then why?" she snapped.

"It was his time, this was his wish. I am only making sure no one will use his powers for bad"

"And if someone does find it, wouldn't they fall victim to it? You've only made things worse" the girl challenged angrily, the man stood up and placed a hand on her tense shoulder.

Dark as he saw this tensed up, not believing what he was seeing as he saw the girl's eyes. He knew her face.

"Which is why I will be guarding it, I'm sure he wouldn't want to burden you with his power. Why don't we take you home?" Dark spoke softly as he stared at the drawing, his eyes sombre and filled with regret for inflicting such pain on the child who was forced to watch her friend die.

"But she didn't have a home… her family were all dead" Dark admitted not noticing Zelda who had gone pale as she heard his words. Sitting against the bed a sad sigh left his lips as he placed the heel of his hand to his forehead. "He was only trying to seal away a dark power and caused a girl to be traumatized, it weighed heavily on him till the day he died and he had been unable to find her after she vanished… I should have known he would be back. I didn't anticipate that the dark desires of man would awaken the spirit once more" Dark said with a heavy look, at that moment it was almost as if he had became one with the tired soul who had tried to make things right with the child who refused to acknowledge his attempts to redeem himself. He had tried to save Hyrule and the creature who was stuck in time, unable to die or age in the area that even Dark would assume was the creature's prison and instead of succeeding he had only created a dangerous foe as a result.

"Majora… that spirit will never stop until he gets her and now I'm unable to stop him. My light half has no idea of what hell will be brought upon the place of where the creature had died upon. It's all coming back in a circle and they are now back to where it all stared" Zelda stood up, her eyes shone in horror and fear.

"We must do something! We can't let him get to her" Zelda cried.

"And look what happened" Dark scowled at her "I- he split them apart, thinking he was doing the right thing but instead caused a vengeful spirit to rise from the ashes of the mask. But… I think things are now more problematic" Dark said as he tried to envision the dream once more, seeing Maemi look at the mask she should have recognized it but she hadn't. She looked unsettled, spooked by what was going on.

"No… but how?!" Dark grunted as he stood up.

"What is it?" Zelda asked now helping him up, nodding his thanks he clenched the image tightly.

"Maemi doesn't recognize the mask" Dark said as worry plagued him "we need to send a message to my light side, he needs to keep the mask away from her otherwise the mask might hurt her"

"But you said it's after her" Zelda stared at him with bemused eyes.

"Until it finds out she doesn't remember it, for all we know once it realizes she lost all memories of it the spirit will be unpredictable and could attack her" Dark snapped at Zelda who now shook, placing a hand to her lips she felt her body grow cold at what Dark was talking about.

"Does she even remember anything?" Zelda asked, her eyes pleading with him to say yes but to her dismay he shook his head.

"She remembers nothing, there's something stopping me from seeing her and I think it has caused her to lose her memories… you need to speak to your younger self. Find out what happened before Maemi's connection vanished" Dark said now going onto the bed shakily. Nodding Zelda stormed out the room to get Impa and Rauru in order to gain answers.

Dark as she left looked up from the bed, his eyes growing sombre from turn of events.

"What are you trying to hide Maemi? Why did you seal your memories away?" Dark whispered as he looked at the back his right hand. He gnawed on his bottom lip lightly, yes he omitted some truths but it was best to confirm the information before speaking about it.

Maemi shivered as she looked up at the masked Skull Kid with Link who tried to think of a way to gain the Ocarina of Time from the creature's grasp. There had to be away to get it back but how? Looking at Maemi Link's mind grew worried from seeing her looking completely unsettled. She looked like she was trying not to shake but her eyes betrayed how scared she was, her eyes never leaving the mask that stared back at her.

"You child" Maemi almost jumped as the masked imp approached her while hovering in the air "what is your name?" the imp asked, it's voice sounded dark but calm as the creature observed her.

"Leave her alone!" Link snapped as he blew a bubble at the imp who growled at him.

"Do not get in my way you filthy creature!" the imp yelled causing Maemi's heart to drop at the fact her friend was about to be attacked.

"LEAVE MY FRIEND ALONE!" Maemi screamed loudly despite the fact the ground was shaking. A bright light immediately shone from within Maemi temporary blinding the imp who soon screamed in agony. As a result the sudden action caused the imp to drop the ocarina, which in turn allowed Link to gain the opportunity to grab it while sliding across the floor. He winced from the wood skin that had been grazed while making contact with the surface before Maemi rushed over to help him up. Immediately Link stood in front of Maemi who stared at the panting imp who suddenly shot them a sharp look.

"YOU WILL NOT TAKE WHAT IS MINE AWAY AGAIN!" the imp yelled in anger before Link placed the ocarina to his lips. Suddenly a pair of pipes appeared from his back meanwhile a rush of memories of Zelda playing a familiar song entered his mind, his eyes despite being sad hardened at the imp as he began to play a tune that left Maemi staring at Link in surprise.

"Sing me into a sweet dream

Covered in a blanket of woe

Restart my very time

To where it all began" Maemi's haunted voice as she sang startled the group as she began to glow in a dark blue light. Without warning Link, Tatl and Maemi vanished in a portal that appeared from below their feet. As they fell they heard the Skull Kid screaming in anger as he was forced to watch them fall through a bright light, Maemi who watched the imp shook until she felt Link's wooden hand grip hers causing her to feel that they would be safe for now but until how long worried the girl deeply. Soon the trio looked around spotted clock hands going backwards as clocks themselves appeared all around them until the area vanished altogether.