Prologue from tragic humble beginnings part 1

Adventure bay inside the paw patrol lookout june 12 2013 4:26 pm

Ryder and katie sitting at a table with candles and a pizza and bottle wild cherry pepsi chilled to perfection having a romantic dinner for two katie holds ryder's hand and says "you really surprised me when asked me out i mean it was completely out of left field."

Ryder looks deep into her eyes and says " i've been wanting to this for a long time but i've been so busy lately with the pups their about graduate to stage 2 of their training to think it's been 2 years since meet them all you know." katie follow him out on the balcony and says " didn't you you say that's a story you didn't like to tell you always say that to alex whenever he asks about them." ryder takes her hand and says " yeah because they and i come from tragic beginnings they lost something i lost something this whole thing was my father this was his dream he funded this whole operation himself but i don't even know if he's still alive but he has secrets that are still out there and i will find them "

Katie hugs him from behind and kisses on the cheek and asks " will you tell me the story of how this all started i really want to know please"

Ryder smiles and turns around and says " okay but only you so i 'll start at beginning okay."

Ryder begins to tell his life story " it all started the day my dad began project paw and had three test subject pups sweetie everest and tracker my dad began making the enhancement serum and testing it on the three at the time i was living in san diego with my mom and dad but my dad was always in another state or country working in secret but when came home he always brought one the dogs and he always said that one day those three dogs would be my pups because the serum made them immortal so they would stay pups forever so they could operate their machines so they didn't need to resize them or make bigger ones but then that fateful day in 2011 everything changed because my father died and began my journey carry on my dad's work and form a active paw patrol team os let's flash back

Flashback orange county san diego california ryder house's september 12 2011

Ryder walks in the kitchen and sees his mom crying and asks his mom what's wrong and his mom lifts her head and says " your father is missing he's just gone there was accident and he and hasn't come home yet one his co workers told me to give this to you." she hands him a letter and a package

And he opens them and finds a letter and a smartphone like device he then begins to read the letter " dear ryder if you are reading this then something has happened but now you must carry on my work head to adventure bay and find my lookout and then form your own paw patrol and keep adventure bay safe with your team your father dr michael ryder and then he tells her about it and she lets him go

Adventure bay train station september 14 2011 8:23 am

Ryder gets off the train and says " so this is adventure bay well it's pretty but why here it's peaceful there couldn't be a need for the paw patrol but my dad always said the places you least expect are the ones are the most dangerous well better get going." then he leaves

Adventure bay city hall

Ryder walks up to the secretary asks if he can see the mayor and she leads him to the mayor's office

Ryder walks in the office and then says "excuse me mayor i'm here to file this deed for my father's lookout so if you could file this i'll be on my way."

Mayor goodway looks at it and then begins to say " your father said you'd be coming well everything is order would like a ride to the lookout."

Ryder says " that would be great."

Paw patrol lookout the same day

Ryder gets out of the car walks up to the lookout and says " how am going to get in this place." then he holds the pup pad and everything lights up and the doors open ryder walks in and says " well this is a pretty sweet place look at all this stuff but where is the paw patrol gear and vehicles

Wait this is an elevator." ryder takes the elevator down and finds the garage with everything the training manuals the gear the uniforms the vehicles and the pup tags and the serum but there only six doses and in the corner of his eyes a specialized atv with a note from his dad he reads it " dear ryder this atv belongs to the leader of the paw patrol it's a transforming atv for land sea and snow terrain ryder then sees his paw patrol uniform he puts it on and takes the elevator up to his room and then he unpacks

Later that day ryder takes his new atv for a spin and sees someone's giving out free german shepherd puppies so he stops his atv and walks up man giving them out and says " are really giving out free puppies like that."

The man says well i would like to keep them but the new place i'm moving has strict 3 pet rule so i don't have choice and it's the only place available so have to go head take one."

Ryder looks in the box and sees a puppy sneezing and he picks it up and says " can i have this one he's so cute i like him alot."

The man says " sure go ahead he's all your's."

Ryder puts him in dog car seat and rides off

Back at the lookout

Ryder walks in holding his new puppy he then sets him down and then he gets the serum and prepares the injector he holds him down and says " this will sting like mosquito bite and will itch after words after that you will feel like new pup hold still." ryder then injects him with the serum and puts a band aid on him and then holds him and says " i wove you so much."

A week later the pup is much bigger and so energetic

Ryder looks at him and says " what are going to call you so what will your name be."

Pup stops looks at ryder and sits down and begins to speak " ryder can i pick my name."

Ryder picks him up and says " why not let's look at what names have."

The pup looks at the list of name and sees the name chase and says " can my name be chase."

Ryder then says " sure from this day on your name is chase."

Chase runs around and says " yayyy my name is chase."

A month later

Ryder looks at a much bigger chase now wearing his pup tag and collar and says " we'll chase your training is all done as of today you are the first member of the new paw patrol now i have a surprise for you follow me."

Outside the lookout

Ryder shows chase his new pup house and says " your new pup house but it's not just a pup house it's also your new police cruiser called paw patrol vehicle #02 pursuit chaser it's all your's chase enjoy."

Chase walks up to his new pup house the door opens and walks in and the door closes behind him and decides to take a nap

End of flashback.

In the next chapter we'll marshall and skye and find out their tragic backstory in chapter 1 from humble tragic beginnings part 2.