Chapter 3 unlocking the truth of mysteries past

Adventure bay paw patrol lookout bottom floor 3 days later after ryder and katie's date june 15 2013 7:06 pm.

Ryder sitting on his beanbag chair watching fairy tail on dvd on the big screen in his paw patrol pajamas his mom made for him with his black hair styled in the way he always styled it with the tv reflecting in his brown eyes ryder stops the dvd at the start of next episode and then he turns off the tv but then his pup pad rings ryder answers it and puts the call on the tv in front of him ryder looks up and says " paw patrol emergency hotline ryder here who are do i know you." the person on the screen was wearing trench coat and black ski mask with gloves on his hands began to speak " hello ryder my how you've grown so much it been awhile you might not remember me but i'm a friend of your father i've helped in his research many times but now i give his research to you i'm sending you a number go to a pay phone call it we'll talk more then." then he hangs up ryder gets dressed in paw patrol uniform and looks at his pup pad and see's he has new message he opens to see a phone number he heads up the elevator and then down the fire pole he opens the garage but he pushes his atv out instead of riding it he got as far away from the lookout as he could before he started the atv and drove for nearest pay phone he gets in dials the number.

Mysterious man begins to speak " listen your father had two hidden research facilities one in barking burg and one in foggy bottom bay i'm sending you all the intel i got on them the rest is up to you i contact you again soon."

Ryder asks " thank you i'll do what can get this intel keep posted on what else you can find please." ryder hangs up heads for home.

Back at the lookout ryder decides to tell the pups the pup pad and sounds the distress call and shouts " paw patrol to the lookout!"

The pups see their pup tags light up and here ryder's call pups then say ryder's calling."

At the lookout.

The pups are running at the door howling barking shouting

inside the lookout the pups enter the elevator chase looks around looking for marshall and he asks the other pups " have any you seen marshall around." and as he said that marshall comes barreling in at high speed and then he goes into a roll and bowls another strike landing right next to skye

Marshall looks at her and says " sorry skye i didn't mean to bowl you over like that you ok."

Skye gives marshall the cute eyes and responds " oh marshall you always make me smile and laugh and you can bowl me over anytime and i'm fine let me show." the little cockapoo puppy begins yipping and doing back flips showing marshall she's ok the other pups are looking at them with exasperated looks on their faces except for chase who's looking at them hoping they'll finally get together someday because he want's to be a good brother and friend to them but marshall and skye does not know that they think chase will be jealous of them zuma pushes the up button on the elevator the door closes and the elevator goes up

On the top floor of the lookout.

Pups in the elevator in the paw patrol uniforms in their normal formation chase in the middle marshall on the far left next to zuma skye on the far right next to rocky and rubble on chase's left and on zuma's right.

Chase says to ryder " paw patrol ready for action ryder sir."

Ryder looks at them and preps the main screen and says "thanks coming pups and once again thank you chase listen pups last night i got some information that leads to solving the mystery of what happened to the other pups and my father so here's the plan i'm taking three pups with me marshall skye and zuma i need their skills for what i'm doing as for the rest of you you will watch over adventure bay and keep it safe until we get back Marshall skye and zuma pack up wheels up in two hours."

Two hours later outside the lookout.

Ryder looks at his three pups and says " listen up we have set up special gear for this mission our first stop is barking burg that's where you come in zuma we need your scuba experience."

Zuma the chocolate lab wags his tail in excitement and says" wow i can't wait to dive in i'm rweady ryder."

Skye the cockapoo walks up to ryder and jumps into his arms licks his face couple times and asks " ryder how come i can't take my goggles or my wings don't i need them.'

Ryder sets her down and says " don't worry i have special gear waiting for us for the mission everything is taken care of."

Marshall the dalmatian rubs his head against ryder's leg because he is worried about ryder.

Ryder pets him on the head picks him and rocks him and says " don't worry everything is going to be ok guys i'm alright let's get to the airport once we get to barking burg we set up at a safe house and wait for my friend carlos he has the gear we need for the mission to get the hard drives so let's go."

Barking burg eastern district paw print .avenue apartment 123 june 17 2013 11:02 am.

Ryder carries in the luggage puts on the table and turns around and says " why don't you guys get settled while i set up hey zuma help me here."

Zuma turns around and says " sure thing ryder let me get that for you."

Marshall and skye take a look around the apartment but then marshall remembers the advice ryder gave him.

Marshall taps skye with his paw and asks " hey can we talk there's something i want to tell you."

Skye turns around and nods yes.

Marshall closes the door and begins to talk " look skye you and i have known each other a long time but now i feel like something changed i feel like we should be something more what i'm trying to say will be my girlfriend because i really love you?"

Skye walks up to him kisses him on the lips and says " what took you so long to ask i've been teasing and dropping hints for months now well marshall i want you to know right now i feel the same so yes i will be your girlfriend."

Outside the bedroom.

Ryder and zuma hear kissing snuggling and marshall celebrating.

Ryder says to zuma " it was only a matter of time i knew those would be together eventually."

Zuma responds " i know how feel dude i wanted them to get together i wonder how chase is going to take the news ."

Ryder looks down at his feet and says" i sure he'll be fine with it i know it."

An hour later.

Ryder's pup pad rings ryder looks to see its friend carlos so he answers it he looks at the screen and starts talking " hey Carlos you got the gear right."

Carlos looks at him and says " yes considering i had to assemble all this stuff and bring it here from home so i wasn't going to leave it there so i'll stash the truck and i'll head on up and we'll go over the plan so see you soon bye." carlos hangs up

In the apartment.

Ryder knocks on the of the room where marshall and skye were and says " come out guys carlos is coming up and we need go over the plan for tonight's operation so let's go you two okay."

In the living room.

Carlos pts a bag on the coffee table along with hologram projector.

Ryder begins to explain the plan " we have to do this tonight because the barking burge government has marked that area as black site and who knows what they'll do this is the one moment we have to move in."

He turns on the projector and it lights up and projects hologram of part of the research station and most of what's under the water ryder then pulls out two pup packs he explains how they work " zuma and marshall this is the one you'll be using it's a scuba pack with a aqua drone and a high powered plasma cutter for cutting through metal the drone has sonar for echo mapping and a claw for picking up small things underwater now for skye we have stealth glider pack with high powered jets on the tips on on wings with silent running also a stealth flight suit that absorbs radar and sonar waves and is insulated so not even thermal or infrared can see you also a new version of your goggles with thermal vision also follow me."

Outside in the back of the building.

Ryder climbs up on the trailer pulls the tarp to reveal a mini jet black helicopter that looked like skye's pup house only cockpit was big enough for more people or pups ryder looks at skye and says " the controls are the same as back home but she has more power in the engines so be easy it also has silent running and the same kind plating that an sr71 has so the same as your suit but it also has optical camouflage so you'll be 100% invisible and undetected while in the air so the plan is skye you'll fly us in then me and marshall and zuma will dive in the water and try to make our way to the main computer to get the hard drives and we'll make our escape and meet carlos at the far end of the bridge for extraction and then we'll head for the airport okay everyone suit up and move out ."

In the air over the barking burge bridge 11:08 pm.

Skye flying in stealth copter with ryder zuma and marshall in the cockpit wearing scuba gear.

Ryder then activates his wrist com and says " is everyone ready for this okay skye take us in and be ready when we grab the drives you'll land the copter and wait for us to arrive then we destroy the evidence and then we head to airport go home and then we go to foggy bottom okay marshall zuma get ready to jump."

Skye then stops marshall and says " please come back to me safely marshall promise me you will."

Marshall hugs her and nuzzles her head and licks her and says " i promise nothing bad will happen to me and i'll be right back "

Then he falls back and into the water.

In the water.

Ryder turns on the radio and begins to give orders " skye keep your eyes open marshall zuma deploy drones and start echo mapping the research station once i have the map i'll transmit it to you guys so we can move in and get the drives."

Marshall and zuma deployed their drones and sent them into the station to map it out ryder began downloading the data while skye engaged her stealth tech and activated the camera in the guys helmets so she could keep an eye them.

Ryder finally receives the map data and transmits it to the others and they move in.

Inside the research station.

Ryder and zuma enter the same entrance but marshall enters from the other side and they promise to meet in the middle zuma calls his drone back ryder points to an opening above them and they wait for marshall.

12 minutes later

All three swim up into the opening ryder unstraps his oxygen tank removes his mask and flippers marshall and zuma deactivate their pup packs and climb out of the water and start walking around and they find a door to the main computer and research room.

In the main computer room.

Ryder zuma and marshall walk to the main computer room ryder touches it and it turns on by itself and then a handprint appears on the console ryder takes off his glove and puts it on the handprint and then the computer screen comes on and an image of ryder's father appears on the screen.

Ryder's father starts talking " i knew you would find this someday ryder listen remove the hard drives and and take my journal it's the key to everything ryder keep searching for truth you'll find the answers looking for goodbye ryder and i love you." the console opens and reveals a small data drive and ryder pulls it out puts in his water proof bag.

Ryder wipes the tears from his eyes and opens the panel underneath the console pulls out two hard drives and puts them in the same bag with the data drive.

Ryder shouts " okay boys time to pull out let's move."

Ryder runs for the opening and looks back and says " maybe i'll come back someday and rebuild this place."

Ryder marshall and zuma swim for extraction point at the other end of the bridge.

On the bridge 12:30 am ryder with marshall and zuma on his shoulders climbs the ladder ryder unzips his marshall and zumas wet suits and pulls off their pup packs and throws them back of the truck and gets in with the pups with skye following from the air

In the woods near the airport.

Skye lands the copter and gets out and ryder removes her pup pack and her helmet and unzips her suit he throws her pup pack in her suitcase

Ryder then pulls all the pups back and then pulls out his pup pad and sets the copter to self destruct first it burst into flames and then explodes

Ryder grabs the pups and then gets in carlos's truck and head for the


At the barking burge airport .

Ryder grabs the suitcases carlos grabs pup carries with marshall skye and zuma in them and head for their flight

10 hours later in adventure bay airport.

Ryder carlos and the pups walk out to a warm welcome from katie and the rest of the paw patrol and alex

Katie the pups and alex shout " welcome home everyone."

Back at the lookout 1 hour later june 16 2013 6:20 pm.

On the top floor ryder hooks up the hard drives begins decrypting the files then turns around looks at katie and the pups and says" it's going to take a couple months to decode all this data but even if i get the other drives it won't slow down or speed up the process all we need to do now is wait tomorrow i will get the last two by myself i'll rush in grab them g come right back okay."

Katie hugs him and says " just be careful i'll stay here and watch the pups till you get back."

Ryder kneels down and hugs all his pups and says " let's finish mission for my family."

The next day at the lookout june 17 2013 5 :00 am.

ryder jump on his atv and drove off at max speed to foggy bottom

Foggy bottom bay woods 6:34 am.

Ryder drives round searching for the facility and find it in the way back

Ryder runs and into the the place goes to the computer room and grabs the drives and sets the place to blow and runs out of the building jumps on his atv and heads for home

Back at the lookout 3 hours later.

Ryder plugs in the drives and goes back to bed.

Four months later in the lookout in ryder's room october 12 2013 6:23 am.

Ryder working on his new robodog that he built a few months ago he began modifying him by giving a new processor unfortunately it wasn't compatible with his old os or his old remote so he had to build a new one and code a new operating system for the new processor he looks at his robot dog and says " okay robodog it took me 2 months to finally finish your updated os for your new processor and remote and the last two to finish the new surprise for the pups so let's get the new os in your new brain and get you going to where you have to go to and we'll meet your there." ryder activates his pup pad and begins uploading robodog's new os and turns him on ryder then gives him commands " robodog go to katie's and drive the new vehicle to the location on the map of the gps and wait for my signal." robodog leaves the lookout and goes to katie but ryder gets an alert on his pup pad that two last drives finished decrypting goes up the elevator to see what's on them ryder brings down the big screen ryder looks through third drive and finds designs for a aircraft and flight packs for the pups they might need to be changed a little but he'll worry about it in the future it's the fourth one he was more interested in it was a gps tracking program but ryder already has one for the pups if the pups ever lost their pup tags ryder could type in their tracking chip code into the pup pad and track them in real time and check their vitals to make sure their okay or if they needed medical treatment he implanted the chips in the pups when they were very young and small in back of their heads behind their right ears when the chips are activated they vibrate and let it out high pitched beeping sound but ryder has only used it once when marshalls collar came off and he got lost at night during a late night game of hide and seek so ryder told the pups to go home while looked for him he found him at the playground hiding in the slide he called him and gives him his collar back and took him home but this was different this was tracking different pups and recently he found some codes in his dad's journal so then types in the first code a blip pops up on the big screen next to it is information that reads everest status active vitals normal tracking current position.

Ryder says to himself " everest she's alive but she can't be i thought she died but she's alive well time to bring her home i missed her so much i want her by my side again so time to rally troops."

Ryder heads down elevator and outside

Outside the lookout 8:12 am

Ryder walks to chase's pup house knocks on his door

Chase wakes up and walks outside and looks at ryder and asks " what is it ryder what do you need."

Ryder looks at him and says " wake the others up and tell them to pack a suitcase and come inside for breakfast we're going on a roadtrip."

Chase starts waking up the other pups and tell them to do what ryder said.

In the lookout 20 minutes later.

Ryder looks at his pups and says " look the last few months have been rough so we're going on a little roadtrip to pick up jake who's in the arctic so we're going pick him up and bring him home back to the mountain so finish eating and pack up we leave in hour."

Outside the lookout an hour later.

Ryder begins to speaks " okay just follow the gps to the spot on the map because there's a special surprise waiting for you there so we head there first and then we head to jake."

In the desert 3 hours later.

The pups are drag racing trying to see who is the fastest paw patroller is

It was tournament first it was marshall versus rubble marshall won then it was skye versus rocky skye won then it was zuma versus rocky zuma won then marshall versus skye marshall won then it was chase versus rubble chase won next match was marshall versus zuma zuma won the final round was chase versus zuma but the match ended in a tie

Ryder walks up and says " hey pups what are you guys up to."

Zuma says " we're trwying to see who fastest pup is."

Ryder responds " we'll that's enough that i have a special surprise for all during decoding the hard drives i discovered blueprints for a new kind of paw patrol vehicle you guys are going to love this."

Ryder pulls out his pup pad and pushes the the button that normally would have called the pups but instead a 18 wheeler is on the screen in distance the pups hear an engine roaring in the background out of nowhere an 18 wheeler with the paw patrol logo on it pulls up behind ryder

Ryder raises his arms and says " pups allow me to introduce you to the new paw patrol mobile command center aka paw patrol vehicle 08 the paw patroller it's a lookout on wheels. "

The pups we're awestruck to see the new way they will be going on roadtrips from now on.

Zuma asks " is this how we're going on our trip."

Ryder says " yes zuma i didn't bring this thing out to tease you this thing is how we're taking all our road trips now on so who wants to look inside,"

All the pups raise their paws.

Ryder uses his pup pad to open the front door of the paw patroller him and the pups walk inside and ryder starts the tour "here in this area is the hangout area snack machines for people their was even a spot for ryder's atv and and pups over to the back here you guys can park your pup houses and now to the cab."

Ryder and the pups walk into the cab and ryder says " here it's like back home i'll give you missions and look who's driving ."

The pups says " robodog you're the driver."

Ryder turns around and says " hey chase skye zuma and rubble go load up your pup houses so we can get going jake's waiting ."

Chase rubble skye and zuma load their pup houses while the paw patroller is moving

Inside the paw patroller.

Ryder turns in his seat and says " pups listen up there's another reason why we're going this morning i finished decoding the final hard drive i got this is a tracking program for tracking pups i think marshall is familiar this but this is for set of pups and one of them is named everest she is special to me i took care of her when i was young i want to see her again so when we get there we'll pick up jake and find everest so let's go."

An hour later after lunch

The pups are singing while ryder listens to his own tunes ryder then gets a call from jake so ryder puts it on the big screen

In the arctic.

Jake in his orange winter coat and white pants says to his phone " hey ryder pups can't wait to see guys in person so how you guys getting their anyway

ryder responds " well we're driving in my new 18 wheeler can't wait for to see it see we're tracking on the gps you soon bye jake."

Back in the arctic.

Jake stands on the on snow hill looking at the horizon the he accidently kicks his backpack down the hill jake then goes after it but it's too late it falls in the ocean and jake is at the edge and loses his balance and nearly falls in but out of nowhere husky pup with a puffball hat comes into save him at the last minute.

Jake turn around and says " thanks for saving me what's your name."

Everest introduces herself and says " we need to get moving before there's a storm coming we should go to my igloo ."

Jake and everest get moving.

At the paw patroller.

Ryder watching the screen and sees jake's signal cuts out he tries to get it back but nothing worked him and the pups get worried.

Back at the arctic.

Jake and everest continue walking through the snow but then storm comes so everest digging a hole in a snowbank her and jake go inside in snuggle for the night

The next day.

Jake and everest come out of the snowbank and keep heading to everest igloo

Everest asks " how long you stayin out here for."

Jake says " not long my friends are coming bringing me home."

Everest ears drops and she walks away.

Back ta the paw patroller which has arrived finally in the arctic.

Everyone exit's the patroller and starts searching for jake chase sniffs around and everyone else looks for clues

Zuma and ryder found jake's bag

Chase found footprints jakes and some pups when sniffed the pups he says with disgust " a pup with a love for liver treats." he then goes to ryder and tells him what he found

Ryder pulls out his pup pad and sounds the distress call and says " paw patrol to the paw patroller."

The pups look at their pup tags and hear his call and they all say " ryder needs us."

At the paw patroller.

The pups run for the paw patroller they run inside put on their uniforms and go into cab the pups sit on opposite sides of the cab and the door closes

Chase says "ready for action ryder sir."

Ryder says " thanks for coming so fast pups and once again thank you chase we have an emergency my everest and jake are out there somewhere and we need to find them and bring them home so here's the plan skye we'll need you to use your goggles and copter to spot them from the air chase we'll need you your nose and your winch all right paw patrol it's time to roll ." pups cheer as chase and skye run to the back of paw patroller chase first then skye

Chase jumps into his police cruiser and says " pup house vehicle mode transform seat belt lock in paw patrol vehicle 02 pursuit chaser mobilize

Then back of the paw patroller opens up and chase drives off next is skye jumps into her copter and says " pup house vehicle mode transform seat belt lock in paw patrol vehicle 04 sky slasher mobilize then the top of the paw patroller opens and skye flies out in her copter and finally ryder takes a lift to where his atv is and gets on it then it lowers down and out the side and ryder drives off the ramp and meets up with chase and they drive off together while skye follows behind

A little farther out 30 minutes later

Jake and everest come up to an ice bridge

Everest says " theirs my igloo we just need cross the bridge okay so be careful."

Jake and everest begin to cross the bridge but then bridge begins to break jake grabs everest and holds on to her

But then skye comes flying in on her copter and spots both jake and everest and calls ryder and says " i see them but they're in trouble."

Ryder responds " we're on our way."

Ryder and chase pull in close to the edge ryder then tells chase to activate his winch with the safety harness

Chase shouts and barks " wench."

Ryder grabs the harness and throws it down to jake

Jake puts on the harness and grabs everest

Ryder tells chase to retract the winch

Chase shouts " winch retract."

Jake and everest are pulled off cracking ice

Ryder says " i'm so glad you're both safe."

20 minutes later the paw patroller shows up

Marshall brings out hot chocolate and ryder gets the pups treats.

Everest stomach grows really loud which scares marshall.

Ryder throws her another liver treat.

12 minutes later.

Everest starts to walk away and says " bye everyone i have to find another way back to my igloo."

Ryder stops her and says " everest come with us come home back to me i've been looking everywhere for you."

Everest wags her tail and jumps into ryder's arms and licks him and nuzzles his face.

Back at jake's mountain in the paw patroller

Ryder looks at everest and says " look at how big you've gotten your not my little ice princess anymore to think not so long ago i used change your diapers bathe you feed you put you down for naps sleep in same bed with you and play with you but now look at you you're even still wearing the hat i had made you

Everest responds " i'm sorry ryder i don't remember any of that."

Ryder just picks her up and hugs her carries her out to jake's cabin

Jake's cabin.

The pups and jake are sitting around a fire and then ryder and everest show up.

Ryder sets her down and then says " pups front and center everest step forward and raise your paw do you everest swear to help out people whenever you can to best of your abilities and when you're needed

Everest responds " i do."

Ryder says " i've waited for this day for a long time then with the power granted to me as leader of paw patrol everest welcome to the team"

He puts a pup tag on everest the pup tag has aquamarine background with a silver pine tree over the background the other pups congratulated her but everest jumped into ryder's arms and licks him nuzzles him.

Back at camp fire

Marshall tries to get more marshmallows but he breaks the small table

And sends all the marshmallows flying but everest catches them in her mouth.