Hey! This is a Donnie-centric story, so if you like him, you're in luck! I personally like Leo fics, but I decided to write this anyway. I adopted the plotbunny from AJB66613, you should check out their stuff. So without further ado, the story!

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It's been nine hours. Nine excruciatingly long hours since Donny left for the dump and never came back. It was supposed to be a quick garbage run, get there, grab some supplies, and come straight back. There wasn't any reason for it to have taken this long.

Leo was wearing a path in the floor with his continual pacing. After three hours of waiting he had called Donnie to no avail. His first instinct was to run out after him. Even in the unlikely case that he was completely unharmed, Leo chasing after him couldn't really hurt anything. But Donnie had made it perfectly clear that he needed space after everything that was going on. Leo was starting to regret giving it to him.

"Leonardo, you are up rather early this morning." Splinter commented, whiskers twitching slightly. He walked slowly into the room, tail swishing behind him as he trailed out of the shadows.

"I was-," he bit his lip. "Donnie... umm- well I mean, he- well-" Splinter raised a furry eyebrow in impatience.

Leo sucked in a breath, trying to push away his worry and guilt. "He's... gone."

"Would you care to elaborate?"

"He- well he never came back from the dump." Leo shuffled his feet nervously.

"What's goin' on?" A tired voice slurred. Mikey materialized beside his father, looking around tiredly. "Wait, Donnie's not back yet?" He glanced at his older brother in confusion. Leo solemnly shook his head. He could feel dread closing in on his heart, but he tried to remain calm.

"Why didn't you wake us up then?!" Raph leaped over the banister and landed fluidly on the floor. He crossed his arms over his chest. Leo just looked at him sadly. "We have to go look for 'im," he snarled. "Now."

"It's 8 o' clock in the morning, Raph. People will be all over the place." Leo desperately wanted to fly out of the lair, find Donnie, and never let him go out on his own again, but he knew that wasn't possible. It was his job as leader to be logical and level headed at all times. "We could be seen."

"So what!?" Raph exploded in anger. "Donnie could be in trouble, he could have been captured, he could be dead for all we know! And you are seriously worried about us being seen?!" Mikey looked close to tears. He shifted a little closer to Raph before vigorously rubbing his eyes. All traces of exhaustion were long gone by now, replaced by cold fear. Leo opened his mouth to respond, but was cut off by Splinter.

"You three will track your brother using your phones," he started. Mikey quietly mumbled "shell cells", but was shot down by a stern look from his sensei. "If you are unable to locate him, you will go out and search. Remember, time is of the essence." The three turtles nodded and immediately got to work, determination lacing their every movement. They had already agreed without a single word being spoken. They would find their missing brother. No matter what it took.


Donnie awoke with a groan. He attempted to sit up, but was stopped by a thick strap across his chest. Instantly, the cobwebs cleared and he was struggling to get away, tugging on the wrist and legs restrains, but they didn't budge. His panicked eyes flickered around, trying to figure out where he was, but he already knew he had never been here before. The walls and ceiling were too white, the lights were too blindingly bright, and the air reeked of bleach and hand sanitizer. He shuddered involuntarily. Was that, blood on the wall? His panicked escape attempts suddenly became ten times more frantic. Where was he? How did he get here? All he remembered was heading to the dump and then...

"I see you're awake turtle." A tall man strode confidently into the room, metal plated armor clinking as he emerged from the only shadowy corner. "Then I suppose it's time for the fun to begin."