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Mikey groaned in boredom as he watched his brothers spar. He shifted off of his respectively folded legs and flopped into a loose criss-cross position with one elbow resting against his knee, cheek pressed lazily against his fist.

Donnie rolled his eyes. "It's only been three minutes Mikey."

"That's three minutes too looooong." Donnie glared at him out of the corner of his eye.

"Quit complaining. You're going to distract them.

Mikey snorted. "Like there wouldn't be any distractions in real life. I'm helping them get some REAL practice in." His head shot up with sudden energy. "I just had a brilliant idea!"

"Don't even think about it Mikey," Raph interceded, not even pausing in his quick paced movements. Mikey opened his mouth to respond, but Leo cut him off with an angry glare before he got a chance to make a sound.

"Whatever," he mumbled quietly, resting his head back on his closed fist. Donnie rolled his eyes again and shifted slightly further away. He didn't miss the concerned glance Leo sent his way before a lucky hit sent him flying into the wall.

"Ha!" Raph shouted, pumping his fist enthusiastically into the air. A smirk made its way onto his face, he couldn't remember the last time he'd beat Leo at- well at anything really. "Suck on that, Lame-o-nardo!"

"Finally!" Mikey moaned, rolling back onto his shell. Donnie stared unimpressed as the youngest turtle sprawled across the mat, falling asleep instantaneously. Drool drizzled out of the corner of his still open green lips and collected in a puddle beneath him.

Leo dusted himself off as he stood up, forcing a smile as he bowed to the "champion". "Omedetō Raphael," he straightened up stiffly and jogged over to kneel next to his brothers. Raph rolled his eyes but didn't hesitate to join the rest of them in the line, still grinning excitedly.

Their father swept open the door to his room only seconds later, gliding purposefully out until he was standing in front of them, his face a smooth mask of indifference. He glanced over the four of them quickly, opting to ignore Mikey's sleeping form. "Well done my sons. You are dismissed." Raph's excited demeanor fell into a disappointed frown as Splinter slammed the sliding door closed behind his retreating figure. He swallowed hard as he stood up, looking like a kicked puppy. Donnie understood immediately, he knew how rare it was to get a win against Leo, no matter how distracted he might've been.

"That was awesome Raph," he said quietly, grinning shyly up at him. The ecstatic smile lit up the hotheaded turtle's face as quickly as it had left.

"Thanks Don! Didja see Leo's face when I sucker punched 'im into the wall?!" He "lightly" nudged Mikey with his foot as they headed for the kitchen. "I bet he's seeing so many stars that he won't want to watch that lame space show for the rest of the week!"

Donnie's lips curled into a smile. Raph glanced over at him, smiling back as he continued to go over every second of the spar in extensive detail. His voice echoed warmly as they entered the kitchen, carrying a comforting familiarity. Leo trailed after them, dragging a half-asleep Mikey behind him and dropping him off on a wobbly chair. A grand total of 3 seconds later he perked up like he had just chugged a gallon of sugar.

"Leo's buying pizza!"

"What?! No way!"

"Uh yes way! You lost the spar."

"If I remember correctly, you lost the spar."

Mikey pretended to think about it. "Um... nope. It was you."

Donnie and Raph tuned them out as they continued their conversation about nothing and anything, and just for a moment, they forgot about everything that had happened. The fear and pain and panic from the past few weeks. For a brief shining moment, everything was perfect.

Raph couldn't help but smile as his little brother grinned up at him. Happily. It was the first real smile they'd gotten out of him since The Rescue (TM). The fact that Donnie was even trying to cheer him up vastly outweighed the crushing disappointment of being brushed off by their father. Considering his newfound obsession with meditation he shouldn't have expected praise anyway.

They sat down together, with Donnie as far away from Mikey as he could possibly get. The kid looked hurt, but wisely kept his mouth shut. It was his own fault anyway, Donnie had every right to avoid him, just as he had been for the last few months. At first it had been complete avoidance, Donnie hadn't even looked at him for weeks, but it gradually turned into wary caution. Mikey was easy to forgive, even though he still seemed angry at times.

"Shoot!" Leo hissed. Raph felt Donnie jump beside him. He turned slightly to see if he was okay, and by the time he turned back to see what got happened to Leo he was already gone, along with Mikey.

"What-" Raph started to ask in confusion.

"I will kill you Mikey!"

Donnie and Raph sat silently, listening to the shouting and occasional crashes that coursed through the Lair. A glob of peanut butter dropped onto the table, drawing their attention to the ceiling. It seemed as though the jar of peanut butter had actually exploded when Leo touched it, spraying it everywhere.

"Mikey's cleaning that up." Raph stated. Donnie hummed in agreement for a second before they lapsed into silence. Concerningly, every time Raph glanced up he was met with foggy eyes and a blank complexion, but he didn't say anything.

Forty minutes later found a smug Mikey deep cleaning the kitchen and Leo glowering from the sidelines. As the winner, Raph had refused to order the pizza, which meant Donnie ended up doing it. Normally he would have to pick it up too, but seeing as none of them were comfortable with him going out alone yet Leo had ran out to get it, something he firmly believed Mikey should have been forced to do. Mikey insisted that he had to stay to clean the kitchen.

"Next time you get second Mikey, you're not gonna be very happy when YOU have to pick up the food."

Raph snorted. "Like that'll ever happen."


Raph, deciding they should eat civilly for once, divided the pizza onto four plates and placed them carefully on the cold tabletop. He set Donnie's in front of him and sat down with his own food. "Those are yours," he said, nodding towards the two plates still sitting alone. Leo jerked his chin up in acknowledgement but made no move to join them. Rolling his eyes, Raph took a bite of his pizza and turned back towards Donnie.

"Is it okay if I finish later?" Mikey pleaded, staring longingly at his pizza.


"Someone's in a snappy mood." Mikey grinned mischievously.

"You exploded peanut butter. All. Over. Me."

"You don't have any proof. I say it's your fault."

"Why would I want to blow up the peanut butter?!"

"How should I know?! You should be asking yourself that."

Raph would've been willing to listen to them continue, but Donnie was looking slightly pale and he was feeling extra protective for some reason. "Would you two stop bickering?! I can't even hear myself think!"

"I'm sorry to break it to you bro, but that's not cause of us."

"Mikey. If you don't shut up in .2 seconds I will not hesitate to rip your tongue out of your puny little mouth." Donnie winced.

"My puny little mouth?"

"Just finish cleaning up your mess."

"Leo's mess." This time all three of them glared him down, until he relented and mumbled that he had to go get the cleaner before trudging out the doorway. Leo quietly joined them while he was gone, eating as quickly and cleanly as ever. He finished shortly after Raph and sat staring thoughtfully at his empty plate.

Donnie still hadn't even touched his food, unless you count poking it with a fork a couple times.

"Wow Don, we finished already and all you've done is draw a deformed square on your pizza"

"That's a portrait of you," he huffed. "And I'm not hungry." He didn't sound as confident in his answer as he seemed to have wanted to. Raph stared at him suspiciously.

"You of all people should know how important it is to eat after working out."

"I wouldn't call fighting you a workout." Leo commented. Raph didn't even bother to point out that he had won. He didn't have nearly enough energy for banter right now.

Silence lapsed over them for a moment, but Mikey returned before it could become awkward, groaning dramatically about how he had to do all the work around the Lair and nobody ever helped out.

"It's your mess!" Leo said, exasperated. His temper was shorter than usual for some reason; he was normally willing to let most of this stuff go.

"Dude Leo, chill. We all know Mikey probably does like three percent of the work in total." Raph said. As he tried to deflate the tension- a rare occurrence that they better not get used to- Mikey had actually gotten to work. The smell of cleaner permeated the damp air in seconds; bleach and Windex.

It didn't take long for everything to start going downhill.

Donnie was staring lifelessly at his food one second, and the next he was pale as a sheet and pressed against the corner, gasping for breath. Everyone froze at once. It was dead silent, aside from Donnie's nails scraping pitiful against the wall and his desperate attempts at breathing.

"Donnie," Mikey murmured, reaching out a hand slowly. There was no way of knowing what he planned to do with it before Raph growled warningly at him, stopping any further attempts at reassurance. From Mikey at least.

Raising a knowing eyebrow, Raph glanced at Leo. If he was trying to hide his worry- well he wasn't. Because he wasn't worried in the least. Duh.

Leo got the hint. He moved as fluidly as ever, acting without hesitation, gently and surely. He never had to think twice about what he was doing. As the oldest, comforting and protecting were second nature to him.

"Donnie. Donnie!" He spoke quietly but firmly, and waited patiently for Donnie to focus his entire attention on him before moving closer. "Don. I'm gonna touch you okay? But you're safe I promise." Donnie didn't acknowledge him in the slightest, but he didn't protest as Leo pulled him close and ran his hand across his shell.

"Donnie?" That was all it took for him to break down. He sobbed uncontrollably into Leo's chest, malnourished body shaking in the midst of the emotional overload. He hadn't been eating enough since the rescue. They should've pushed harder.

Raph noticed the tears running down his little brother's face, the terrified words he was trying to choke out, the fear and pain and anguish. He saw the raw skin and light scars through enhanced vision, as if looking through a glass.

"Donnie...? What happened?" They didn't expect an answer, but in all honesty, could it really hurt to ask?

"I- I didn't- The b- bleach! And the smell and- and I couldn't stop him I swear I t- I tried so hard! I didn't mean- for any of it- I just wanted to- I wanted to keep you safe..." he was gasping desperately through the tears, so fast that it was almost incomprehensible.

"The... bleach?" Leo asked.

Donnie stiffened, pressing his hands firmly against Leo's plastron.

"Donnie?" Mikey squeaked. Donatello took off like a bullet, slamming the door to his room strongly enough to shake the mugs in the cupboard and the dangling lights all the way in the living room. Leo stared after him as if he wanted to follow, but he didn't. The coward.

"That was... weird." Raph pointed out.

"You're telling me."

They already knew what had to happen next, Leo best of all. He sighed, pushing himself wearily to his feet.

"I'll go get him."

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