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It wasn't uncommon for one of them to get into trouble. They were teenagers for crying out loud! But Donnie was the most cautious of the four, and he would never stay out this long if he could help it. Especially with his T-phone turned off. He was annoying as heck, but he's not a moron.

Raph skidded to a stop at the edge of a rooftop and doubled over, trying to get his breathing under control. They had decided to split up to cover more ground, but had yet to find any sign of Donnie. They had already searched the entire junkyard. Not even a piece of paper out of place. There was no sign of a scuffle, no blood, nothing. And they still had no clue where he was. He couldn't BELIEVE Leo hadn't woken them up earlier. What would make him think for even a SECOND that leaving Donnie out there- ALONE- was a good idea?

Red hot rage had his vision swimming and sent energy surging through him. His older brother might be a complete idiot, but he was not. He was going to find his little brother. And nothing was getting in his way.


Mikey sighed and grabbed his phone. No Donnie. He had been scouring the docks for hours, checking every warehouse, every loose board. Nothing. He quickly typed out a message and clicked send before he going right back to his search. Tears brimmed in his baby blue eyes. Nothing was going right. But he had faith. Faith that they would get through it together. Just like they always did.

We'll find you Donnie. No matter what it takes.


Leo skidded to a halt in front of yet another dead end. 'Dang it' he snarled to himself. Another dead end, another blank alley way, another failure. As Leo mentally chided himself for once again going down the wrong street, his phone beeped with an incoming message. Apparently Mikey was having the same luck he was. Leo scaled a fire escape and leaped to the roofs. They still hadn't found a single trace of Donnie, even after hours of searching. It seemed hopeless. But he knew he couldn't give up. It was his fault he was missing anyways. If he had just gone after him earlier...

He shook his head sharply. It didn't matter whose fault it was. Not right now. All that mattered was finding Donnie. Nothing. Else.

Leo set his jaw and pushed himself to run faster. He messed up, and it was his job to find his brother.

Yet all three of the turtles failed to notice the shadowy figures trailing behind them and the glowing red eyes watching their every step.


Donnie squirmed in his restraints. "I will NEVER serve you," he hissed fervently, raising his chin in defiance. He was shaking as he overworked his tired muscles in a desperate attempt to escape. His captor only grinned.

"We'll see."

And Donnie's world erupted into pain. It was like fire burning across every inch of his body, killing him. Dying. He was dying, he couldn't breath, couldn't speak, couldn't do anything but scream his throat raw. His back arched involuntarily as he pulled against the thick leather straps. His eyes were squeezed shut against the blindingly overwhelming pain. He couldn't focus, couldn't think. His throat burned from screaming, but he couldn't feel it through the scorching fire that was consuming his body. He couldn't hear anything but his heart pounding in his ears, drowning out his cries of protest.

And then was over. Nothing but his ragged breaths and the laughter of the monster before him. He struggled to pull air into his lungs, and his muscles were still seizing. The residential pain washed over him and he squeezed his eyes shut for a moment before opening them again. He could see the Shredder's sadistic smile, even through the tears in his eyes. He responded with the best glare he could manage, staring straight into the cold, dead eyes of Oroku Saki.

"Still feeling tough, turtle?" He asked. Donnie decided it was probably a rhetorical question. He wasn't strong enough to form a response anyway, so he just deepened his glare, trying to put all of his burning hate into it. His chest was still heaving, desperately trying to make up for the loss of oxygen.

"You could be very helpful to me, turtle. All you have to do is say the word and all of this pain," the man paused, leaning in closer to Donnie's face, "could stop."

"Like shell!" Donnie spat, still gasping for breath. His normally gentle, caring brown eyes were filled with fear and pain. And hatred. Shredder took a step closer, pressing his gauntlet against the turtle's neck.

"I was hoping you'd say that. It'll be a lot more fun breaking you." With that, the man sneered maliciously and turned on his heel, sauntering confidently out of the room. Donnie stared after him, confused and still struggling to pull in air, before electricity once more surged through his body, and he succumbed to unconsciousness.