The Diamond Gems

I'm not sure if I will make this a full series or not. If people like it, I will supply it ;).

It was afternoon at the beach house and Steven was bored. He was watching Crying Breakfast Friends and was waiting for the Gems to return. He was thinking what he would do when they returned. They had promised him that they would go to Funland after they returned. Suddenly the warp-pad activated and the Gems returned, Steven cheered and ran down. "Hey Steven!" Pink cried out and gave Steven a big hug as Blue and White stepped off the pad and bubbled a Gem to the lava room. "Hello Steven, how's your day. We're sorry we had to leave but it was important, but we can go to Funland now." Blue said as she gave Steven a quick peck on the forehead. Meanwhile White was unreadable as ever, but she looked down and gave him a smile.

Steven's step-moms were a bit strange but that's why he loved them. Pink has pink skin, hair and eyes. She was about 6 feet tall, but the strangest thing about her was the pink diamond where her belly button would be. Blue was similar, but her hair was off white/blue. She was 7 feet tall and had a blue diamond on her chest. Finally White was about 8 feet tall, and had a white diamond on her forehead. Steven knew he was like them, sort of, he had a yellow diamond on his chest, like Blue. But he was half Human, they were Gems, even though they were aliens to most people they were his family. Pink was like an older sister, she was fun and liked to eat, even though Gems don't need to eat. Blue was like the mom he never had, she told him stories, helped him when he was sick, and was the one who taught him many things, from tying his shoes to the history of Gemkind. White was like a crazy aunt, while Pink liked to have fun with him Blue would often disapprove of it, but White often overrode her order. She let Steven have fun and often liked to do puzzles with him. White was also the leader of the Diamond Gems, which to Steven was like a superhero team! He even wrote a song about it once.

After a few minutes they were ready to leave and they began the trek to Funland. Steven was shivering in anticipation as he could hear the screams of people on the roller coasters. They walked past many people on their way to the park, the Gems were given strange looks by the passerby, but they said nothing. Finally they reached the main entrance and they saw someone that made Steven smile and run up to him. "Dad! You made it!" Steven cheered and he hugged his dad "Hey stu-ball! Hey you guys!" Greg called to the Gems, Pink smiled and waved, White gave a thumbs up and Blue gave a lopsided smile but said nothing. Greg chuckled nervously and looked down to Steven "You ready to have some fun!" Steven nodded and ran inside as the Gems and Greg spoke to each other. "Hey thanks for coming with him, he's been wanting to do this with all of us for a while now." Blue smiled and said "Don't worry Gregory, I, appreciate you setting this up."

While they were conversing Pink and Steven got onto the roller coaster and were having the ride of their lives. They screamed and laughed and just had fun! Meanwhile Blue went off on her own to find Steven, she eventually did. He was still on the roller coaster, but the high speeds of the carts on the rickety wooden track were terrifying to Blue since Steven was on it. "STEVEN GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW! IT'S TOO DANGEROUS!" Blue looked as if she was having a panic attack, however White put a stop to it. "Blue you need to relax, Steven is having fun. Here come with me you need to try something." Blue looked nervous but followed White to a concessions stand. Now Blue looked sick "White you know I don't eat, right?" White smiled as she asked for two iced teas. "I know Blue but you'll like this, I promise!" She gave Blue the iced tea and told her to drink up. Blue looked at it with a face of disgust but took a sip. Soon after her face lit up and began to chug her's down. White gave a thumbs up and ordered her another one.

While that was happening Steven and Pink went through many attractions, from the house of mirrors to the bumper cars. They cheered and had fun! They did minigames, ate cotton candy and even went to the arcade for a little while. Meanwhile Blue was now pretty much addicted to iced tea as White went off to do her own thing. Steven really didn't know what White did every day, but he always made up silly adventures where White along with a talking rabbit and frog would save the day from bad guys and stuff! Finally Greg had stalked off back to the house, he had ordered some pizza to the house earlier and wanted to make sure it got there on time. As well as the fact that he needed to rent a movie for later tonight.

After a few hours Steven was tired, Blue was still jittery after she drank 12 iced teas. White was carrying a giant stuffed polar bear she won in a ring toss and Pink was stuffing churros in her mouth. There was no sign of Greg which disappointed Steven, at least until they got home and saw Greg paying a delivery man and placing two boxes of pizza on the counter. Steven ran up and hugged him and thanked him for doing this. Greg smiled as he presented the new Lonely Blade movie he rented! And so for the rest of the evening the Gems, Greg and Steven ate pizza and watched a movie. Steven soon fell asleep in White's lap, but just before he landed in the world of sleep he had one last thought. That he loved his family.