The distinct sound of wire snaps could be heard in the distance from the ground below. The Crowds could only stare in shock as the performers fell together,hand in hand, followed by the distinct sound no child should ever hear.


The eight-year-old sat in silence as his tears poured, officers attempting to pull him down from the trapeze stand. He couldn't understand what was happening, or why it had happened. All he felt was an emptiness fill his heart, and emotions were swirling as they pulled him from his dead parents' bodies towards a squad car.

"This isn't fair! He needs to stay with us until we figure out what happened! He should be with family!" Haly shouted to the multiple police escorting the young man out of the circus tent, fuming with emotions unknown to the young child.

"Unfortunately, we cannot allow that, sir. He has to become a ward of the state until we find out the cause of the scene. He needs to be protected"

"He is Protected here! We are his family, blood or not!" Haly yelled, attempting to pull the police off the boy.

Dick, barely noticing the commotion, noticed a younger man speaking with some of the police and detectives around him. The man looked similar to his father, with raven hair andeyes that seemed to reflect the ocean. Dick thought it was strange to wear a suit to such an event.

As the man approached Dick, the man leaned down and looked dick in the tear stained eyes.

"You'll be okay, Jim here will take good care of you." The man said, sorrow filling his eyes.

"who are you?" Dick asked. He resembled someone he saw on T.V., this man was important to Gotham somehow. He just couldn't remember exactly how.

"I'm Bruce Wayne. I came out tonight to see your show. I know how you feel." Bruce said, gesturing his coat towards Dick and wrapping it around his smaller shoulders. "You have to be strong, You will be okay, I promise."

Mama…Tata…Why aren't you here…why…

Dick stayed silent, letting the man known only as Jim take him into a squad car, and off into the night.

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