Driving down the streets of Gotham, Jim couldnt help but look in the reirview mirror towards the young boy, who was cowering in the corner of the car. Remorse flooded him as he realized just how much this young mans life was about to change.

luckily he wont have to see the worst of it. Jim thought as he saw the child holding back tears. Hopefully Sister Anne is up this late.

As the elder pulled up towards a house, Young Dick peered out the window to see the "American Dream" house, picket fence and all. Anxiety swept through his very being as Jim placed the car in park and opened the door, greeted by the chill of a december breeze. Dick Hopped out, grabbing his small duffel bag over his shoulder, and followed Jim to the door o this strange house.

A woman appeared from the doorway, dressed almost like a ghost in a while bedsheet, carrying a large beat up bible. "Oh dear! Jim, I didnt know you were coming over this late!" The woman exclaimed, ushering them both into the hallway of the house. It was dark, but had a family glow aura coming from every inch.

Jim looked towards dick. "Dick, son, can you go in the other room? We need to have a grownup conversation."

Dick nodded, seemingly understanding what was about to go on, and walked into the living room and sat down on the old style couch, keeping his hands folded in his lap and looking down.

The nun looked at the boy before looking back to jim in the hallway. "What happened?"

"Suspectedmurder of his parents, Tony Zucco tried to get the family back after they wouldnt accept the "protection" agreement. He's lucky to be alive." Jim said, looking over at Dick.

"Poor boy, Im guessing since you brought him here he needs a plce to stay?"

Jim nodded. "Just for a few days until we find somewhere more suitable to place him, CPS will come and talk to him about everything that happened soon enough."

Anne nodded, not saying another word as she went to dick and kneeled down, eye level with the child. "Hello Dick, My name is Sister Anne. Do you want to go get settled for the night? I can make you up a bed if you'd like." Dick looked up at the older woman, nodding his tear stained cheeks before following anne down the hall to a smaller room with 2 beds in it.

"Ill let you unpack sweetie, let me go talk to jim and say goodbye, okay?" Anne whispered down to the child before making her way back to the front. Jim and her locked eyes before he gave her a hug. "Thanks for your help Anne." Anne nodded before letting JIm out the door into the freezing night before wondering

Who is Dick?