Chapter 53
Daphne's First Time

Author's Note: Okay, so you're not getting everything in this chapter I promised. I decided to split up Daphne's First Time, and Operation Fluffy Bunny as two chapters. I would say it is due to thematic differences, but there will be more Harry/Daphne sex next chapter, along with Operation Fluffy Bunny, so that isn't exactly true.

The second half of this chapter is mostly sex, though it has a lot of good dialogue in it as well.

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Warning: Nudity; Discussion of Naughty Topics; First Time, Graphic Descriptive Sexual Situations Involving Teenagers (Age 14+); Sex Toys

Sunday, September 1st, 1994 – Late Evening

Daphne Greengrass was pacing back and forth in front of the fireplace in the Slytherin Common Room, and glancing at the Grandfather Clock nearby, waiting for it to signal a half-an-hour after curfew, when she would meet Senior Aurors Potter and Black outside the Portrait hole. She considered herself quite lucky that she was the only one currently in the Slytherin Common Room. If she weren't, she would very likely be noticed leaving through the portrait-hole.

Daphne was currently wearing the same outfit she had been in for most of the ride on the Hogwarts Express – having changed out of her school robes. However, instead of her casual bra and panties, she was wearing a lingerie outfit she had purchased in Whimsic Alley. Even though she would likely be stripping out of said lingerie, Harry would still see it, and that is what she wanted. The lingerie was very sexy, and definitely see-through enough to give Harry a tease before she finally revealed her naked self to him.

Her butt plug was snug inside her bum, though she hadn't been wearing it non-stop all day. Halfway through the train ride, she had excused herself into a bathroom and had removed the plug, which was growing slightly uncomfortable. But, after a few hours relief, she had inserted it back into her bum half-an-hour before the train arrived at Hogsmeade. It had been inside her ever since. She was quite proud of herself when it came to the plug actually. Even though the plug had moved inside her bum whilst she was in the Great Hall, sending her waves of pleasure in both her pussy and arse, she had not reacted at all. Nobody would have ever suspected she was wearing her plug all throughout the Start-Of-Term Feast, especially since she was such a novice at using it.

She had planned on keeping it inside her until Harry removed it. Of course when he removed it, he would be replacing it with – Daphne shivered at the thought. She was nervous, but she was ready. For everything. Her first blow job on the real thing, instead of her dildo – and possibly more than one! She was ready for anal sex as well. And most importantly, she was ready to lose that pesky little thing known as a hymen. She was ready to lose her virginity to Harry Potter. She was also quite sure that Harry wouldn't be satisfied with one round of oral, vaginal and anal sex. And neither would she. No... it would likely be well past midnight before she and Harry were sated and exhausted and ready to sleep. She just hoped she wouldn't be exhausted after a couple of shags.

Daphne glanced at the clock again. It was three minutes to ten-thirty. She inhaled and exhaled, looked around for anyone who she might have missed in the Common Room. She waved her wand, casting the Detect Person Charm. It did not indicate that anyone was there. She smiled in relief. She thought there would have been an Auror stationed in the Common Room, under Disillusionment Charms, but unless they were hidden under better stealth charms then her own charm could detect, then there was nobody there. She then headed toward the portrait, opened it, and made her way out through the portrait-hole and into the dungeon. She was immediately met by James Potter and Sirius Black.

"Lord Potter, Lord Black," she greeted them.

"Heiress Greengrass," James greeted in return. "Any thoughts about changing your mind before we go to Gryffindor Tower?"

"I'm not changing my mind," Daphne said. "I've been waiting for this since... well, since the day I learned about the Free Use Experience."

James smiled. "Just making sure."

He removed a large piece of fabric from his robes. "This is an Invisibility Cloak. A very special Invisibilty Cloak, passed on through generations of Potters. I passed it on to Harry on his thirteenth birthday, and he lent it back to me so you could use it. I will ask you to be careful when using it. Especially when we traverse the Grand Staircase. Believe me, it won't be easy getting up those stairs with the Cloak. Make sure you don't trip on the bottom of it."

"Yes, Lord Potter," Daphne said.

"The cloak does not muffle any noises," James said. "So unless Lord Black or I speak to you, or it is a dire emergency, do not say anything while we escort you to Gryffindor Tower. While it is technically legal for us to escort you there, the Free Use Experience hasn't exactly began for you and your year group. Certain staff members might disapprove of you doing this right now. Your Head of House might also not exactly approve of your relationship with my son."

"Honestly, sir," Daphne said, "I don't care what Professor Snape thinks of my relationship with Harry. I plan to be a partner with Harry many times during the Experience."

James smiled. "I do not doubt that. Is there anything else you wish to tell us before you put this Cloak on?"

"Yeah," Daphne said, "If you're going to be sneaking around the boys' dormitories in Slytherin House, I should warn you. I saw a few girls heading toward boys' dormitories. I know for a fact Pansy Parkinson is spending the night with Draco Malfoy. So I would be careful and make sure your... victims... are actually asleep before you hypnotize them or whatever you're doing. Because there is a good possibility you might encounter one or more couples shagging."

James nodded. "Thank you, Heiress. We will take that into account."

He handed the cloak to her, and she covered herself with it. She could see through it, and she'd have to bend a little so her feet wouldn't be showing underneath, but at least she was invisible.

"Follow us, Heiress," James said, in a low voice, "Remember. Do not speak up unless it is an emergency or we say something to you."

Daphne didn't reply, knowing she wasn't expected to. She simply followed the two Aurors off through the castle.

Sunday, September 1st, 1994 – Late Evening

For the fifth time in twenty minutes, Harry Potter cast Tempus. Ten minutes to eleven. If his father's plan had gone without a hitch, he would have met with Daphne at half-past-ten. If Daphne was wearing his Invisibiility Cloak, it might slow her down a bit. The trip from Slytherin House to Gryffindor Tower would likely take between fifteen minutes, and half-an-hour, if you were going slow.

Before most of the Gryffindors went to bed, Harry, Hermione and Rose had passed out a few copies of the finished lists to the candidates who had agreed to be their future partners. They were sure they hadn't missed anyone who had agreed to be on the list of partners. Harry wondered how most of the guys would react when they saw his name on their list.

They'll probably think it is a mistake until they find out about my female form, Harry mused, Then it will be interesting to see how they react.

Harry was sitting on one of the sofas near the fireplace in the Gryffindor Common Room. He was alone, though until about five minutes ago, that wasn't the case. The female sixth year prefect had been sitting at a table across the room, and Harry had thought she wasn't going to go to bed until Harry went upstairs. Thankfully, five minutes ago, a young man who was either a sixth or seventh year student had entered the Common Room, walked over to the prefect, and whispered in her ear. The Prefect had giggled and nodded, and the two students had hurried off up the stairs toward the boy's dormitories. It had been obvious what had happened. The Prefect wasn't waiting for him to go to bed. She was waiting for her partner to come downstairs and invite her to his bed.

Harry smirked as he reminisced the scene. Apparently he and Daphne weren't the only ones in Gryffindor Tower who would be spending part of the evening together in intimate bliss.

Now he just wanted Daphne to arrive. Soon.

As if his thoughts had summoned his childhood friend, the Fat Lady's portrait opened, and Harry immediately stood up. His father and Uncle Sirius stepped into the room. Harry held a breath, wondering whether or not Daphne was under his Cloak, or she simply chose not to come.

Harry felt himself exhale as Daphne appeared out from under his Cloak, with a very happy grin on her face. Harry's grin probably matched hers.

"Would you like one of us to escort you back to Slytherin Common Room tomorrow morning, Heiress Greengrass?" James asked.

"No, Lord Potter," Daphne said, though she hadn't torn her gaze from Harry, "I'll figure out something."

"Alriight," James said. "I'm sorry, but I must ask. Did you take a Potion to prepare yourself for tonight, Heiress Greengrass?"

Daphne blushed and finally turned to Harry's father. "I took a twenty-four hour Contraceptive Draught this morning. It will likely last until Madam Pomfrey gives me the month-long Contraceptive Draught."

"Good," James said. "Just making sure. I will leave you two alone now. Treat her right, son."

"I will, Dad," Harry said, "Best of luck with Operation Fluffy Bunny."

"Thank you," James said, "We might need it."

"Nah, we'll be fine!" Sirius said, grinning. "Let's go have some fun, Prongs!"

James rolled his eyes. "I'll see you tomorrow, Harry, Heiress Greengrass. I will be present during the Free Use Committee presentation. Be sure you're there on time. And Harry? Don't forget you need to be in your female form for a short time tomorrow."

"I know," Harry said. "I plan to change into my female form tomorrow morning before I leave Gryffindor Tower, and collect the necessary items from my trunk and put them in my knapsack. Then I'll change back to this form after. I'll change into my female form again after the Committee presentation. I assume Madam Pomfrey will ask all the witches to stay behind after the presentation?"

"That is the plan," James said.

"Then I know what to do," Harry said.

"Well, I'll just leave you then," James said. "I wouldn't want to delay anything between you longer than necessary."

"Have fun, kids!" Sirius said, grinning.

Harry and Daphne said goodbye to James and Sirius, who replied the same. Then the two Aurors left through the portrait-hole.

"I thought they'd never leave!" Harry said.

"Me neither," Daphne said, grinning; she glanced around the Common Room. "Nice. Very comfortable and inviting. Too red and gold for my taste though."

Harry rolled his eyes, but gave her a small smile. He offered his hand, and she smirked and put his Invisibility Cloak in it.

"Keep it for now," Harry said, handing the cloak back to her. "Just in case one of my dormmates is awake."

Daphne nodded. She then took Harry's offered hand and Harry led her up the stairs toward the fourth year dormitory. When they reached the door, Harry turned to Daphne. She covered herself with the Cloak again, and Harry opened the door, then stepped inside. He had been in here earlier that evening after he had arrived at Gryffindor Tower, so he knew where his bed was. Harry looked around the room, then walked over to the bathroom, and peeked inside. After making sure nobody was in there, he walked over to his bed, and opened the curtains around his bed. He then waved the invisible Daphne forward. Soon, he saw the weight in the bed's mattress shift, and knew Daphne was on his bed now. He inhaled and exhaled, then crawled into the bed and closed the curtains.

Daphne immediately uncovered herself with the Cloak, and her gaze as she looked at him was filled with undisguised lust. Before Harry could do anything or say anything, Daphne lunged toward him, clutched his face in her hands and pressed her lips to his. Harry was knocked back against his pillow from the force of her lunge, so that he was now laying down. But he didn't care. Daphne was on top of him and was kissing him for all she was worth. Harry kissed her back. Daphne gasped against his lips and opened her mouth. Harry slipped his tongue inside her mouth and brushed her tongue with his as they continued to kiss. Finally, Daphne backed away, panting and gasping for breath. She moved off his body and sat on her knees as she looked at him.

"That... was a brilliant first kiss," Daphne said.

Harry blinked, and propped himself up on his pillow. "Do you... do you mean that was your first kiss?"

"I told you, Harry," Daphne said. "I wanted you to be my first in everything. Including my first kiss. Why do you think some people call me an Ice Queen? Because I refused their advances and their flirting. I rejected eight proposals for dates during three Hogsmeade visits last year. Theodore Nott actually tried to ask me out three times, one time for each Hogsmeade visit. I hexed his bits with an Itching Hex on that third proposal. I wasn't going to accept any dates. Because dates might lead to kissing. And no boy's lips were going to touch mine until yours did."

"Wow," Harry said, "I had no idea. You're a pretty good kisser for that being your first."

"I wanted our first kiss to be memorable," Daphne said, smiling, then she inhaled and exhaled. "Turn around, Harry. I'm going to undress a bit, and I don't want you to ruin the surprise."

"Tell you what," Harry said. "I'll go into the bathroom, since I want to remove some of my clothing as well. I'll return in five minutes."

"I should be ready by then," Daphne said.

Harry nodded. He opened his curtains a bit, and made sure none of his dormmates had left their beds. He then crawled out of bed, closed the curtain and headed into the bathroom. He walked over to one of the sinks, turned on the faucet and splashed his face with cool water. He looked at his reflection in the mirror and licked his lips.

That was a damn good kiss, Harry mused. I was ninety-five percent sure it wasn't her first kiss, due to how good it was. But it was. She's been saving herself for me... completely... including her first kiss. Damn it. I cannot deny anymore how she feels about me. What am I going to do with her?

He stared at himself in the mirror and sighed. "I have to talk to her about... us. For now, she's only one of my partners. Sure, it sounds as if she wants to be with me once a week, like Hermione and Rose does. That's alright with me, I guess. I hope she's fine with it too. I can't risk my relationship with Hermione by moving too fast with Daphne. Hermione and I need to come to an understanding about Daphne before anything becomes too serious with her."

The question was... should he bring up the conversation with Daphne before or after they have sex? Or perhaps in between shags? He shook his head. No... he needed her to understand what it was between them before he went any further with her.

Decision made, he began stripping off his clothes, until he was down to his boxers and the t-shirt that had been underneath his robes. When he decided five minutes had passed, he made his way back to his bed. He placed his clothes on his trunk, knowing house-elves would take it, launder it, and put it back on his trunk before he woke up the following morning. He opened the curtains a bit, then crawled onto the bed. He nearly fell back out of the bed when he saw the sight in front of him!

Daphne was sitting on her haunches, spreading her legs for him. She was wearing a lingerie bra and knickers outfit, and it left nothing to his imagination. He could see her breasts and nipples through the bra, and though he could not see her most intimate of parts, he could make out a blonde patch of pubic hair.

Harry hastily closed the curtains behind him and turned back to her.

"Wow," Harry breathed, "You are so beautiful."

"Soon you will see me in my natural glory," Daphne said, her voice low and breathy. "But for now I wanted to give you a preview. Is there... anything you want me to do?"

"Yes," Harry said, "I want us to have a discussion before we move forward."

"I expected this," Daphne said, nodding. "You want us to identify what our relationship currently is."

"Yes," Harry said.

"I admit," Daphne said. "I was hoping you seeing me in lingerie would make you want to delay this conversation. I was hoping we might... I wanted you to shag me before we had this discussion. But that was selfish. Alright... let me have it."

"Until you told me I was your first kiss," Harry said, "I didn't realize exactly how you felt about me. I didn't realize your feelings for me were so... serious."

Daphne merely nodded, but didn't say anything.

"I will tell you what I want from you," Harry said. "And if you can't accept that I won't move our relationship past anything more than that... then we're going to have some issues."

"What do you want?" Daphne asked.

"I want you to be one of my Experience partners," Harry said, simply. "You said you wanted to be with me intimately at least once a week. I can accept that, but I have some provisos first. One, once a month, I will be in my female form four days during the week. I don't know if it will be in the beginning, middle of end of the week. But that leaves three days during that week when I can be in this form. I've already promised I'll be intimate with Hermione and Rose at least once a week. That leaves one possible day with you."

"No, it doesn't," Daphne interrupted. "If I have to be your partner while you're in your female form, I'd be fine with that."

Harry blinked. "Really?"

"Really," Daphne said. "If I want you to fuck me while you're a girl, you can always use a strap-on. Otherwise, we can have some good girl-on-girl fun. Your female form is very attractive, after all."

"I didn't know you liked girls that way," Harry said.

"I've come to realize a couple of things," Daphne said. "If I ever want to be with you in the long-run, I have to get used to the fact that our relationship will be a threesome, likely with Hermione... and maybe a foursome with your sister. If I have to practice with you when it comes to girl-on-girl sex, just to prepare for a life with you and one or two other girls, I will do that. So does that solve our weekly shag issue?"

"Not counting any unforeseen issues, it does," Harry said. "But that is just it. That is all I can be with you right now, Daphne. An Experience partner who is willing to be your partner at least once a week."

"I can live with that," Daphne said. "Because it means I am one step closer from where I want my relationship with you to go. Okay, I'll make you a deal. If it will make things between you and Hermione easier when it comes to your relationship with me, I will keep my feelings for you to myself."

"Alright," Harry said. "I'm sorry it has to be this way. I'm already risking enough in my relationship with Hermione by having to partner up with so many girls. I don't want to do anything that might cause me to lose her, Daphne."

"I understand that, Harry," Daphne said. "I can see how much you love her. It makes me jealous, but I'll... I'll do my best to be happy for you two for the moment."

"Thanks," Harry said.

"So are we done talking?" Daphne asked, "Because I am dying to see what you are hiding inside those boxers of yours."

Harry grinned. "We're done with talking for now."

He situated himself so that he was now laying on his bed, with his legs spread. Daphne moved between his legs and, hesitating slightly, placed her hand on his leg. She slowly, nervously slid her hand up to his boxers, and slipped her hand through the hole. She gasped audibly as she wrapped her hand around his cock and freed it from its fabric prison.

"You're... well... er..." Daphne stammered as she gazed at his cock.

"Yes, Daphne?" Harry asked.

"I never thought you'd be so... big," Daphne admitted. "You're bigger than my dildo. I thought I was preparing for this moment by practicing with my dildo. But..."

"Daphne, I don't immediately expect you to take my whole cock in your mouth," Harry said, then smirked. "I am your first partner. I don't expect you to be perfect. I'm happy to teach you if I have to."

"Okay," Daphne said, "Um... what would you like me to do?"

"If you can only take half inside your mouth," Harry said, then stroke the bottom half with your hand."

Daphne nodded, looking quite relieved. "I can do that."

She cleared her throat, then situated herself so that she was now laying on her stomach, and her face was right near his cock. She admired it for a moment, before she grasped it in her hand and began to slowly stroke it. She looked up at his face to see his reaction. He smiled, letting her know she was doing well so far. She smiled in relief.

She licked her lips, then slowly brought her tongue to his shaft and brushed her tongue upwards in one long lick. She then brought her tongue back into her mouth, and he could see her tasting him on her tongue. Her lips formed a small smile, then she brushed her tongue up and down his shaft a few more times, before, finally, moving her mouth to his tip and wrapping her lips around it. She gave the head an experimental lick, tasting him again. Harry watched her as she slowly began to take a bit more into her mouth. Withi half a minute, his cock was halfway inside her mouth. She emitted a muffled sigh, obviously disappointed with herself that she couldn't take more of him in her mouth.

"Stroke the bottom half, suck on the upper half," Harry said.

She tried to glare at him, but with his cock in her mouth, it made for an amusing image. She grasped her hand around the bottom half and started slowly stroking it. Soon, she was able to create a pattern, moving her hand and mouth back and forth along his shaft at the same time. Harry moaned appeciatively, letting her know she was doing well. This seemed to motivate her, because she began to pleasure him with a bit more confidence.

For the next few minutes, Harry simply lay there as he watched Daphne perform her very first blow job. He didn't brush his hands through her hair or anything, like he did with Hermione and Rose. He wanted her to concentrate without any distractions like that.

It was roughly ten minutes after she took him into her mouth for the first time when he felt that all too familiar gorge rise in his cock.

"Daphne," Harry gasped, "I'm going to cum. If you don't want to taste it, you need to back up and just stroke it until I have my release."

When she did not stop, he knew his warning was heard on deaf ears. She was obviously wanting to taste him. She did, however, keep her mouth still around his cock, while she worked her hand. It only took a couple more strokes of her hand on his cock for him to have his release. Harry moaned and grunted as he shot his load into her mouth. Daphne's eyes widened momentarily, before she relaxed and brought his head to her lips and began suckling his cum from his cock. Daphne's moan of delight told him she obviously loved the taste of him. She continued sucking his seed down, rather greedily, until he could release no more. Then she finally backed away.

"You did... very good," Harry panted, coming down from his orgasm.

"Thanks," Daphne said, blushing, ""I'm going to assume not all... er... cum... tastes good?"

"I don't know for sure, but I suppose so," Harry said. "I've only tasted one bloke's cum that wasn't mine. In my female form, of course!"

Daphne choked. "What?!"

Harry blushed. "I gave Eli Black a blow job a few days ago when I visited Black Manor in my female form."

"Why?" Daphne asked. "I mean... why did you do it then and not during the Experience? I thought you would have waited for stuff like that – especially with another bloke – for when you had no choice."

"So did I," Harry said. "I walked in on him using the restroom, and saw him as he was in the process of pulling his boxers and pants up. So I – you know – got a pretty good view. We were both embarrassed, of course, but I didn't want him to feel as if he was the one to blame. I walked in on him after all. I gave him a blow job as an apology. Also, well, I kind of promised Eli I would let him be the first bloke to fuck my female form. No, I did not fuck him that day. I'm waiting until my first full day in my female form during the Experience. But I thought... I might have to give a blow job to another bloke before I end up in bed with Eli. So... I decided I wanted my first blow job on a real cock was to be someone who I called a friend."

"You continue to surprise me, Harry Potter," Daphne said. "So how did I do? And be honest. I can take it."

"You expected too much of yourself for your first time at oral sex," Harry said. "You obviously practiced a bit with your dildo, and I assume you were able to deepthroat your dildo, so you thought you'd be able to do the same to me. You were disappointed in yourself when you couldn't take more than half of my cock into your mouth. I warned you that would happen, Daphne. It is going to take you a few times before you can deepthroat me, or anyone with cocks a similar size to mine. But you shouldn't feel bad. I don't expect you to be perfect the first time. But hey... you succeeded. You gave me an orgasm, which is the whole point, really."

"Oh... well... good," Daphne said. "I thought a boy's... cum... was going to taste disgusting, you know? I didn't know some boys would taste better than others."

"I suppose it is kind of like a bag of Bertie Bott's, you know?" Harry asked. "A risk with every blow job!"

Daphne laughed. "That's just wrong, Potter! Funny, but wrong. I'm going to have to tell that to Tracey. She'll get a laugh out of it." She then hesitated a moment, and cleared her throat, "So... now what?"

"Now," Harry said, with a smirk, "You are going to switch places with me so I can return the favor."

Daphne's eyes widened momentarily, before a smile graced her lips and she nodded, energetically.

"I suppose you want me to be naked?" she asked.

"As much as I want that," Harry said, "It is your choice."

Daphne stared at him for a moment, before she inhaled and exhaled. She proceeded to unlatch her lingerie bra. She cupped her bra over her breasts, then slowly allowed the bra to fall, revealing her breasts to him.

"Beautiful," Harry said, smiling.

Daphne blushed. Then she laid down on the bed, and proceeded to pull off her panties. She kept her legs closed for a moment, before she slowly spread them, finally showing her pussy to him for the first time. A strip of blonde pubic hair was just north of her pussy lips which were slightly open, showing the pink flesh underneath.

Harry crawled across the bed and moved in between her legs. He laid on his front and nudged his nose against her slit, making her gasp. He sniffed at her, and decided she smelled divine. He poked his tongue out and brushed it up and down once along her slit. She was already a little wet.

He lifted his head over her crotch. "Did giving me a blow job made you wet?"

Daphne blushed and nodded. "That and my butt plug."

She lifted up her knees, giving Harry his first look at her bum. A flat green handle of a butt plug was resting between her butt cheeks.

"Did you wear it all day?" Harry asked.

Daphne shook her head. "It got uncomfortable around mid-afternoon, so I took a bathroom break and removed it for a couple hours. Then I put it back an hour before we arrived at Hogsmeade Station. It has been inside me ever since."

Daphne laid her legs back down and spread them, showing him her pussy again.

"Do you like your plug?" Harry asked.

"Yeah," Daphne said, "I thought it was going to be a lot more uncomfortable than I was used to. But it is pretty nice. It will likely be a couple weeks before I can wear it all day, though. You wouldn't believe how many times I had to calm myself down, so I wouldn't have an orgasm on the train!"

Harry laughed. "Yeah, I know what you mean. But believe me... it definitely helps with anal sex."

Daphne's eyes widened. "So... you...?"

"Hermione and Rose shagged my arse last night," Harry said. "Let me tell you, it is really weird feeling the after-effects of anal sex, when I'm in my normal form!"

Daphne let out a bark of laughter. "Are you serious?! So your arse felt uncomfortable even as a bloke?"

"Yeah," Harry said, grinning. "But, hey, at least I know it could happen. What if I had to find that out the day after my first full day here in my female form? Could you imagine what would happen if I winced, because my bum is uncomfortable, as I sat down in this form and someone noticed?"

Daphne giggled. "Ooh, I would pay to see that!"

"No, thank you," Harry muttered.

Daphne giggled again. Then she sobered and cleared her throat. "Harry? I'm here, offering myself to you, and we're still talking. Any other boy would have been on me as soon as I spread my legs for them."

"I'm not like most boys, Daph," Harry said, "I treat girls better than that."

"Prove it," Daphne challenged him, with a grin.

Harry smiled, then cupped his mouth around her pussy, and brushed his tongue up and down her slit, before he dipped it inside her, making her gasp audibly in pleasure. Harry continued his task, causing Daphne to moan and gasp every few moments. Daphne's pussy was delicious and felt so soft and warm around his tongue. However, Harry soon learned that Daphne was far more sensitive than Hermione and Rose. She was panting and moaning constantly, and t wasn't more than three minutes before Daphne had her orgasm. She pressed her hips against the sides of his head, locking his head in place, and squealed as her orgasm arrived. Harry was quite thankful for the silencing enchantments woven into the bed curtains. Harry dined on the deliciously sweet nectar as he lapped it up into his mouth. Harry only backed away when Daphne spread her hips, freeing his head.

"That was the best orgasm I've ever had!" Daphne exclaimed, "I may never masturbate again because I'll only feel disappointment compared to that!"

"You haven't felt anything yet," Harry said.

"Oh, but I want to," Daphne said. "I want you inside me, Harry. Now. I'm wet and ready for you. Claim me as yours."

Harry moved onto his haunches. His cock was already hard again. He guided the tip of his cock to her pussy lips, and slowly pushed inside her. He moved himself up her body, placing his hands on either side of her head, which caused him to slip deeper inside her, causing her to moan, whimper and gasp out in pleasure. Soon enough, the tip of his cock was brushing up against the thin barrier that was her hymen.

"Tell me when you're ready, Daphne," Harry said. "I won't move until you want me to. In the mean time, just relax. Inhale and exhale, and do not try to resist or it might hurt more."

Daphne only hesitated for a couple of moments. She inhaled and exhaled then nodded. Harry pulled his cock back a bit, before he thrust hard into her, tearing through her hymen and claiming a girl's virginity for the third time. First Hermione, then his sister, and finally his childhood best friend.

Daphne yelped in pain when he broke her hymen, but it wasn't as bad as she thought it was going to be. Harry was now completely inside her, his balls resting against her pussy lips. Harry kissed her shivering lips, while he stayed completely still inside her. She returned it and momentarily forgot about the brief bite of pain she had experienced from her hymen tearing around his cock.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked, when he backed away from her lips. "I could have opened you up a bit with my fingers first."

Daphne nodded. "No, no. I wanted to feel your... your cock before you put your fingers inside me. I'm... I'm good. You're... I can't believe your cock could fit all the way inside me. When I saw it for the first time, I was like 'there is no way he's going to fit'. I'm too small."

"I think most girls tend to think that way," Harry said. "Hermione and Rose were the exact same way."

"Right," Daphne said, "Can we not talk about them right now?"

"Oh, god, I'm sorry, Daphne," Harry said. "I wasn't thinking. I apologize."

"It's alright," Daphne said.

"You feel absolutely amazing by the way," Harry said, smiling, "You're so soft and snug and warm around my cock."

"Thank you, Harry," Daphne said, "You... you feel really good too. You've given me a gift I will forever cherish. I have dreamed of this moment for a couple years now, long before I learned of the Experience. O-okay. You can move now."

Harry pulled back until only the tip was inside her. Then he pushed forward again, bottoming out inside her, making her audibly moan again. Still completely aware that this was still her first time, and he needed to be gentle until she said otherwise, Harry began to slowly move back and forth inside her.

Daphne however did not tell him to move faster or harder. She said nothing. She simply laid there on his pillow, with her eyes closed as she was shagged by the only boy she ever truly wanted. Sure she would shag other blokes during the Experience. But she knew none of them would compare to Harry. Other boys might have bigger cocks than Harry's – the thought of that scared her, since Harry was so big, even for his age! – but none of them would be better than Harry. She already knew no one would match with her time with him. If her plans worked out right, Harry would be her most common partner, and he deserved to be. He was her first, and he deserved to be her best.

Harry's earlier thoughts about Daphne being so sensitive was correct. Daphne had her second orgasm three minutes after he entered her, causing her to moan and pant.

"Ooh, bloody Merlin, that feels so good," Daphne moaned, "You... you feel so good. You... you can move faster. Harder."

"Are you sure?" Harry asked. "I wanted to be gentle for your first time. We have plenty of time for me to go faster and harder."

"I don't want you to be rough," Daphne said, "But you can move a bit faster and harder."

Harry nodded. He sped up a little bit, thrusting back and forth, though being careful not to be too rough with her. Daphne's cries and moans of pleasure told him he was doing exactly what she wanted. Daphne had another orgasm two minutes later, and then a third, since Harry entered her, three minutes after that. It was her latest orgasm which caused Harry to feel his own orgasm coming.

"Do you want me to cum inside you?" Harry asked; he knew her answer, but he decided to be polite and ask.

"Yes, Harry," Daphne said, "I told you earlier, I took my Potion. Cum inside me as much as you want."

Harry grunted and froze balls-deep inside her, as his orgasm unleashed. Daphne gasped and mewled in pleasure as hot, thick spurts of his seed began to flood her, mixing with her own juices.

"Ooh, yes, fill me up," Daphne said, "Oh, Merlin, that feels so nice."

Harry slowed his pace, sliding back and forth as his orgasm receded. He only slipped out of her when his balls were empty. Harry laid down next to her. Both partners were panting and trying to catch their breath.

"I don't think I can be mad at Hermione or Rose anymore," Daphne said, "Thanks to them, you knew how to satisfy a woman!"

Harry snorted. "I thought you didn't want to talk about them."

"Maybe not," Daphne said. "But I'm definitely going to thank them."

Harry laughed. "Thank them for helping me be a better partner. Yeah, I'm sure they'll appreciate that."

Daphne echoed his laugh. "That was wonderful, Harry. I felt a bit of pain when you took my virginity, but then it was all pleasure. I'm sure there are horror stories of virgin girls with bad first partners having a horrible first time. Even for two consensual partners. But you... I wasn't worried about you. You're such a nice guy, I knew you would treat me right for our first time."

"I will never hurt you, Daphne," Harry said. "I'll make sure you feel good. You want slow and passionate, I can do that. Fast and hard... as long as I'm not going to hurt you, I'll do that too."

"Merlin, you're so easy to fall in love with," Daphne said. "You know that? You're going to break a lot of hearts, Potter. And ruin a lot of girls for other blokes too."

"I'm not that good, Daphne," Harry said.

"It isn't whether you're good or not!" Daphne said. "You're a nice guy, Harry. I know you don't like it, Harry, but you are a celebrity. You're one of the Twins-Who-Lived. You're very good looking and you're very polite with girls, especially when it comes to shagging. You're a great partner when it comes to sex."

"You can already tell that after one time?" Harry asked.

"Yes, Harry," Daphne said. "I guarantee you'll be in the top five of every girl's list when it comes to best partners. Just because of how you treat girls. Believe me, Harry. I doubt there will be any girl in this castle who will claim you're a bad partner. Unless you try to deliberately be bad with them."

"I would never," Harry said.

"And that is why every girl will love you," Daphne said. "You'll be a heartbreaker whether or not you want to be."

Harry sighed. "Sometimes I just wish I was a normal bloke."

"Yeah, well, you don't do normal, Potter," Daphne said, "I've known that for a while. You're a wizard, the future Lord of one of the greatest Houses in British society. You would still be desirable even when you disregard the fact that you're a celebrity, and one of the Vanquishers of Voldemort."

"No, I'm not," Harry said.

"Not what?" Daphne asked, confused.

"A Vanquisher of Voldemort," Harry said. "Because Voldemort isn't dead."

Daphne's eyes widened. She propped herself up on her elbows and looked at him.

"What the bloody hell are you talking about?" Daphne asked. "If this is some kind of joke, Potter, it isn't funny. Especially during a night like this!"

"I'm not joking, Daphne," Harry said. "There's something I need to tell you. Something I considered not telling you or the rest of the Children. Out of all the Children, only Hermione and Rose know. This is a big secret, Daphne. I'm surprised my father let me tell you this. Because it is currently one of the more serious investigations in the DMLE. Voldemort isn't dead."

He then described the dream he had less than a week ago.

"But it wasn't a dream, Daphne," Harry said, "It was real. It was really happening. Dad and Mum, and Lord and Lady Black all said the same thing. Voldemort's a homonculus, and he is coming back. Probably before the end of next summer. The real evidence is the behavior the Death Eaters in Azkaban are displaying. They are rubbing their Dark Marks and looking very pleased about it."

"Well... fuck," Daphne muttered.

"Yeah," Harry said.

"When are you going to tell the other Children," Daphne said.

"I don't know," Harry said. "I thought about telling them on the train, but I decided not to. Maybe I'll set up a meeting or something. Maybe my Dad and Lord Black can attend and they can explain it better."

"That sounds like a good idea," Daphne said.

"I'll talk to them about it then and see if I can set up a meeting between the Children," Harry said.

"Alright," Daphne said, "Harry? Thanks for telling me. Before you told the others."

"I told you, Daphne," Harry said, "I wanted to bring our friendship back to what it used to be. This is the type of thing I can talk about to you."

"I hope the rest of our 'pillow talk' won't be so serious," Daphne said, grinning.

"It won't," Harry said, "I promise. So... what do you want to do now?"

"I want to lay here with you for a little bit," Daphne said. "I'm a little nervous about anal sex. So... how about you fuck my pussy again, and then I might be ready for you to take me in my bum."

"Alright," Harry said. "This gives me a good opportunity to teach you something else."

"Oh?" Daphne asked, interested, "Like what?"

"Like how not all blow jobs have to lead to orgasms," Harry said, "Sometimes a bloke will want you to make them hard again, so they can fuck you."

"Oh," Daphne said, "Cause if I make them orgasm while I blow them, it will take a bit for them to recuperate."

"Exactly," Harry said. "And after you're finished. I think I'm going to introduce you to one of Hermione's favorite positions... broomstick style."

Daphne's look of pleasurable anticipation was almost enough to make Harry hard again.

Yes, I ended the chapter there. But that is only part of Harry and Daphne's first night. So how did you like it? To be honest, I hate writing first times compared to sex scenes with experienced partners, even with only some experience. Which is why I didn't write about Hermione and Rose's first time.

Next Chapter: Operation Fluffy Bunny. Then Harry teaches Daphne the pleasures of anal sex. And more...

For those, who want to see Rose and Hermione's one-on-one scene, I might put it in a future deleted scene. After all, they would have already started their fun by the time Daphne and Harry even met up in the Common Room. Rose and Hermione went to bed like fifteen minutes before Harry's scene began in this one. So it doesn't exactly fit well chronologically with this.