Cass had been at the Jedi temple a month now, where she'd been brought by the Jedi Master that had found her on the streets, and in that time, a mind healer had begun seeing her and teaching her Basic. She was still confused by it, and couldn't follow any of the conversations she heard around the temple or even those spoken by her agemates, for they all spoke too fast and with too many words, but she was glad to be learning. For from what little she had learned, she'd found that sometimes, the words people said were quite different from what their bodies said. This was, as she'd discovered, what was called someone lying. The idea fascinated and puzzled her. She couldn't understand why someone wouldn't say what they meant, or how no one could realized that what the other had said didn't match what they meant when their body so clearly read something different. Couldn't they simply see it? But as she had discovered, no, they couldn't.

Thus, despite her blooming understanding of the language, she still had to rely heavily on reading people's bodies for their words, because as of yet, her grasp on language was weak, and between not knowing the words and the added difficulty of discerning lies from a misunderstanding on her part, it was nearly impossible not to rely on her first language. Not that there were many lies spoken here, mainly the ones she seemed to see came from visitors of the temple, and younglings trying to avoid getting caught for something or other, but it still added to the difficulty, and so she often simply leaned upon what she knew and was certain of. For the most part, she could understand what they said to her and each other when they spoke from their bodies, and so not understanding, wasn't as scary as it could've been.

Especially when nearly everyone here so clearly read of kindness, patience, quiet strength, and peacefulness. None of the things she was used to reading off of people, but something that was incredibly welcoming and pleasant in her mind. It was something she'd never seen before, and it only caused her love and admiration for this place to grow, as well as her gratefulness for the man who'd brought her here.

Still, the building was huge, and for all it's beauty and serene presence, she sometimes greatly disliked it. It was far too easy to get lost, and without the words to ask directions, sometimes, her wanderings between her room, the mind healer's office, and the dining hall, turned into full fledged adventures. It was fun of course, to discover all the temple's various rooms, marvel at it's glorious statues, oggle at it's wondrous gardens, or even scale some it's more interesting architecture, but it was still impressed into her that to be late was to be greeted by pain, and so getting lost often made her panic, or at least it had, before she'd discovered after the first few times it happened that no one would grow angry. Now, while it still made her heart race in the throes of unnecessary fear, she was much calmer than she had been, to the point where it had grown somewhat enjoyable.

And so it was that she found herself wandering down one of the temple's many corridors into yet another of its numerous gardens, passing various jedi of all ages and species as she went. She was supposed to be going to the dining hall for lunch, but somewhere along the way she'd gone down the wrong hallway. This time though, as no one was really expecting her, the irrational fear of being punished for being late never reached her, just the grumbles of an empty stomach. A mighty cause for annoyance, but one that was ignored easily enough. She had after all, gone through much worse than this with her father after the last time she had reacted to a blaster wound.

Besides, despite her grouchy stomach, she was enjoying the calm, quiet beauty of the gardens she found herself in. It was quite nice to sit on the sun warmed lip of one of the gardens beautiful fountains and just enjoy the sun hitting her face, the cool wind brushing across her skin, the scent of blooming flowers greeting her nose, and just- be, for a little while. She had never really gotten the chance to do this before, and now that she could, she happily indulged in it. It was simply wonderful to her, to be able to do anything and not have to have a real purpose behind it besides the excuse of she wanted to, an idea which she was still getting used to itself, but this helped.

So there she sat, swinging her legs back and forth, and humming absentmindedly to herself, enjoying the sunny day, when an older jedi approached her. He was about her height, short, green and wrinkled, but his eyes sparkled with wisdom and humor. He was old, so old, he was young. That's what she saw in him. Kind, old, tired and wise; his presence filled with silent strength and serenity, and yet youth and energy were not illusions to him. He was a puzzle to her, intriguing in his complexity, and she felt she couldn't help but like him from his presence alone.

"Hmm, new you are to the temple." The wizened jedi said slowly, and in words which she had oh so recently learned.

"Yes. The jedie temple is nice. I like it." She replied, carefully saying the words, and the small jedi in front of her chuckled, eyes shining in his amusement, and he read that his laughter was not at her but how much he agreed with her words. It made her smile, this little ancient jedi enjoyed her words!

"Agreed, we are. Welcome you, I do, to the temple. Master Yoda, I am."

"Mastter Yoduh?" The old jedi smiled widely, nodded and said,

"Not yet called that, have I been. Maybe take it as my name I should." The master read of playful contemplation, and Cass giggled. Never had she met anyone like this, and the more she talked to him the more her liking for him grew.

"I don't know if the other jedie would like that name as much, mastter."

"Hmm? Not their name is it! Relax they should, about matters that concern them not." Cass giggled and with happiness finding it's way into her quiet voice said,

"Maybee we could help them relax! Pay attent to their own thingies!"

"How do that do you say we should?" The jedi master said, his eyes sparkling with mischievousness and amusement, the wrinkles surrounding his eyes growing deeper, and the start of a wide smile pulling at his lips. Cass smiled wider, seeing in the small jedi that he was looking forward to her idea, a thought that made her all the more giddy, and caused her swinging legs to quickly find themselves moving at a faster pace.

"Play trixxs! Then they'll have to pay attent to their own thingies and then they laugh at the others in trixxs and everybody is happy and relaxed!" The little girl's huge smile was contagious, and quickly infected the wrinkled master's face, before chuckles erupted from him.

"Hmm, yes! Think that would work I do! But wish to know the name of my partner in crime I do."

"My name's Cass, Mastter Yoduh!"

"A good name, that is." The master said, laughing at first the girl's enthusiasm, and then, a few seconds later, the roar of her still vacant stomach.

"See I do, found the gardens, you have. But perhaps, a journey to the dining hall, could you use?" The old master said knowingly, his kind, if amused, smile never leaving his face, and Cass sheepishly nodded, a shy smile staying present across her lips. The grandmaster only chuckled in response, and gestured for her to follow him, and so she began to dutifully trail after him through the temple.

In the days that followed, many jedi would wonder how the old troll had gotten such a dedicated follower; everywhere the old master went, a small youngling followed him like a shadow. A tiny human girl, with choppy black hair cut to her shoulders, bright, slanted brown eyes, and initiate robes. The girl didn't even try to hide her actions, sticking to the master's side like a lost puppy, admiring eyes never leaving the ancient master, who never acknowledged her presence except to share conspiring glances that never failed to make the girl burst into delighted giggles, though no one could figure out why.

Though neither could they figure out the culprits of the recent rise in pranks on the knights and masters of the temple. It was yet another great puzzle to them. They suspected a group of younglings, but they could never find any proof, and the younglings wouldn't give up their adamant claim of innocence, and it was growing to be mightily annoying to the jedi, so much so that even jedi who were well known for their tolerance and patience were beginning to fray. Despite this, more smiles could be seen, and laughter heard, than ever throughout the temple, and a camaraderie grew between the pranked jedi, one of laughter and the redundant question of 'so they got you too, huh?'

Unknown to all of them, two beings delighted in their troubles, a brand new jedi youngling, and a mischievous old grandmaster.