It was the end of the road. No more point in struggling.

Emiya Shirou's arm were bound to a large stone table covered in runes to stop him from accessing any of his Od in order to try to break free. Even more runes had been edged into his skin. Runes meant to slow the bleeding and keep him alive as long as possible once the experimenting started. He had one last long horrifying experience ahead of him before he was finally allowed to die.

They had caught him, after five years of being on the run, they had come across him when he was far too weak to put up a fight. He could only hope that the friends and family he was leaving behind wouldn't try to rescue him. If they got hurt because of this, he would never forgive himself.

Ironically, after two years of being chased, the Clock Tower's Enforcers only found him because he had beaten them to one of there targets. Shirou had been hiding out in Mexico when it happened, a Dead Apostle had targeted a nearby town. The magus knew what would happen if he went. He knew that there was no way he would be able to fight the Apostle and then slip away unnoticed, but he couldn't bring himself to turn his back on the hundreds of people who would have died if he didn't go. When the Enforcers found him, he had already used up everything he had to kill the Apostle and was taken without even putting up a fight.

His was going to die. Funny, he always assumed he would have no regrets when he went. But now that it was finally time, he regretted not spending more time with the people he loved. For leaving them without even ever saying goodbye. Rin was going to be furious with him.

"You honestly couldn't turn your back on someone to save your own life, could you, Emiya-kun?" Shirou struggled against his restraints to look towards the voice, one so family that he could have pegged it anywhere. Standing up against the wall with her arms crossed and a smirk on her face was Tohsaka Rin, her long black hair reaching down past her shoulders and she was dressed in her usual bright red long sleeved shirt.

How was she there? The answer to that was simple enough to Shirou; she wasn't.

"Alaya..." Shirou mumbled looking away from the Collective Will of Humanity. He wasn't at all surprised to see her there, he knew she would find him when he was reaching his end.

"My, you are rather quick on the pick up, Emiya-kun." The fake Rin said with a childish smile, the kind Rin used to get him off balance, right before she would let him have it. "I guess that means you know why I am here too. So how about we make a deal..."

"Go to hell." Shirou said, closing his eyes. "I know what you want and I will have nothing to do with it. I will not be one of your Counter Guardians."

Alaya glared at him. "You know, you could at least wait for me to make my offer before you shot me down like that. How rude can you be?"

"We both know there is nothing you can offer me that will convince me to give you my soul. I know full well what lies down that path." Shirou said calmly. He didn't even feel the slightest temptation at her offer. No amount of power or time with his friends was worth the cost.

"I suppose we do both know that. Still, I can't let them experiment on you. If more people try to create their own Reality Marbles it could be problematic." Alaya said with a sigh before starting to tap at her temple in that way Rin always did. "So I suppose you will just have to spontaneously combust." Shirou didn't react. What did he care? Either way he would be dead. "But, even if you won't sell me your soul, that doesn't mean I can't make use of it. It just means I need to be more creative."

"What?.." Shirou said, looking over at the Will of Humanity as she snapped her fingers.

Pain shot through his entire body as he was engulfed in flames. The world burned away around him and his life was extinguished.

Shirou had no idea what was going on. All his senses were not so much blinded as they were given him information he couldn't comprehend. He felt like he was flouting in blood, so thick that he could hardly move his arms. His entire body felt so weak and even when he opened his eyes, he couldn't see anything around him. He was so cold.

Struggling, he lefted up one of his hands only to have it brush up against something. Frowning, he began to feel at it with the flat of his hand. It was smooth, rounded and cold to the touch. It took a few seconds for him to realize that it was glass. Moving his other hand, he felt behind him to find a similar surface. He was surrounded on all sides by it, in the middle of some kind of glass container filled with some kind of liquid.

Panic, the instinctive fear of drowning was starting to take him as Shirou lifted his hands to his mouth only to find a tube feeding into him through a mask, pumping air into his lungs.

What the hell was going on? It was as if he was in some kind of science fiction move... being experimented on. His eyes pushed wide open, ignoring the liquid around him and he started to struggle against his container, hitting weakly at it with his hands, unable to so much as scratch the surface.

A need to escape, to reach air and freedom was pushing down on him. He needed more. More strength to fight. In the back of his mind he heard the cocking of a gun, a trigger to active his magic circuits. Five magic circuits came to life, pushing prana into his limbs, making him stronger as he reinforced his body. He smashed his fist into the glass again and again. The liquid inside of the container shifting about as he through everything he had against his prison, but the glass didn't even crack.

He needed more. He needed swords.

'Trace on!'

The familiar feel of the hilts of Kanshou and Bakuya entered his hands, filling him with even greater strength. He pulled back his arms and slashed at the glass and was met with next to no resistance as the blades sliced clean through. Then with are hard kick to the damaged spot he shattered the glass.

The liquid poured out all over the steel tile floor carrying Shirou along with it. His hands dropped his swords as he reached up to pull to tube out of his throat before taking his first gasps for air between coughs.

All of his senses were still dampened. He could hear things moving around him, but his ears were too filled with the odd liquid to hear clearly. He tried to wipe the stuff out if his eyes, but his arms were still covered in it, making such an effort useless. Even his nose was filled with the stuff.

He felt someone grab him and he grabbed them back, throwing them to the ground beneath him. With the feel of clothe underneath his fingers, he quickly cleaned his eyes to the point where he could stand to keep them open.

He was in some kind of lab, with a man in a white lab coat pinned to the ground underneath him. The man was at least twice Shirou's, which came as an shock. Shirou had been a rather large individual, used to looking down on his fellow countrymen.

Before he could come to understand what was going on, some of the people around him's voices started to come through. "The subject winged itself!" "Where did those swords come from!?" "Someone get security in here!"

He looked up as men with assault rifles rushed into the room and started to level them at him. Seeing again that these people were heads taller than him, Shirou realized that the man wasn't tall, Shirou was now small.

He grabbed his weapons and moved into to take out the guards before they could open fire. He moved in too quickly for the men to even properly bring up there weapons and slashed to guns into pieces as well as cutting the men's arms, severing the tendons in their arms to stop them from trying anything more.

Pushing past them he moved into a long white corridor and started running. He didn't know what was going on, or where he was, or where he was going, but he needed to put some distance between him and everyone else so that he would have time to think.

He slipped into a single stall bathroom that he passed in the hall and quickly locked the door.

Leaning up against the wall he sighed. His arms and legs with screaming in protest from his reinforcement, as if they weren't used to the strain. Actually they felt like he had never even used them. He was confused, and the sudden alarm going on in the building didn't help him clear his head. He needed to get away to somewhere safe. His eyes quickly moved up to the vent above the sink. It was rather large, and with his smaller body, he could probably navigate it well enough to moved away from where security cameras would no doubt have seen him last.

Climbing up onto the sink's table top, he slashed at the vent cover, cutting it to ribbons before letting his swords disappear. But before he started to climb in, he caught a glance of his reflection in the mirror out of the corner of his eye and froze.

He slowly turned his head and found a young preteen girl with deep tanned skin looking back at him with large golden eyes. Her long light lavender pink hair was soaking wet, plastering it to her shoulders.

Shirou closed his eye and counted to ten before looking down at his... her own thin naked body. "Alaya... you... bitch." She growled starting to shake with anger. Shirou hated the World. She really did.

An intro to a story in which Shirou is reincarnated as a Sekirei. She will either be a random scrapped number or be a cloning experiment gone rogue, haven't decided. Also haven't decided what she actually does. Either join's the discipline squad, the main characters, or one of the other groups in the Plan. Depending on which one she joins, it will change what her motives are.

Name: Kurogane - Black Metal - Iron